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Game of Thrones Full Episode 2 Telltale Gameplay Walkthrough

1076 ratings | 238985 views
EPISODE 1 ► https://youtu.be/hhzZ9NR3Mqw EPISODE 3 ► https://youtu.be/1GaX8fHUzas Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series is based on HBO's popular TV series of the same name which is in turn based on the book series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R. Martin. Season One will span six episodes where players will play as one of five different members of House Forrester. The Lost Lords: House Forrester is in disarray. Their liege lord and his heir are dead, and Ironrath is occupied by Whitehill soldiers. The survival of the family depends upon those who are left. Placed at King’s Landing, the epicenter of intrigue, Mira Forrester must weigh her loyalty to Margaery Tyrell against the needs of her family, while choosing how to play the political games of Tyrion Lannister. One misstep could spell doom for Mira and her entire family. Subscribe now for the Latest & Hottest Games News, Game Trailers, Teaser & Games Walkthroughs.
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Text Comments (196)
Omar Sabry (2 months ago)
I like the song .🎶🎼
b3 (2 months ago)
I play that game I play episode 2
Nacho Man (3 months ago)
Glad ramsay's dead now XD
Mr. Dinkles. Loves Pubg! (3 months ago)
Telltale’s fear the walking dead will soon happen in about 2-3-4 years.....
Natasha Sankey (4 months ago)
Who else keeps getting killed with Asher by that soldier on Mobile
Kouta Maher (5 months ago)
"What are you going to do bludgeon me with a walking stick?" right after he said that i would actually do it. I would kill him with my walking stick xD
Clarence Hudson (7 months ago)
He f potatoes well that’s interesting
Ryan Petters (8 months ago)
Loved it
C-ops Tube (8 months ago)
Nice story
Casey Novak (9 months ago)
I have a question, cause it might be different on actual game systems than it is on mobile, since I've played most of the game on mobile but do you have to buy the other episodes just as you have to do on mobile or does it come with the game?
Simsica (8 months ago)
Casey Novak I'm pretty sure you have to buy each episode indevidiually
Raeyne Jaymeson (9 months ago)
Damn... Finn got the taste slapped outta his mouth.
Sander Luther (10 months ago)
Sander Luther (10 months ago)
So Rodrik's alive? And presumed dead? Asher is now back he must kill that freaking stupid RAMSAY BOLTON I'M NOT GONNA FORGIVE HIM WHAT HE DID TO ETHAN!
I still don't understand that why the Freys have to kill Lord Gregor Forrester The Good and that the Bolton kill Lord Ethan Forrester The Brave.
All Telltale Games players: 1. Lee 2. Vince 3. Wyatt 4. Russell 5. Bonnie 6. Shel 7. Tavia 8. Clementine 9. Bigby 10. Rhys 11. Fiona 12. Jesse 13. Marty 14. Bruce
15. Gared 16. Ethan 17. Mira 18. Asher 19. Rodrik
I love when Asher smiles. I'll be willing to come Game Of Thrones Season 2 my name will be Adam Forrester I'll be Asher Forrester's cousin. But be twin of him. We both be together.
incredible innings (11 months ago)
From where I can download it
Despondencymusic (1 year ago)
This game is best played while drunk.
Azzurro (6 months ago)
Doesn't that count for every game? Lol
MR. TZWRTZIS (1 year ago)
aimer anz (1 year ago)
Is this live or offline? Cauz i cant open part 2 .. i need to get the live first before i can open the part 2...can someone help me?!
Rhiana & Gustavo (1 year ago)
pegar o slyrim e criar um mode com os personagens, seria melhor que esse jogo.
Nex Tron (1 year ago)
awesome man
Hassan Jawad (1 year ago)
i cry everytime
a j (1 year ago)
we have the same outcome, I restarted my game so I can choose Royland as my sentinel.
Dhruv Chopra (1 year ago)
173k people so far were too poor to buy the next episode 😂
Iron from Ice.
Keith Hemmings (1 year ago)
i stole the seal too 😂 the key not sure what there for yet
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
lol I like this episode fucking potato's:D
Valenthyne (1 year ago)
Talia is a good singer!
라김래 (1 year ago)
Warren Colburn (1 year ago)
How in the hell did Rodrik not get some sort of infection or go septic in that cart.
CaptainJackValdy's Crew (6 months ago)
Rodrik is immortal, literally.
Joshua Macal (11 months ago)
jheevanesh Gunalan (1 year ago)
Warren Colburn Ikr,like khal drogo
E A (1 year ago)
Mars is eternal!!!!!
Survey Corps Member (1 year ago)
I miss Ethan :( I wish he could be like Rodrik who is most likely dead but alive..
WeeFour! (1 year ago)
I love that we get Jon's real perspective about Robb's death, like in the books. The show did little justice to that.
damn...that ending touched my heart.
I love your channel, every character is a straight badass because of you.
I hope Rodrick lives, though from what I hear GOT likes to kill main characters. but still...best character so far, he's got a good heart.
라김래 (1 year ago)
i like him
kawala Dy (2 years ago)
fuk*n potatoes
Dionne Jolie (1 year ago)
You.. fuck potatoes?
Kostas Pantazopoulos (2 years ago)
why is margery so fucking hot in the series jeezus
King Gordi (1 year ago)
Kostas Pantazopoulos Jon snow is
King Gordi (1 year ago)
Kostas Pantazopoulos wtf
Red Blue (2 years ago)
i want a gared talia romance
WeeFour! (1 year ago)
Awesom Sharp in the books Daenerys was 13 when Drogo fucked her lol
+Red Blue of course it's fiction...
Red Blue (2 years ago)
+Awesom Sharp its just fiction, like cersei and jaime
Gared is like...in his twenties and Talia is, like Ava said, twelve years or so old. that would be a very disturbing romance if you ask me.
Ava Shawson (2 years ago)
Fuck dude she's like 12
Red Blue (2 years ago)
mira is a highborn but shes a handmaiden.
Serimus _ (2 years ago)
Ethan's death damn... I legit cried
Simsica (8 months ago)
Madara Uchiha Senju clan killed Izuna
I was so surprised when that happened. so messed up. I hope Ramsay gets what's coming to him, and worse.
Kolton Johnston (2 years ago)
Nice vids
lil Tj (2 years ago)
rip Ethan I hope you be back in season 6
Negan And Lucille (1 year ago)
Awesom Sharp Jon Snow came back
I don't understand, how can he come back, he's dead. you're wishing for a miracle.
Ava Shawson (2 years ago)
lil Tj (2 years ago)
I can't wait for a season 6 of this
lil Tj (2 years ago)
is there going be a season 6 of this game bc I Heard they is making a season 3 bout the Walking dead so is this going be a season 6
Yusuf Zulfi (2 years ago)
jesus fuck bro theres only one season of this game. we aint even reach the 2nd season yet you wanna talk about 6th lol
Krazy Hatter (2 years ago)
one question Is Game of thrones really this Fucking Epic
Yusuf Zulfi (2 years ago)
Yea it is. I dont know anyt about GoT until i watched the 1st episode. My mind was blown the fuck out lol. Then i understand why its the highest grossing tv series in history
Krazy Hatter (2 years ago)
+DinosaurVenom whoa then I must watch it my friend Says It's Stuff That is Made out of legends Is That True
DinosaurVenom (2 years ago)
much more epic.
Krazy Hatter (2 years ago)
you played the game the way I Played it That's Why You Deserve Your Like
ahmad amodi (2 years ago)
I can't purchase so I I'm just watching it on YouTube ☹️
Mehdi Alizade (3 months ago)
Hey homie! i just wanted to say if you do not pay for the game as a result dont goes any money to the bank account of the creator of the this game, so it would be a lot better if you pay i mean if you do that the creator have the budget to continue his job and make more games like this one. thanx.
Queen Emma-Lyn (3 months ago)
ahmad amodi SAME AHAHAHA I want to play it so bad but I’m broke
Taqi R (1 year ago)
No it's an android app
Alyssa Ramos (1 year ago)
Taqi R can it use in iphones too??
Taqi R (1 year ago)
Bro use lucky pather to hack the game so u can download every episode for free
099Nitro (2 years ago)
Srsly you should have kissed that ring. Arrogant idiots.
Progress (1 year ago)
I don't believe that Whitehall had let him see ryon even if he had kissed that ring.
I would have kissed the damn ring and gotten it over with just to see Ryon's safety, but it was a tear between the two, neither of them were very good options.
099Nitro (2 years ago)
+yusuf zulfi Looks like someone doesn't care about family.
Yusuf Zulfi (2 years ago)
Looks like someones a Whitehill
Sergio Milho (2 years ago)
I wish ethan was still alive
nave (1 year ago)
I think that House Forrester would fall if Lord Ethan were still alive.
Matt Young (1 year ago)
+Mutation Ent. wtf
Survey Corps Member (1 year ago)
Sergio Milho i miss him plus he is super hot
lil Tj (2 years ago)
Me To But Rip they how they make the game
Kin-Tuck Ng (2 years ago)
who doesnt
Victor Tran (2 years ago)
Victor Tran (2 years ago)
his response: "You...fuck potatoes?"
Rameau Thomas (2 years ago)
what happen to episode7
Master Shake (2 years ago)
Sooo why didn't Mira just tell them the guard tried to kill her and have the Tom kid just testify 😐
EraseMyParanoia (2 years ago)
Because someone from the higher-ups probably ordered it. Plus, they probably wouldn't listen to a plea from a handmaiden, and a testimony from a coal boy.
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
finally a youtube channel that does good decisions
Sovjetikos (2 years ago)
I was killed around 7 times at Mira's escape fucking PC controls messed up! xD
DUCK SAUCE (2 years ago)
dude i love the tyrion scenes hahaha
I don't know why but I like him. he's not a total douche bag.
EraseMyParanoia (2 years ago)
Yeah, the dialogue for him was written really well.
MrNatsoru (3 years ago)
Jon Snow is alive :O
Fruit Rings (2 years ago)
+MrNatsoru This takes place during Season 4
IstraTourism.com (3 years ago)
I played episode 2 for 5 times with all different answers and everytime the same thing happens....heh...this is not a game...its a movie..your choices does nothing to story.
Professor Mineta (2 years ago)
..still a game mate
jesbsnrn (3 years ago)
this is my favorite channel
Jaegar Ultima (4 months ago)
I never lied to frostfinger as I expected Gared's uncle to have sent a raven to the night's watch to expect him. I just wished he had a little faith in Gared after the ordeal with Britt. It's next to impossible to refrain from killing someone who wants you dead unless you WANT to die but normally you wouldn't under normal circumstances..
Cybie (3 years ago)
Finally! Someone who choose Duncan as the Sentinel. I think I've went over 5 non commentary episodes to find one, jeez. Thankyou.
Queencons30 (3 years ago)
Benjamin Solberg (3 years ago)
rodrik is alive!
Oscillator (3 years ago)
Asher needs army before heading back to Westeros. Daenerys needs army to head back to Westeros. Coincidence? I think not.
Fifty Fiftyx (3 years ago)
Whens episode 3 out ?
Ernst Roland (3 years ago)
The 3 part ?! plz i need to know ;D 
abbieness (3 years ago)
Rodrick is handsome! :>
Gonczi Tamas (3 years ago)
the song in the ned is so sad :'( But good :)
Ernst Roland (3 years ago)
The song ! 
helldrake77777 (3 years ago)
Does anyone know when episode 3 is coming out?
Anna Lee (3 years ago)
What about 7
Sukesa (3 years ago)
Goodycut (3 years ago)
In love with the ending song
Ge Zi (3 years ago)
when is episode three coming out?
Some Random Dude (3 years ago)
if the choice involves the f' word, IZUNIY just has to pick it.... kills me to watch XD
Its DanniOnly (4 months ago)
So true lol
RapJunkiez (1 year ago)
Fuckin' right man shit. lmao
Fellow Templar (3 years ago)
I'll kill Whitehills for everything that they've done!
AnonimanDA (3 years ago)
How many of you guys chose " Because... Winter is coming " , they should have that at the end where you see how much people did the same shit as you :D  ( 1:24:35 )
Reks is cheating (3 years ago)
"You fuck potatoes?" XD
Jonathan Croce (3 years ago)
Is there any way to get Elena to keep the betrothal?
special snowflake (2 years ago)
forge letter from Margaery with Mira and then just be gentle towards Elena that's it
JoeRingo118 (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Croce yes, its extremely easy.
A man with one hand (3 years ago)
+Jin Zhu If you know what I mean.
roger piero (3 years ago)
I like those games, but I find the none interactive scenes are to long.
Simbuh (3 years ago)
Fun Fact: Lineage means dick.
JoeRingo118 (1 year ago)
+Negan And Lucille or jonathan and possibly jehovah.
Negan And Lucille (1 year ago)
JoeRingo118 fun fact: Joe is short for Joseph.
JoeRingo118 (2 years ago)
+Eggs fun fact: Dick is a nickname for people named Richard.
Georgow (3 years ago)
that will be a shocker for some millions gamers,won't it?
Jurassic Lion (3 years ago)
"Fucking potatoes." "You... fuck potatoes?" "What-no!"
Antonio Sotoprado (1 year ago)
The Flying Lion that was the best I literally started balling tears when he pick that 😂😂😂😂
Zephyr (3 years ago)
Was a song summarizing what happened in episode 1 necessary?
wall-e west (3 years ago)
stories back then were ways of telling stories and history, so yes, it was.   for it was a record of ethan's actions, written into song that will likely be passed down for generations.
Relaxing Koala (3 years ago)
Telltakes Breaking Bad MAKE IT HAPOEN!
unknow slayer (2 years ago)
+Relaxing Koala u no engla
riplip (3 years ago)
shut the fuck up
Razzy1312 (3 years ago)
That song at the end. LMAO.
sephoy aznargen (3 years ago)
The last moments were solemn, and then Talia's song killed the mood for me.
Lily Lily (3 years ago)
Of course the song she writes for her father and brothers funeral is gonna be at least a little angry. I also think that her song is what really pushes roderick to take more action as in it makes him even MORE angry than he already is
sephoy aznargen (3 years ago)
Songs in the medieval times or even in ancient times, were made to commemorate deeds/events in the lives of other people or pretty much anything, but never about the person singing. Talia's song is very much in her own point of view. Notice the pronouns she uses. Try to focus on her song without the music and you'll see why her song bores me. A good example of simple song or lullaby fit in Game of Throne's theme era is "A night to remember" from The Witcher 3. You could sing it without bg music and still sounds just as good(if not creepy though). You don't hear the person singing about herself but rather of another person. Also, we don't have to look far, there's the Rains of Castamere song. The songs of this era are meant to be spread around and sang by other people. You can't say "snow grabbed my arm from my mother's grasp" too since it didn't happen to you as it only happened to Talia. Although, I have to admit, the background music does sound good and the singer's voice is superb. I guess that's why many people's opinion is swayed towards her song.
Brendan Beckett (3 years ago)
+joseph negranza That's what medieval songs were - stories.
Mathew Williams (3 years ago)
+AnonimanDA the song and singer were good it really worked what are you talking about
Alle G (3 years ago)
when's the next episode come out?
Lore (3 years ago)
J'étais en plein dedans *_* Merci :)
Cazzomoto (3 years ago)
I hope his bladder is still fine. XD
Eetu Palo (3 years ago)
Well thank christ they decided to not kill everyone this time.
Kailey Mac (1 month ago)
amanda lulu (1 year ago)
Panikman not as bad as the game of thrones but I love the show tho
Angeal zeal (2 years ago)
+Eetu Palo Still too early to tell if they will lmao
Malak Amir (2 years ago)
when do the next Game of Thrones Telltale come??
OneBadassCroatian (3 years ago)
+callum mckay Every few months or every month? :( We waited for the second one for two months, I just hope we get the third one sooner, like in the beginning of March.
oh okay, thx :)
KEGdragon2014 (3 years ago)
Rodrik is going to kill everyone
라김래 (1 year ago)
i cant believe that he is alive im sooo happy finally cuz i know asher wont help he'll bring more problems
라김래 (1 year ago)
im sooooooooo excited
Mysterious Swordsman (2 years ago)
+Awesom Sharp we dont want happy endings we just want the bad guys to have crap endings too : P if you cant beat em drag them to hell with you
This game has no happy endings. damn.
Dheevum Fotedar (3 years ago)
+KEGdragon2014 Dont get your hopes high, u know what happened to ned stark, robb sark, catlyn stark and jon snow. We all had hopes for them thinking they would kill anyone and kill joffery and reunite again, but no, they are all dead.

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