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Duos with Tomographic on Erangel and Miramar messing around as usual. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Who I'm playing with: ►Tom - http://bit.ly/tomographic Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (359)
Jeffrey Uy (1 month ago)
I love watching your videos. You guys are hilarious. Keep up the great work guys.
Loke Ryan (2 months ago)
how do you accidentally destro... ohhh
Thomas (3 months ago)
Lindsay B (3 months ago)
You were killed by a guy who's name was 'Hoes be wet for me'. Somehow, I doubt that. #wishfulthinking
Lets all take a moment to contemplate of the murder of buggy#1...
kate (3 months ago)
"you're lucky that ur pretty" "see. this is why people think that we're gay" my heart flutters
roflex2 (4 months ago)
Love your videos with tom. Fugglet is my second fav.
zach martinez (4 months ago)
suh dude
Doxsein (4 months ago)
Leroy Lee (4 months ago)
Chen Zi Hang (4 months ago)
It sounds like you and Tom really want to be together in this video.
Efemral (4 months ago)
Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
SPi (4 months ago)
Nicholas Hardy (4 months ago)
How do you download pubg on pc?
XwollowX (4 months ago)
oh man - Aculite is OP. He needs to be nerfed - I say: No sniper, no DMR amd no armor. Challenge!!!
RicebaIIs (4 months ago)
gonna be real with you chief if you arnt a lil gay with your friends then thats not real friendship
john kinard (4 months ago)
Greatest player I ever seen big fan
EyeInTheSky (4 months ago)
When you give a callout "120 on the right side of the building", and your partner is 90 degrees from your direction, so it would be completely different, to include being on the OTHER side of the building, not the right. DERP.
Noxoc Aj (4 months ago)
Off the damn buggy ow
piroman0102 (4 months ago)
Lovin your vids since miscreated
Josh Power (4 months ago)
Lol you singing that Michael Jackson after the intro, nice!
Logan Sheets (4 months ago)
Who else saw the glitch on the paper sign at 5:10
Solid_Gaming Mendoza (4 months ago)
First time i hear aculite swear😂🤣🤘
The Nanja (4 months ago)
Try out a new mode please
Crazy Guy Joe (4 months ago)
Like you go to milta and sant martin all the time like little chalange
Crazy Guy Joe (4 months ago)
Can you record a full game of pubg like sence landing,sorry fore my english thanks
SOA_UnholyOne (4 months ago)
lmao you two are hilarious! love the videos you two.. uh.. manly men?
Kamal Prajapati (4 months ago)
Make video on pubg mobile plz 😂😂
Chrlstopher (4 months ago)
Your main monitor is a XL2411 can you tell me some stuff you think i might not know about it? I am getting it on my bd
Rodrigo del Cid (4 months ago)
I would like to see aculite and shroud playing together
Trailblazer XD (4 months ago)
This is the first time i heard connor say “fuckin”😂
John Pical (4 months ago)
* tom throwing nade * I know something bad is gonna happen thanks tom hahahahahaha
RAM-tv (4 months ago)
Tomographic Minecraft looks hard for you
nick goh (4 months ago)
aim bot scrub
headcrab4 (4 months ago)
You two are so cute together <3
Cheesy Dude (4 months ago)
Mobile arcade mode be bombing
ITZ-JESSIKA-TWITCH TV (4 months ago)
someone came to my channel and claimed I was in one of your videos? Jessika
DeSkinnyAsianDOOD (4 months ago)
nubsu (4 months ago)
8:26 thats a nice duo
Nour Gareib (4 months ago)
More more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rambi (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure my neighbour heard me when you "fixed" the buggy situation.
Nathan McMullen (4 months ago)
8:30 Pasqueno and Mrs Pasqueno
Haroldas Klangauskas (4 months ago)
Started shaking after these plays
Satria Ji (4 months ago)
lol, if Tom get knocked there's 80% chance that Aculite would save him, but otherwise they lose already.
Kirklin Thomas (4 months ago)
Hey, just saying, I have been trying to “copy” you in game play designs. As in taking over the bridge, or attacking someone. Great videos as well! Love Tom and Ryan and everyone you play with!
Logic Is life (4 months ago)
It is the AT duo!
BcNoffNee5 (4 months ago)
You two did some serious relationship building this episode. Congratz!
K3nny (4 months ago)
"how are we this good" as he misses 2 shots on a knocked guy in a row... lol
Huenchen Rupfer (4 months ago)
"Jesus, that's deep!" That's what she said 🌚
Michael Wu (4 months ago)
Kaapa Pride bois 🌈🌈🌈
Josh Reyes (4 months ago)
I wish you uploaded more R6 seige videos
F//\LLEN (4 months ago)
Vector with and extended mag is op
Max Venediktov (4 months ago)
"He got pubg'ed really bad"
Yanni Swe (4 months ago)
10:18 Wtf is that a pan skin?
Stusel (4 months ago)
The banter on this one was amazing. Loved every second of it and laughed quite a lot. Thanks guys!
Z X (4 months ago)
will you participate in PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL?
Shiana Lamont (4 months ago)
Rick Sanchez (4 months ago)
their is only 1 explenation, HAX! just kidding, luv you ;)
Uros Stankovic (4 months ago)
that bromance :D
HyperAnomaly (4 months ago)
hnnngg *1440p60fps*
Bobby M. (4 months ago)
Will you guys go for the Global Invitational ?
Aso S (4 months ago)
I like your videos keep them up! ❤️
lauren ahmad subandi (4 months ago)
are you still live twitch ?
Lennart Riedel (4 months ago)
"How are we this good?" *misses*
ThaNiNjA (4 months ago)
Quality video buddy best on YouTube. I do pubg videos too XD
Julio DeLeon (4 months ago)
waaaaait...Connor dropped an F-bomb?! WHO DIS?!
Hemming (4 months ago)
Hemming (4 months ago)
The boy can shoot.
unknownhustler 420 (4 months ago)
sound-image delay
A S (4 months ago)
this is the best video on youtube ♥
Flufsi (4 months ago)
Hey, do you have a community discord server :D?
renxula (4 months ago)
You killed the Pasqueno family at 8:20 :-(
Tyler Halligan (4 months ago)
ScubaShneve (4 months ago)
Getting a vector with extended clip right off the back... *wakes up from wet dream*
Landen Baron (4 months ago)
You guys are too good idk how u do it I love you guys
MarcelloForTheWin (4 months ago)
am i the only one who didnt see the guy at 11:29
freifriseur (4 months ago)
Hey Aculite ! Great stuff, as usual, and good luck with your IRL stuff, question for you : are you gonna test Ring of Elysium some time soon or not ? :)
Nolan Carrillo (4 months ago)
Words cannot express how badly I needed this video. I am giggling like a schoolgirl watching you two bro out, kick ass, and be all around awesome. Aculite, you mentioned IRL stuff and I wanted to mention that this past six weeks has been a struggle for me. Life has been less than easy. Nothing dramatic . Nothing I can't handle ... But it's moments like this, a 20-minute respite full of laughter, happiness, and joy, that help me stay motivated and focused. I know it might sound silly to strangers but you've really helped me today. You are a rockstar. Obviously I ship you and Tom!! I'm so happy you found each other! Keep up the good work and take care of yourself. Put you first and keep being you! Less than three.
Gesskay ! (2 months ago)
Tomographic Congo on 40k my man!
Tomographic (4 months ago)
Nolan Carrillo Helping people through difficulties is one of the many perks of doing what we do and if two stupid guys on the internet can put a smile on your face and help take your mind off the hard stuff for just a moment, then it's all worthwhile.. Here's hoping you can break through the dark times you are currently facing and learn to move forwards. As a community, we're all with you! Good luck! <3
KixongGaming (4 months ago)
I love the chemistry with Tom.
ZXY101 (4 months ago)
Connor and Tom are my OTP.
Robert E. (4 months ago)
Thomy are you okay, are you okay thomy? Now i cant get it out of my head....
Carbine Carlito (4 months ago)
there are definitely times you two guys should talk an awful lot less😉
Ilgar afa (4 months ago)
Aculite whats ur real job
Jason-Shortened Name (4 months ago)
Ilgar afa 23
Ilgar afa (4 months ago)
Jason-Shortened Name how old is he?
Jason-Shortened Name (4 months ago)
Ilgar afa a youtuber??? Youtube is his job, he still needs to attend school
Rodrigo Faria (4 months ago)
Delay sounds
Nick L. (4 months ago)
'How are we this good', continues to miss 2 shots on a downed enemy
Diogo Lima (4 months ago)
And that boys is how you flip a buggy learn with tom.
Dunnykin (4 months ago)
10:56 killfeed... Tommy, you okay, are you okay, Tommy?
Rogue Biscuit (4 months ago)
the title does happen to me somtimes
AichnerJ. Nundi (4 months ago)
The Meme Lord and The Savage Gamer!😂
Feline (4 months ago)
The Kar98k machine
Stjepan Lelas (4 months ago)
Hey man, are you prefer holographic sight over red dot or?
MrFreak (4 months ago)
I clicked on the video 10 seconds ago and realised that Tom is playing again. I bet he dies, just saying :D
Oğuzhan Çiftçi (4 months ago)
Play "A WAY OUT" with Tom. It would be fun i guess.
Red Rob (4 months ago)
That Winny skin tho....
Will Sartin (4 months ago)
I think my favorite videos are when you duo with Tom.
Tabeer Amin (4 months ago)
why u not verified yet? :|
willy rasubala (4 months ago)
Can you show your fps in next video pls
Akdov370 (4 months ago)
mario megale (4 months ago)
Great vid 👍
Crazy Prodigy (4 months ago)
I love it when both of them giggles at the same time
Jonathan Brown (4 months ago)
You and Tom killed me and my friend today and now I want to see it on youtube lol

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