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Game Theory: Petscop - The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game

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The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop ► http://bit.ly/2IiqlES Petscop- The Scariest Game You'll NEVER Play! ►► http://bit.ly/2HlsVbM Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 What would you do if you were trapped in a game? Not like Jumanji - where you can escape or people can help you. But trapped in a game with no exit. Re-living your worst actions over and over and over. Today Theorists, were are getting to the heart of what Petscop really is - not a game but a PRISON. SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: Portal's Companion Cube has a Dark Secret ►► http://bit.ly/1GDNC0N Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! ► http://bit.ly/2trS1E4 WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl Cuphead's SINFUL SECRET Business! ► http://bit.ly/2Hk68gA Hello Neighbor - The DEVIL is in the Details! ►►http://bit.ly/2HhXXS3 Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster! ► http://bit.ly/2Cg0b5T How Bendy Will END! ►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (19393)
avipeach (6 months ago)
Wyatt Crimson (22 days ago)
Becky K (1 month ago)
Gamal N (2 months ago)
Oh shoot
Zycyx (3 months ago)
ZIM, Human Of E-arth (3 months ago)
avipeach Last comment.
DeDebby (6 hours ago)
Is there a new video or going to be one? This is so well made!
Wynnsday From BestBuy (7 hours ago)
- Cakrawala - (15 hours ago)
but belle thingy is like awl that means belle was also forced to play the piano, but i think she failed and died in quitters room
Beck (22 hours ago)
The tool that he uses it ask questions is found a lot in the game
Foibles (22 hours ago)
He uploaded more
THE POTO LOTO on monday (23 hours ago)
DragonKids25 Skahl (1 day ago)
Petsop 14 and 15 is out
Chi Hai Ha (1 day ago)
James Evans (1 day ago)
umm is it just me or does tool look like windmill girl, with the constant spinning and same shape...
Caleb Hillhouse (1 day ago)
There is more petscop videos so make a another one please.
Raphael Rodriguez (1 day ago)
“What could he be doing in a school basement to make them unlovable?” Make them go to school
Kirra Cheeseman (2 days ago)
Wait so Marvin killed Tiara in the windmill? I thought that Tiara was Jeane Newmaker's daughter. She died due to attachment therapy. Is this the continuation of the first Petscop theory you made, or is this a completely different theory?
Petscop came out on my birthday, March 12th. Just realized that :D
Lxwltn_ Rekt (2 days ago)
Petscop 14 and 15 are out now matpat
Blu White (2 days ago)
Are we going to get another theory? I'm ready for another one!
Sychron (2 days ago)
Carson Downey (2 days ago)
Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that watched the opening over and over, just because I loved it so much, and I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE NAME OF THAT SONG, I’ve been trying to find it for months now. It’s called Frolic by an Italian name I won’t try to spell.
NTD324 (2 days ago)
MatPat, how is it possible that Rainer creates Petscop, Marvin kidnaps his own daughter, but it’s somehow still included to the game? Might need this for your next theory
master creater (2 days ago)
Theres a 14 and 15 now
The Dabbing Pikachu (2 days ago)
CG353 (2 days ago)
It’s September and it’s funny cause 14 and 15 came out 1 month ago..... please video me want more theories
U Die (2 days ago)
Petscop 14 and 15 are out. Any thoughts?
The Gaming Animals (2 days ago)
Please make more More of the episodes have been releaced
Depresso Espresso (2 days ago)
Okay, just wanted to say something: Why does the tool (the one that turned pink and started talking on its own) look oddly similar to the object Marvin uses to torture the kids?
4RootPunch (2 days ago)
Son versus father with child murder mixed in? Does anyone else think this seems a bit familiar...?
BEEP CHASE (2 days ago)
Petscop 15
The One (2 days ago)
there is a ep. 14 and 15
Patrick Colicchio (3 days ago)
There are two more episodes of petscop released a month ago make an updated theory
Sarah Pritchett (3 days ago)
Since Cadance Newmaker is pretty much cannon as the inspiration for part of the game (I mean, "do you remember being born?" Quitter's Room, Newmaker, etc. - How could she not be???) I would guess people are trying to figure out if the other characters are also based on real people, especially since the Cadance-inspired characters are seemingly related to the characters not from her irl story. I have been asking google random things like I am sure everyone has but have found a few interesting links? So here are some really vague and mostly unhelpful but kinda relevant links that resulted form minimal research effort. The dates on this one don't match up but it is vaguely interesting (probably coincidence since only includes common names): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_L._Maple The word Hammond, a piano recital and being followed from that recital, date of last murder and confession as 1997, I dunno. https://www.whittierdailynews.com/2009/08/06/oc-goes-after-illinois-serial-killer-suspect/ This is in the date areas but no idea how many details actually fit - but the work “new,” the name Marvin and Marvin as a murder suspect, a disappearance, finding the body in a basement, a call to the house and a message from the kidnapped person to the mother regarding a later interaction with her husband, and the name “Robin” given the bird imagery for some of the characters… Again, it may be a stretch but maybe something else from real life like this has inspired more of the game than just Candace. https://www.nytimes.com/1999/09/06/nyregion/body-is-that-of-missing-woman-husband-is-accused-of-murder.html The case of Jessyca Mullenburg in 1995 includes someone being followed from and at a school, convincing someone that Nobody Loves Me and abusing someone until they no longer remembered who they were (do you remember being born I suppose could have meaning for more than one cannon) someone accusing the captor and “seeing the evidence” (that is a stretch… but) Being kept in a single motel room for which the doors were sometimes open and unlocked but Jessyca could not go through them, blah blah I dunno. Kidnapping and murder of Rachel Timmerman plus suspected others by rapist and alleged serial kidnapper Marvin Charles Gabrion in 1997. So, names, dates, serial keeper of people, a little girl who disappeared forever though they tried to find her using an age regression (Care a to b or something?? I dunno this isn’t a great theory but here it is), a relative and witness names Michael… yeah so it is something.
Coopinator (3 days ago)
Yo, my girlfriend's name is Belle. That freaked me out so much when I heard this.
Bugaboo9905 (3 days ago)
Uhhhh game theorists there's 2 more videos
succ Boi (3 days ago)
Hey mat, petscop just released 2 new videos and a lotta stuff happens (subliminally)
LegoDoc 1 (3 days ago)
MatPat, Petscop 14 and 15 was uploaded. Have fun
Tomato Queen (3 days ago)
This turned into a more realistic fnaf all of a sudden.
Michy Von Rose (3 days ago)
{• The Last Fee Seconds Of The Video Had This Odd Thing To It... It Repeated : Please. Help. Me. Protect Me. A little odd but, nothing too wild •}
Astrid Cepeda (3 days ago)
Its not Petscop its Petscope -Le epic 360 roll scope-
Pancake kittydog fan (4 days ago)
There are 2 new petscop episodes matpat Please like so he can see
Susan Lin (4 days ago)
Will u ever be updating this theory Mat? We're all waiting while ur doing other theories xD I mean we love them but we want more
Christian Agüeros (4 days ago)
Quién haya traducido el video, no uses Google para traducir, se perdió el signifcado y contexto
Tyler Cook (4 days ago)
There are two new episodes
The common Skrublord (4 days ago)
There are more episodes
Paul Rader (5 days ago)
yesterday i saw a windmil at my neghbors
RRDino ProductionsTM (5 days ago)
Excuse me: why would Marvin try to bring his dead friend back if he killed them?
mike (5 days ago)
So this is my first time seeing anything about this but I have this game. It's in an old CD binder with all my other playstation games. I remember playing te his when I was 6. Now I have to find that case and play this again or find it and send it to you so people will know this thing is actually real
Sad Saint (6 days ago)
14 and 15 are out
Anna Isom (6 days ago)
1:11 Jacksfilms, is that you?
The ChillWolf (6 days ago)
Now we have more episodes of this history of petscop
Red Jar (7 days ago)
If you could modify the games files this would be MUCH MUCH easier.
Michelle gamerstar (7 days ago)
Why am I watching its at 3;55 am worst time because I been told my house is haunted and I hear noise'es to bad
Cotton X Baldi (7 days ago)
Mat! Please Make More Theories! There's 2 More New Parts!
Nottaylorswift (7 days ago)
Paul: oh boy I wonder why this game is having me kidnap kids *kidnaps like 12 kids* Whoops
Naomi Timm (7 days ago)
Gotta stop watching this at night
Demon Fighter 122 (7 days ago)
Spirits I Dont Want any of this
Pikachugamer96 (8 days ago)
Nehir VATAN (8 days ago)
More petscop the 15th one is out
Jasper Blue (8 days ago)
Is the whole thing with Candace Newmaker still relevant to the game?
Holly Williams (8 days ago)
MatPat is such a good storyteller that I completely forgot that Petscop is just a YouTube series of a fake "lost" Playstation game and the story isn't real... I think...
14 sniper (8 days ago)
Do a petscop video pliz pliz pliz
Gregory Hopkins II (8 days ago)
Do the next one. Two videos have been uploaded since.
Daniel Checa (8 days ago)
And now I have a really bad feeling about Petscop
Michaela Howard (8 days ago)
I feel scared. Really. But at the same time im not. This therory was mind blowing.
Melody Fury (8 days ago)
Why are there all these scary noises ur playing in thebackround T-T
Dylan Crum (8 days ago)
Hey more videos of Petscop are out. Finish this good theory rather than doing Mario Tennis Aces.
Refrigerator20Plays (9 days ago)
Michael Hammond was only 7 years old when he died. Also, people plucking their eyebrows is considered a physical disorder or something. Please like this so MatPat can see
Elias Catis (9 days ago)
There are two new petscop videos. Check the channel it reveals a lot
SavvyProductions (9 days ago)
Petscop 14 and 15 are out.
Nymph The Imp (9 days ago)
When is he going to make a new video about this?!?!
There are two new videos from petscop that got uploaded last month
Its Avril & Oswaldo (9 days ago)
NEW PETSCOP or do you know?
Diego 569 (9 days ago)
June 5th fell on a Thursday this year. omg
Le Kirby Cat (9 days ago)
Vida Balazic (10 days ago)
Regina Barnes (10 days ago)
Wait, if Marvin loved Tiara why did he kill her
Tanner Miller (10 days ago)
bio cat7106 (10 days ago)
Pls more petscop 2 more vids came out It would be awesome if u made more petscop theorys? . . . Theory's? . . .theorys'? . . . Idk anymore
bio cat7106 (9 days ago)
+ღ lιттlє вlυє ღ YEE :3
No face :D
yusuf eren eroğlu (10 days ago)
I am really confused here so is the creator of this creepy pasta is really telling something about a real murderer or is matpat trying to solve a fictional murder?
Hazel Bortel (10 days ago)
So... instead of sleeping I'm watching this..... WHY?!?
Trevin Hughes (10 days ago)
I still think the candice newmaker theory is more prominent than you're now giving it little credit for.
Trevin Hughes (10 days ago)
Well, actually i suppose it just sets up the whole rebirthing concept.
Dj Roomba (10 days ago)
How did he trap Marvin in there? Blah blah blah, Sword Art Online, blah blah.
cloudykidaz 06 (10 days ago)
mat be careful what if one of these games are about real things and you've cracked the puzzle and people come after you please be careful
Timothy Wild (11 days ago)
Where is the last part of this?
Alex H (11 days ago)
More videos
You gonna do more of this?
Lynn Pink (11 days ago)
The same guy who created petscope knew that matpat would do a game theory about the game through us >.<)/
Theres two new videos matpat plz do another episode
Konsole Kitty (12 days ago)
I’m just going to ask this now is this a real story or is the game completely fake cause I am confused
Mlle Ruby (11 days ago)
Konsole Kitty Me too I don’t understand the story is really complicated
Madison Carter (12 days ago)
im speachless
illegal raps (12 days ago)
ending fucked me up
illegal raps (12 days ago)
paul is next
illegal raps (12 days ago)
what happened to the girl
Siniša Čolakovac (13 days ago)
2 new vids lol
Toasted Bacon (13 days ago)
so does this mean marvin is an entity and cant escape the game but he is using paul to help him escape or finish his goal?
Mandy Zhang (13 days ago)
Petscop 14 and 15 have already come out recently, Pleeeeaaasseee make another theory on it!!!!!
Exypnos (14 days ago)
Michael can somehow can still be alive like the time tool was possessed it could be a ghost how could someone who is alive possess a tool Rainer is either a brain let or Michael is alive and Rainer can make him alive this is a game Rainer can do whatever he want with it and wouldn't you want to bring back your brother even if it's a game?
Exypnos (14 days ago)
Pascal Roosendaal (15 days ago)
14 and 15 are out now 😂
Ariana Angel Augustine (15 days ago)
(Kicks door open) Welp, I just got back from the petscop channel, and there's a few more videos. Good luck on theorizing (Jumps out window)
sweet dreams (15 days ago)
My question is Where's Playstation in this? They know about this game? If yes, do they know the story? i hope you give me some answers

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