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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (2017)
Aritra Acharyya (1 hour ago)
14:00 nfs
Vaibhav Singh (2 days ago)
This guy knows how to entertain...!
Rinrin Fran (2 days ago)
That song was for a hero's death...
Torbero (3 days ago)
16:20 I wanna hear Doc's commentary right here LOL...
Fikri Abi (4 days ago)
Achyuth Thouta (4 days ago)
Wadu hecky.
War lord (5 days ago)
7:30 wth how you see him
PUBG NG PINAS (5 days ago)
Where the fck i am
STEEL GAMING (6 days ago)
Giraffe and mouse
Soo Hilarious.
Debarred Gaming (7 days ago)
Is shroud plays pubg on mobile
Debarred Gaming (7 days ago)
Shroud and doc is awesome
Christopher Duran (8 days ago)
That wadu song is what they'll play at my funeral
P40 GAMINGTM (8 days ago)
3:44 what tje
aman singh (9 days ago)
cindrella ending :)
Sam Corpus (9 days ago)
when they saw a cheater “lets hunt him down” when i saw a cheater “run”
Justin Knowles (11 days ago)
Waaaadu Heeekkk. -BOOM.
Castle Builder (12 days ago)
Is that actually wadu singing ??
Bandit GSGNein (12 days ago)
Desync in this game is bs, that is the main problem to focus on.
Franklin González (13 days ago)
I have a question about this game, I play it on Android, but I have seen that when Shroud is playing sometimes there are some players who are still falling (with the parachute) even when there are already only 50 alive, how can it be possible? Can you reuse the parachute?
Franklin González (13 days ago)
Sorry if I've got mistakes, English isn't my first language.
Pubg Mobile (13 days ago)
12:44 loot me kills himself...?
Parth Khandar (14 days ago)
When you see shroud playing you feel like I should start playing rn or I should quit playing games at all!
mfaizfaufanid (14 days ago)
-- 22:44 THANK YOU
Caim Nightmare (14 days ago)
What the heck?
Yuri Tastsuki (14 days ago)
This flawk guy gotta be a great musician to make such a beautiful song..
Milan P (15 days ago)
I don't really get the idea about stream sniping. It's really annoying to watch 20 idiots let them just kill for no reason. Should it be funny? Or am I missing something?
But Cheek 54 (16 days ago)
That wadu song made me cry a bit GET BACK IN THERE TEAR
Tech Lovers (16 days ago)
where the fuck i am??
EL Potato (17 days ago)
The song was a cover of “Take Me Home” by John Denver, to those who haven’t noticed.
Matt Massey (17 days ago)
Not hilarious at all.
RyanYT (17 days ago)
B S RGR (18 days ago)
12:44 hacker kills himself and nobody notices, just like what will happen IRL
Paul4life (3 days ago)
The Real RRDemon (18 days ago)
The whole PUBG thing works well for you! Not to mention you and Doc in a game should probably be considered hacking... somehow it just seems like an unfair advantage... Wonder if the anti-cheat software will ever figure that one out LMAO.
Rafi Noor (18 days ago)
Who is say where the fuckn I am again and again ....... Or am I listening wrong dude.
chandru krishna (18 days ago)
Anna Miller (18 days ago)
Lootme died at 12:50ish
pimpu (19 days ago)
6:18 made me real happy.. HAHAHA
K Selvaraj (19 days ago)
12:45 lootme killed himself
RIP MySon (19 days ago)
Is that the wadu??
Dylan Cecil (20 days ago)
lmao that song killed me
Royce Erikson (20 days ago)
so fun watching people just feed to you
DarrkDucky (20 days ago)
LootMe is secretly Doc's wife stealing all his kills to punish him
ARIBA SEAL (20 days ago)
444 dislikes from fortnite fan girls
a normal hooman (21 days ago)
wadu is a hero we all dont deserve to have
Jimmy Swanson (22 days ago)
12:45 LootME_ killed himself!?
mohd rosniezam (17 days ago)
His name was clear xD
A7MED (23 days ago)
In pubg mobile too the anti cheat is trash alot alot of hackers in it no recoil ,antena .....
Esofication (23 days ago)
I kept repeating the ending lmaoo, that Wadu song was lit af.
Sristi Das (23 days ago)
First fan of shroud
SouthGamer (24 days ago)
Saving Private Wadu...
metal head (24 days ago)
What happened to the last person, was he disconnected??
Jahangir Laskar (24 days ago)
country roads take me home
Dvalle (24 days ago)
16:03 damn it 😂😂😂
Pondal Reso (25 days ago)
Always where the fuck iam
Amin Limbu (25 days ago)
kevthefast (26 days ago)
That ending Lmao
Saurav Singh (26 days ago)
Love from India
praveen kumar (26 days ago)
That guy loot me committed suicide 12:43
Cody Whiman (26 days ago)
Play mobile sometime soon pls
Listrovis Helknight (27 days ago)
That was awesome. My favorite part was Shroud's parking.
T for 3sh (28 days ago)
“Where the fuck i am”
MANAVDA PANDA (29 days ago)
Your better than every streamer in the world U don’t have any attitude and stuff Unlike ninja and people
Kenneth 360gamer (29 days ago)
before the best and I like your video
Charles Barkley (1 month ago)
That wadu hek song was better than I expected 😢😭
Mohit 121 (1 month ago)
How is this wadu guy alive so late in the game.. where did he come from...why didn't he attack shroud?
Magfur Pazzo (1 month ago)
Nerf shroud tq
Thomas Bezemer (1 month ago)
Take me home parodie
zKave (1 month ago)
lol 720p
Soa'bachele (1 month ago)
Sagar G (1 month ago)
You are Fking insane dude, Total classified faadu. 😂
Radu Ionita (1 month ago)
Beautiful voice WADU HEK
Sapsap Pogi (1 month ago)
hi shroud can you play with otzdarva?
Sam Jaffas (1 month ago)
A beautiful remake if "Take me Home Country Roads by John Denver". Madd me cry
ShaSayCap (1 month ago)
Thats so cute drawing whos dz draw ur gf is artist drawing
Mr. Pimp Slapahoe (28 days ago)
Adriel Trillo (1 month ago)
Beautiful song wadu😍
ебанные задроты здохните суки
Skyler Wolf (1 month ago)
12:43 lootme kills himself
Ejaz Gaming YT (1 month ago)
22:45😭😭😭 R.I.P.....
Dunklin83 (1 month ago)
Did that shit really just happen at the end? Pc is crazy
Dunklin83 (1 month ago)
Literally the only game ive played that hasnt got old but better over time!!
axoplax (1 month ago)
4:31 Ok hold up Did that guy make a Ugandan knuckles meme in july? Shroud shoulda banned that mf
Yo blog Julius (1 month ago)
Where the fuck I am????
HallofTHOR (1 month ago)
Such a perfect ending! Almost cried
Nate the great (1 month ago)
That was take me home country roads but replaced every word with wadu hek
Sun Òf God (1 month ago)
These guys are predators
The Grand Priest (1 month ago)
I ship it
Mustapha Berradi (1 month ago)
how tf is this is hillarious
William Shaw (1 month ago)
All hail ad blockers!
LITbron James (1 month ago)
I need that song as my ringtone
Simple And Clean (1 month ago)
Watch the end for a Wadu Version of Country Roads Take Me Home.
Makdavian (1 month ago)
I wanna see Doc's reaction to the song. Anyone knows what date this was on or a link to the Doc's rxn?
Srikanth Chauhan (1 month ago)
Beautiful song at the end....
Martin Dick (1 month ago)
Gr8 video guys,u r both ROCKSTARS.
Ely Nacar (1 month ago)
Merlin and the Wadu guy died with honor!
BHYNKER Aatma (1 month ago)
Pro brothers
Papa Flashss (1 month ago)
I love the end, how the doc just says, “I did.” And honestly i smiled at that
Adam Dali (1 month ago)
No better ending for PUBG than this.
Sujit Nayak (1 month ago)
What happened at the end?
David Perry (1 month ago)
Still waiting for the hilarios bit?
Amazion S (1 month ago)
21:58 a floating flashbang
Will Head (1 month ago)
LootMe ran over himself

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