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Least used Machine Gun in Battlefield 1?

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In this video, I will be taking a closer look at the currently least used LMG in Battlefield 1 (the Lewis Gun Optical), to see if it really is as bad as everybody seems to think it is. Before passing final judgement, I will be analysing the weapon's stats as well as field testing it for myself. And who knows, I might just find a hidden gem! Stats from the video here: http://symthic.com/bf1-multi-comparison?w1=Lewis_Gun_Optical&w2=BAR_1918_Storm&w3=MG15_N.A._Storm&w4=Huot_Automatic_Low_Weight&w5=Lewis_Gun_Low_Weight More Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Or maybe some Rainbow Six? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q2uAFwAZrqddJZK-4joHNYj Intro Music: "RetroFuture Nasty" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Text Comments (555)
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
If anyone is playing on PC and fancies a match, feel free to join the "Rogues Raiders" platoon or come play on the official Rogue's Raiders server! I'm mostly on European servers but everyone is welcome to join the platoon while spaces last!
Csanád Jakab (3 months ago)
Can casuals (considered noobs) join too? I am not that good, don't have that nice K:D, and usually play alone, but it would be nice to do some more coordinated play. My username is wortlessNoobBot.
Rogue-9 I got a streak of ten kills without dying
Wilson S (1 year ago)
Rogue-9 I
blackops4 lit (1 year ago)
Irrehaare I'll try out this loadout. Thanks for the suggestion.
Irrehaare (1 year ago)
Do Madsen Trench. Madsen LMG variants are equally unpopular thanks to the magazine obstructing the view, however the Trench is a hidden gem for a run and gun support players out there. It has great accuracy at reasonable range when firing from the hip, better than BAR magazine capacity and good fire rate. Combined with M1911 and Lumpy charge its a close quarters beast.
E3H0 (1 month ago)
I used the Lewis gun suppresive and fell and love with it not sure why but the time it took to kill made it more gritty in a way but if it were any other gun I would've just left it but this gun had something that the others didn't. I still don't know to this day but i have 6 service stars to this day with it and 3 service stars with the other variant that isn't the optical. But i never used the optical. But I now main medic.... ._.
Jedi Knight buckley (2 months ago)
The only advantage is the sights are better
Pepe4358 Alt (2 months ago)
Best thing about support class is you can waste as much ammo as you want cus you can give yourself more ammo.
BJBird (3 months ago)
I hate BF1 and would never give it a try at all. I as a player play more hardcore games that you die in one shot like Verdun or even Doi but this game makes halo look more Realistic
Wait people use chauchat more often than the lewis
Dead Mask 282 (3 months ago)
That's prety much the gun but as the TRUE lmg user in here i just gona say that if you become very good with souport and the lmg drawbacks you can stabalize it and make good use out of it in any range. i had it in 0 kills yesterday and right now i am a bit over 4 service stars with it. But even if you basicly sed that it's shit...i am with you i just wana have all the lmgs with service startss and i kinda got used to the lewis gun optical. Keep doing great videos(and you are still doing) but make sure when you make another video of this gun get even better with it. Because i will watch that video. Good luck lad
Psudopod (3 months ago)
the lewis gun low weight is by far the best lewis gun
Ignacio Nemarich (3 months ago)
Benet Mercier is a good one, I use it all the time :)
Z3pHyR :D (3 months ago)
Mfw everyone is using this rn
Jedi Knight buckley (5 months ago)
The recoil is hell when you zoom but it’s good
Jedi Knight buckley (5 months ago)
This thing wrecks but just so much recoil
Jedi Knight buckley (5 months ago)
The leeway suppressive and low weight rule this one is ok
Azazel Lazarus effect (5 months ago)
You or whoever is using the Lewis mg in this footage is using it wrong i guess no one uses it cause they have no clue how to master the rate of fire and what controlled bursts you need for medium and long ranges.
sean fo (5 months ago)
the lewis gun low weight is so much better than the optical
wattati (6 months ago)
Huh. This LMG happens to be my favorite for the Support class
T h a t c h e r (6 months ago)
I feel like this is only good for attempting to get headshots at normal Lewis range but even still other variants are better
Mikey 420 (6 months ago)
Damage on bf1 is bullshit to be honest one .303 round would drop anyone at if you hit them with it, same with the colt 45 iv shot people like 3 or 4 times at point blank range and they have still managed to kill me.
Hender (7 months ago)
"Support takes no skillllllllllllllllllll"
tax mippett (7 months ago)
lewis gun low weight with aa sights was the first ever support gun i used and on my first few games was getting positive k/ds and and average range of top 5-10
Pupper Tube (7 months ago)
I played and didn’t like it , but my friend has TEN service stars with it
JammsLp (7 months ago)
The Lewis Gun Optical is my most used LMG because at long ranges, you have to burst, then it is really powerful!!
Ethan Galema (7 months ago)
This gun is actually a beast now after the ttk patch
T.y. (7 months ago)
You gotta short burst this gun at longer ranges. I normally use the supressed lewis gun, done pretty good with it a couple times lol
Dr Drooky (7 months ago)
You should be commentating in BBC or something
Pupper Tube (8 months ago)
I’ve only played 5 mins with this gun =p
zamorakianarmy (8 months ago)
I feel as if the Lewis optical has more bullet spread than the other two variants.
Stereotype (8 months ago)
I like using this gun, because no one else is using it. That floats my boat. "He killed me with that shit box? WTF?". Hahahaha!
Devin Mathis (2 months ago)
Stereotype thats y I use the Madsen people find it hard to use that gun because of the mag
Gavin whallon (8 months ago)
I've used it, it is more of a close range gun
Kyle Martin (8 months ago)
Dat hipfire doe
Lars Johansen (8 months ago)
Still after more than 11 month in to the game i think the Lewis gun is better than the lvl 10 Hout is. Other than that it's close to useless i think. There are other LMG's that i prefer a lot more.
Nacho Jair (8 months ago)
I do not agree, because this gun is meant for quick semi auto, precise fire, the low weight is for long burst fire if you are standing, and decent saturation fire if prone, its more flexible, and the suppressive is purely for a very good saturation prone fire, all of those have a purpose
da bomb squad (9 months ago)
Least used? I get killed by this gun all the time
The Eliminator Project (9 months ago)
I do prefer the standard variant, but I don't think the optical one is too bad really. Choice of reticule made a difference for me.
Cool Jesus (9 months ago)
Can we just discuss that God himself probably can't reload a Lewis gun in half the time your guy can in battlefield...anyone who knows anything about the Lewis gun will know why...
no creativity (9 months ago)
I am a god with the Lewis gun optical
Degrelle Holt (9 months ago)
I have actually fired a Lewis Gun. Very smooth and accurate. The rate of fire is variable from 300 to 600 rounds/min. You have to adjust the gas regulator. And you don't really need the cooling shroud the subtraction of which will reduce the weight significantly. And with the helix pan magazine and simple design, it is very reliable.
theoroinvictus (8 months ago)
cool, where did you get to shoot it? I've got a chance to fire one as well and I agree they're very simple and fun guns to shoot. the way the ratchet mechanism works with the magazine is interesting
Raccoon (9 months ago)
Wow, i find it suprising i use the 2 least used weapons in the game
Raccoon (9 months ago)
Lewis gun is actually really good tbh.
SmudgyStew0999 (9 months ago)
Wanna know the funniest thing? I didn't even know the optical variant even existed and I've played bf1 since last year!
PC LOAD LETTER (9 months ago)
It doesn't melt people at close range(BAR, Chauchat, Parabellum). I isn't super accurate(Huot, Benet). But with bipod for counter sniping and AA sights at 2x magnification, you can get more bullets on target than a lot of guns at medium range and use hip fire at close range. It's also easy to keep on moving targets(because player movement is so erratic in this game). Give all the low weight and factory variants a try in this game, they really are the best overall. (PS4 player)
Rogue-9 (9 months ago)
+PC LOAD LETTER Yeah, it's a real shame that the optical variant doesn't have a bipod
il skur (10 months ago)
Honestly, I think this gun is not that bad. The other advantage of having an optical sight (which you did not mention in this video) is having a more clear and unobstructed sight picture. I find this very helpful to keep the sight on target at all times. It's true that you would rarely need more zoom, but you're missing the bigger picture here. The BAR rifle, for an example, has such an obstructive iron sight that most of the time I end up using the AA sights even for infantry fights because of how hard it is to aim and keep the target tracked. I understand this gun is really counter-intuitive, since it has an optical sight and really good recoil yet sucks at medium to long range firefights, but honestly, it's not as bad as some of the other ones.
Pickle Rick (10 months ago)
I love that gun
Haxor inator (10 months ago)
TBH, all LMG are trash, compared to the BAR, or SMGs.
Switch Kick (10 months ago)
MG15 and the BAR are the only guns worth using.
Devin Mathis (2 months ago)
Madsen low weight is like pulling strings on a lawn mower
Andrea Musso (9 months ago)
The Parabellum too
Robert Diamond (10 months ago)
pretty sure KOSB won this operation
Darkkitt PT (11 months ago)
Not gonna lie but this submachine gun is used a lot on ps4
Peng_667 (11 months ago)
So if its not a diamond in the rough it must be a rough in the diamonds.
Devan Elkins (11 months ago)
LMGS just need a general damage buff. They should be a feared part of any squad. Instead anyone at medium range laughs at you, anyone at close range is just pulling their cock out of your abused cockholster. and snipers are just snipers. 5-8 shots to kill compared to the medic spam of 3-4 or the smg blistering rate of fire (comparatively....) every single lmg is out damaged, and out classed. the only Halfway decent one, would be the BAR and its variations. But with 20 rounds per magazine, 5-6 shots per kill, you reload every 3-4 kills if you hit every single shot. Battlefield 1 ruined support class.
Ryan Blanco (11 months ago)
This gun kicks like a horse
Rogue-9 (11 months ago)
And is pretty slow firing with disappointing damage per shot. It can get the job done but there are definitely better guns available to the support class
John Doe (11 months ago)
They've fucked it up in general. Very weak LMG.
Kyle Jackson (11 months ago)
Since it shoots so slow at mid range one has to burst the shots instead of holding it down for longer bursts. I mean as in short and quick shots if you know what the time to kill is on that weapon then go for it.
ZIOM5000 (11 months ago)
Only advantage of the Lewis over other MGs is that it can fire more bullets before overheating. 50-ish, which pretty much means you won't overheat at all unless you use the suppressive variant.
Darth Plagueis The Wise (11 months ago)
In 6 months of playing this game I NEVER got killed by this gun lol, didn't even know it existed
jurgita juREVICIUTE (11 months ago)
That gone is a bad ars
Malte Molin (11 months ago)
My list ranking the Lmgs in Bf1 right now (based on my opinion) 9.M1909 Benet mercie 8. Huot automatic 7.Mg15.na 6. Madsen Mg 5.Bar 1918 4. Parabellum Mg14/17 3. Chauchat 2. Lewis gun 1. Perino M1908 Hope you like it! :)
Malte Molin (11 months ago)
Jorge Enríquez Gomez Good list
Darth Plagueis The Wise (11 months ago)
Malte Molin I love the chauchat, mine would be 9.Huot (I hate that fucking thing, long reload, slow rof and only 26 rounds + lowest damage) 8.Benet mercie (low rof and only 30 rounds, cool reload tho, but slow) 7.Lewis gun (low rof, low damage) 6.mg 15 (its good) 5.Perino (a lazer with a nice reload animation and high capacity, low rof and damage tho) 4.mg 14 (too much recoil, but kicks ass) 3.BAR (the storm variant is a beast, but only 20 rounds) 2. Madsen (again, the storm variant kicks ass, and that 10 rounds help a lot, a bit slower rof than the BAR, but still nice) 1.Chauchat (only 20 rounds and slowest rof, but hits like a fucking truck and I love its sound, you can kill up to 6 people in a single mag)
Cinema Coyote (11 months ago)
I love this gun! It definitely takes a certain style of play to use. First game with it I went 56-12. I just like the feel of it,it's almost like an assault rifle for the support class.
HockeyCrab (11 months ago)
dude, the lewis gun is the bomb.com, i love that thing
InterSpace1 (11 months ago)
How to have a higher win rate. Quit the game if you are losing to much. (DISCLAIMER: ITS NOT RAGE QUIT) Also i subscribed, keep making this vids so i can know better about all the weapons and variants :)
nerdman127 (11 months ago)
worst lmg in BF1 = best mg in Verdun
iicharliieii (11 months ago)
I love the Lewis gun, the suppressive version that is
Wulfrvm (1 year ago)
retrofuture nasty
Game Geek (1 year ago)
I absolutely adore my Mercie Benet 1909 optical can't understand why it is so unpopular.
ÆSTHEROUS (1 year ago)
I myself have used the Lewis gun optical, and in my opinion, it is one of the better LMGs. The way I'm good with it is because mainly the combat range, and my previous experience with other slow firing weapons and battlefield 4. In my opinion, the best ranges to use the Lewis Gun Optical is 12-38m, as that's a sweet spot. You also want to do a lot of flanking and mainly do hip fire.
KoDan (1 year ago)
It's funny. In Verdun the Lewis gun is pretty OP and in Battlefield it is underpowered.
Dillon Orr (1 year ago)
KoDan Verdun also has a lot less people with submachine guns and battle rifles.
Just a Thought (1 year ago)
I feel like the problem with the lewis gun is random bullet deviation. That's the gun I feel the feature is most noticeable in.
Rambojolue (1 year ago)
i find this gun nice
Marx405 (1 year ago)
The Lewis Gun is a good LMG.
peepeetown (1 year ago)
I just use it to annoy aircraft.
The Steampunk Gamer (1 year ago)
Its least used because its tge first and people dont want to use the first weapon they get because its seen as a beginners gun. Its a very good gun if you use it correctly. If I'm playing as one country ill usually use all guns and items used by that said country.
The last Taino (9 months ago)
The Steampunk Gamer the low weight version is the starter. And both other variants are great weapons. The problem with the optical is that it is a close range weapon with long range sights
JD Studios (1 year ago)
Can you re do this video ones the new gun patch comes out. You have to use the low weight to unlock some of the dlc guns and it was pretty good but has a great deal of weaknesses.
David the old fart (1 year ago)
Use the suppressive
David the old fart (1 year ago)
How is it the least used gun I see it being used all the time
Tesko248 (1 year ago)
I'm rank 85+ and I've never been killed by this gun I think
LangeMikey88 (1 year ago)
Yes the lewis gun is bullsheit
Oush (1 year ago)
Lewis gun was the most painful gun to play with... i had to get 50 kills for that unlock
Atomsmasher927 (1 year ago)
I have used this gun and it sucks. I am a Mg 15 Na low weight kinda guy
ItalianInOslo (1 year ago)
I only use the Lewis gun, in its factory setup. I find it a very good weapon for close quarters. It does suffer a bit in ROF when encountering Assault classes, but I can easily bring home K/D ratios of 1 or above all the time :)
Minifridge (1 year ago)
LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED I know it’s not a dp-28, but still
pouuko (1 year ago)
It's about as useful as a trapdoor on a raft
Spoon tan (1 year ago)
I guess I love all the least used weapons lol.
For my personnal experience this gun is good in front line
Dallas Mann (1 year ago)
I love the vanilla lewis gun. Great for pushing.
Tonrunner 100 (1 year ago)
I pretty much only use this gun. I must be the .4%
GavinM91 (1 year ago)
This gun is weaker than a midget trying to punch you.
Lasher325 (1 year ago)
Here's the problem. The optical sight isn't used for killing. It's used for spotting. Your not meant to be a sniper but a suppressor. Your not Rambo. It's meant to be used in conjunction with one or more of your teammates. You lay down cover fire while your buddy flanks for the kill shot. If you use the gun as it was meant for (to assist in kills, pin down the enemy, and scare them out of cover) this gun is a lot of fun and very useful.
The last Taino (9 months ago)
Lasher325 yes but both the suppressive lewis and other lmgs do the job much better. It's just in a weird place.
Trythereal Denis (1 year ago)
This is my favorite machine gun
lancer D (1 year ago)
It's a real shame it got treated this way by EA DICE. The real world Lewis gun was an absolute work of art in weapons design.
Rogue-9 (1 year ago)
The other two lewis gun variants are much better, so that's at least something !
YTN Gillz (1 year ago)
Id use optical lmgs if they had bipods
Darth Plagueis The Wise (11 months ago)
Lekolyde Warmorning that's the storm and the trench variants, the optical could have bipod without any problem
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
Star Destroyer that's not possible, optical variants are supposed to be for offensive pourposes
German empire 1871 (1 year ago)
Better than the benet mercie or the huot
A Jaded Lizard (1 year ago)
Why is your secondary the Kolibri?
TheDaxter11 (1 year ago)
honestly when it comes to the optical sights i see them as an alternative to the iron sights we should be able to choose like the buck horn sights, when i see something with an optical sight i dont think "thisll be good at long range", i think "hey i like that sight over the iron sights", whenever i use this i play like i would with any other LMG, or at least the default lewis gun
Darth Plagueis The Wise (11 months ago)
TheDaxter11 optical variants are more accurate than factory variants, the samw as storm variants having less recoil, the trench variants better hip fire and so on
Baba Ghanoush (1 year ago)
Is it nust me, or is the chauchat not really that great.
Edgy six Year old (1 year ago)
Baba Ghanoush I love the chauchat, but i think it's play style takes some getting used to
Feddy von Wigglestein (1 year ago)
Oh god the Lewis..there's no way that it can be called superior to any of the other MGs. Once you get the BAR, godlike MG15 and M1909 the Lewis is completely unecessary!
xGoodOldSmurfehx (1 year ago)
+Rogue-9 the lewis optical is so underrated and underused its not even funny its incredible at long range, if you use it properly and setup for medium-long range alot of people are gonna start raging and calling bullshit when they are the losers think of the lewis optical LMG as a sniper LMG, fire in quick successive bursts of 1-3 shots or maybe even 8~14 shots in crappy situations and always prone when possible as the MG becomes extremely accurate when deployed even at 40m+ i can vouch for all of this from repeated experience, you didnt use it properly in your video if you ask me if you pick the lewis, you MUST adopt a slower paced playstyle and put on an actual scope because you cant be too aggressive with it beyond close range and you shouldnt be aiming down sights at close range with it anyways
Radi0activeMnky (1 year ago)
Ever since the Huot Optical came out I realized that the optical variants are similar to storm variants. I decided to use the Lewis Gun Optical and its always my preferred choice for the Lewis Gun, I already have 27 Service Stars with it and I'm not disappointed.
Winged Thoughts (1 year ago)
the suppressive is much better. Its a gun you need to get used to
Marchell Llehcram (1 year ago)
imo lewis gun is cool, im talking about the low weight
Keller Crazyness (1 year ago)
imo the lewis is really accurate and low recoils its so good for begginers.
Tony Peluso (1 year ago)
I like having a British Infantry class and use this with the Bulldog. The Lewis Gun is a beast, especially when used one bullet at a time. insane accuracy.

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