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PERSISTENCE - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

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Learning the Ropes. Experimental Week - 1/3 Follow me on Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/surgeplays MY MERCH ► https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Surged Twitter ► https://twitter.com/SurgeVFX Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/ben_surge Snapchat ► bensurge Discord ► https://discord.gg/surge Steam Group ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/surgeo Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/surgeo Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/surgevfx Welcome to Experimental Week. The next 2 videos will be Fortnite and Escape From Tarkov. THEN we will be back on Rust, hope yall enjoy, still learning doe. ♫ Song: Jaden Smith - Fallen ►Outro Song: Skizzy Mars - Numb Patreon Appreciation: Mirai - $100 Dominicus - $25 TappenCJ - $10 Fish - $50 condemned93 - $25 Baulchy - $10
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Text Comments (172)
Surge (8 months ago)
Welcome to Experimental Week. The next 2 videos will be Fortnite and Escape From Tarkov. THEN we will be back on Rust, hope yall enjoy, YES I'M SHIT still learning doe.
Tec - 9 (7 months ago)
+ loving the new vids PUBG fits your channel well
Tec - 9 (7 months ago)
Surge you should always take those compensators they are fcking beast mode on M4/scar or any assualt rifle really
BigBlackClocks (8 months ago)
Fortnite is fucking disgusting
jensigaming (8 months ago)
Ey surge love your vids. Just wonna tell ya that if you are in third person you can switch to first by pressing v
Alex Kypros (8 months ago)
Surge RIP you got so close!!!
kimberly pedersen (4 months ago)
Keep up the good work we all love the vids. Like if you agree
Garrett Seaton (6 months ago)
The 3rd gun he picked up looked like tachankas turret
Gamer TTagHD (7 months ago)
Surge compensators are so good
uziXwraith (7 months ago)
... you play this game like its rust..all stalking and not really sniping or positioning. you should learn to shooot from afar a little
Vinner Jansen (8 months ago)
blame it on the dog in the end haha
mohamed Turky (8 months ago)
The dog was the reason lol 😂 nice vid. Keep going
fatboyTrex 209 (8 months ago)
fatboyTrex 209 (8 months ago)
I call that gun the frisbee
Skript33 (8 months ago)
What’s up with the mic
Juvenal Campos (8 months ago)
you had an annoying sound the whole video behind you, nice video anyway boy gg, i like
FaM.kamakasi (8 months ago)
surge i suggest when playing the grass map if your solo go to the bottom left quarry the 2 buildings on the right side of it theres 2 places ones a military hanger witch 7/10 will give you a gun and or lvl 3 armour the second is the little bunch on building about 50 metres away from it down the road iv gone here so many times and iv gotten a few wins thanks to the loot iv gotten from the place the best part is not many people know about it
Mohamad Shamseddin (8 months ago)
keep playing pubg nice videos dude
Jackson Dane (8 months ago)
My dogs name is rex too
Lopas Baba (8 months ago)
Delete this, dont be frost
JTG Justin ELITE Chang (8 months ago)
I love PUBG you should upload more of this
JTG Justin ELITE Chang (8 months ago)
CYPHYPE (8 months ago)
*as he takes from his kills?*
Marcello LoPiccolo (8 months ago)
Make a video on your setup
Dominic Oliver (8 months ago)
That is just sad you better than me already xD
Los sellout (8 months ago)
i love the editing you did in this vid it was amazing
Slurry Noises (8 months ago)
You're like a hunter in the fuckin' Savannah, gunnin down all those noobs feeding on the loot heh
Penumbra (8 months ago)
Was that a highschool DxD reference? 3:53
Surge (8 months ago)
Rafi Alex (8 months ago)
this dude is given
Grey Amos (8 months ago)
More Pubg
mohemed Gaming (8 months ago)
لللللللللللللللللللللللgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Civiux (8 months ago)
This was fucking great. Also much different from what other PubG players do dont only put up rounds where you win which is awesome.
Kyle Waggoner (8 months ago)
Take those comps over the flash hiders
Dank Senpai 666 (8 months ago)
edit style is amazing!! keep it up surge
Fxr Cold (8 months ago)
100k dude!
Prasetya Hafis (8 months ago)
i like the editing style . subscribed :)) keep it up bro
Tom Mack (8 months ago)
Don't blame the dog just because you got dogged!
Mitch (8 months ago)
If you ever need help in pubg you can play with me and my mates were all Aussie and we just love to have fun congrats on 100k have a lovely 2018
Portable Slave (8 months ago)
Portable Slave (8 months ago)
Surge keep going strong 💪!
The Dreamers (8 months ago)
You should play this in squads and duos man it'd be so good to watch i reckon!
INTIME Lok (8 months ago)
I really like this series, I hope you can be so powerful in rust 👍🏻
Just Smile (8 months ago)
Well You Earned A Sub! Keep It Up
my name jeff (8 months ago)
Congrats 100k subs
TheNerfstudio (8 months ago)
60 hours.... liar
Cerb 82 (8 months ago)
haha poor dog
wwkfee (8 months ago)
You're so slow with everything, and stop laying down when you loot
xVersace (8 months ago)
i can just imagine when fortnite gets a cinematic system, surge be on that shit!
OrcaTheSmooth (8 months ago)
I would break my desk. I have anger issues and this game isn't great for em.
Mr. Cyanide (8 months ago)
ew not fortnite, don't expose yourself to the cancer!!
PuddingSimulations (8 months ago)
only here for the editing tbh
TheBruster123 (8 months ago)
Your edits are fucking sick bro. Good shit man
Brozan DoesNotMatter (8 months ago)
I like the video and the editing very much, if you want to win games you'll have to refrain from shooting everyone you see since the sound will give away your position. Just a tactic that works ;) sometimes its better to just wait and see who goes for the gunshots --> then finish those guys off
Fuel (8 months ago)
100k! Congrats mate!
KingH (8 months ago)
i don' t know whats going on but i can hear double but its very quiet and a ever so slight delay don't know whats going on hope you can fix this.
manga (8 months ago)
I'd rather watch this over Rust tbh
TK (8 months ago)
Lit pubg intro, but always better rust outro <3
This Is Kanjo (8 months ago)
dude ,, u are great at this game..
SweetHead CSGO (8 months ago)
I would recommend if you like to spray don't use vertical grip use the angled one, Vertical is for taping
[HYDR] Spibs (8 months ago)
Not bad at all, dude! Nice stuff
Wisp PlayGames (8 months ago)
some tisp: 1. dont be a greedy and die becuase of it! 2. dont lay flat and loot betther to sneak left and right forward and backwards when you loot exept in tall grass. 3. bait people lets say your in a house and you looted the house you hear someone sneaking up on you drop a medkit on the floor (he thinks is not looted) then you backstab him and you won the fight. 4. dont use a vehicle latgame its gives away your exakt possison :) keep it up it was fun to watch. :)
Jesiah Cordova (8 months ago)
memes ! (8 months ago)
100k nice
Blooprint (8 months ago)
When you think it's just a normal PUBG video but Surge hits you with dat cinematic.
Vishwash Thapa (8 months ago)
#god of death but awesome!
Game (8 months ago)
try to pay attention to what attachments you need and which ones are better than others, for example, a compensator for your M4 would be much better than a flash hider
Game (8 months ago)
just a tip! :)
Gianluca Modica (8 months ago)
when your looting bodies you should really crouch and strafe side to side instead of lying down
Merlin Reinders (8 months ago)
Damn shitty game
Jim Bruce (8 months ago)
Stupid ass dog
SymethBnS (8 months ago)
Press 'R' when throwing a nade to unlock it (it kk blow faster)
Angus Nicolson (8 months ago)
Best editing I've seen of PUBG footage, even if the game play wasn't quite up to scratch :P
Frogs4123 Demari (8 months ago)
I like fortnight
wyskgaming (8 months ago)
Rust and pubg
Shabba Dabba (8 months ago)
Was your washing machine running during the last games?
Kevin (8 months ago)
SpectricHD (8 months ago)
rip Rexie. and fix your sound my ears hurt
sora (8 months ago)
Congrats on 100k been here since u were in obey alliance
Survam (8 months ago)
The day would come when god showed the power of his might over all humanity
Teh Swag Lord 1 (8 months ago)
Please put peak on hold really triggering to watch, other than that loved the vid <3
Awessomness (8 months ago)
*beats dog
Glenn Julian Van Rijn (8 months ago)
ButterOnARoll67 (8 months ago)
Surge my man don't pick up the lvl 3 vest if it is that low on health because vests work like let's say lvl 3 is at 20 health and there was a lvl 1 vest and it had full hp the lvl 1 would be better
Hannes Lindhe (8 months ago)
this is actually really nice, please make more of this if you enjoy it. Ps im new here and i love that voice it's real nice! Ceep it up.
Oliver Garlie (8 months ago)
Stop proning when your loting
Orangeme (8 months ago)
Did you pay for Motion pulse :^)?
Deyan Luetzen (8 months ago)
it all looks good but u need to learn how to loot the right things...u left so many good attachments on some of those guys that would really help you in the long run.
Nukas Kun (8 months ago)
tips: always use kar98 if the target is out of range for a spray 2: keep going to high populated areas and always be aware of the zone to improve 3: use shift when with a scope to put it stable or red dot/holographic to increase range
Nukas Kun (8 months ago)
also is not always good to loot laying down as if someone can spot you and makes it impossible for you to run .... i just finish the video, so... be careful when crossing places without cover specially on the top 20, always look around specially in 3rd person
Logan Stuebner (8 months ago)
Yo surge you sir are a fucking legend bro I'm waiting for that 3 mill give away homie keep up the awesome vids man
Koopzter (8 months ago)
Try out fornite, its a lot less time consuming, and less rage inducing because you can just hop back into another game within seconds.
TheKenanZ OnFire (8 months ago)
SURGE I'm from turkey you best Video bro very nice ;))
Gabriel (8 months ago)
shat yo damn mauf dog
Autistic Ninja (8 months ago)
Me name a jeff
Snellular (8 months ago)
Great video
Sebastian Ottersen (8 months ago)
The aug that the guy in game 2 is OP, my favorite gun
Sebastian Ottersen (8 months ago)
Hold a nade, hold left click and press r, you pull the pin and after some time the nade will blow faster
Jack (8 months ago)
don’t play or watch pubg but legit clicked to see how you could make an intro w a game like this and it was somehow still fuxking amazing
Sebastian Ottersen (8 months ago)
Mateo Cordovez (8 months ago)
That intro man! top stuff!
xXGhOsTtXx constantinou (8 months ago)
Surge can we play together? xD am ask g for a lot?
SyntheticKill (8 months ago)
Surges editing style now taken to different games.... 2018 is going to be a good year.
Beckzy (8 months ago)
SyntheticKill i know right
wyskgaming (8 months ago)
SyntheticKill hey synthetic
Rebornact (8 months ago)
Hey surge, If you want to loot faster, don't right click. Drag them to your inventory using left click, then you will loot faster. *BUT:* If you looting a dead body, then use right click to loot. Because when looting a dead body it doesn't care you drag it or not, it automatically removes the looting animation. Sorry if i have any mistakes about English.
BenoGoKeno (8 months ago)
New outro song for PUBG vids perhaps?
maty (8 months ago)
Love the way you do these videos, keep it up!
Б. Мөнхбат (8 months ago)
Rexy shut uppp
Open World Gamer (8 months ago)
Last time I came this early my sister got pregnant

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