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An Inspiring Story of A YouTube Commenter.

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Text Comments (52394)
OutdoorAdventureKids (18 minutes ago)
"please forget to subscribe"
I cri 😢😢
Aashish Thakuri (8 hours ago)
Suscribe me
Sophy Awad (12 hours ago)
This is truly one of the most inspiring story’s I have ever heard
Salah Kefah (1 day ago)
best pewdiepie video ever.lmfao
JMASHR (1 day ago)
Gaurab Bijukchhe (1 day ago)
Please forget to subscribe
Lol, this was just a cancerous youtube comments video (no hate)
ODST Studios (1 day ago)
still better than twilight
Remainings Soldier (1 day ago)
Am crying 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Toma janu (2 days ago)
PewDiePie I need you..your old gaming fucking channel
Clamz NO (2 days ago)
This is Justin Y. before he was famous
jon327 (2 days ago)
*i ‘ m m o r e o f a d o g p e r s o n*
Thegamingcarno96 101 (2 days ago)
AJPW Shadow78 (3 days ago)
"I...am... a giraffe" I couldn't stop laughing and choking on my water
KewlBoy (3 days ago)
KewlBoy (3 days ago)
Xzortix YT (4 days ago)
Dear unknown ppl pls subscribe to me and if i reached 1 sub i will make my first video...pls i need money cuz i am poor...very pour
Desolate RainFørest (4 days ago)
Falcon Lord nOoOooOoo
Yannick Hornell (4 days ago)
remember when Pewds was this good, he's ok now but not as good as this
Yannick Hornell (4 days ago)
Blank Gamer-EX (5 days ago)
Also forget to subscribe
Giraffe Man (5 days ago)
PewDiePie better make a video on Justin Y
Lucas :D (5 days ago)
I cry every time.
Syangbo 's (6 days ago)
Greatest inspirational story of my life time. Pewdiepie, SHOUT OUT to you.
the Baystander (6 days ago)
Some say that falcon is still somewhere in youtube. We don't know.🤔
Omg Gamer (6 days ago)
Omg this is so sad and I will forget to subscribe
French American (6 days ago)
what the fuck omg xD
Baby Tim (7 days ago)
Zyxoid is the first commenter
lilly_ wolfy (7 days ago)
1.7m Views (7 days ago)
Oh my so inspirational
Rodrick Smokes Dank (7 days ago)
Ultimate Panda (7 days ago)
Also *Forget* to subscribe.
Peacefulmomoman (8 days ago)
I thought this would of been about Justin Y.
ToxicideYT (8 days ago)
This is a pure video
Enid (8 days ago)
Sad gamer moments
Falcon lover is amazing
shivamjee ojha (8 days ago)
RedstoneFalcon YT (8 days ago)
Poor Falcon lover :,(
ANNSQ (8 days ago)
a classic.
Rainbow Cake (9 days ago)
Falcon Lover the giraffe in PDP LOTB
NOLD MALANUM (9 days ago)
justin y is the master commenter.
Muthu Bhai (9 days ago)
Dear Friends please Hit Me Up..........
Ambr (9 days ago)
VIOLA (9 days ago)
1second ago
AxperZ (9 days ago)
I crid :C
Jessica (9 days ago)
Pro Gamer (9 days ago)
Legend says falcon lover is still somewhere in Africa’s jungle
Deer fans, It's bin hard coping with my newly diagnosed casur but lately watching a poodinpee handmade better
THANOS (10 days ago)
Madara Uchiha (10 days ago)
Anonymouse056 (10 days ago)
Please Forget To ubscribe
Jas Ejupi (10 days ago)
Radom Guy (10 days ago)
now where is he
Reel Sumit (10 days ago)
Dear fans Plzzz sub me I m new I have no subs Plzzz subscribe plzzzzzz subscribe
Shawn 91 (10 days ago)
Subscribe and subscribe was where I️ lost it 😂😂
Spiceboy9000 (10 days ago)
NG YT (10 days ago)
If you guys think he's real..yes he is because u can see that pewdiepie made that account
Jason (10 days ago)
An inspiring story of YouTube commenters: Justin Y. and I don’t deserve subs
CocaCola God420 (10 days ago)
1:12 lol forget to subscribe
Sujal Shakya (10 days ago)
Hehe this background music is making me cry
Lumicrat (11 days ago)
Ahh, this was back then in 2014. Man, the good ol simple days
GetRekt 27 (11 days ago)
OMG//Adheepb (11 days ago)
Category: *COMEDY*
Dusk (11 days ago)
He stopped uploading 7 months ago
Sir Soup (11 days ago)
i thought this was a new video about justin y
Jason Yau (12 days ago)
This is so sad, can we hit 50.31413159267likes?
Yesenia Bey (12 days ago)
+justin y
soldies501 (12 days ago)
Boi why u interrupt my jerking off session
I’m Phantom (12 days ago)
Lol the funny thing is if you look up his channel now he’s got like a 100k subs
A name with C (13 days ago)
It touched my heart... It's emotional what happend to this guy.Hope he has a Good Life with the giraffes.
S2Xbit iX (13 days ago)
*Very Niiice*
Aiot (13 days ago)
I thought you were going to talk about Justin Y
Oso Skills (13 days ago)
Just like Justin Y
Nenad Rajkovic (2 days ago)
Pls stop i can't watch a video and not see him EVERYWHERE
Spinosaurus (14 days ago)
I thought it's about Justin .Y
Communist Kanna , (14 days ago)
This is such a sad story, Therefor Communist Kanna Approves ;(
dirt bike addiction (15 days ago)
I'm searching for justin y. In this comment section
Crap-P's Trash can (15 days ago)
What about Justin Y?
Hudson95MCCP (15 days ago)
I don't deserve subs (16 days ago)
I have the chicken pots
[ Duwang_Mn ] (7 days ago)
I don't deserve subs Wat
Aleximian (16 days ago)
It's harsh to be a Youtuber :))))
Justin Y. (16 days ago)
Well now.
OhHoiThere (8 hours ago)
This isnt even yiur spotlight
Doge (1 day ago)
Oh Shi-
The Pain116 (1 day ago)
So weird how today I found one vid with you commenting and now you are in all of them.
Saiko Yonebayashi (1 day ago)
Justin Y. Onii chan, this is 4 months old. Tf r u doing?
Strawberry Berry (1 day ago)
this boi.
Axod (16 days ago)
I forgot to subscribe
Flazemo (17 days ago)
Plz sub to me honestly I can sub back if you want I honestly just want to be subbed
KABOOM (17 days ago)
Plzzz subscribe to me
Name _ (17 days ago)
xx kiwi (17 days ago)
UnBlind (17 days ago)
Justin Y. Must be here
Justin Y. (17 days ago)
Mad respect for him
Madyson Bohannon (17 days ago)
that was sad......:'(
iiSlime _world (17 days ago)
dear falcon loversxxxXxx dont forget to subscribe pewdiepie's channel
Acid Chaos The Creeper (18 days ago)
Ripperoni never spaghetti
Charlotte Ketch (18 days ago)
I’m a giraffe
Mr.CatCat TM (19 days ago)
oh sit i like one sub for falcon and pood
The world is Fucked (19 days ago)
Who else searched up falcon lover
Skiller dose (19 days ago)
Sayed (20 days ago)
Steven Spielberg want to make this as a Movie!
sad man (21 days ago)
what about Justin y
TheTacogamer500 (21 days ago)
Thought this was about Justin y

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