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Battlefield V Dev Responds to Claims of Censorship

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SOURCE: https://twitter.com/tiggr_/status/1040917804172681216?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1040917804172681216&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.oneangrygamer.net%2F2018%2F09%2Fdice-blames-algorithm-for-banning-white-man-in-battlefield-v-chat-doesnt-address-origin-ids%2F69300%2F http://www.patreon.com/yongyea http://www.paypal.me/YongYea http://www.twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - SolidJake - Alex Moretti - Vin Giorgio - Casual Ninja [BOSS] - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Peter - Zander Rose - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - justconst - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - oh2one2 - SweGabe - David Doty - Michael P. Reid - Mark Taylor - Christopher Davis Kildahl - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity - Jake Betts
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YongYea (12 days ago)
EDIT: Well, for those bothered by the beta's chat filter, at least we now know it can be turned off entirely. EDIT 2: Apparently, "spaghetti" could stand for "spaghetti code", a term used to describe messily programmed software, so it may not be completely irrelevant after all... Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Thelionsam - Shawn Duane Cottrell [BIG BOSS] - SolidJake - Alex Moretti - Vin Giorgio - Casual Ninja [BOSS] - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Peter - Zander Rose - Joel Wesley Salyer - John A Perez - justconst - comfyHat - Jonathan Ball - Michael Redmond [LEGENDARY] - oh2one2 - Ryan Daniel Brown - SweGabe - David Doty - Michael P. Reid - Mark Taylor - Christopher Davis Kildahl - Jade Rose - Prismat Dragoon - Darien Cunningham - Teemu Hattukangas - Princess Stabbity
ssxxxxss (4 days ago)
Ye it is..
Tropical Fruit (9 days ago)
OFC they intentionally censored those words. Please I really don't know what can go wrong with word filtering... You either don't filter some word that should be or... or what? I don't think people make mistake of filtering too many words... If it was meant to stop the "spaghetti code" comments then it's self-explanatory and if not they put it in so they can claim it's just a faulty system. It's EA for fucks sake...
Walker Morales (9 days ago)
YongYea sphagetti is cultural appropriation!
Gareth Jenkins (9 days ago)
@broken games. A question. If you were hungry,would you refuse a bag of broken biscuits and starve? Sooner or later we have to come to the realisation that what is, is what is. And look for the good things in an unperfect world. Endlessly going on about the negative shit in gaming isn’t going to change anything. I’m not suggesting we don’t hold to our principles. But going on about the negative every day does not a good time make. And if you think Yong wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to run EA exclusives when he first started out, your delusional. All youtubers have one goal, and that is to make their channel a successful one. You may see him as the champion to your cause. But when someone monetises their support, it shows they come at a cost. But it just so happens he has found his golden goose by being opinionated, which resonates with haters. Do you think he would be going on and on about microtransactions if he had more exclusives to cover? Lol, no. He wouldn’t have time. That’s why he trails websites looking for content, and then blowing out of context to suit the narrative. What you might see as the rise of Yong, I see as the slippery slope. Because surrounding yourself with haters has it’s downfalls. For one. The games industry might be sizeable. But devs know each other from other projects. Making it as small as a cottage industry. So when yongs there calling people shits and getting really judgmental and blowing stuff out of context. Other devs see that, and think, you know what, I don’t know if I want him to represent us. He is a loose cannon. He is insulting to others in our industry. That makes his golden goose a thanksgiving turkey.
Adam Arzo (9 hours ago)
This dumb fucking team shouldn't even be investing as much time as they are in a profanity filter. It's a game about killing people, hardly suitable for kids who aren't conditioned to swearing online to begin with. Fucking PC morons are killing gaming. Spend time on the god damn game, not the PC chat.
Slappin Liberals (12 hours ago)
Censorship in video games is just the beginning from the left. just imagine what the government will do if democrats took office.
Slappin Liberals (12 hours ago)
FUCK BF!!!! loved them til this garbage came out.
Slappin Liberals (12 hours ago)
Battlefield V'agina perfect for SJW's and liberal homosexuals who piss their pannies when offended
Slappin Liberals (12 hours ago)
Typical actions of a liberal company. Censoring what they don't approve of like true socialists
MysticVision (18 hours ago)
Don't buy this game, we need to show EA, Dice, and other games that we are the community and if they try to shove politically correct shit down our throats, we just won't buy their game
Dont care about this battlefield vagina
Brad (1 day ago)
EA won't be receiving anymore money from me.
AP3XBOX (1 day ago)
Watcher NotYoutuber (1 day ago)
Because EA Destroys everything.
I'll stick with call of duty At least they don't virtue signal (well not that I'm aware of)
ExpWars (2 days ago)
I'm not educated enough to play this game so I can't buy it
KevinArdala01 (3 days ago)
The fact is, even apart from this PC toxicity, the game itself is dull and unexciting... You only have to look at games like World War 3, Ring of Elysium, and Insurgency to find more satisfying alternatives. It's sad, but the thrilling days of Battlefield which peaked with BF3 & BF4 are dead. DICE' new dumbed-down, grindy, gimmicky ethos (which I can only presume is to appeal to a younger audience) has stangulated the franchise.
Sean Nissen (3 days ago)
Don't like it don't buy Ok
Bloat-Lord (4 days ago)
DLC and White Man was blocked by a (((mistake))), yeha sure... sombody randomly hit their keyboard and it spelled out those words and added them to the block list, how stupid do they think people are?
turtle born (4 days ago)
2:15 stupid decesion not at all they set them up for failure so they could buy the studio for cheaper its a dickmove but its smart
Carl D (4 days ago)
How can they not instantly "reduce the sensitivity" of a chat filter? It's a list of words saved to a txt file, just delete some words and Ctrl+s.
Heuch Gack (4 days ago)
Thanks for the insight. Jim Sterling didn't seem to think this was as interesting as lootboxes and microtransactions. (Unless he did cover it and I missed it.)
samoht larpak (4 days ago)
Why are you people so fucking stupid. Biggest batch of bitching pussies on the internet. You are in the same league as the sjw crap you hate.
futurestoryteller (4 days ago)
I can't imagine how the words "white man" or "Nazi" could have found themselves into an algorithm that detects impending fights... I really can't imagine... like at all 😐 Hey did you know there was a "controversy" around the last Wolfenstein game, because you *kill **_Nazis_* in it... now who could imagine, in a *Wolfenstein* game, of all things. Smh Fuck my life.
Loomhouse (4 days ago)
No thanks ea. Im good. - meme
GIboy1990 (4 days ago)
EA has given me enough reasons to never purchase a product of theirs again.
Captain Dookey (5 days ago)
Ryan Morris (5 days ago)
Also they @#* a bunch %£ lying CUNTS
Ryan Morris (5 days ago)
I've paused this video during the pre advertisement to call what thier excuse will be .. An unintentional bug that will be fixed in due time for the full realese Or 2 TRUMP DONE IT.
waldo 865 (5 days ago)
Have you guys heard the term spaghetti code? Just saying.
I'm a computer engineer who has worked with neural networks, AI and soft computing in general And let me clarify a few things: 1) there isn't a traditional algorithm involved nor is there usually a traditional operator (some types employ "teachers" to guide the network by grading it's response but judging by how stupid this filter was it was probably completely automated) 2) the data set isn't completely hand selected because of how big it needs to be 3) how it usually works is conversations are tagged with "weights", as in a "negative" conversation has lower weight and vice versa. (actually you probably don't need to know this) 3) the more data in the training set the more nuanced the end result, hence why it started off hammy and stupid. 4) it'll improve. They'll probably use chats from the data to tailor the AI
wisam111 (5 days ago)
Just don’t buy it and don’t give EA money. Then hopefully they’ll learn their lesson.
njgamer69 (5 days ago)
sjw controlling bf5
GunterGunts (5 days ago)
After being told I'm intolerant or I'm being a biggot because I didn't like the customization, I can't say I'm getting the game. I really want Battlefield to thrive, but the spiteful side of me wants this one to crash and burn. The only way to show a big company they fucked up isn't just backlash, but also bad sales and much worse: a straight failure. Who wants to invest in a company/game series that's pushed away their audience and failed?
Said Arslan (5 days ago)
this time cod will rise !!! f**** EA
Undefined Logic (5 days ago)
a shit ton of bad luck....
The Canadian (5 days ago)
Pc game... I mean political correct
The Canadian (5 days ago)
Fuck bf 5 and it feminism
joshua tamayo (6 days ago)
As long as I can say ni🅱️🅱️a
Carpet Creed (6 days ago)
I'm definitely not ever getting this piece of shit
Vasiliy Alexandrovich (6 days ago)
(((AI algorithm)))
Mohamed Ibrahin (6 days ago)
Battlefield 1984
Elder Muppet (6 days ago)
Personally, I'm anti-censorship almost all together. Freedom of Speech is something that is increasingly coming under more and more fire these days. One might argue that the game is only 16 rated, and that they might not want people who arn't quite adults yet to be reading 'vulgar' or 'abusive' messages. However, although people might claim to have people's best interests in mind when doing this, I think they may be doing more harm than actual good. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner a person learns that the world doesn't consist of sunshine and rainbows the better. Although it may sound cruel to some ('some' being a very vocal minority, but a minority nonetheless), I think that a person benefits from hearing 'mean' things and having their 'feelings' hurt, because if you can't handle so called abuse from a couple of shitlords in a bloody video game, then what chance do you have of making it anywhere in life. That may sound over-dramatic, but just think for a second, what type of person do you have to be to be so hurt by 'abuse' (a grossly overused and overstated term these days) in a bloody video game that you get upset by something like that. As far as I see it, the best thing for these people is to be exposed to more of it, not less of it. You're not helping anybody by telling them that it's okay and that they shouldn't have to feel offended, rubbish. The sooner the they learn that their feelings don't count for almost didildy squat in this world the better.
Shayne O’Malley (6 days ago)
If a game is rated M for MATURE.... Why would there need to be a profanity system...?? When you’re 17 or older..... why do we rate games if even an adult can’t swear..?
Devin (6 days ago)
Isn't rated M for a reason
C M (6 days ago)
I remember when bf3 came out and devs where strictly against any customization to uniforms in order to respect those that served. Wish I could remember devs name cause they need him back.
You don’t play as NAZI’s in this though. You play as warmacht
Creepy Old Man (6 days ago)
New world record for beating a dead horse
Hardcore Gamers (6 days ago)
dude i forgot about it
Daniel Crecca (6 days ago)
I'm good thanks. Battlefield 1 will be the last battlefield I play
DMPawn (6 days ago)
You have to unlock words by getting language cards, which are contained inside loot boxes.
contro (6 days ago)
A game about killing other people, censoring words .... so battlefield has a safe space for words .....
mohammadkwt (6 days ago)
this is pathetic lie, why respond now while they could’ve responded earlier fuck them & their ass kissers .
Ryan Choong (6 days ago)
I believe David Sirland's response: of course inflammatory comments toward EA would be tagged by a learning algorithm as toxic. It's not that learning systems must be engineered to act a certain way, but rather they must be engineered to not act a certain way so as to not take its instructions too literally
Joris Dreesen (6 days ago)
Not even considering buying it, I want BF 2 back.
The Causal (7 days ago)
Yall know "white man" was a glitch
Elias Nicolas Miranda (6 days ago)
i mean no one cares if its a glitch the game is doomed and nobody here in the comments cares about glitch or something they are putting a anti-cursing or something like that in a M-rated game with the SJW bullshit problem and the backlash to the consumers calling them "uneducated" this game is not even gonna survive in 1 or 2 months
The Causal (6 days ago)
+Elias Nicolas Miranda ye no one but everyone in these comments
Elias Nicolas Miranda (6 days ago)
no one cares it's over
MajorArtillary (7 days ago)
Ya know, I was really trying to hold on and get a good comparison of BFV and CoD this year, as I only wanted to by one multiplayer game as I don't have time for both anymore. I can get past all the PC shit EA is peddling as long as I can enjoy my guns, I've been looking forward to the M1 Garand, the Thompson, MG42 or MG34. But then the beta destroyed my hopes for that. Okay then, at least the games will be out relatively soon. NOPE!!! Now I've got to wait another month for a good comparison. WRONG AGAIN!!! Because history has shown that I'll have to wait another 6 months until they actually finish Battlefield. Add onto that that almost none of my good-old loyal Battlefield platoon is getting BFV, yet all my CoD homies are rocking BO4 and telling me what I'm missing out on. Well, I can have faith right? Hell no, not after EA's puppet Bioware raped and murdered my beloved Mass Effect. Not after EA's marionet DICE made not one but TWO shitty Battlefront reboots. Is there even a choice here? Not for me. You can buy whatever the hell you want, but I can no longer support EA and their lackeys. On a serious note though, what did DICE expect? They alienated a lot of their fans and tried drawing support from the PC/SJW crowd, but it's like they failed to note that the PC/SJW crowd doesn't fucking play FPS games because they're too busy fawning over avocados and what -insert celebrity/musician here- is doing at any given moment.
Hammy Bunghole (7 days ago)
BFV is doomed for the start
Fin (7 days ago)
Yeah they are censoring "white man" on purpose even though the game is made by white men hmmmmmm
Rap Zalsos (7 days ago)
I legit forgot about this flaming turd. Because the real Battlefield's coming. WW3.
TheGr8stManEvr (7 days ago)
Battlefield is dead, it's basically just shitty old COD with vehicles.
Silimus (7 days ago)
Im so upset. EA has destroyed the battlefield franchise
Brick Builder (7 days ago)
Dont shoot boys! Let em burn!!!
João Morais (7 days ago)
I don't know if it was intentional or not but as a programmer it kind of tickled me a bit: If the AI they claim to be using is based on machine learning then NO, they don't have to set those specific parameters, that's what IT (the AI) is supposed to learn, I can see how white man can lead into a discussion about race which gets flagged as toxic, same goes for DLC, but other stuff like spaghetti? that sounds a bit off. Thing about machine learning is, it's bound to have some funny failures, so entirely plausible.
AustralianGaming (7 days ago)
Dale Stoddard (7 days ago)
They definitely added the feature to turn the censorship off after the backlash. Otherwise, they would have said this from the beginning.
ji9mpopin (7 days ago)
i'm all for letting ea and dice die . fuck them and every single fuck that works for them...
NorthSide Ace (7 days ago)
You still talking about this? That's a pretty old subject that nobody cares about... the games is looking good...
Comp Wiz2007 (7 days ago)
E.A. is losing SO MUCH MONEY on Battlefield V -agina and catering to the SJWs (that aren't even their customer base) that they are making Dick's Sporting Goods look like Master Marketing geniuses..  Oh and telling people "Tough shit if you don't like it don't buy it"..   Well guess what JACKOFFS..  I didn't and at least 100 people I know didn't either because of your C*CKSUCKIN attitude..  "F" you E.A.
chriddof jnr (7 days ago)
Epichunter78 (7 days ago)
Spaghetti is literally one of the most random words ever. Pretty sure EA had its team also censor a bunch of random words just to try saving themselves.
The Wise One (7 days ago)
Your channel could be top notch but i wish every video wasnt the same damn info repeated over and over with like 30 seconds of new content. Your videos can be a chore to sit through especially with that monotone voice. Just get to the damn point.
QuessWhatUGoing (7 days ago)
He should have just said fuck you, censor that.
Alcor M (7 days ago)
They are embarrassing themselves
Sinn0100 (7 days ago)
Verbal assults....verbal assults....wow...verbal assault only occurs when the person Mali g the assault can reasonably carry it out. Chatting in a game with people across the country is not assault. I am making a point about EA not the video. He calls it as he sees it and I agree. I hope BF5 collapses on its own SJW, PC liberal, leftist bull shit.
DAVY MATHENY (7 days ago)
what happened to freedom of speech?
chaz max (7 days ago)
So not only are they SJW fascists, they also suck at making games. Red Dead anyone?
Frank Castle (7 days ago)
I hope these lying pices of shit goes bankrupt. Boycott!
Nate (7 days ago)
EA killed dead space. EA killed mass effect. EA killed battlefront. EA killed battlefield. Lets hope they kill FIFA but doubtful cause their FIFA community are a bunch of dumb sheep that would complain they can't buy more fifa points.
Rubik's Cube (7 days ago)
EA dun goofed it
Dylan Moore (7 days ago)
Can we just have a world genocide on white people; especially white men they're just so evil and disgusting.
Doctor Handsome (7 days ago)
1. Game publisher pulls some audacious fuckery. 2. People are pissed. 3. Publisher issues mealy-mouthed non-apology, promises to do better. REPEAT FOREVER
frank deluca (7 days ago)
Bf1 trainer campaign was disappointing not spending the cash until it's out and I know what I'm buying if I will
frank deluca (7 days ago)
Dlc= dumb liberal cunt
Austin Glinin (7 days ago)
I was so excited for an amazing and realistic WW2 Battlefield. I'll just go fuck myself.
wafflecougar (7 days ago)
Man they fucked up. Cod was on the ropes the past couple game releases and bf had a chance to overtake cod but somehow they messed it up.
Cherry Lemonade (7 days ago)
I love how white ppl are getting offended and claiming racism. Racism doesn’t seem to matter when your doing it right? (This isn’t meant for all my white ppl that aren’t racist. I love you)
Levo GAMES (7 days ago)
My final verdict will be made when the game fully releases and is a few weeks into the "Tides of War". For now I think the Battlefield franchise is being taken into a direction that no one really expected ... or needed. They should look at the beginnings of Battlefield, that should inspire them. They better not continue to alienate veterans. Battlefield 1 was already so far off. I had hopes for BFV to correct that and it might. Now I hope they will learn from BFV when they make the next entry (after BFV).
Conner Bailey (7 days ago)
They could really sell a shit ton of copies if they’d just listen and fix/ what we ask.
GOD (7 days ago)
spaghetti is also a name for italians :)
That Guy (7 days ago)
I want EA to crash and burn they screw up game by pandering to politics game after game and never seem to learn or even give a shit and them doing live service updates as excuse to ship a broken or half arsed game is beyond a sick joke.
N A M W A R D (8 days ago)
Lmao this game is dead.
DigitaleHelper (8 days ago)
Less white males preorder/buying the game= better game imo
Isaac West (8 days ago)
0:22 Yeah that guy got fired because of that. 0:53 I found the Beta pretty fair. But it is a Beta. 0:56 People are complaining about the amount of content in a Beta? 1:42 The censorship of "Nazi" would be greatly disappointed, and I doubt it. But it makes more sense actually because in an ironically-Fascist fashion, Germany censors swastikas and Nazism. And making money off of almost anything that refers to Nazism is illegal in Germany. 4:55 I understand why they want censorship, and I won't hate them for it, but this is why I don't think there should be censorship. I mean it's an M-rated game, of course you're gonna hear swears. This is why we can't have censorship for "hate-speech". Because who get's decide? Who is not biased to any extent?
Subzerouh (8 days ago)
ofc the censorship was made by an AI, Kappa.
Tristen Matkowski (8 days ago)
Is it that hard to listen to your community and give them what they want and NOT disappoint them? Overkill, EA, and several other game creators suffer so much from this, whether one or the other.
J Zoolander (8 days ago)
I don’t care if it’s great game. I won’t buy it. The arrogance and contempt for the consumer they have shown with their comments......There is a price to be paid for that, so I’ll sit this one out. It’s a shame too, because I’ve always wanted to play a character with a robot hand arm that smashes people with a cricket bat in a gunfight.
andregal123 (8 days ago)
Fuk u yongyea why ur not a yongdoctor?
Nick Rice (8 days ago)
answering why your filter isn't working but claiming not to know how or why it doesn't work properly--classic EA.
Watching Hanif (8 days ago)
Nice try EA. Still not buying the game
jj bailey (8 days ago)
They censored Titanfall...hahahahahahaha
graveyardrumblers (8 days ago)
I'm stoked for battlefield antifa you guys... You're all just uneducated

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