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teamwork makes the dream work. ▶ Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOt5hVyS2-nbcJ3_FP41Ajg?sub_confirmation=1 Playing with: www.youtube.com/user/AculiteGaming ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ­__________________________________________ ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound TOGETHER AS ONE - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
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Tomographic (7 months ago)
Apologies for my inactivity this past week or so guys! Truth be told I've been having the worst luck with PUBG lately so to make it up to you, here's two games rolled in to one! Thanks for the support as always and I hope you enjoy the video! :D
Shaun Gelona (5 months ago)
Tomographic, superb content yet again. Honestly one of the very best you tubers out there for me. Been watching your videos for the last few months and now I have pretty much watch every single one right through. Big things will happen for this channel I’m sure, keep up the great content and I’m sure you will see the rewards....
theMVP 845 (6 months ago)
Tomographic which pc do you use? >~<
Skwrl Fuzz (6 months ago)
Just make a montage of you dying. We'd watch you pick your nose. With commentary, though, of course.
Damnatis Sum (6 months ago)
-hugs for tom- :3
Johnny Rockwell (7 months ago)
Bhavya Mehra (2 days ago)
2v2. Moves away from the rock.Stands in the open. Takes an energy drink. Nice strategy.
Hthegoat (2 months ago)
best duo to watch. greets from croatia
Ginja Ninja (4 months ago)
few times ive been around that track so its not just gonna happen like that cause you aint no holla back girl Tom...lol
willy rasubala (5 months ago)
Hallo... Can you make video about your connection, ping, or something about delay while close combat on pubg... Some people want to compare pro player connection with their. Thanks
bNatural (5 months ago)
OH TOM! MATE! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A CHANNEL. I'm so fucking glad i found you
Tomographic (5 months ago)
bNatural Awesome! Welcome to the channel! :D
afiq najwan (6 months ago)
Did someone from the video litomatoma vids?
Evan Staley (6 months ago)
"Together as one" can you say tactical chaos gaming??
Evan Staley (6 months ago)
22:15 how was that not a kill?
roflex2 (6 months ago)
I don't know why, but I'm always in a better mood after watching toms videos. I think his voice has a calming effect.
Ethan Wilson (6 months ago)
lol why is the music so goddamn sad lol
Jake Huxley (6 months ago)
Deva Dwantara (6 months ago)
tom, can you give us subtitle of your video? wkwkk im from Indo
Jack Smith (6 months ago)
Pls forget to record more that was great lol
Simon Smrecnik (6 months ago)
You have a great voice and nice content Tom. But to get your channel going you probably have to stop recording so much with Aculite at some point i believe. Same story i saw years ago happening with FrankieonPC and JackFrags/Sadaplays being just his side gag kinda. Wish you good luck.
Bukay ae (7 months ago)
tom pls upload the recent sea of thieves game u played in the skeleton island with aculite stone and that other guy, it will be alot more fun to watch in yt version
Bukay ae (7 months ago)
Tomographic thank you, keep up the good work bro
Tomographic (7 months ago)
Bukay ae Working on it ;)
Chief Gingy (7 months ago)
We need more past/future tom interactions xD that was hilarious
Gog_Hitman AssAssin # (7 months ago)
I love u .. u top player :)
ArounParshathGaming (7 months ago)
1. This is the first of your videos I have watched!!! Awesome stuff, I watch mostly Stone and Acculite so this was a nice change of pace. 2. Your outro song reminds me of the Fallout 4 Menu music is more of a metalish style. Good stuff all around.
roflex2 (7 months ago)
"I could chuck a dry sponge further" I lold irl
Bjorn Foss (7 months ago)
"This is a good game so far, weird one, but fun." Guy in truck runs out of fuel and dies from falling...
Benorf (7 months ago)
I would love an entire replay of that voiceover style.
Tiến Hoành (7 months ago)
Oh god, love this couple so bad :>
dixielongbocker (7 months ago)
Full auto 4x gives me anxiety!
CyberGenesis (7 months ago)
Never *watched* a team get destroyed by red zone before...perfect scope
Nokijuxas (7 months ago)
Has a Kar98 and bullet loops, just carries them separately.
_baKa_ (7 months ago)
13:37 - uumph Tom that was pretty sexy
Robert Wallace (7 months ago)
Tom is bae
ApachE (7 months ago)
FOUR kills
illmatic (7 months ago)
So you switched to pubg girl and then back to a dude?
Tomographic (7 months ago)
illmatic The first game was recorded on the test servers.
Jarydd (7 months ago)
Ha ha I loved the voiceover!! Golden content as always!
TheTripleDubya (7 months ago)
Love ya work Tom.
Filip Suciu (7 months ago)
Jannis (7 months ago)
harta perdana saputra (7 months ago)
Like you and aculite
Jon Muir (7 months ago)
All of the 2nd game you had bullet loops chilling but not equipped
Zac B (7 months ago)
that little aside around 10:00 filling in for the sound was great hahah keep up the awesome work Tom
Skippy Cochrane (7 months ago)
Love your content tome <3
Tomographic it is very expensive
Tomographic (7 months ago)
Χριστινα Βενετη 1080*
RyNiuu (7 months ago)
B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Good to know that even commonwealth citizens don't understand some of the pop songs. Great vid Tom :)
Bart Martin (7 months ago)
You ever gonna do more solos my dude?
夜舞姬 (7 months ago)
OMG aculite sounds so sexy 8:54
Stone Mountain BBQ (7 months ago)
Great video gents! Not that it would matter much, but I appreciate the lack of F words and GDs used in the gameplay. New Sub.
Jay Fletcher (4 months ago)
Stone Mountain BBQ shut the fuck up you god damn pussy
Stone Mountain BBQ (6 months ago)
alfalfa fonzo did you read my original comment? I didn't mention grammar. I was appreciative, the lack of words that so many other game content creators use made it easier to watch. I also included that it doesn't matter much. Meaning I accept that not everyone feels the same way. Hate is the furthest thing from my mind, and grammar wasn't even an issue. Since you brought it up. What is the purpose of words like that? How does it improve or negate from the content created?
alfalfa fonzo (6 months ago)
hate people who hate on swearing, grow up grammar nazis
Evan Staley (6 months ago)
Stone Mountain BBQ (6 months ago)
Evan Staley mature bro... your family must be proud.
Luis Castillo (7 months ago)
... poor little unused KAR bullet loops in your inventory on the 2nd match. :P
sTr3ks (7 months ago)
how did you make it to look more brighter?
Ataro104 (7 months ago)
content doesn't have to be all wins! as long as you have fun, it's great.
Bastiaan (7 months ago)
How do you not have more subs?! You deserve at least 500K lol
Bluesmachine100 (7 months ago)
That blood is brought to you direct from Borderlands and the imagination of Stan Lee :D
Dániel Balogh (7 months ago)
Hey Tom, are you using reshade or nvidia's game filter?
Dániel Balogh (7 months ago)
I used to use nvidia's too but somehow its not working anymore for me
Tomographic (7 months ago)
Dániel Balogh I use Nvidia's game filter as using reshade on PUBG can get you banned as of recent changes.
jp saccasan (7 months ago)
Aculite with the eagle eyes and tom with the bat hearing
Robert Zabulonian (7 months ago)
Only watched the first match so far but god that was SO HYPE It keeps hype and stays hype throughout god damn
Ian Stuart (7 months ago)
Thank you Tom.
Razvy Razvan (7 months ago)
2 games ? I can only get this erect.
Khaysen Espaniola (7 months ago)
tom is my spirit animal lol
Roy McLovetoy (7 months ago)
That in the beginning was sad, i hate that the red zone is in the game. It really doesn't add anything or promotes a good play style.
Roberturt (7 months ago)
I clicked on this video thinking it was Aculite's video for some reason, I was very confused
Drew Duncan (7 months ago)
Vanilla Extract (7 months ago)
Tfw you have bullet loops in your inventory and a KAR98K equipped, but you never equip the bullet loops... how scatter brained are you, Tom?
Tomographic (7 months ago)
Vanilla Extract I asked myself the same question whilst editing, believe me! It was stupidly late for me when we played these games though so sleep deprivation had a lot to do with my poop brain.
GoldenPants (7 months ago)
0:21 tom hax congirmed
walrus ahoy (7 months ago)
Hey Tom, quit living in the past! Am I right future Tom? P.S. I loved the video you make next week.
FOX PC’S (7 months ago)
Keep it up tommy
yes i got it 1 (7 months ago)
long time no see!
TheBluenoser76 (7 months ago)
Great shots this round man!
Javi Chavez (7 months ago)
Great vid tom! Keep em coming
White Lord (7 months ago)
Wait for it all of my weekend!
Tylor D (7 months ago)
Keep up the good work Tom, love watching you guys together. By far my favorite duo to watch.
MrMitch38 (7 months ago)
I like the snarky commentary from future tom
OsidiustheEmphatic (7 months ago)
Welcome back, Tom. Missed your content over the last week.
SullySadface (7 months ago)
You still shoot straight to my heart, Tom.
Brain Juice (7 months ago)
I dunno, that 3rd person voice over bit was the tits! You could do a whole video like that.
Austin Painter (7 months ago)
Damn your characters outfit is so fucking sick
Ray Clemenes (7 months ago)
William L (7 months ago)
past Tom lol well played
Jonas 123 (7 months ago)
Keep up the good work :) Ps: Upload more pls
Dillon Murphy (7 months ago)
Great Video once again Tom!
John Doe (7 months ago)
Nice Shots!
WakeyOz (7 months ago)
Every vid doesn't have to have amazing plays and wins Tom. We love watching you and connor regardless of the outcomes.
KRIMSON ROSE (3 months ago)
This is very true ha You both are just funny guys with funny things to talk about, whether or not it makes sense lol
Space Cop (7 months ago)
I second this, as long as it's entertaining and ur having fun idgaf, love you Tom
sneppeboy (7 months ago)
love all ur vids, why you not uploading more?
Johnny Rockwell (7 months ago)
"Truth be told I've been having the worst luck with PUBG lately "
Moses Andrian (7 months ago)
pin me tom
JKB (7 months ago)
Been waiting for soo long! Thanks for this 1 :)
Catchy Lyrics (7 months ago)
Tomo love you a lotttt!! And your videos 😍😍
Sebbiro 96 (7 months ago)
johnny b (7 months ago)
Like the T logo Tomo. Is that newer?
Sankalp (7 months ago)
Oh that JUMP.
Wot with Kinq366 (7 months ago)
Mark you re my man ;)
Martin Shannon (7 months ago)
oh hai mark! gr8 content hopefully see more frequent videos cheers
Maurice Dunne (7 months ago)
Oh hi Mark
superloubou (7 months ago)
i did not hit her i did not

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