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Cheaters Get Hacked! - This Week in Gaming | FPS News

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Text Comments (430)
Gabriel Sanchez (2 months ago)
Bf5 looks like COD lame asf
Conor Keogh (2 months ago)
Anyone else think bfv looks shit
MrHustler (2 months ago)
Cheaters should go to jail that what should happen!
MajorLeague Aussie (2 months ago)
Lol anyone ready for Destiny 3's "open world?"
Jessica Georgia (2 months ago)
Thanks so much to Harvok Hackers for helping me hack into my husband's phone so I could see what he is up to and I was able to catch him red handed, now I am out and a lot happier credit goes to the earlier mentioned hacker for a good job. If you are also interested in any sort of hack job....email [email protected] me later
Kisama001 (2 months ago)
I say FLOOD the cheater market with these viruses.
Jason Jia (2 months ago)
Comcast can just go fucking die seriously
jake vuckturd (2 months ago)
This video is titled wrong. I'm already a third of the way through this video and I still don't see anything relevant to the title. 👎👎👎👎
Forgotten Soul (2 months ago)
honestly: star citizen "single player" has been lacking ANY sort update. I feel like I've burned at this point.
inesto309 (2 months ago)
Anthem Gameplay looks like the NC Max from Planetside 2...get ur Skillsuits ready boiis...Maxcrush incoming lel xD
Arantyr DarkHand (2 months ago)
You let your politicians do what they want, now lose the stream.
Chris Scars (2 months ago)
Boy Star Citizen is still sounding like it still not even a video game
Mike Hughes (2 months ago)
I'd love to be smart enough to write cheats, I'd make it spaz out and do random things in game so it fucks you like constantly injecting an already known signature that's on VAC and the complete opposite of memory clean for VRam so graphics cards just get crazy hot, turn CPU fans off and stuff you might not notice while you're gaming. After running for an hour it could delete windows.bat or something hilariously similar 😁 Edit: Also, I'd sell it for like £40 a month with tons of fake reviews on my website so people think it's amazing
brettapussgaming (2 months ago)
in game ship purchasing for star citizen 3.3?? i dont see that anywhere on the road map in either 3.3, 3.4 or 3.5? do i believe this video or is he just talking out his ass hole
HD PsychoTM (2 months ago)
Destiny's style my ass... warframe is the fucking original. Fuck outa here with your destiny and anthem bullshit. EA once again out for that cash grab with shit games.
JbowenDaMan (2 months ago)
Best YouTube series out there. Killed it as usual LevelCap
Tali Sparta (2 months ago)
Bottom line if it's an EA game don't waste your money on it, they do not deserve a cent from anyone given how they conduct business and treat players/customers. Also HAHA at the hacked cheaters xD
S3bas4444 ; (2 months ago)
Name this TWIG This Week In Gaming
Just call the series T.W.I.G already
Parle (2 months ago)
Time to get back net neutrality and make phone neutrality.
InfiniteWisdom (2 months ago)
What are they doing - Just make Left 4 dead 3 for Next Gen Consoles. I mean really. WTF. They blew and lost so much money rather than just giving people what they wanted. Another left for dead with updated graphics and animations for next Gen. Is that so hard?
Bryan (2 months ago)
Really Comcast? WTF
ezio the hidden (2 months ago)
Destiny poo
Projekt Sweezy (2 months ago)
I fell like this game will be better than battlefield 1. On the way to 100 subs!!
Adeptus Astartes (2 months ago)
A quick note on the optimisation issue, it is still an alpha optimisation will come during the beta phase. Though there are obvious tweaks to be made in the alpha its purely for testing and implementation or at least thats usually the purpose of an alpha.
Jager Main (2 months ago)
You killed hamlinz
mutemiz (2 months ago)
oh my goodness hackers got a virus..oh my what a cruel unfair thing
Alpha Saint 412 (2 months ago)
Anybody else come here because he sounds exactly like averagesniper
ASB GAMING LONDON (2 months ago)
Have you seen the state of battlefield 1 pc . There are so many cheaters on pc version. It's out of control. Battlefield 5 will be the same it's a disgrace how the big reviewer are not telling how there fans how bad it is just disgusting
DTX Gaming (2 months ago)
0:50 "The way it;s meant to be played" - all about optimization.
dongmaster9001 (2 months ago)
Mmm gameworks, the best way to nugget AMD and older Nv Cards
Wade King (2 months ago)
I like these videos. Keeps me up to date with games. I'm glad on what happened to the hackers. I don't feel bad.
UrAvrgAshen1 (2 months ago)
wait the hit score system in anthem looks like in ragnarok
StripiestZebra7 (2 months ago)
My Xbox One already downloads games 5 times faster than my pc... Didn't think it needed to be even faster...
MizzzN King135V (2 months ago)
what about suicide plays they just blow up.... its sad :(
Alfred F. Jones (2 months ago)
Y’all still complaining about Net Neutrality like you don’t know Congress won’t block that decision. Stfu retards.
MizzzN King135V (2 months ago)
ive no clue what ur talking about explain please ?
TheLivingBacon (2 months ago)
At this point i'm just wondering why no one has made a new James Bond film with comcast as the villian.
MizzzN King135V (2 months ago)
he should be scottish
NovaGamer (2 months ago)
The new fee enacted by Comcast seems to be a result of the recent repeal of net neutrality.......thoughts?
AIRBORNVELOCITY 8539 (2 months ago)
loadout series? if you do here is one for bf1 The ghost Enfield Suppressed 1911 Suppressed Melee: A *knife* of your choosing. Grenade: none Gadget 1 and 2 Trench periscope and sniper shield Carefull of the glare the scope gives off!
Bree Alexander (2 months ago)
Omg there were bugs in an unfinished game? NO WAY?!?!
trocify (2 months ago)
Slow the video down to 0.25 at 6:08 and tell me that kill wasn't bs oh pub g
Fars2011ksa- (2 months ago)
Anything about war world 3 game??
taha eldaly (2 months ago)
Mehrunes Faulkonnen (2 months ago)
Sucks that legislation is allowing scummy business practices for companies like Comcast. Not really looking forwards to the future on that front.
Batman ark (2 months ago)
Fucking cheaters
Liam Home (2 months ago)
Wow, I never would have considered that someone who designs hacks for a game would also be trying to hack individuals. That just can't be right! /sarcasm
Pasya Fahmi (2 months ago)
God i hope nvidia make its own graphic card for mining because price of gpu in indonesia is so expensive af
Keef Verstedt (2 months ago)
Welp, as for the last story, this is what we get without Net Neutrality.
The hair on your screen (2 months ago)
Yet another reason to never be a crapcast customer ever again
The hair on your screen (2 months ago)
Oh look another fucking zombie game, we sure had a shortage of those
MouthstickGaming (2 months ago)
"The proof's in the pudding". Errm...no. The saying is actually "The proof OF the pudding is in the EATING". /pedant mode off.
COBRA DARKNISS (2 months ago)
Couldn’t help but notice in the battlefield 5 gameplay with the Gewher that he only had at max 40 shots.... wow that’s just bad.
DemonChickenNugets (2 months ago)
and again just over 10 minutes.....
Cardan011 (2 months ago)
Don’t buy that EA and DiCE shit
ComboSlicer (2 months ago)
0:46 - my sense were like : HIT THAT F BUTTON FOR MELEE KILL
Francisco Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Thank the FDA everyone
Jayden Lewis (2 months ago)
dang dang (2 months ago)
Nvidia is always over priced and they aren't much better if any better at all
Filthy Casual (2 months ago)
Of course they would try to scan fortnite players, most of the audience are children and they will fall for any kind of that shit.
Sphinx2k (2 months ago)
I don't know if we can say the SC devs are on track when they bump several things planned for 3.2 to 3.3, and still way behind all the previous road maps and planned release dates since 2016. Squadron 42 just got bumped again to next year as well (again!).
Irox Gamer (2 months ago)
it is shit why dont they make the performance same for both nvidia and AMD i hate dice for this
LUKAS GAF (2 months ago)
Lol bf5 is actually a reskin of bf1 lmao
Ezio AD (2 months ago)
Ezio AD (2 months ago)
Ezio AD (2 months ago)
WAIT someone explain that thign in the last minute. you're paying for resolution you already shoud've gotten?! is this in a game or wtf is it cause I am very much confused
sertinator974 (2 months ago)
I got to say it, this texture pack for BF1 looks lit
Meowsiph Stalin (2 months ago)
“1000 players per server” lmao good luck.
Blutige Tränen (2 months ago)
I think it's fair to mention the Alpha was not where they are at in the development. It was an older build. Whether it's just a stable build, even if it was missing features, or it was just to test specific things.
Lone-Hunter 19 (2 months ago)
Sorry if I’m being stupid but does PVE mean?
Lone-Hunter 19 (2 months ago)
furythemlgpro player mlg ok thank you
furythemlgpro player mlg (2 months ago)
pvp=person vs person pve=person vs bots
TheDarksk8r V2 (2 months ago)
6:54 for the Cheaters Get Hacked info
jrzez (2 months ago)
Comcast is almost as scummy as EA and DICE.
Vivek Anand (2 months ago)
This shit is always sooo informative...Love u bro and ur series too
ProAssassin 84 (2 months ago)
Charging for DATA is the biggest Scam in History. It's Limitless.
jonas kristensen (2 months ago)
Mavericks looks like some kinda cs go valve engine. And when i look at it i dont like it. But guess i just have to wait for the final product
Xcomer0 (2 months ago)
gforce and nvidia can go fuck them selves.
DaManBearPig (2 months ago)
I didn’t know anyone still played destiny
FriedEgg (2 months ago)
Bethesda have been interested in multiplayer for a long time? lol or maybe since zenimax online studios showed them how much $$$ their IP can make when you apply micro-transactions.
Breezy Berwick (2 months ago)
Nvidia gameworks technology, god dammit!!! Those Nvidia scums are playing some anti-competitive stuff again. I can't believe my favorite franchise used gameworks, fucking skip bfv for now
Jonathan LeMaire (2 months ago)
Nobody gives a fuck about pubg anymore
tetsuo strider (2 months ago)
squad and insurgency sandstorm fuck dice and battlefield 5
S Boobcat (2 months ago)
I do love Skyrim and fallout single player but I think it would be neat to have a kind a co-op thing with either game, but one of the things I am concerned about is I don’t want fallout 76 to turn into GTA five where there are people who just go around killing other players for no reason at all (but I still definitely want to see what fallout 76 will be like).
triadwarfare (2 months ago)
9:26 Looks like everyone's greatest fear was realized now that Net Neutrality is dead.
Tr1ll Gaming (2 months ago)
Hey I don’t comment much but awesome work on your videos I remember when I was playing a mobile game with you and you introduced me to your channel it was a while ago
Lul why is the thumb nail a lil kid with really hairy arms and a old keyboard
Nathan Dalman (2 months ago)
Aww no more freaky fast tachancka
BakenDailey (2 months ago)
"The net neutrality repeal won't affect anything. In other news, Comcast is going to start charging you based on what type of data you are using."
Dumb Comment (2 months ago)
Anthem = Firefall 2.0
Sasin (2 months ago)
I like the series a lot.... Just saying 😉
Mitchell Clark (2 months ago)
I'm Australian, what the fuck is the deal with comcast, they sound like a pack of cunts.
Brendan Fitzgerald (2 months ago)
Fuck Xfinity
Danny Danko (2 months ago)
One time someone hacked me and somehow got me banned for 2 weeks online. I dont even cheat online and I have no mic so I cant shit talk people. Someone hacked me bc I killed them in fortnite (when this happened that's all I was playing) I'm guessing. Pathetic.
Christopher Allen (2 months ago)
Execute order 66 on hackers
stoner gamer (2 months ago)
Battlefortnite Vagina
XhizorBE (2 months ago)
I bet that shithead that named stoner gamer is unemployed aswell. I smell a total loser
Bunnyshooter 223 (2 months ago)
good to know im not the only virgin here.
Valloarin (2 months ago)
Please politely correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Comcast's move just them taking advantage of Net Neutrality's repeal?
Stephen Morgan (2 months ago)
This is only for Mobile Data, which wasn't covered by Net neutrality, but its the exact same thing we expect them to do with their Wifi services now that Net Neutrality hasn't been reestablished
Bunnyshooter 223 (2 months ago)
Any time money is involved with internet, you can bet companies will hack your info.
JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta (2 months ago)
Is level the only one who cares about star citizen?
BeagleBear Gaming (2 months ago)
comcast striking :v
JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta (2 months ago)
Electronic arts=EA Early access=EA
Sir lolallot (2 months ago)
ATNT is cancer
BurblingBarbacoa (2 months ago)
turtle rock are true fucking OGs

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