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Pinoy SCUM Funny Moments | Part 2

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Peenoise SCUM Funny Moments Episode 2. The Reunion! Your favorite Filipino squad is back at it again. FULL PLAYLIST of ALL my videos → https://goo.gl/mMhnLd Horror games → https://goo.gl/Yatsta Squad Gameplays → https://goo.gl/F13AIO Get updated with What GLOCO does: FaceBook → https://facebook.com/GLOCOgaming Twitter → https://twitter.com/GLOCOgaming LIVE STREAMS → https://player.tamago.live/w/2266343 Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/glocogaming Personal FB profile → https://www.facebook.com/gianlois.concepcion Hang out with me at our DISCORD channel → https://discord.gg/PeenoiseRealm Buy Your favorite games for up to 90% off! Visit → https://www.g2a.com/r/gloco Get Partnered now with Freedom! MCN, the #1 network for youtubers → https://www.freedom.tm/via/GLOCO
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Text Comments (194)
Umaru Chan (19 hours ago)
May bayad ba yang scum?
GLOCO (19 hours ago)
yapppie~ 500php
OCINCHIN WASHISAI (22 hours ago)
I cant fukin breath 😂😂😂at 4:05
Ainslein (2 days ago)
Potek napasaya ako neto naiistress na ko sa finals namin haup
Joeriel Castro (4 days ago)
GLOCO Gawa pa kayo maraming part neto hahaha lt
チャミChami (5 days ago)
Boom baksak
Jeff Badong (5 days ago)
Backround music sa bully hahahaha
Ako si JGe juantamad (6 days ago)
Enjoy manood laugh trip!
Misericordia X (6 days ago)
@Gloco yung may robot pwede ka mag sneak in dun. May bunker dun laman madaming loootsssasssssss. Foods, guns, armors, sugars soda etc. Lahat lahat
Hej Monika (6 days ago)
MacloMinesDiamond (7 days ago)
anong laro po yan?
Nathaniel Gabriano (7 days ago)
Gloco libre lang ba ang pag download nyan
DeygieGaming (7 days ago)
Shout out next video kuya Gian
Nikki Bedia (8 days ago)
DARK BØSS (9 days ago)
Sana tuloy tuloy pa Yung funny nyo po
tiankamagaling ph (9 days ago)
Wtf!! HahahHah
Gepoy Fernandez (9 days ago)
Elektrolayts amputa😂😂😂
LeoPiscesGT (9 days ago)
more of this papa gloco
Licean HD (10 days ago)
YouTube Review (10 days ago)
It’s your KUYS CGSB (10 days ago)
Pa Pin Po Kuya Gloco For Academic Purposes
Julius Asadon (10 days ago)
Psycho Lyfe (10 days ago)
Nathan Gubangco (10 days ago)
POOOTA Yung Thumnail ang Lupit Si Vanilla parang nag-shabu kaya naka Inmate na shirt hahahaha Parang pang adik ung thumbnail hahahah Great One Kuya Gian😂😂😂😂
djeAfskie (10 days ago)
Hahahaha bagsak
Yajra Nedoggnil (10 days ago)
hmm imma buy this game
Jazzmine Abril (10 days ago)
Roxxy 9 pls
Nash Javier (11 days ago)
Taina LT yung pag suntok hahahaha
白『Shiro』 (11 days ago)
Late aketch
MaStEr CuBe (11 days ago)
nays wan...salamat sa ep 2
David Joshua (11 days ago)
Press F
Luis Winter (11 days ago)
Pinoy Scum is nothing like a Bitch Lasagna😂, just joking hahahah
kai kun (11 days ago)
Top 10 anime fights
Razol Tesado (11 days ago)
Evan Herrera (11 days ago)
Online po ba yan
Leoven-Ron De Gracia (11 days ago)
4:47 best movie scene ever!? Oh wait, it's a game LOL
Rinka Xhin (11 days ago)
Nice game ❤
Jon Evan Julian (11 days ago)
Paano mo nasabi? XD
vash stampede (11 days ago)
Kevin Lester Juico (11 days ago)
Nate Angelo (11 days ago)
More of this s*hit gian.. So f awesome hahahaha
MRxnobody GAMING (11 days ago)
Next episode gloco❤
GAB GAMER (11 days ago)
Aayieeee part 3kuya gloco
Nio Garcia (11 days ago)
Sakit sa tyan 😂
Naoki Gonzales (11 days ago)
laughtrip. HAHAHAHA (PART 3!)
Tobet Calalay (11 days ago)
Papa GLOCO try mo server ng SCUM Philippines 1 <3
ChrisTheBrownGuy (11 days ago)
laftrip ampucha
Paul Raymond Lopez (11 days ago)
GLOCO (8 days ago)
Get this video to 1k likes yow!~ Episode 3 is now UP! https://youtu.be/j1uYzDvdXFM
BananaSaging (11 days ago)
Hindi need ng painkiller diyan, need ng bandage.
IM TOO TOXIC (11 days ago)
Hulaan ko next episode mag 2 v 2 kayo glocos x nilla vs nhilll x lorenzo
Prince ADRIAN (11 days ago)
Bakit tunog bully yung backround? Gahahahah 😂
Jervis Masangkay (11 days ago)
The best talaga tong SCUM videos mo GLOCO haha
calda aaron (11 days ago)
episode 3?
DanChanS (11 days ago)
Tahaha pay respect by shitting 🤣😂
Part 3 na agad bili hahahaha
Neo_n Lights (11 days ago)
milky way (11 days ago)
knock out hahaha
Nathan Gubangco (11 days ago)
Ung intro ni kuya Gian naalala ko ung angry birds na movie ung iniinom niya ung sa amay ilog pero may ihi na pala hahahaha Great Kuya Gian Yes Scum Ulit I love this Content kuya Gian haha salamat😂😂
jhonard's random vids (11 days ago)
sobrang lt to gloco ahhahahaa 😂😂
Ron Cedric Pitogo (11 days ago)
Hoy subscribe niyo si pewdiepie natatalo na sya ng putang inang t series yan
Nico Jackson (11 days ago)
The last part hahahaha
Rosalinda Silverio (11 days ago)
Nice nanaman gloco
Aldrin Clemente (11 days ago)
gloco walking dead naman pls
Ai Zensei (11 days ago)
Thana Abemari (11 days ago)
DJRfromYT (11 days ago)
5:56 *oof*
Kirk Andrei (11 days ago)
5:03 background music sa bully yun ah
Jomar Rosario (11 days ago)
Yon music sa laro na bully diba
Zack Primo (11 days ago)
Love this game so much ... GLOCO and VANILLA best sh*ttiest duos evah
Clarkkent Tablo (11 days ago)
Good shit! haha Gawa kapa nang Ibang Eps Hihihi
Ralph Alexis Monterde (11 days ago)
Ano po pangalan ng laro kua GLOCO
The Darth Vader (11 days ago)
hahahaahahahahahahahha pin me
Bruh Girbs (11 days ago)
Pls upload more senpaiii
mr RIGHT (11 days ago)
Hahaha may dugong
Janrenz Mendoza (11 days ago)
habaan bitin eee hahahaha laugh trip e
Mesondee Turado (11 days ago)
Electrolytes ampota! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD 😂
Clifford 2 (11 days ago)
Panood KO na to sa tamago ehh Pero supprta lang
Sean Matt (11 days ago)
Dami ko tawa mga bente. Hahahahaha
Mayeths Banez (11 days ago)
Gloco made my day
Lois Retro (11 days ago)
y u taking a shit at him maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn HAHAHAAHAH
Baldur Man (11 days ago)
Astig nito Gloco abangan koto lagi
redhairedjl (11 days ago)
hahahaha boom bagsak
Miguel Oliveros (11 days ago)
Habaaan niyo plsssssssss!!!!!!
Mr. Matoes (11 days ago)
Assassins creed yung ad, di ko mapindot yung skip ad.
Efoxicazi Drunz (11 days ago)
More Scum!!😂😂
JUDZKIE (11 days ago)
alwin almasco (11 days ago)
anu server nyo?
kyle lunerz (11 days ago)
Nakakatawa talagah tong laro hahaha nc gloco
Kazuhiko ken Aquino (11 days ago)
Dream Crusher Gaming (11 days ago)
Haha nice hahaha😂
Dream Crusher Gaming (11 days ago)
Haha nice hahaha😂
Nigel Villa (11 days ago)
More peenoise pls
Vinz2000 (11 days ago)
How to respect gloco Take a shit
shawarmawow ok (11 days ago)
This is minecraft
Agik Puhako (11 days ago)
More episode man
AKATSU (11 days ago)
Renzhalley Galgo (11 days ago)
Part 3 agad idol
Patrick Tulabut (11 days ago)
1:34 hahahahahah

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