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How to Tie the Perfect Bow Tie | Lessons from a Men's Shop

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Learn to tie a real bow tie! At men's suit shop, Pursuit, we teach guys how to tie bow ties every day and have perfected the technique over thousands of lessons. While all your friends are rocking clip-ons, you'll set yourself apart with a bow tie you tied yourself. Once you've mastered the art of the bow tie stop by pursuityourself.com to find stylish bow ties to show off your new skill. Subscribe to see all the men's style lessons from Pursuit. And now that you know how to tie one, why not buy one from the experts: https://www.pursuityourself.com/bow-ties.html
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Text Comments (644)
john stolar (19 hours ago)
All except the fact that I’m a 49 yo man who makes animals to tie his tie.... I think to think it makes me whimsical....
Paul Stephenson (6 days ago)
This is the first bow tie video that taught me to complete the knot! Well done gents.
rmccorma (12 days ago)
Camera work kind of sucks, maybe next time have a split screen
Jannah Akhtar (14 days ago)
I don't need this but im watching it.
Suzy Valentin Realtor (25 days ago)
Thank You for the great video!
LucasPictures1 (26 days ago)
great vid. worked great for me. thanks
ruby. (29 days ago)
what the fuck have i just watched for 3 minutes
Filipe Costa Ferreira (1 month ago)
Man, this was way clearer than that French guy from the Howcast videos
M. Frater (1 month ago)
Great Video. Very enaging. Thank you.
Autumn Entertainment (1 month ago)
Good vid :) thanks for the tips
Jbean512 (1 month ago)
Still cant tie the bow tie. My wedding is going to be ruined
Nelson Negro Ferrari (1 month ago)
Me agradan los moños.
Martijn Frenks (1 month ago)
At the end of the party you let everyone know; you're a badass.
TeepingPom (1 month ago)
Nearly 5 years after the video has been uploaded and I found it very useful, using these tips to tie my bow tie for my wedding, thanks a bunch!
Alex Diaz (1 month ago)
Nowadays, bow ties are fashionable among men and women and we can see them constantly on the red carpet. Every day there are more young men who join this trend, such as Mario Casas, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling. Also women like Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian and, as she did in her day, the great model of the times of feminine fashion: Audrey Hepburn. >> http://bit.ly/bow_ties_
slimskinho (2 months ago)
Yeah bad instructions. Much better channels available
Matt Jones (2 months ago)
Best on the internet
Michael Gossett (2 months ago)
I viewed many videos. This one was the most helpful. Thank you,
Aeryn Rayne (2 months ago)
'Bow ties are cool'
Zaki - BFD (2 months ago)
Bow ties are stupid as hell
Luca Lombardo (2 months ago)
if you have such a taste, you are looking for more style then you should go take a look here www.pocketsquarebowtie.com
Janos Sutyak (2 months ago)
Best "How to tie your bowtie" video on youtube!
Dr. S. P. (2 months ago)
Easily the very best video on how to tie a bow tie properly! It's true that it makes absolute sense! It seems that most of the other videos are overly complicated and ALL seem so very long winded with repetitive rhetoric, where this one cuts to the chase, with easy stages to remember and for me personally went from a never tied one before to a perfect bow tie after the very first time trying. That's what we wanted and that is what you get here.
Ryan O'Mara (2 months ago)
Quick and simple, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elieser Rivera (2 months ago)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had a job interview today and I needed something to help me not just look professional but also not so "young." Essentially a more "upscale" look. I struggled for about 2 hours with your video but I can now say I know how to tie a bow tie and I was able to get it right in time for my interview. Thank you
Arcenio Moreno (2 months ago)
That shit is hard asf
Ron Hurst (2 months ago)
thank you for the clearest explanation of how to get this done. I was finally able to give a speech this past week for the first time wearing a bowtie thanks to this video!
casedinlight (2 months ago)
The tail goes in the front!? NOW it all makes sense!
jamesblue13 (3 months ago)
Great Instructions! I like the animal references. 😀👍
lucie hahn (3 months ago)
Soul inventory maybe illustrate tone spectrum may hate significant north you than.
Simon Premkumar (3 months ago)
Never had a reason to wear a bow tie yet. When that day comes it better be worth it. Coz fewthink bow ties in general look ridiculous no matter how well it's worn.
Malcomb Hardy (3 months ago)
This is by far the best tutorial. Nailed it in the car on the way to a wedding. (Wife was driving)
Dr. S. P. (3 months ago)
This was and is the only video that taught me to tie a perfect bow tie. It’s also the only one I found that thank fully wasn’t long winded like so many others. Great video.
Mark Walker (3 months ago)
Doesn't work
DaddyIvo (3 months ago)
Best Bow tie instructional video! 🙌🏾🔥👍🏾
WenSaiPanther (3 months ago)
there are skips. which is the long part, to the left or right? Then it skips again. Fkg poor editing.
Hefty Alan (3 months ago)
Wondered why at black tie events the geezers by the end of the night all have their bow ties loose around their shoulders
Tom Lee (3 months ago)
the animal puns make all the difference ... only vid that worked for me ... second try, bingo!
Stone Cold Steve Autism (3 months ago)
Should you only wear printed ties with solid shirts and vice versa???
Jonathan Burke (4 months ago)
Fuck u and this video
William Shontz (4 months ago)
I am left-handed, and I reinforce every stereotype of leftedness one will find. This is BY FAR the best of all the videos and charts I found to try to learn to tie a bowtie (I just did the opposite of the right/left directions.). And I found the animal analogies quite helpful (but please, do not tell anyone that).
Jason Boyle (4 months ago)
All I got was that it’s important that other people know you’re the one who tied it
Josh2iLLEAT (4 months ago)
This sucks
Scoop Jaxson (4 months ago)
This video is fucking worthless
Amra Klein (4 months ago)
Yay after watching this and trying it about five times, I got it and can now tie a bow tie!
Dr. S. P. (4 months ago)
I agree with another in the fact that this is the one video that makes sense. So many out there are so long winded and corny. This is straight to the point and after this I was tying a bow tie with no problem. Two thumbs up!
charliejdk (4 months ago)
Helpful!! Thanks!!
Scott Gray (4 months ago)
This is the BEST!!! The bit about the elephant ears is really helpful!
Julian Velasquez (4 months ago)
Awesome vid
Diego Beltran (5 months ago)
when I tie mines it looks too fake. how do I make it look more real
Kid Enigma (5 months ago)
i just slid that shit homie Lol great video
Ace Robinson (5 months ago)
Anyone have Prom tomorrow?
Laser Shark (5 months ago)
thegreatboto (5 months ago)
I watch this every time I need to tie my tie. Great video!
Jake levenson (5 months ago)
Been watching youtube videos on how to tie this thing for 45 min, finally found this and got it! THANK YOU!
James Baird (5 months ago)
Thanks guys :)
Johny Ismail (6 months ago)
1:47 ----> The guy at the back (right) may need your help with tying a normal tie
Conor Griffith (6 months ago)
Thanks for this video. The cheesy animal puns made it very easy to understand. Watched the video 3 times and had the technique mastered on my 2nd try.
Philip McDaniel (6 months ago)
Mate way to go! This is WAY better than Bill Nye's video. Thank you.
Frank Thomas Rechichi (6 months ago)
No, no, no, a million times no. This does not work. When trying to learn in a mirror, what I see is the reverse of what he is doing. And there's a hard edit before the third step - the elephant - that changes the whole look of the setup. How did the hole in the back get so big? How do you make it like that from the beginning? Stick with the pre-tied tie. You don't have to prove your coolness at the end of the night, and you might have some sanity left over, too.
SuperJoeTendo (7 months ago)
Fuck bowties
jeffnnj (7 months ago)
You, my friend, are a fucking genius. Don't even bother watching another video. Thank you so much for the great instruction.
PersonaG31 (7 months ago)
The guy with the pink bow tie did better then the other one lol
Super Cat (7 months ago)
Best part @ 3:05. After this bow tie struggle, I will definitely be using this tip! ><
NoLord (7 months ago)
Best bow tie video. You fellows have done something amazing -- covered a subject MUCH BETTER THAN Bill Nye the Science Guy. Now how many people can say that? GREAT JOB.
DaModernDaVinci (8 months ago)
Purchasing a bow tie in a store that's closed.
Prabhneil Singh (8 months ago)
Thanks man...learnt it first time round
J Hammons (8 months ago)
Never seen bigger 30 year old frat stars in my life lol
Jacob Whitehead (8 months ago)
Why am I the only human being who can’t accomplish this?!!!
Makayla Tucker (8 months ago)
I just watched this video with the father of my kids and it was so simple and easy to tie this bow tie .. he's never known how to before we watched this.. great god guy!!
Super Cat (7 months ago)
lol yes it does. keep trying brother.
Ace of Space (9 months ago)
But what if i want to pass out?
Michael Johnston (9 months ago)
Cheesy animal puns for the win!
Nathaniel Berkeley-Biggs (9 months ago)
This is a Gentlemanly discipline, if you are an adult and having to learn this as opposed to being taught this as a small child along with all of the other British Gentlemanly skills required for life, then it’s doubtful you should even be wearing a bow tie? Also, a bow tie should be perfect, a sloppy bow tie does not represent individuality, it represents incompetence. A proper bow tie knot should be more perfect than a clip on. This is just an excuse for men who can’t tie one.
hipcuteguy (9 months ago)
The best bow tie 101 simple and sinks in. Love the ending I do that every time now, thanks a million.
Ron Hessamfar (9 months ago)
Absolutely easy and not confusing instruction, thank you so much!
bigfly44 (9 months ago)
Best bow tie tutorial I have seen. Well done!!
David Davidson (9 months ago)
The only video that has successfully taught me how to tie a bow tie and on the very first pass too. Amazing!
Osaze J (9 months ago)
Finally, it is done....thank you
Henry Drake (10 months ago)
Thanks for the help! (Pssst....those aren’t puns. Like a parrot on a pirate’s shoulder is a simile. A pessimist’s blood type is B Negative. THAT’S a pun.)
Jimmy Graham (10 months ago)
One skill I won’t need as bow ties are for little boys. Maybe that’s why Chevy has a bow tie for a logo.
Marques Dungey (10 months ago)
at 1:49 I thought that guy was Aaron Hernandez
Steven Earnhart (10 months ago)
Dude, you rock. Thanks for a great tutorial.
Matt Rogers (10 months ago)
dizkoteck (10 months ago)
Compared to other videos. This one is terrible
tina veronica (10 months ago)
No dress shirt?
Lucas Watson (11 months ago)
Badass! Thanks lads
blackericdenice (11 months ago)
Wow. All these years I thought I had to stop eating pork to learn how to tie a bow tie.
Eric Salles (11 months ago)
HOLY SHIT!!!! You guys just helped me out better than any other video I have watched.
Andrew Kirk (11 months ago)
Best video yet
David Hutchins (11 months ago)
The only video I watched on this topic and I got it first go in front of a mirror. The animal references do help to remember the steps when learning. Thanks guys!
Craig Montgomery (11 months ago)
If this video were all you had, you would never learn to tie a bow tie. Also, this guy doesn’t know what a pun is.
Athan Smith (11 months ago)
The guy with the pink bow needs to come tie this bow for me
Travis Robinson (11 months ago)
Awesome Video!!!
SW (11 months ago)
I watched this once and was able to tie a bow tie !
Caesar Estrada (1 year ago)
‘You might as well throw on a turquoise vest’ Lmao
ftwhellyeah1712 (1 year ago)
easily the best video ive found, actually tied it this time
Napoleon Phillips (1 year ago)
Great video! Now I am ready for the wedding! Have a good day
Me (1 year ago)
I tried 5 different videos. This one did the trick! Thanks for posting!
LouB3rt (1 year ago)
2:55 "Kyle Orton learns to tie a bow tie"

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