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Are Baggy Pants Back in Style? | ESQUIRE: Re-Fashioned

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Criss Cross, Girbaud jeans, we all remember them and we all want to forget them. But not so fast. On this episode of Re-Fashioned, Sabir shows you how baggy pants are coming back in style. Re- Fashioned is Esquire's series that highlights the trends in fashion that are blazing the comeback trail and how you can the first to rock them in your everyday life. SUBSCRIBE to Esquire: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoESQUIRE https://www.facebook.com/Esquire http://twitter.com/esquire http://instagram.com/esquire https://www.pinterest.com/esquiremag/
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Text Comments (85)
willie peppers (4 hours ago)
I hated baggys when they was in style.
Gyro Kaptain (9 days ago)
Here in NJ, when I was in high school back in the late 90's, any guy who shows up in tight pants would get laughed at or possibly even beat up. I wonder if it's the opposite nowadays.
Omar Jo (22 days ago)
These aren't real baggy pants, more of a regular or slim fit, but definitely not baggy
Its Emari (1 month ago)
Allen Iverson DMX Kriss Kross are the one's who inspired me to wear baggy jeans. The black guy in the beginning of the video, I agreed with what he said.
Abe Trashbag (1 month ago)
skaters are bringing it back if youve been watching recent nyc skate vids
Bear Force One (1 month ago)
I just love the guy who said "can I buy this one?" We have same taste in jeans and I'd like to make friendship with him
Brendon Guin (2 months ago)
I love baggy pants🔥🔥💯💯💯
Bear Force One (2 months ago)
I wish to buy those jeans that he's showing, wich brand are them?
qwandiddy (2 months ago)
Shit, Skinny jeans makes people fart.
Daddy (2 months ago)
i love big baggy🙏
Salvatore De Vito (2 months ago)
These pants are not baggy... there just normal. Your too used to the homo skinny jean trend
Rz_Dragunov (2 months ago)
If that's was a baggy jeans example.. I dunno what regular or relaxed or comfort fit or whatever they called it look like then SMH
All I got to say is Levi’s Silver Tabs👍I’m down
noo pe (2 months ago)
Everyone's talking shit how they prefer to wear their baggy, I want my booty fucked style over skinny jean's and tight shirts. Why not just wear clothes that fit you? You can still look good wearing clothes like a normal person
Mario Portillo (2 months ago)
If you’re going to wear baggy pants you gotta get baggy anything on top too
Taskinul Haque (3 months ago)
These look like something an Indian IT would wear
Josh S (3 months ago)
Fuck skinny jeans. I wear baggy all day every day.
The Universe Galaxy (3 months ago)
I never thought tought guys, especially black tough guys, would be wearing skinny skinny skinnhy jeans then and its all girls fault cus guys are trying to impress girls and if thats what girls like then thats what they like galaxy
Chuy83 (3 months ago)
Finally I can find some comfortable baggy jeans again. Miller's Outpost/Anchor Blue need's to come back, they had the best looking most comfortable jeans of all time. I miss that store so much.
GWENT (4 months ago)
He call those things "baggies" but them looks simply slim fit. The first jeans he was showing to the people in the streets instead yes, I really do like those.
MidNiteR32 (4 months ago)
Horrible. First and foremost baggy pants will only look decent if you are over 6" tall. Notice the model he is using to display those pieces, he's quite tall so the baggy pants aren't that noticable and it almost don't look baggy. However regular height or shorter stature people will look awful with baggy pants because it will actually make their legs look stubby and shorter than they really are. Unless you're very tall, you will look very bad in baggy pants.
Death Snow (4 months ago)
Fuck skiny jeans
calvin clopton (4 months ago)
these fits are ass be honest
Ted Williams (4 months ago)
Never stopped wearing my loose fit jeans,could not get into that skinny jean look,been a jean man all my life.
Cade Johnson (5 months ago)
I'm not sure about that denim shirt under a purple jacket, either, if I'm honest. What the hell do I know, though? Not much.
Agree, please bring back baggy pants. I don't like skinny jeans.
Majestic Troll (1 month ago)
Go to Wal-mart. They have Baggy jeans, trust me!!
Tayler Thompson (6 months ago)
Super skinny jeans are whack but I don’t feel comfortable in anything other than a slim fit. I got a pair of straight legs the other day and I hate them I look goofy af
Tayler Thompson (6 months ago)
I can’t fuck with it. I might have to sit this one out and grow old
JonJCups (6 months ago)
I love baggy jeans so much! please give them back!!!!
GWENT (4 months ago)
JonJCups just go on the JNCO website and buy a brand new pair.
John Joshua (6 months ago)
Awesome series! More of these. This is what a men's fashion channel should be, especially with the heritage of esquire
danny cairns (6 months ago)
or in England where we've just wore standard slim fit forever. how can a man say europeans ahaha baggy jeans are the most American things going, use shoulda kept the baggy jeans and that there your image slim fit and tracksuits are ours
R A (6 months ago)
The #2 & #3 look slightly tapered in the legs (bc I have muscular thighs ) is my slim fit lol
DJae Pea (6 months ago)
Iverson was lettin muthafukkas know how he came up. Ain't nothin change but the address. Respect Enjoyed the segment 10/10
Sudhir Raghu (6 months ago)
These are carrot fit trousers not baggy really. You're thinking wide leg and those look pretty good. I have a few, namely a trouser from Barena and a couple of jeans from Christopher Raeburn and Erick Hunter in the wide leg category, those are dope👌 Rock em with heavy weight tshirts and Gat sneakers + waistbags and you're all set to look fire💢
CENATIONwweSwagger (6 months ago)
Mike Brown (7 months ago)
skinny jeans are gay
When did baggy jeans go out of style?? The overwhelming majority of people have remained stuck in 1999.... and, I don’t blame them!
antwyon simpson (2 months ago)
Baggy jeans died around the time the jerkin dance got big in hip hop in 2008-2009.. jerkin died soon after and the skinny jeans trend continued on
qwandiddy (2 months ago)
Around Summer 2008.
GWENT (4 months ago)
I saw people wearing baggies in italy until 2010 with still not so rare appearance in 2013.
E P (5 months ago)
Around 2009
SENSEI BOWIE (7 months ago)
Revamp the 90's shit maannnnn
Gravecb7 Accord (7 months ago)
I've been wearing big Baggy pants since the early 2000's and when they faded away I was never on that tight pants wearing faggot trend these fruits look at me in public when I'm walking by because I'm OG and dress early 2000's OG Baggy clothes every summer I'm in long baggy Shorts I bought in the early 2000's and still have them I wear them in the spring summer and fall and in the winter I'm wearing big Baggy Jeans and really loose Baggy track pants I'm one of the few people out there who keeps it Baggy and OG to this day I think it's about damn time this tight skinny Jeans homosexual trend died out it's been going on for far too long and I'm sick of watching these faggots nuts hugging and looking like females from behind
CaptainCreepusExplodus (7 months ago)
You see, there is a difference between, well tailored jeans, and skin tight jeans that look like ur wearing spandex. Honestly baggy jeans are just awful.
The EquAsian (7 months ago)
But like the two last pants were not baggy
we all agree overly baggy pants were ridiculous...but come on people...how come you dont all agree that super skinny jeans on guys is something that girls wear
NotDefeatable (8 months ago)
I don't consider those 3 pants in the end as baggy
The EquAsian (7 months ago)
NotDefeatable RIGHT!
tmaaan44 (9 months ago)
None of those pants are baggy smdh you call that baggy
Black Wallstreet (9 months ago)
No more baggy jeans... I can't believe I used to dress like that maaaan.
MOS6507-1.19MHz (9 months ago)
I have waited over 10 years for baggy to come back, now i fit in again. Throw that skinny crap in the bin, about time...
GWENT (4 months ago)
MOS6507-1.19MHz I do rock my baggies (actually baggy, not those things in the video) daily and actually nobody cares, I don't think we need a fad 4 to wear what we make feel good.
Donnell Poe (7 months ago)
MOS6507-1.19MHz lol
The Duffman (9 months ago)
baggy pants > faggy skinny pants
Steven Bari (9 months ago)
These are NOT fucking baggy jeans! This is an insult to even have us believe these selections are baggy at all, they are so minimal, they’re just going for regular straight fit normal pants just to negate skinny jeans. We need flares
Donnell Poe (7 months ago)
Steven Bari them shits ugly
KHLAINBOR SYIEM (9 months ago)
man am tired of this skinny jeans era please bring back the old school fasion
Daniel Solis (9 months ago)
Seriously?!?! If I wore the first two looks, I'd have to kick my own ass! Also, why are you guys wearing pants that are an inch to an inch and a half too short? Is it raining all the time where you live?
kash (10 months ago)
Nicht eine von deinen Kackhosen ist baggy, Junge.
Jamie Hunt (10 months ago)
Where’s that technical jacket from ?!?
Moyo Miranda (11 months ago)
i never wore skinny jeans and peer fitted but the baggy looks cool for streetwear look but other than that its sometimes too ridiculous
GWENT (4 months ago)
Moyo Miranda Much depends from your personality: If you have class you can wear even a potato sack. Just look at Charlize Theron in wide palazzo pants and let me know.
azhqone (11 months ago)
This is what i’ve been wearing since the 90s! Never wore any skinny jeans. Glad to see it’s coming back.
Its Emari (1 month ago)
qwandiddy (2 months ago)
Shit, Its fading out from White Dudes, more Black Dudes are still rocking skinnies like crazy
MOS6507-1.19MHz (9 months ago)
Same its about time those skinny jeans are fading out
Daniel Nicholas (11 months ago)
2:35 at the bottom, you mean lightweight sneaker?
Karlmalone321 (5 months ago)
Daniel Nicholas dead😂
Sooshady (11 months ago)
Goin back 2 baggy
Lord Beaky (11 months ago)
I personally think it's good baggy fits are coming back in style. With the recession we had to take a step back with style and skinny and fitted fits we're in towards my middle school years all the way up to part of my college years and I feel it's time for a change.
Yvette Dawson (11 months ago)
Sooshady it's like niggas can't be niggas no more when did we start wearing dresses hmm last time I check young gay Wore that at his bitch baby house
Sooshady (11 months ago)
Down n da south suckas wearin skinny skinny
Yvette Dawson (11 months ago)
Lord Beaky fuck the new boyz
Gent's Lounge (1 year ago)
Sabir! Great segment!
Shawn (1 year ago)
People always wear them
Gentleman Within (1 year ago)
I wouldn't rock baggy jeans like back back in the day, but I do like how we're moving away from super skinny fits. Great to see this new series, Sabir! Looking forward to more.
Levitate Style (1 year ago)
Not a fan of the baggy pants at all but the last look was the best and acceptable. Great work either way Sabir! Excited to see more from this series.
Victor Rivas (1 year ago)
A B (1 year ago)
The answer is no.
ozayevable (1 year ago)
what's next? selling crack on a street corner?
Harrison Woodin-Lygo (1 year ago)
Lightweight sweater on his feet? 2:36
Jim Hughes (1 year ago)
Not doing baggy pants. Never.
Jim Hughes (1 year ago)
Don’t know if nba said Iverson’s pants are so “dope” we have to ban them...they just wanted guys to dress in suits to project professionalism.

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