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What’s The Secret Of This AKM Skin ? | PUBG MOBILE

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I just found this out yesterday.. I’m posting again later cause, so stay tuned! Editor: http://ally.sh/55G8k EMAIL: [email protected] wanna support the channel: https://www.paypal.me/8sxope IGN: 8SXOPE Device: http://ally.sh/lPwci Recorder: http://ally.sh/3NJth ignore tags: 8sxope, pubg mobile chinese desert map, pubg mobile news, pubg mobile desert map download, pubg mobile desert map, pubg mobile how to first person, pubg mobile lag fix, pubg mobile no lag, pubg mobile unlock high graphics, pubg mobile ios, pubg mobile android, pubg gameplay, powerbang, pubg mobile tips and tricks, mobile gaming, player unknown battlegrounds, pubg mobile izzo, pubg mobile hack, Yanrique Wright
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Text Comments (75)
Hussnain Cheema (9 days ago)
5:46 like = 1 pray for 4SXOPE
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
4sxope congrats on hitting 61 subs so fast can you hook ya boy up with a shout-out
4sxope (9 days ago)
Lol . Do not pity me for I am the queen
8sxope (9 days ago)
Hussnain Cheema 😂😂
Sawma Tonsing (2 days ago)
U die
teamilk (7 days ago)
u rush out to shoot him but you stopped to pick the vest and you died.
KARTIK GAMER (7 days ago)
That guy camping at the door will have no bullets left in his gun then he has to reload
Piyush Mishra (7 days ago)
Who is 4Sxope?
BLUEENCORE G (9 days ago)
I Have one question Can u have the normal pubg and the Chinese version?
8sxope (8 days ago)
Yup blue
Yogish Joshi (9 days ago)
Love u man
welman33 or welman333 (9 days ago)
Too much memes lol
Kavi Zhimo (9 days ago)
You funny 😂😂
Maharishi Kashyap (9 days ago)
King of Wakanda is wearing different skin and acting like a snake.
8sxope (9 days ago)
I’m sorry my warrior, forgive me
҉緣҉ ҉邊҉ (9 days ago)
U disconnected XD
Nameel sorkar (9 days ago)
u didn't die u won
Tru Tech Loverr (9 days ago)
your teammate's grenade killed the enemy
Chris S. (9 days ago)
Look up Apollo, he's a pro pubg Mobile claw player
死神 (9 days ago)
ZaFRaN GaminG (9 days ago)
Dont make earrape asshole
Meenakshi Jadhav (9 days ago)
https://youtu.be/PFjA3Ldh3uM see this
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
Hey it's me again I promise it's the last time I'll bother you what did you use to edit before you got your iPhone pls respond
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
The paid or the free
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
8sxope (9 days ago)
It’s no bother bro. I used to use powerdirecter
ŁŸŃ (9 days ago)
Jose Sigala (9 days ago)
Kung of Wankanda loses👑🌴😱
James Slogaze (9 days ago)
King of wakanda
InfernoFox Gaming (9 days ago)
This program was brought to you by viewers like you, Thank you. In other words SUBSCRIBE to 8sxope and 4sxope NOW!!
InfernoFox Gaming (9 days ago)
Another great video brought to you by the sxope mafia!
Iae Cuzaum (9 days ago)
What is your device?
Iae Cuzaum (9 days ago)
8sxope Thanks Bro!
8sxope (9 days ago)
In the description bro
abd alrhman alqadi (9 days ago)
Lmao u r the best
AWIE STORY3358 (9 days ago)
Hey, what happen....? 🤨
Murali Elumalai (9 days ago)
Aman Anwar (9 days ago)
Hey dud3 ! From which app do you recrd ur screen !?? @8sxope
15sxope (9 days ago)
Yo 8x i want to play with you once can we? Edit: u havent accepted my in game friend request my ign is VishwajitJha
RYAN XCM (9 days ago)
Man I love these videos 😂😂😂
RYAN XCM (9 days ago)
Ayeee$ chill chill 😂😂😂
RYAN XCM (9 days ago)
21 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ariana Grande (9 days ago)
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
My akm skin disappeared ehat do i do
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
Also pls accept my friend request
Johnathan Harp (9 days ago)
Also I just started a pubgm gaming channel
SHRIKANT TAPSE (9 days ago)
Which app do you use for record gameplay plz tell me name of game play recorder and editing software name.. Big fan from INDIA 👍✌❤
Lincoln VW (9 days ago)
Made me laugh again😂
IzzulIqbal1 (9 days ago)
You both died at the same time outside the playzone😂
Ace Ayasaki (9 days ago)
King always prevail
Attz Zain (9 days ago)
I gotta tell you bruh, I'm a big fan of your mid edits lmao loved the video xD
8sxope (9 days ago)
Lol no one is correct so far 😂
Szzz Rzzz (1 day ago)
Other players died from the zone ? I don't think so but no body said so too
Satyam (1 day ago)
Tell me then.. what happened
Shaitan Billa (10 days ago)
You lived....it must be 1vs1 for them
RISHAD AHMED (10 days ago)
The enemy died in the zone
Krishna Raghavendra (10 days ago)
U died😂👍
Ashish Sharma (10 days ago)
Soo what happened next.. ??!!??!!.... did you win by jumping out the zone and proning.!!
Yashwant Shelke (10 days ago)
He die
Royal Ninja #2K18 (10 days ago)
You copy the dialogue of anime😂
kira catto (10 days ago)
kira catto (10 days ago)
Earth-1 BaTmAN (10 days ago)
How is that related to drugs Just curious
abhi smart (10 days ago)
99% something happend wrong🤗😂
REÇKÒN (10 days ago)
Help him ...by liking the video.....
Random Things (10 days ago)
Loved it man....ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR....😂 and of course u won....in the end...🙄
abhi smart (10 days ago)
#8SXOPEACTIVEABHI lol excellent
Aleks i prEateli (10 days ago)
9 views ...8 likes 😮
Cocotopzerak (10 days ago)
Wtf 2
Áśh Is Yours (10 days ago)
8sxope (10 days ago)
Let’s play later sxopes. Add me IGN: 8SXOPE, I’ll be recording 🖤
Yow what's the ID I can't search your name
The R Channel? (10 days ago)
This is just too good, #sxopemafia
Jay R (10 days ago)
You play better than me

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