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PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep. 31

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► Submit Clips Here: https://goo.gl/xYCFra ◄ Clip 1: Chuck Gaming (https://youtu.be/118myHxi_Ww) Clip 2: itwisterr (https://.twitch.tv/itwisterr) Clip 3: ShinyZebra (https://twitch.tv/shinyzebra) Clip 4: shroud (https://twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 5: Paraskevar Clip 6: shroud (https://twitch.tv/shroud) Clip 7: Paraskevar Clip 8: Massachusettz (https://twitch.tv/massachusettz) Clip 9: Thrasher67 Clip 10: xAnubis_Legionx (https://twitch.tv/xanubis_legionx) Clip 11: supermick95 (https://youtube.com/channel/UC5hR4Vym51Jx0b-_QSwxHrA) Clip 12: nebrask1n (https://twitch.tv/nebrask1n) Clip 13: chocoTaco (https://twitch.tv/chocoTaco) Clip 14: eternalnova (http://gaming.youtube.com/eternalnova) Clip 15: coxxie (https://twitch.tv/coxxie) Clip 16: SmaximumPower Clip 17: Figoo (https://youtube.com/channel/UCwwEa4Ue9e72yqvUShsooL) Clip 18: DustyBottomsTV (https://twitch.tv/dustybottomstv) Clip 19: BettaDenULIVE (https://twitch.tv/BettaDenULIVE) Clip 20: Neroth_02 Clip 21: BAN_KAI_virusk0 (https://twitch.tv/ban_kai_virusk0) Clip 22: hauis2 (https://twitch.tv/hauis2) Clip 23: Oxtar_ Clip 24: vCandyy (https://plays.tv/u/vCandyy) Clip 25: Findinnan Clip 26: NeODyK Clip 27: Tiive Clip 28: Sparky9 Clip 29: P4wnyhof (https://twitch.tv/P4wnyhof) Clip 30: Tronxica (https://.twitch.tv/tronxica) Clip 31: Bulletproofturban (https://twitch.tv/Bulletproofturban) Clip 32: ScrubToony (https://twitch.tv/scrubtoony) Clip 33: Java Joga (https://.youtube.com/channel/UCbB8tvSIxqG76myoVchXC2A) Clip 34: kcgeorgeLIVE (https://twitch.tv/kcgeorgeLIVE) Clip 35: Mithrain (https://twitch.tv/mithrain) Clip 36: Syuqa (https://reddit.com/user/Draketsuka) Clip 37: dmstrLP (https://twitch.tv/dmstrLP) Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe Twitter: https://goo.gl/nj3oh6 Youtube: https://goo.gl/9syvwY
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Text Comments (417)
Sheva Saputra (7 days ago)
God Job
johnny ventura1575 (8 days ago)
Thanks for this video it was amazing and it made my day now I want to play pubg👌
Fela Fela.ganger (10 days ago)
Thats not lucky..Its a pro for me😉 xd
uhh idk (13 days ago)
lmfao yall act like pubg is hard
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
uhh idk ayy it can be tho 😁
Jurgen Str0ng (15 days ago)
I love pubg sometimes i dream about it ... Who plays pubg add me im JurgenK1ng
mohamed hayder (15 days ago)
very skill not lucky
jeffy 19 (16 days ago)
17 year olds:pubg better than fortnite dumbass 10 year olds:NOOOOO! ITS NOT!!!!
Stacy Erickson (17 days ago)
Fortnite is so much better than this stupid ass looking glitchy game
X - Hunter (18 days ago)
That's to fuckin loud piss off
Guillermo Vazquez (19 days ago)
Why do people say pubg is trash am more of a fortnite fan but if pubg was on ps4 I would probably play it too. Do people think pubg is trash because of the glitches or what?
etalien 5415 (21 days ago)
Why doesn't the kill feed match up with the crossbow kills?
Vicurious (21 days ago)
I always thought pubg was pugzies until one day I sad my brother played pugzies and a kid in my first period corrected me, YIKES
Chien Hao Chen (22 days ago)
PUBG sucks, Fortnite a lot better
melcher smeds (25 days ago)
My kill record is 20
Kenneth Yoe (25 days ago)
Kenneth Yoe (25 days ago)
I just searched up pubg to click on a video and comment this
Ayeitsvicki14 (26 days ago)
Before watching this there was a ad about fortnight
Les Kuro (26 days ago)
How do you play pubg in pc
Bennett Eivens (26 days ago)
PUBG is obviously the worst game ever Fortnite is so March better
Aidan Dykstra (26 days ago)
Aidan Dykstra (26 days ago)
Pubg sux btw
the reynolds' (27 days ago)
Fortnite is way better
Ciarah Brookes (28 days ago)
Fornite >>>>>>> PUBG PUBG <<<<<<<< Fortnite
Buchi Nyan (28 days ago)
Fortnut is better
SerbianCraftZP (30 days ago)
I Wish I Can Play Pubg But I Cant Becuse I Have To Buy It....
JaxMat Plays (30 days ago)
JaxMat Plays (30 days ago)
IK its random and stupid
Alyssa _ (1 month ago)
Which one do you like? -free fire battlegrounds or -PUBG. BOTH.. LMAO
xViary (1 month ago)
Last one be some dude perfect type shit bro.
Kier Malone (1 month ago)
@Newplayerim Pubg
All things specialist (1 month ago)
Vote for pubg if you are fonrtnite player then go for potty shit
Duke City Gaming (1 month ago)
Random Dude posting (1 month ago)
What's with the green paint balls in some of the vids?
Monkey Gaming (1 month ago)
nice game
Boulkassoum Haidara (1 month ago)
Fortnite is better
Boulkassoum Haidara (28 days ago)
I think I maybe agree with u
Ice Be4r (28 days ago)
Boulkassoum Haidara fortunate is literally the baby version full of squeakers and if you wanna call me a no life, I’ll have you know I am a scientist at MIT
Boulkassoum Haidara (28 days ago)
It is so easy
Boulkassoum Haidara (28 days ago)
Pubg graphic are good but fortnite is better than that laggy game u no life's play
Ice Be4r (28 days ago)
Boulkassoum Haidara fortnite is the Chinese knockoff PUBG
Jacob Pena (1 month ago)
Shroud= aimbot
Genji (1 month ago)
How you get first person other than just aiming
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
Genji by pushing 'n' or enter on num pad I think
HASSAAN RAUF (1 month ago)
why do players at pubg computer have green blood while players on pubg mobile have RED?
enderfan 1 (1 month ago)
Came for the thumbnail
Heem Lo (1 month ago)
How come in some clips its 3rd person and in some its first person?
Highcore Gaming (1 month ago)
Ohh i like pubg lets watch this video "gets pubg mobile ad" WTF
bad game
RED •*• Hair (1 month ago)
this bike was epic
realbhopwood (1 month ago)
Got to do epic grenade kill comps!!!
Sandy kallonx (1 month ago)
mampir k chanel sy ya sob
Frank Xu (1 month ago)
my friend says that this game is 1rst person. Its 3rd person.
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
Frank Xu it's both. Can choose between the two
Chris Plisek (1 month ago)
The 2nd time I played PUBG I won.
Michael The Gamer123 (1 month ago)
Got a Fortnite ad before Watching this
Primal Gaming (1 month ago)
This game is so easy for me on mobile. I got 1st with 7-12 kills solp battle royale 5 times in a row now
Haris Hussain (1 month ago)
Primal Gaming u face bots at the start
ATRIX OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
Wow awesome video! So funny! I also play PUBG and make videos! Check them out! I will keep watching yours!
Dend Gaming (1 month ago)
gokussjg naruto (1 month ago)
Pubg is better than fortnite
Suyono Hilfa (1 month ago)
Gianna B. Aguilera (1 month ago)
What the
chuckie cheese (1 month ago)
I'm sorry PUBGTV but some of these are pure skills..not luck! 😂
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
chuckie cheese give this man a cookie
Nazareth Gray (1 month ago)
GTV SHOWS (1 month ago)
Pubg dosent look so bad after all i would play it if it was free
Fermin Cruz (1 month ago)
If anyone want to add me on pubg mobile my name is Xquickscoper im a really good player
k j (1 month ago)
What the fuck on starting
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
k j hahaha clay pidgeon shooting mate 😂
516k (1 month ago)
516k (12 days ago)
Chuck Gaming (12 days ago)
PUBG TV (1 month ago)
516k Nah
516k (1 month ago)
PUBG TV do you have a discord?
PUBG TV (1 month ago)
516k I admire your dedication sir
Awsome Fox (1 month ago)
I played pubg for the first time got 8 kills and won my first game ever
Awsome Fox (1 month ago)
I got another win with 9 kills by running the last 2 people over
Mr Narwhal (1 month ago)
PUBG sucks fortnite is better
Game Lion (29 days ago)
Jackson Plays (1 month ago)
I'm new here and it's funny and I subscribe to your channel *PUBG TV* and I like it
Doomslayer 420101 (1 month ago)
Why dose it have green blood now? Evan though most of it is English?
Over Dxse (1 month ago)
Why isn’t this Pubg graphics don’t look like PUBG on iPhone???
Over Dxse (1 month ago)
Enztry yea I just wanted to post that lmao I know these graphics are for Xbox’s
Enztry (1 month ago)
FAG ASS JASON that's a joke right?
I like p.u.b.g
Micah Rice (1 month ago)
So a to be continued pubg vid plz
- xGoD iOS - (1 month ago)
Can I get it for free on pc 😂 I know never xD 😂
GotEm808 (1 month ago)
The last guy. I did not expected him to speak english.
iDxL (1 month ago)
why did oxtar need a slow-mo double cam... wasn't really that great
Braincube 013 (1 month ago)
Shrouds almost as gay and pathetic as Ninja...
Braincube 013 (1 month ago)
aZaamBie135 Yeah but they also both act like there the best and have superiority complex’s. You somewhat agree right?
aZaamBie135 (1 month ago)
Braincube 013 it's just that Ninja screams a lot
Ashley Sisneros (1 month ago)
Its like fortnite
NickStone68 (1 month ago)
Last clip is nutty
Jason V (1 month ago)
this market is overrated... with h1z1, fortnite, zombieG.. too much games and all the same/.
MYSTERIC PLAY (1 month ago)
The only thing which I don't like is Blue Wall it often annoys me. Please PUBG remove this feature .
Reverend DankMeme (1 month ago)
why was the blood green?
Lol Lol (20 days ago)
No some countries dont alound red blood so they change it to green
aZaamBie135 (1 month ago)
Reverend DankMeme I think it might be colour blind mode! I might be wrong tho
AlyaNazwa_Channel ;v (1 month ago)
sissy use sniper
Gieger Bennett (1 month ago)
Last one is savage
Dustin Rollins (1 month ago)
I really hate the fact that you need views so bad. You put up fake thumbnails.
Yaop117 (1 month ago)
That's every youtube video these days.
Watch fox Gaming (1 month ago)
I’d rather Fortnite
aZaamBie135 (1 month ago)
Watch fox Gaming both games have bads and goods! Fortnite runs WAY WAY WAY better than PUBG, PUBG is way more realistic than Fortnite except for glitches and cheaters! Fortnite is fast paced and PUBG is medium paced! So fortnite is for cartoony and fun and PUBG is for realism and fun
Chip Goolsby (1 month ago)
Pubg you shoot everyone is coming back to you
Midhad (1 month ago)
aZaamBie135 (1 month ago)
Jason Deville both games have bads and goods! Fortnite runs WAY WAY WAY better than PUBG, PUBG is way more realistic than Fortnite except for glitches and cheaters! Fortnite is fast paced and PUBG is medium paced! So fortnite is for cartoony and fun and PUBG is for realism and fun
Midhad (1 month ago)
Jason Deville play me
Jason Deville (1 month ago)
Midhad haha 4th grade jokes for 9 year olds like fornite fornite is trash in realistic just like anime
Midhad (1 month ago)
Like ur mom
Jason Deville (1 month ago)
Midhad fornite is for 9 year olds
Andi Gouch (1 month ago)
fuck off updated every day morons
Andi Gouch (1 month ago)
I will unistall this shit
JP- Zeitenliste (1 month ago)
How do people spray with that 416 on distance and land 90% of the shots ^^
Shiro Neko (1 month ago)
there was a player with name win94 get killed twice by streamer
scrappy mechanic (1 month ago)
I wish they would add the damage delt if you hit that person
Toni (1 month ago)
meh, Shroud
CrispyChicken44 (1 month ago)
Damn, that last clip.
blaisy trash (1 month ago)
the chinese guy killed it lmao
Zak Kuhn (1 month ago)
I wish i had pubg on my pc lol im broke
Yukihira Souma (1 month ago)
The last clip was shroud or chocotaco reincarnation
The second to last clip has got to br altered. His kills didng show in fge fesd like all the other clips
Hola Lia (1 month ago)
Still watching
Gandalf Den Vite (1 month ago)
why is the blood green wtf?
Chuck Gaming (1 month ago)
Thank you PUBG TV.
•MY_video丂 (1 month ago)
why blood is green on PC version ?
Blue P (1 month ago)
all fuxking snipers i hate them
Lee Robinson (1 month ago)
Hope i never get any of these players in my game... If i got shot from 20 miles away from a blind random shot id be seriously pissed off... L.M.L.H (1 month ago)
Every fornite or however u spell that. Has tons of ads ever single video they post damn😒 PUBG LOVE💗🙃
Kauã .R.S (1 month ago)
👌 fui tapeado
Adam Wolff (1 month ago)
Whats with the green blood?

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