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100 Hour E3 Livestream EA Event!

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Learn more about Origin Access here! - http://x.ea.com/47285 Presented by EA Join our Official Node Steam group to take part in our custom PUBG games! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/nodelanparty
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Text Comments (119)
Easy Vwj (15 hours ago)
"Look. The chickens are fine." One chicken never moves after the fall
Wolf Gangster (2 days ago)
I'd watch it, but Inside is one hell of a boring game. I'm fairly sure that just me though.
Ebad Khan (4 days ago)
Literally 4 minutes into the game they explain the 100 hour livestream thing. How are people confused.
Eric Frazier (4 days ago)
This game looks amazing,
SHAH BT (5 days ago)
The lack of critical thinking is hilarious
Pam Hunt (6 days ago)
yaa ps boys
Pam Hunt (6 days ago)
james green (6 days ago)
You guys should do a regular stream on the node channel. D can be the host because he streams frequently
1440PC (6 days ago)
I watched the whole thing :D This game is so good. My first time on this Node channel, too. Subscribed!
M.D. Geist (6 days ago)
Awesome stream. This is like the perfect mix for me. Hope you do more streams.
Benjamin Percival (7 days ago)
My frigging god, I watched for two hours and fifty minutes, only for my internet to die for four hours straight in the final moments- It's never been the same since the lightning strike :(
SteltekOne (7 days ago)
Games to play in one sitting: - Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald (takes only 20-30 minutes) - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (takes about 3 hours, avoid spoilers!) - The Beginner's Guide (1h 30min, more 'walking simulator'/experience though, not much gameplay, avoid spoilers) Games that evoke reactions (good to stream but may be too long for one sitting, avoid spoilers): - The Stanley Parable - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Games that let the audience have Shadenfreude (hard to master, possibly rage inducing ;) ): - Super Hexagon - Getting Over It with Benett Foddy
David Harrington (7 days ago)
I just love this channel
Angelica Villas (7 days ago)
guys im clark big fan!!!
Angelica Villas (7 days ago)
guys im a big fan!!!!
Aaron Mckay (7 days ago)
I love you nodr
Kevin Mabry (7 days ago)
I really liked this type of video, where they do a whole playthrough, or at least an hour I'm not really done watching the video, because you guys are interesting people. You should do this more.
And None (7 days ago)
Why do people always edit their comment and go like: OMG TY FOR LIKES! like as if that is their biggest accomplishment in their life. what a fucking JOKE
Richie Ear (7 days ago)
After watching for the first 20 minutes, this looks really dope as a game cuz it's just so intriguing. LMAO 58:20 after surviving an intense encounter with dogs alone, as soon as D comes back Brandon immediately just falls down a height. That was so great! You guys should go back and play Limbo together!
Kevin Mabry (7 days ago)
That boy could have avoided all that trouble if he just went to his left or right....
YTDEATHTOALL 21 (7 days ago)
Looks like they spent a lot of time on the graphics
Stephane Gauthier (7 days ago)
Totally brought back memories of playing "out of this world" for the first time...
Oliver Chesterman (7 days ago)
Perfect stream
och1 (7 days ago)
ahhhh the jump and turn part was killing me hahaha:D
Donna Hodgkins (7 days ago)
node you are the best
InkTurtle (7 days ago)
Feel like most people here didn't really watch the vid, they're doing 3 hours for the sum total of 100 hours which EA is trying to do in total along with other streamers.
And None (7 days ago)
no one really watches full livestream vid recaps anyways. these vids are meant to be watched live LMAO IM pointing out the obvioud (omg why did i say something so stupid! *insert calebcity music referring to that one video where he says something stupid meme stuff cut the western shit*
stiepan holkien (7 days ago)
It WOULD be funny if the first obstacle was that backing truck. All in all a very good game for streaming. And the boy is a Duracell boy.
Scojo (7 days ago)
Dissapointed. Thought this was going to be Node's thoughts on E3.
And None (7 days ago)
Captain Chong (7 days ago)
Alison Barrett (7 days ago)
Joseph Bareford (7 days ago)
One of these days you two should live stream pubg :)
Tom Wilderbuer (7 days ago)
Go go power rangeeeeerrrrssss!!!!!!!!
And None (7 days ago)
dude qhat the fcuk why
Figment Studios (7 days ago)
Figment Studios (7 days ago)
For all you people whose attention span is less than 5 minutes.. they’re not streaming for 100 hours, they’re part of an 100 hour stream
Wolf Gangster (2 days ago)
Oh the irony! Dude, do you know why we live in a meritocracy? Because only a smart person can be an able engineer, and those people get payed more then most. While the "dumb person" would be stuck to working at McDonalds, or cleaning the streets. Point is, there are many jobs that only smart people can do, but that doesn't mean those are the only ones that are necessary.
And None (2 days ago)
dumb people don't contribute anything to society. they are just a waste of space.
Wolf Gangster (2 days ago)
Some people may be stupid, but they're still people, asshole.
And None (7 days ago)
dude after reading some comments i realized that alot of people in the comment section has been mentioning how the vid is not 100 hours, i hope node pins this becuz a lot of people are fucking dumb as fuck, dumb ppl are better off being converted into biofuel
Bug Batts (8 days ago)
The underwater section was so irritating! JUST BREAK THE BAR ON THE DOOR ALREADY!
Bug Batts (8 days ago)
There is only one door!
Liv (8 days ago)
100 hours but is only 3 hours long 🙄 pretty sure 100 isn't 3
Fernando Rodriguez (7 days ago)
Yeah what he/she said
MafiaInsane (8 days ago)
Pretty sure you didn't even watch 5 minutes into the video where they explained it, or longer where they explained several more times...
Bug Batts (8 days ago)
So, those orb things that you break are in every section of the game. Breaking all of them then restarting the game and locating the secret area will play the secret ending.
Bug Batts (8 days ago)
No! 24:00 the secret was to the left!
Clark The land shark (8 days ago)
Did anyone watch the e3 briefing on mixer waiting for them to announce halo and being severely disappointed
Spikedog3131 Plays (8 days ago)
hey guys
Matt Fish (8 days ago)
Killer stream. I hope Node does more in the future.
And None (7 days ago)
+Breakshot Dude u are absolutely correct! Daniel Kim is related to Daniel Kim (Creator of Pop Danthology)
Jonathan McKinney (7 days ago)
Breakshot (7 days ago)
Agreed; Node seems to have streaming down pretty well, for their first session; the perfect balance between watching the chat and paying attention to the game.
Oz117 (8 days ago)
E3 ... so stoked for last of us 2!
Levi Ackerman (8 days ago)
TheRealJayGutta (8 days ago)
Say what!? Huh? I must be getting old..nope, mic volume couldnt be much lower.
Lukas Austli (8 days ago)
justokay107 (8 days ago)
Not 100 hours d!
justokay107 (7 days ago)
black cat ah ok I didn’t pay attention btw
justokay107 (7 days ago)
And None Jesus Christ you take some shit way to seriously
And None (7 days ago)
+black cat fucking get rekt kid good job owning this little dick motherfucker god i hate dumb ppl
black cat (7 days ago)
this is there 3 hour bit for the 100 hour ea steam X3 shows you paid alot of attention
Herman Smink (8 days ago)
The mic sound was really low
Ashley Wilson (8 days ago)
I am from America
Joef Magat (8 days ago)
One chick died!!!!!!!!
fianle (8 days ago)
Kind of unrelated, but congratulations to Cliff and Casey for getting to work on Devil May Cry 5's music.
Bram van den Heuvel (8 days ago)
Oh boy! Four days of watching NODE live! Can't wait! ...oh.
GameStickHD (8 days ago)
You guys sound dead after an hour, good luck for 100
Mikest 77 (8 days ago)
The laat of us?
DmanKelly04 (8 days ago)
Shut the fuck up you dick sucking slime mother fuckers!!!
Simulated Sky2 (8 days ago)
I like cats
Ezio Auditore (8 days ago)
black cat (7 days ago)
Ya thats there segment to see the full thing go to EA
Invincible (8 days ago)
* 3 hrs
KwasnikPictures (8 days ago)
Where Cyberpunk at!
Nacho Roblox (8 days ago)
Hmmm only 2 hours?? You lied to me 😂😂
Nacho Roblox (7 days ago)
Trevor Floren oooh, well. They still lied to me 😂😂
Nacho Roblox (7 days ago)
Invincible 2:59:31 😎😎😂
Trevor Floren (7 days ago)
:DD hahahahahahahahahahahahhaHhHHahha. They explain that it's a segment of a bigger stream with other youtubers :/
Invincible (8 days ago)
*3 hrs
Monimala Hazarika (8 days ago)
i like u node guys and games
ENZOMAN12 (8 days ago)
Wait im confused. The title says "100 Hour E3 Livestream EA Event!" But all it shows them is playing inside. Am I missing something here?
GriffiN (3 days ago)
So retarded and uneducated, if u had watched 4 minutes of the livestream then you wouldnt have said stupid shit like this. If you don't like the NODE content then don't come here and spread negativity for no reason other than make your self look "smart" and "edgy". Don't like it, then leave, no one cares about you anyway.
Trevor Floren (7 days ago)
James Morgan wwwwrong
James Morgan you make yourself sound really stupid.. they literally explain the title after 5 minutes
Fire_Agate (8 days ago)
its 2 hours long
The positive Priest (8 days ago)
ENZOMAN12 same
teknicc (8 days ago)
ChezStick1 (8 days ago)
Love that airsoft is back guys!
digitalentity90 (8 days ago)
Hey, D is the real mensch.
Material Gaming (8 days ago)
What’s goin on
Kylar Schmitt (8 days ago)
potato king
The Bombastic Badazz (8 days ago)
SSJBluestrike 101 (8 days ago)
Node you guys are awesome love the zombie videos
Nate West (8 days ago)
This is top quality.
Gaming maniaq (8 days ago)
James larocque (8 days ago)
PS4 is better
Awesome! (8 days ago)
James larocque Your mom is better
Archerman (8 days ago)
ERM DUDES (8 days ago)
D; glock or 1911
James larocque (8 days ago)
I’m American
James larocque (8 days ago)
Try out The Crew 2
HexPlayz (8 days ago)
holy kappa (8 days ago)
I'm here

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