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PUBG Mobile - Official Release

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Text Comments (148)
Mixu Gamer (2 days ago)
I winned 25 round
Chatrine Adisya (5 days ago)
Anaya Nidhi (8 days ago)
Thanks Bro
Rizky Nurkholik (8 days ago)
Shanmicheal Dotoc (9 days ago)
Make it first person view
nazwa izzat (10 days ago)
gg wkskw
rolando lim (12 days ago)
I think his a cheater
GABRIEL JR (12 days ago)
Saeed Abo Khalil (19 days ago)
Ishita Gupta (21 days ago)
Not bad🤨🤨
AK Games (22 days ago)
AK Games
asep wija (1 month ago)
pintar PUGB nya
asep wija (1 month ago)
PUBG nya pintar
Luana Valfre (1 month ago)
Muito top
Nathan Collin (1 month ago)
Ur really bad
Borkitos MC (1 month ago)
you are best (like)
Samurai (1 month ago)
Yes bro pls play with me im AnKeNsI 05 in the game
Faded Gapl (1 month ago)
what name u Screen Recorder Apps
Ya sesli oynayın şu oyunları amk
Finn O'DONNELL (1 month ago)
paulraj pandian (1 month ago)
eliane morao (1 month ago)
paulraj pandian hghk
Rossana Delcarmen (1 month ago)
Pensaba que era un hombre
Adrian Robledo (1 month ago)
I got chicken on my first time playing this i thought i was going to be nooby but it looks i play alot of shooters but i wish it had first person ik there is an APK in chinese
Kyle _101 (1 month ago)
Adrian Robledo well obviously you would win because the first game of pubg on any platform is with bots!
Saimor Orellana (1 month ago)
Jajajaja si puede
Beatriz Mansanares (1 month ago)
Carmelita Malala (1 month ago)
That is so easy and i got a win
Heu Devil (1 month ago)
my internet should be so fast to play this game ?
Mobile Playground (1 month ago)
I think not. Much more important ping and stability
Steven Leong (1 month ago)
This is called PRO!🖒
مستحيل وشلون كذا. انا العبها بس مايضبظ معي القنص لزوم يروح يمين يسار الاعدادات عندي فيها شي
alesio kalemasi (1 month ago)
Pugb mobile best game ❤❤❤❤
gi kuras (2 months ago)
Play market😂😂😂
albert kumpang (2 months ago)
goob 👍
yusuf göktuğ Özbek (2 months ago)
olum mal misin ×8 durbunu niye atiyon it kopek
Alfrida Mayasa (2 months ago)
Free fire and Pubg is same....but i feel free fire better for me😀😀
Alex Gaming (3 months ago)
Tap again with the gun in your hand and you are sprinting faster
Play more pubg mobile
JAKE THE GAMER (3 months ago)
How to make PUBG mobile stop lagging
Kyle _101 (1 month ago)
JAKE THE GAMER get a good phone!
Mac N Cheese (3 months ago)
It has now been confirmed rules of survival is on life support too a direct hit from pubg
zZFlorin_ AndrEiZz (3 months ago)
You need Android 7+ But what phone nave You got?
MXY Gaming (3 months ago)
How to get rid of play gone (Something blue color) I always die bcoz of that 😭😭 Any tips guys
Steven Leong (1 month ago)
MXY Gaming if it getting smaller. Go in the safe zone. Inside the white circle
Pratush Dev (3 months ago)
Hey add me dev29dev
Lorenzo Solito (3 months ago)
Your telephone?
Razvan Dorin (3 months ago)
What phone do you have?
LINER Q (3 months ago)
LINER Q (1 month ago)
LINER Q (1 month ago)
Emmmmm what?
Zohaib Games (1 month ago)
man you win my prize prize is u are the best
LINER Q (3 months ago)
I cant install it on tablet
LINER Q (3 months ago)
Alex Bezati where are you from? Cuz ur english is good
Alex Bezati (3 months ago)
LINE GAMING 2.0 it need 6+ tge android (sorry for the bad English)
Annamaria Seelmann (3 months ago)
I Love this game
Kelly Bernardo (1 month ago)
Annamaria Seelmann me too
hrushikesh jadhav (3 months ago)
Why it doesn't work on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4?? Showing 50544 something error... How to fix? Anyone?
Derph The King (3 months ago)
how do you play with emulator and how do you download it
Jirka Groda (3 months ago)
cheater ja vím že neumím psát ☺
Game Soul (3 months ago)
How did you can record The screen with high quality ,which program
Oooo Nnnn (8 days ago)
Game Soul نشط ششض
Как сделать чтобы можно самому хватать вещи
Mobile Playground (3 months ago)
settings - вкладка Pick Up ( Auto Pick-Up > Disable)
What The Tee (3 months ago)
I like to video
Hoirong Lo (3 months ago)
uninstall n play ludobing bruh!!!
Elias 31 (3 months ago)
Vive freefire
sleep on floor to rich (3 months ago)
Add me y'all glogang300
BABLU , (3 months ago)
Android is lagging
John Alexander Bulilan (3 months ago)
What cellphone are you using?
yer reter (3 months ago)
Хай,спалился бомж ебаный,я слышал звук клавиатуры.... С пк блять.... Это баааааяяяннн
Nightcore HP (3 months ago)
Hey first *nice video* *plz tell me what is ur device*
HariansyahFX (3 months ago)
what pc do you use
POLAY MM (3 months ago)
woo good skill
Vun Chung (3 months ago)
What mobile you using?
Vun Chung (3 months ago)
Vladut Simion (3 months ago)
Vun Chung he play on pc
It 's good game
Hmmm....u play with that low ammo is what make me wonder
BryanBeGaming (3 months ago)
Mobile Playground I thought u would play it sooner
Alaskan Grown (3 months ago)
Can you play fortnite mobile bro!!?
Ryuto Laps (3 months ago)
Alaskan Grown only rat kids play fortnite
Nenea Tanti (3 months ago)
Thanks man :))) awesome video!!
Jakub SK (3 months ago)
What phone/tablet you have?
- PHÉNIX - (3 months ago)
What emulator are you use?
Michal Stilla (3 months ago)
please add me on pubg mobile my name is Michalštilla
GUY 555 (3 months ago)
wow good
pubg gaming (3 months ago)
You play to me?
pubg gaming (3 months ago)
Play 1 game nou
P. Labba (3 months ago)
Filip Telebar can u with me
xWarriorGAMERx (3 months ago)
Your Phone is. .........?
Rofi (3 months ago)
NSG_el1raq (3 months ago)
Screen recorder for free fire plz
Uros Stosic (3 months ago)
kako si instalirao
Adnan njetaPa (3 months ago)
nema majmun ni 10 godina on bi nesto igro
Vuk Rakic (3 months ago)
Uros Stosic glupaku nije balkanac
Adnan njetaPa (3 months ago)
boli te kurac
Adnan njetaPa (3 months ago)
Shame on you, have low skills playing in mobile and have to play it with emulator, typicall unskilled player
Potato Queen (16 days ago)
TheBull001 ż
Ishita Gupta (21 days ago)
Ishita Gupta (21 days ago)
Mr Gorka u think u r better than shroud ah😂
Mr Gorka (3 months ago)
Md tariq Islam its the easiest game ever I have 57 wins
AronExpert • (3 months ago)
You are starting to play this instead of Free Fire?
Farhan 355 Aditya (1 month ago)
AronExpert •
Rous tube (3 months ago)
What phone you have?
Yanu Amandayu (3 months ago)
😂 i never get chicken dinner just on top 10 😫
Oliver Fan (9 days ago)
It's a sad story. Maybe I can take you to get chicken .PUBG
Cyruskurt Sotomayor (16 days ago)
Yanu Amandayu can you see the map
AK Games (22 days ago)
Rey sub
Yanu Amandayu (1 month ago)
Carmelita Malala i play in south america server bro
Carmelita Malala (1 month ago)
Yanu Amandayu you need to get luck bro if you want add me to get a win
* Demonzodyac * (3 months ago)
Freefire is better and if you play on IOS you can try Fortnite Battle Royale.
AK Games (22 days ago)
Ist cool
AK Games (22 days ago)
I habe play this
Kyle _101 (1 month ago)
* Demonzodyac * stfu pubg mobile for life!
GravityMae Alliance YT (1 month ago)
I got both and fortnite isn’t good for phones.
Mac N Cheese (3 months ago)
This game require skill free fire for squeakers
Shreehari C S (3 months ago)
U r awsome game player bro....... 💔
Aditya Pathak (3 months ago)
Hey bro.. hope you remember me.. I was wondering if you would play with me now? I am an amazing player.. please add me.. I am Lucifer8585.. I will send a request soon too. I want to do YouTube as well and I think it would be a great start with you. I won't let you down we could be a great duo I swear.
Aditya Pathak (3 months ago)
Rayyan Azeem I can play on both. Mobile PUBG and Free Fire. Hopefully soon on Free Fire as well.
Rayyan Azeem (3 months ago)
Aditya Pathak in free fire or pubg
MihAdri 11 (3 months ago)
Great video bro!
Fuad Gaming (3 months ago)
I want play free fire viz you please
FantasyPlayer (3 months ago)
jebem ti mater
EldarYT (3 months ago)
Fuad VLOGS odjebi
AnKeNsI 05 (3 months ago)
Yes bro pls play with me im AnKeNsI 05 in the game
Oooo Nnnn (8 days ago)
Oooo Nnnn (8 days ago)
Retro Max (3 months ago)
nice video
eZ Gaming (3 months ago)
1 first like
muhamat perry (1 month ago)
Dragon Flame wkwkwkwklwkwkkwkwkkw

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