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BUY WEAPON IN PUBG? - PUBG Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 4

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Enjoy the latest (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) pubg funny voice chat moments episode 4. Please consider supporting by donating or becoming a patron! ► Patreon: http://bit.ly/PUBGSpotPatreon ► Donation: http://bit.ly/PUBGSpotDonation ► Clip submission: https://goo.gl/YcmNbe -- 🌐 Credits: 1. CigaretteSTV https://www.twitch.tv/CigaretteSTV 2. shroud https://www.twitch.tv/shroud 3. DrDisRespect https://www.twitch.tv/DrDisRespect 4. FEDMYSTER https://www.twitch.tv/FEDMYSTER 5. Chad https://www.twitch.tv/Chad 6. AvoriLizTV https://www.twitch.tv/AvoriLizTV 7. MarcoOPz https://www.twitch.tv/MarcoOPz 8. ibiza https://www.twitch.tv/ibiza 9. forsen https://www.twitch.tv/forsen 10. Giantwaffle https://www.twitch.tv/Giantwaffle 11. Lurn https://www.twitch.tv/Lurn 12. TheFlyingZeus https://www.twitch.tv/TheFlyingZeus 13. Wadu https://www.twitch.tv/Wadu 14. Aculite https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite 15. SEYYN https://www.twitch.tv/SEYYN 16. LIRIK https://www.twitch.tv/LIRIK 17. Kiwo https://www.twitch.tv/Kiwo 18. shroud https://www.twitch.tv/shroud 19. chocoTaco https://www.twitch.tv/chocoTaco If have any issues with some of the clip, please contact us at [email protected] -- ♫ Musics used in this video: Intro: Silent Partner - The Only Girl Outro: Silent Partner - To The Top ---------------------- ES_Dodging Questions 1 - Magnus Ringblom ES_Wild West Whistlers 9 - Magnus Ringblom ES_Joyous Fridays 2 - Per-Anders Nilsson ES_Sunshine Stroll 02 - Håkan Eriksson ES_Smling Sun 3 - Håkan Eriksson ES_Pushing Symphony 4 - Christian Andersen ES_Maple Syrup 2 - Martin Gauffin ES_Incidental Encounter 1 - Gavin Luke ES_Pots And Pancakes 1 - Gunnar Johnsén ES_Rookie Mistake 1 - Martin Gauffin ES_Morning After 3 - Magnus Ringblom ---------------------- PUBG Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 4 [Playerunknown's Battlegrounds] https://youtu.be/4HWlqx7H264
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Text Comments (225)
john nedeau (2 days ago)
honestly video game culture is really fucking cringe
khalid ahmad (3 days ago)
Lurn is the cutest thing ever
red0means0go (7 days ago)
You mean taco isn’t Mexican?
Khual Pu Benjamin (8 days ago)
Foreverhelds (9 days ago)
I have a friend in the omegalul clan
Team xLee (13 days ago)
0:26 Thailand !
PRO! SHUBHAM (14 days ago)
Rf Kye (15 days ago)
Aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh
Daily Dose PUBG Mobile (18 days ago)
In The Netherlands Omegalul means: Giant dick
Marven Espiritu (18 days ago)
8:29 remap your keys omfg
Neon Vandeline (21 days ago)
O Om Ome Omeg Omega Omegal Omegalu Omegalul Ok now i am going backwards Fuck it i give up
Devesh Chandra kumar (21 days ago)
Do it! I want u to *crashes and dies* That is not what I meant. 😂
Zecuencia ☣ Games (26 days ago)
3:23 a skinny girl mouth machine speak gameplay (?
florence tulang (1 month ago)
Sprunt Yash (1 month ago)
intro Music ???
Gamepletely (1 month ago)
Silent Partner - The Only Girl It's on the video description :')
Tommy gun (1 month ago)
Shroud isn't cool
Olliegames (1 month ago)
Dude these vids are so funny please carry on with them 😂
Mr Cløwn (1 month ago)
3:19 Imagine siri said next: could not find interrupts Gameplay in your music library
Ratul Talukdar (1 month ago)
thats a problem sometime 3.26
Abdul Samad Ali (1 month ago)
that "SIRIously" was the best...
Prithvi Singh (1 month ago)
Sar Gamer (1 month ago)
Eren JaegEr (1 month ago)
The last clip is always hilarious dude how chocotaco finds tge salesman everytime no matter how but its really funny #Thanks for coming by 😂😂😂
Gunawan Pratama (1 month ago)
What is ur last intro at video ?
Gamepletely (1 month ago)
Did you mean the music? It's Silent Partner - To The Top
GALAUTICS MEME (1 month ago)
PRAM YTGaming (1 month ago)
2.20 akward
Sekai02 Nightcore (2 months ago)
Nicolás Giraldo (2 months ago)
I brought 2 dollars :'v
Bella Shinki (2 months ago)
Omg the guy shoot chocoTaco makes me so satisfied 😂😂😂
micheal manasseh (2 months ago)
fragging that shop.keeper by accident😂sorry chocotaco😂
CrazyJezz Nut (2 months ago)
Lol aim was trade with chocotaco
Kurome (2 months ago)
5:38 Its made my day 😂😂
Kumaha Naon (3 months ago)
8:55 dat little voice said Shroud ..
Bleach !!! (3 months ago)
I got a fortnite ad
APM Gaming (3 months ago)
2:36 douche bag alert ......clearly there is a problem with his network ......bet he is a fortnite player.....why,whyyyyyy do u guys play pubg, stick to fortnite... 😂😂😐
XMega HackerZ (3 months ago)
Who noticed the man in the thumbnail he looks like de gea lol
Leo ;3 (3 months ago)
8:28 true
Si Dracko (3 months ago)
Omegalul Omegalul Omegalul
BLACKBAD WOLF (3 months ago)
I wish to have a gaming pc to play this game.... lol poor people like this hoping to be rich lamfo !
BLACKBAD WOLF (3 months ago)
Yea I have it and I'm the best in it . 😘😁 thank you for reaplying man . Pubg the best.. big love .
Gamepletely (3 months ago)
Try the PUBG mobile, it's free :D
Gamepletely (3 months ago)
Try the PUBG mobile, it's free :D
Viki The Gamer Xd (3 months ago)
You are funny
Viki The Gamer Xd (3 months ago)
Sub me pls
JOHNY JOHNY (3 months ago)
Riky Fnd (3 months ago)
09:15 😂
QuadFlounder (3 months ago)
Omg shroud was so cruel xd
Ivan Christian (3 months ago)
I hate omegalul
PaPa Johnson (3 months ago)
Speech : 100
Erzio • (3 months ago)
RoS sucks
Meganthropus erectus (3 months ago)
Omegalul omegalul omegalul
Tumus1107 (3 months ago)
VPN (3 months ago)
I have to say something PUBG SUCKS Ninja sux tho Play fortnut. Delete Pubg Subscrib Tfue. Leave plz Still here... Ur so close at end Jk lol Just click alt + f4 Theres end if this text behind u *FBI OPEN UP* JUST LEAVE A LIKE.
M Rezky (3 months ago)
Omegalul 😂
Jadandomar Obeid (3 months ago)
ayedeban (3 months ago)
its *omegalul* man
Jalil Em (3 months ago)
Fathir Putra (3 months ago)
0:27 rip omegalul
aldrino cash (3 months ago)
4:50 miss miss miss
Raffa Bintang (3 months ago)
Ohhhh my ass
Harpreet Singh (3 months ago)
RACAT GAMING (3 months ago)
10:05 I just try that in pubg but they give me a grenade
PinkY bOy (3 months ago)
LeL 5:56 "Your text here"
Bendy Ink (3 months ago)
Omegalul :V
Zhar Borneo (3 months ago)
Dota Disrespect 😂😂
Diam lo njing (3 months ago)
Si kontol Di lapor kan ke Polisi wkwk..
Gus Ade (3 months ago)
Aysoy dimana mana ada
ADHI MJK (3 months ago)
Aku siapa??
Random videoss (3 months ago)
Zhar Borneo hai kembaranku
Rookie Gaming (3 months ago)
Wait for it? OMEGALUL
UrMam (3 months ago)
I don't trust edited comment Hi, I am pro
Atiqah Setiawan (3 months ago)
Wtf omegalul :v
It City (3 months ago)
Bernardo Quaresma (3 months ago)
Ivan (3 months ago)
He screams in agony
albert geronimo (3 months ago)
asphalt (3 months ago)
Would've been so epic if the guy also got blown up after he said omegalul
5:46 that's the rust sound when you are wounded?
Billie Halim (3 months ago)
I miss that rust down screaming sound
David Castorena (3 months ago)
that rust scream tho
RMS- aVoider3 (3 months ago)
Oohhhhhhjjhhj my ass
subarashi !!! (3 months ago)
6:14 im going to get chicken dinner guys blblblbl- *dies*
Benuあぬ (3 months ago)
jeff fishcer No, actually he wan't to go to the Zone, lol.
jeff fishcer (3 months ago)
He said that because he knew he was going through the red circle and he knew if he died he would be put on a channel like this. It's actually really annoying when people do that.
PIOP XD (3 months ago)
2:16 he just killed chocotaco
Mhayio Kikon (3 months ago)
zBarlas (3 months ago)
3:03 music name pls
Gamepletely (3 months ago)
It's Sunshine Stroll 02 by Håkan Eriksson (epidemicsound.com)
Abnormal Amal Sree (3 months ago)
Thanks For coming by 😂
Mon Keys (3 months ago)
Lurn is Wadu’s new stream sniping target
Nik Hanif (3 months ago)
Forsen the best pubg chat
Tube Infinite (3 months ago)
4:49 me just this is so me
Dragon Beast (3 months ago)
5:57 your text here ???
Gamepletely (3 months ago)
Oops xD
Zachary Tanner (3 months ago)
The clip from lurn, the yelling was the yelling from the game rust when the character is downed
Klankton (3 months ago)
GAMERS INDO (3 months ago)
Pubg mobile best funny moments and Bugs https://youtu.be/DIlh8Q5lUJ8
KyleGamerPH (3 months ago)
new generasi (3 months ago)
Ajay yg terakhir jualan kampret wkwkwk besok jadi pasar malem dah wkwkwk
Star Gun (3 months ago)
5:38 5:54 rust invaded pupg
Ali Furqon (3 months ago)
Miguel Damian (3 months ago)
2:50 trash
XpicyChilly PH (3 months ago)
In 6:24 when the guy driving get hit with a pan he says "Aray" means "ouch" in english
Bradstion Gaming (3 months ago)
Hahahah funny ending
Randy Gaming (3 months ago)
pubg paytowin confirmed
Yudha Wijaya (3 months ago)
Yeah you must pay the game before u cab play or win
ItsPlay Time (3 months ago)
Can someone friend me I don't know why😂😂.My account is TheIncredibleG
Amir (3 months ago)
Personal Land (3 months ago)
5:45 wtf is wrong with this guy omg 😂😂😂
StevenLegend (3 months ago)
Dylan Bradford Greenlee (3 months ago)
AppleMan 0_0 (3 months ago)
8:29 what did he turned into?

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