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Tomographic (1 year ago)
Sorry to have kept you guys waiting so long for a new video. I've been so busy with work lately that I just haven't had the time to edit and frankly I'm exhausted! This is the only decent battlegrounds footage I have at the moment so I hope you enjoy the video none the less.. A lot of you have been telling me that you like to see my point of view from Aculite's videos so here is some footage from one of the last games we played :) Unfortunately my work schedule only allows me to play once or twice a week but I will do my best over the next couple of days to record some new Battlegrounds gameplay for you. Thanks for your continued support! <3
edgrrr101 (1 year ago)
Dude, if you try to upload at least 3 videos a week for a while you will almost definitely increase your sub count exponentially. As long as the content is decent you can't fail.
Jacob Forresthill (1 year ago)
Thanks, keep up the videos, and stay in good health no need to overwork yourself by pumping out videos if your exhausted ^^
pr0faker (1 year ago)
there are tons of video's/sites which give you the right settings. Just google settings dxtory
WMD (1 year ago)
Oh awesome! I might give that a go :) not sure on the config tho! What codec do you use or is it standard?
Tomographic (1 year ago)
WMD We both record with Dxtory :)
Jager (4 months ago)
love these chill vids! full games, great editing and it features aculite. perfect to binge watch. Thank you!
Meshach Hamm (7 months ago)
The pan team 😂
ANDREW STOUT (11 months ago)
wait they nerfed the M16?
fpsFingers (1 year ago)
amazing shotty at the end!! enjoyed this Tomo! <3
Hardlime (1 year ago)
Dude I fucking LOVE your Editing work!
Volly (1 year ago)
your best
Ariadna C (1 year ago)
I'm new here but you two already make me so happy.
C. Bieniek22 (1 year ago)
this guy deserves more subs, if i say so myself. Keep up the hard work Tom. We support you.
BlueMoosen (1 year ago)
Flying shotgun for the win. Hahaha. Sweet
Writers Thoughts (1 year ago)
Tom makes me chill with his voice though
Writers Thoughts (1 year ago)
aculite is my king hahahah
WHB JR (1 year ago)
Almost said hail bay!😊
Paul Lee (1 year ago)
Great video, what's the music at the very end?
John Doe (1 year ago)
You and Aculite are the best Battlegrounds duo. Cool, calm, collected, and fantastic commentary!
Le4ky F4ucet (1 year ago)
You sound so much like Rahul Kohli (Ravi) from iZombie
Reckless Roges (1 year ago)
Interesting. Tom and Ravi sound like chalk and cheese to me. I guess Ravi needs to take up PUBG so we can be sure #forScience
ravi putra (1 year ago)
Tj Moran thanks man
Hayley Sahara (1 year ago)
I love you both <3
brkntires (1 year ago)
cool, calm, collected...
Ethan Crawford (1 year ago)
somehow you come across far worse in aculite's videos you're actually quite good
xtravagentK (1 year ago)
I feel the opposite, because in Aculites videos, you don't see Tom not leading his shots because it's obviously from Aculites perspective. You just see him kill people. In this I'm watching him aim directly at people while they are running, not leading his shots. So he just misses a bunch. He is quite good though.
Koko 415 (1 year ago)
your squad with aculite good
bootes (1 year ago)
literally just died like the intro yesterday, shotgun a guy once, shot him again with a headshot 1 second before he shot me and i was the one who died :/
GamingVoiceOfHarlem (1 year ago)
liked the video before it even started because tomographic is amazing. Facts
Patrick Pedigo (1 year ago)
Conner gets you killed so much. great video.
Patrick Pedigo (1 year ago)
Tom, you are great.
Hermz Gaming (1 year ago)
Woah,Aculite dying first when playing with tomographic?That's new.
DJay Kez (1 year ago)
Are you guys playing on the EU servers ? or NA?
Exeval (1 year ago)
I ship you and Con Bon.
Constant K (1 year ago)
Subscribed because you took it so well when Aculite was a greedy and you ded.
TheRustiestRussell (1 year ago)
Tom you're great! I'm glad I found aculite which led me to finding you man, I love this game! keep up the great work!
Jurgen H (1 year ago)
Subscribed to Connor but I like your content as well. Subbed :)
Daynien Anderson (1 year ago)
your videos are great, I think you deserve way more subs bro
Milkshake Extreme (1 year ago)
you and aculite are AWESOME <3
Philly John (1 year ago)
yo aculite friend Goood keep it up !
Scott McPharlin (1 year ago)
Panini'd the shit outta that guy. lol
Thelacan (1 year ago)
It's too bad that the loot crate didn't pan out for you. *badumtss*
JustRecoil (1 year ago)
lol i actually killed someone with a pan the other day
World (1 year ago)
hahaha "See Tom, you just need to get in there sometimes"
annie lee (1 year ago)
don't worry about rushing content and all that, take your time. please take care of yourself as you're busy, stay hydrated! ♡
WhoozyOMO (1 year ago)
your channel has grown so much thanks to PlayerUnknown and Aculite..
Thom Curry (1 year ago)
You think hit detection is getting worse, or is it just certain servers.
Predicti0n (1 year ago)
Tom how do you look over your other shoulder? Like change view when you're in a house etc
hoodrock44 (1 year ago)
Predicti0n e and q
Raire (1 year ago)
About time Tom. Glad to have you back.
HCSNL (1 year ago)
I don't care that it has been a long time because this video is Awesome! (as always dude)
RusHouR (1 year ago)
Doesn't even matter that Aculite posted the same one. The content is so good and chills me down so much, i could even watch your games thrice without getting bored.
nepo (1 year ago)
Great content ! Keep it up :D
Kira L (1 year ago)
Can u guys tell us wich AR do u prefer and why? I mean from the fourth to the best or something like that. (No avatar joke there)
Ginja Ninja (1 year ago)
that was "pan"damoniam. lmao gg
Tae Turner (1 year ago)
I look forward, to watching your channel grow. You and Aculite..great team...and make it fun to watch. Keep up good work guys.
Hibana (1 year ago)
Stop carrying Aculite,Tom!
TuppuRr (1 year ago)
HaXkY (1 year ago)
I will keep track of you very well.
Omni Zenn (1 year ago)
Has anyone told you you kinda sound like VaatiVidya?
Liam Marcon (1 year ago)
"Sit down... and stay down" haha, love that, I'm gonna steal it.
Minibeats (1 year ago)
NotiSquad! Hope you're doing well Tom!
Kenya West (1 year ago)
the better voice in Aculite's videos has a channel!
Thiago (1 year ago)
Two sexy voices.s2 , I love your videos, Tom and Aculite!!
Kevin7 (1 year ago)
Luciano Buono (1 year ago)
Hey Tom. Aculite has already uploaded this video..
Tomographic (1 year ago)
Lucho Buono Ah thanks man, I'm glad you're enjoying the content :)
5pamftw (1 year ago)
Doesn't matter if Aculite posts the same game as you, it's almost like a new video anyways. Sitting 300 miles from shore and can't do much during my breaks except be on the internet. I don't watch many youtube videos, but I've been loving you and Aculite's videos. Keep them up!
Tomographic (1 year ago)
I get that it can feel a little repetitive watching the same game from two different perspectives but unfortunately my work schedule doesn't give me much time to edit/ record which means that both mine and Aculite's videos will consist of most of the same content. I will always do my best to use clips you may not have seen before and edit in a way that doesn't feel like I'm replicating Aculite's perspective of the match but this can be a very challenging process as I hope you can understand :)

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