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The most dangerous enemy is often the one you can't see. ▶ Subscribe here! https://bit.ly/2nJgtxS Tomographic Merchandise: https://bit.ly/2ybdvXQ ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tomographic ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Looking for a YouTube partnership? Join Union for Gamers! Click for more info: https://bit.ly/2HZnUpP (Referral Link) ⯅ HIDDEN ENEMY - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS
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Text Comments (159)
cammobus (7 days ago)
Nice Win Tom.
Joe Nace (9 days ago)
I'll second the comments on the Intro, AMAZING! Keep up the good work man!
Clark Taylor (9 days ago)
Reckless Roges (10 days ago)
The meme is dying faster than Tom in an Aculite opening credits, (true fans know that you have the *mad* skills to pay the bills, or summit? )
Doug A (11 days ago)
thanks for the edited video!!
BoycE CSGO & More (12 days ago)
Landed in bootcamp, cleared the camp, won the camp - Nice vid! :D
Chelcee Gigliotti (13 days ago)
WOW, did I just watch a movie preview?
JV Gaming (14 days ago)
This game is so satisfying! Gg my friend!
Tjarko H. (14 days ago)
GG, and....underrated. But keep making videos like these and you will hit the 100k in no time :D
Logen Felxon (14 days ago)
You booped that dangernoodle on the snoot. Nice win and awesome intro! :D
Tiger Foam (14 days ago)
That K98 shot was filthy dude, Lol. I love your content man, the intro was awesome. I love seeing the replay feature being used in gameplay. Can't wait to see what you do next, keep up the good work.
Christian Mbanza (14 days ago)
GG Tom!!
Skwrl Fuzz (15 days ago)
Instead of Stone's zombies, we need a game of snakes vs Tom
Adrian W (15 days ago)
nice intro tom^^
screamingstrings76 (15 days ago)
yellow jacket bro (kill 3) was fighting a guy you can see run into his building at 1:50 as you scope in the 4x
rivenwyrm (15 days ago)
Hella nice intro. Supah clean.
Rizon Oraza (15 days ago)
Love u Tom!
ReConWolf10 (15 days ago)
GG Tom. You are becoming too good for this game. Keep up the good work
omri sadeh (15 days ago)
0:26 that transition was so good Kreygasm
Edgars Saulgriezis (15 days ago)
another stunning intro by Tomographic. ah classy
Benorf (15 days ago)
Sick intro, you continue to outdo yourself Tom
Erigon Kastrati (15 days ago)
I’ve been getting a lot of Fortine ads lately and at the beginning I was like - Oh cool finally a Pubg ad! But no its just a Tomographic intro, well done man!
MrKrzysiek13 (15 days ago)
''Let's just put him out of his misery'' 🤣🤣🤣 that ending is just hilarious.
Lee Jordan (16 days ago)
@Tomographic is the Sean Bean of PUBG
Vamporace (16 days ago)
Your ARE getting way too good indeed! Damn that jump > headshot was clean AF!
Duy Nam Phạm (16 days ago)
Love the intro
László Cseplye (16 days ago)
Great job Tom! Nice video editing at the beginning. Also, you are getting better and better in this game. I started following you after I saw you play with Aculite. It seems a long time now. :D Now, you've become a great content creator, and a part of the "dream team", keep up the good work! Cheers from Hungary!
captain danger 5 (16 days ago)
very nice, that intro must have been a rough one to edit
Jabba 89 (16 days ago)
Intro was awesome. Good video!!
chilli pichilli (16 days ago)
Great job Tom!
Htet Aung (16 days ago)
U r very lucky to stay at one place 😁
Matthew Dvorak (16 days ago)
Amazing intro. Great edit. Top notch Tom.
BamThwok76 (16 days ago)
best start of a pubg vid i ever saw
Sperm Donor (16 days ago)
Heart me Senpai!
H7 (16 days ago)
Holy shit ?!?!? How did tom got skilled over night ????? Oh i know !!!! Aculite gave you a blood transfusion didnt he ??!?!?
Devower (16 days ago)
tom, i want to be the tomographic to your aculite, put simply im much worse than you are, therefore i make you look like a god in duos, HMU :)
Kurty Rom (16 days ago)
So you camped in the Boot Camp??? Wouldn't have played it in any other way! Nice game!
Drew Duncan (16 days ago)
Love the cinematic intro
OsidiustheEmphatic (16 days ago)
At 1:50 you can see a player come in from the right and enter the yellow guy's building. That's probably who he was reacting to. Great video as always, Tom.
Jacob Hicks (16 days ago)
prefer ur vids over aculites or fugglets just for the intro
Rob R (16 days ago)
Sick intro Tom!
Talha Umer (16 days ago)
Vintage Tom! entertaining as alway. watching you is such a delight.
No oo (16 days ago)
Quality content
Chicken Books (16 days ago)
There made had been a snake, but Tom was a mongoose! You guys get it... cos mongoose normally would take on a snake and eat it afterwards... I'll just let myself out
laxus scarlet (16 days ago)
God i love the outtro music
Andrei Talos (16 days ago)
Imagine fug and aculite having their videous edited by tom❤️ I mean, this bloka can edit. Furthermore, he is proving to us that not everyone has to be a god.
Marius Andersen (16 days ago)
That baldwin brothers reference at around 3:15 ish cracked me up so hard :P great editing Tomo! entertaining as F.
Julia Gill (16 days ago)
"And you too will become a rotAYtional profAYsional" XD
TheTripleDubya (16 days ago)
Beautiful intro and a quirky game that did not turn into a running simulator, awesome.
James Kellum (16 days ago)
As always the edits are top notch.
Nate R (16 days ago)
Wp sir. That intro!
B1gHagar (16 days ago)
Listening to that opening drum I thought we were going to get Dr. Who.
thelitlewiseowl (16 days ago)
dirty snipes, love it. once you start bootcamp, you don't stop
CrownDJester (16 days ago)
nice headshots lol
Kerem Durak (16 days ago)
keep it up man. best editing ever
WhiteStoneNac (16 days ago)
Your videos are getting better ! Keep it up
Malik Nation (16 days ago)
I love the intro Tom
Ian Stuart (16 days ago)
When you want quality, Tom is the man. Another great clip, thank you.
blacksupernova (16 days ago)
good game, great editing brother man :)
Hanky (16 days ago)
Came to Toms channel for Aculite. Stayed for Tom.
Stifler Martinez (16 days ago)
Woohoo awesome work Tom you rekt those peeps
Ben Wang (16 days ago)
Great stuff as always Tom! Love ya to the moon and back, keep the content coming <3
Anthony Noriega (16 days ago)
Tom can you please stop using Aculite’s highlights for your intro 🤣
David Perry (16 days ago)
Best one yet Tom . Keep up the good work ..
TheSpoonation (16 days ago)
Tom is the best.
Donny Johnson (16 days ago)
Some of the best pubg editing and gameplay in the WORLD Tom..........THE WORLD!!
Inar Ord (16 days ago)
S1lv3rMist (16 days ago)
Now was the snake rotating or un-rotating..Id say rotating as he wound up dead..where as Tom was un-rotating hence He won and can unwind
BigHeadGreg (16 days ago)
Such a great video, quality over quantity every time. Keep it up bro
Ally K (16 days ago)
This editing tho, 30 seconds in and I'm so impressed!
Pierre Pailleron (16 days ago)
Your best video so far in my opinion... Loved the intro (great music btw)... Loved the gameplay, action packed... Please keep those great videos coming!
Alex Chen (16 days ago)
So 40 people died in the first like 2 minutes? ...Was Aculite in this game too...
Arvind Maran (16 days ago)
Carry on with the good work, you will get the success soon. Love from India
Aaron Navarro (16 days ago)
Eskil T (16 days ago)
Long time since I've seen an intro like that, keep it up!
Kingofwale1 (16 days ago)
the production value is off the roof, and you didn't get down a single time by friendly car. ;)
Filip Suciu (16 days ago)
Tom is really embracing the meme. He's dead in the first minute of HIS OWN VIDEO. GG Tom. You're a legend.
J.A.E.R. (16 days ago)
Love your cinematic videos, great job Tom <3
Your video's don't come out very often, but when they do - it's always high quality content and very enjoyable. I love the cool intro and your "quality" humor. Keep doing what you love, and take all the time you need to make em. Some things are worth waiting for. Thanks!
Ankur Satpute (16 days ago)
Good, clean game!
Robert Taylor (16 days ago)
Loved your cameo in Chocos last video lol keep it up man!!
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose (16 days ago)
Tom Tomato, the T in the FAT Sandwich
TheBebopBengal (16 days ago)
The meme is dying!
Pink Fuzzy (16 days ago)
Well dang, I was hoping to see Choco killing him from his perspective.
Lee Jordan (16 days ago)
Wait, what? Link please
Deeland (16 days ago)
Pink Fuzzy me too lol. So many people commenting about tom on choco's vid
Chris Woolley (16 days ago)
I think this rookie can now leave Bootcamp
Justin Gathright (16 days ago)
👍!👍! You've improved alot. GG.
Anjana Dey (16 days ago)
I love the way Tom says "dyerrrthyy" (dirty) and "schtewpid" (stupid)
Bravo Tango (16 days ago)
Rot-A-tional Prof-A-ssional. I like it.
Greg Literal (16 days ago)
Yeahh baby so proud of you
aircrash tupolov (16 days ago)
What a lovely ,lovely game that was, very enjoyable.....
Matthew Budd (16 days ago)
I remember when Tom was not so great at this game, I identified with him so much. Now he is good and I don't like it! XD
Dunnykin (16 days ago)
Nice opening, good work Tom!
Tom finaly! i like ur intro.
MongoSaqqara RadCats (16 days ago)
Good video Tom...but I must say I prefer you and Acculite as a team...the banter is great...like Laurel and Hardi.
Kason G. (16 days ago)
Great intro Tom, keep up the stellar cinematography!
David Bryant (16 days ago)
Tom can you and aculite play against each other in the same singles server? I’d like to see that.
Biru Merah (16 days ago)
Nice video !!!
J.B. (16 days ago)
Tom. That intro! Absolutely killer!!!! You have secret creative streak that you need to unleash even more.
Chris R. (9 days ago)
Indeed good intro.. and the gameplay in this video was solid..
Hthegoat (11 days ago)
agreed. greets from Cro
Abdul (16 days ago)
Damn some great wisdom in the description ^~^
RollStone (16 days ago)
Tom you are awesome keep it up man!

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