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Best Of Hova's 4th Of Julys & Boom Booms!

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Text Comments (177)
Hova (12 days ago)
I hope you guys enjoy the video! 18,018 saturn missile video going up tomorrow! Stay safe babes 8==D<3 Want to see all the full videos from this video plus more? http://bit.ly/HovaBOOM
GOURD MONGRIL (11 days ago)
Hova can i uhhhhh eat ur ass
Try hard Ninja302 (5 days ago)
Fred where did the water melon go Logan what water melon
The Currinator Show (5 days ago)
SLT (6 days ago)
Faruh I (7 days ago)
Gawt damn, you’re THE American sniper.
Makya Geist-Delgado (7 days ago)
Kolby Claxton (8 days ago)
3:08 are you the guy that we all learned about in math class
Blake Miller (8 days ago)
Deforestation Nation
B Don (8 days ago)
What a waste of a watermelon
-siGnOfFear (9 days ago)
when hova just wastes perfect watermelon...
JayAitch (9 days ago)
LetsPlayWithRush (9 days ago)
Hogan Miller (9 days ago)
There was a mouse runnin by the gopro when he blew the tree up
Andrew Montoya (10 days ago)
Hova was right watching his firework videos will make you shit yourself
Thomas Hall (10 days ago)
Anybody here from speedys channel
Neonwhite A. (10 days ago)
Hova!!! Ar15s kill people !!!!!
Darren Thomas (10 days ago)
Jose Lopez (10 days ago)
Trash shirts tbh
Killer Klown (11 days ago)
Cool ass video I like all the explosions happy 4th of July
Pat Duble (11 days ago)
@10:20 deforestation nation!!!
Jeanie Xoxo (11 days ago)
#DeforestationNation LOL
Jeanie Xoxo (11 days ago)
That watermelon looked effing DELICIOUS. Lol Thanks for the upload, Hovie. <3
Rah Rah (11 days ago)
And I thought my family went all out for the 4th haha. Thanks for the entertaining video.
Tud (11 days ago)
So that’s where the watermelons from the first great watermalone harvest went
blaw (11 days ago)
Love these videos Hova. I'm not the type of person to go out and buy fireworks. So I really enjoy these 4th of July videos you post. Thanks Hovey <3
Josh Harper (11 days ago)
God bless America!!! Happily fourth
Joel Verdin (11 days ago)
Hova the new fps russia
John Doe (11 days ago)
f u c k y e a h h h h h h h h h
thecarzman7 (11 days ago)
Believe it or not no watermelons was harmed in the making of this video
Austin K (11 days ago)
#America #Freedom #DeForestnation
Liah Lili (11 days ago)
Ouuuuu I don’t remember the one at 5:30ish. I love those! Fantastic compilation, Hova and can’t wait to see the video today!
TheOnlyPsycho (11 days ago)
The jebait of that watermelon!
Max AG (11 days ago)
Deforestation Nation 10:30
Gamera The Destroyer (11 days ago)
That was a fucking bomb lmao
LiveYourLife229 (11 days ago)
As someone who’s favorite fruit is watermelon I’m offended
jon shamali (11 days ago)
Hova you should do a tutorial vid or something like that so we can see how u rigged everything up
D’s Spot (11 days ago)
#deforestationnation 😂😂😂
lemony tang (12 days ago)
ExcitexFuzion (12 days ago)
LemonJoy (12 days ago)
Hovie is a lefty? It must curve to the right
Isaiah Ross (12 days ago)
Yeah fuck mr no flip flop guy
xElite Drag0nx (12 days ago)
Love all the booms
Logan Ex Machina (12 days ago)
Stay safe Hova you crazy bastard Hope it's fun sounds like it will be 😜
YSB LIME (12 days ago)
Happy fourth
Trikkage (12 days ago)
You know its gonna be a good video when you hear “We got 1000 roman candles”
Harshan Singh (12 days ago)
Hova I’ve always taken your advice since the Minecraft Xbox server days, always microwave a hot pocket for 45 seconds and stick your dick in it, do not burn the tip of your dick! <3 8===D
Seth Vandeventer (12 days ago)
TheLonePotato (12 days ago)
Deforestation nation
Jared Tidball (12 days ago)
oG FarFetched (12 days ago)
First BoomBoom made dusty
Seequest (12 days ago)
Gah damn, I love Hova
rextongamingDATBOI (12 days ago)
10:17 deforestation nation baby yeye
JCWTX (12 days ago)
0:00 Vegans look away
djr n da house (12 days ago)
I hope you ate that watermelon or im calling watermelon peta
Garrett Fox (12 days ago)
i feel so bad for the people that have never experienced m80s and dynamite
Witt Reineke (12 days ago)
8==========D - - -
Beltane451 (12 days ago)
13:47 Them there's some badass beavers you got out yer way. 'Murica🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🐹🎆🎇🎇🎆🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆
Luckybaseball98 (12 days ago)
The first explosion scared the shit out of me
fireball6840 (12 days ago)
Damn nothing more enjoyable than Hova's Firework Bonanza
HeyDerrickIsOn (12 days ago)
Camera is so shaky you think Michael J Fox was recording this!!
Brendon Pinto Films (12 days ago)
lmao the “shut the fuck up sidearms” shirt 😂
frame871 (12 days ago)
deforest nation
frame871 (12 days ago)
deforest station nation !
frame871 (12 days ago)
deforest station nation !
Powerslayer (12 days ago)
Cale Osvath (12 days ago)
Adam Sevier (12 days ago)
Can I have your art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
River Reneau (12 days ago)
Hova fireworks is a disaster for his neighbors LOL
Richard Charging Cloud (12 days ago)
a video with no hova aids?
Darkside1355 (12 days ago)
Put a picture of sidearms on a watermelon n blow it up
LuigisMansion 44 (12 days ago)
That’s fucking amazing the 1000 Roman candles
Tricky Pinguino (12 days ago)
thanks hova, very cool
Pablo TV (12 days ago)
Will tomorrows be the best one of all ????
commonnerfer (12 days ago)
Is this fire works or just blowing shit up
Quack Dealer (12 days ago)
This is what hova did with all his watermelon harvests
rbpower812 (12 days ago)
Best way to watch this video is while eating watermelon
Riley Kret (12 days ago)
Justin Marshall (12 days ago)
- TRUCE - (12 days ago)
The beard would go really well with the fireworks, American burgers, and AR rifles feller.
EDB02 (12 days ago)
Fuck fruit!!!
Mauro Rodriguez (12 days ago)
@ 1:16 when your girl asks thats all u got.
Adrian Maldonado (12 days ago)
Shelby Haynes (12 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the awesome display Hova!
FrenchFry_McFlurry44 (12 days ago)
9:27 was not expecting the explosion to be so big...Job well done hasselhoff!
Slifer549 _YT (12 days ago)
Why did you waste those watermelons
1987jeepyj (12 days ago)
Wow I got ads on this vid
vDroidZv (12 days ago)
2:57 when your on acid/shrooms
Scott Shafer (12 days ago)
That watermelon just evaporated
NTB_gaming (12 days ago)
Walter Melon (12 days ago)
The fuck did a watermelon ever do to you?
Kyle Peters (12 days ago)
_ D.J.F _ (12 days ago)
You should grow that beard back
Arppa Viuhko (12 days ago)
the dislike is a watermelon
1799ism (12 days ago)
I know de way (12 days ago)
I wish I had money to have fireworks
KS Machinist (12 days ago)
Hey man, is that a Savage 17hmr?? I have a Boyd's target stock if you want it give me a shout. Just over the border in Kansass.
KS Machinist (12 days ago)
Hova Sweet ass wood stock that improves accuracy and brings in all the bitches at the same time. Shoot me an email [email protected]
Hova (12 days ago)
KS Machinist sure is bud! And IDK what that is but i have a PO box :P
Lance Stories (12 days ago)
Well the plastic fibers from that cooler are gonna be in that forest for generations to come 😪🙄
Drawing with Sam ! (12 days ago)
Mercia fuck yeah
Dragon DeezNutz (12 days ago)
All the black people are pissed at you
sam hunt (12 days ago)
You're a goddamn lunatic Mr hova And we goddamn love you for it!!!!!!
sam hunt (12 days ago)
Senpai noticed me!!!!!! You're a legend btw!

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