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Fortnite Battle Royale buying the skull trooper and renegade raider. In today's video, we take a look at the Fortnite Battle Royale rarest skins. Which Fortnite rare skins do you own? Enter the Fortnite giveaway here - Enter the Fortnite giveaway - https://gleam.io/competitions/kqhfo-50000-vbucks-giveaway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sxvxn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sxvxnyt/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sxvxn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SxvxnYT Discord: https://discord.gg/sxvxn Merch: http://bit.ly/2qAQCt8 Sponsor: http://bit.ly/2xxvlm3 Vlogs: http://bit.ly/2jVgBn ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use my link to start earning from your YouTube videos! http://bit.ly/2ywWtlb Get Fortnite Battle Royale for free: Link: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHGJ Thanks to Epic Games for supporting my channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building a Football Stadium - https://bit.ly/2GydXTO Building a Pirate Ship - https://bit.ly/2GT06ai Building Clout House Mansion - https://bit.ly/2GtU3tk Building Pyramids on Loot Lake - https://bit.ly/2q1LXOe Building a Giant Plane - https://bit.ly/2H6nChr Building a Tank - https://bit.ly/2q1vZUj Building TSM Myth - https://bit.ly/2IoT4Hb Building a Swimming Pool - https://bit.ly/2H7hZzA Building an ATAT - https://bit.ly/2IpHs72 Building a Spaceship - https://bit.ly/2GA1dIg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching. (276,120). More about Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Mac.
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Text Comments (1041)
SXVXN (1 month ago)
The good old days of Fortnite
TrigaaFingerr (2 days ago)
Liam G nobody cares u have the reaper pickaxe fag
Why did the rarity of the Sychthe change because I got it and because the rarity changed I glitched out and I lost the reaper
Rojas111155 (3 days ago)
Skull trooper cost 1200
PGF snowMan (4 days ago)
i was like na i aint gona buy skull troper and today i regret that decision
Callum Hamilton (14 days ago)
Anyone want to trade accounts msg me on insta @callum_hamilton_x
Willgamer Randall (11 hours ago)
I really regret not buying the ghoul but trooper,black knight,skull trooper,renegade raider and aerial assault trooper😢
Tr1nh (23 hours ago)
Was there, couldn't afford jack. Regret it -.-
SXVXN (16 hours ago)
Unlucky, mate!
ɴᴀᴛᴏ (1 day ago)
Ive been playing since october and i even have a screenshot from the shop with the goul trooper and skull trooper so unfortnunate that i didnt buy them
Meshal K (1 day ago)
I remember the old theme song I remember players are all defaults I remember we are all noobs and only we build is wall and stairs like a base I remember when seeing a skin will be scary I remember the old shop rotation for a new skin for a week! I remember Christmas update and battle pass season 2 I remember the lobby for Halloween and Christmas So many good memories!
Graffiti Monkey (1 day ago)
I only have blue squire I guess that’s rare
NeoDraquin (1 day ago)
Man i love that Chrismas Busses, only 90's kids will remember XD
Braedon Lamar (1 day ago)
wow, ppl gonna be here like "man it makes me cry when i see the old fortnite" when this is the first time they have seen the old map and pumpkin launcher
Papi Chulo (2 days ago)
Anthony Garcia (2 days ago)
Wow SXVXN u have such a big following and still manage to respond to most of your comments much respect bro
Anthony Garcia (2 days ago)
SXVXN thanks bro keep up the good work
SXVXN (2 days ago)
I always try my best to reply to all comments or most of them. I hope you're doing good.
werid guy (2 days ago)
The lucky axe is rare
werid guy (2 days ago)
I got the aerial assualt trooper and ghoul never had the chance to get the skull trooper
werid guy (2 days ago)
People be sleeping on the aerial trooper
Oliver 333730 (2 days ago)
I’ll gift anything for the reaper I have the renegade
Cold Fusion044 (3 days ago)
I wished i bought it when i had the chance rip me
Ruben Vaz (3 days ago)
0 v bucks
rehua ngatai (4 days ago)
I'll pay 0
Amber Joneup (4 days ago)
i never new the renegade raider was rare
Godly Mangoes (4 days ago)
I had the vbucks but i bought the recon specialist instead... mistakes were made
Chroney (5 days ago)
can i trade you an account with merry marauder, yuletide ranger and more?? dm me on twitter @itschroney
Shibe Doggo (6 days ago)
I regret not buying those skins The season 2 and 3 battle passes
EAZY Puc (6 days ago)
I loved the old music
SXVXN (6 days ago)
I miss the old music.
iiVee (6 days ago)
I played season 1 but never bought V-Bucks.... Really regret that. I want the Skull and ghoul trooper, i want renegade raider, raiders revenge, floss and black knight. I did buy red knight season 2 but i didnt really like that skin xD
Midniqht (6 days ago)
Everyone’s acting like this was years ago 😂
SXVXN (6 days ago)
SXLENTx (7 days ago)
i feel like for the people that been playin since season 1 or season 2, and ppl didnt get the chance to get the cool skins, epic shoild track those ppl and and they can buy it now
Lyre (8 days ago)
I remember making fun of the aerial assault trooper now i wish i bought it
Kivix (9 days ago)
I played back then yet never bought v-bucks until christmas. (My first skin was the Red Nosed Raider)
Agook Chol (9 days ago)
I would pay 20 thousand vbucks
The Gaming Nation (9 days ago)
I'd pay 13,500 V-Bucks for Renegade Raider
gunchberg (9 days ago)
no regrets here bois
Best CarWash (11 days ago)
I played back then I even bought the arial assualt trooper lol the only reason I bought it was because he had a helmet on
Jackson Holloway (11 days ago)
lnoq- (11 days ago)
If they comeback, it’s gonna be the new default skin.
LiterallyJustKenny (11 days ago)
Kinda crazy to think that all this was not that long ago
ScoPeZ RiZe (11 days ago)
hi man keep up the good work!
Tenaager_ Twitch (11 days ago)
Have u buy ghoul trooper
Joseph Gibbs (11 days ago)
i got the skull trooper, ghoul trooper red knight and like 3 pages of skins lol
Kakashi 89 Boii (11 days ago)
I played in season 1 and 2 I bought none of the season 1 skins which I regret. And bought the season 2 battlepass then stopped at the end. Came back in season 4 and noticed A lot of people staring at my blue squire skin.
J G (12 days ago)
2.8k vbux
J G (12 days ago)
I would pay for renegade raider
am-_-Alejo Lol (12 days ago)
The old good Fortnite
Renegade Raider (12 days ago)
I would pay my skull trooper for the renegade raider
Jr playz (12 days ago)
Wait who else noticed the Scythe was epic but then it was rare
Jonathan Urrutia (13 days ago)
I own renegade raider
revink079 (13 days ago)
I played since the first week of the game
Smash Dog (13 days ago)
Skull trooper is cooler than ghoul?? I’ll about that one, they definitely based skin prices off of how much work was put into the skin back in season, and now they have a general scale of pricing
Ricardo Torres (14 days ago)
Season 3 ruined the game
Tov_voT (15 days ago)
If the renegade raider came back it would screw over anybody who bought it for like 500$ already
mark buxo (15 days ago)
Sports for life Bdbbdn (15 days ago)
Back then i got the skull trooper and got Clift hanger Instead of reaper 😭
zsolt deme (15 days ago)
i bought the aerial assult trooper.. the ugliest of the rare skins
Puria (15 days ago)
i started to play this game when season 2 first came out, but i didnt buy anything until the season three battle pass, which pisses me off because i loved all the skins in season 2
Username (15 days ago)
My biggest regret in this year was not buying all of this
Gregsicle (16 days ago)
the only skin i want is the renegade raider 😓
Josh Calderon (16 days ago)
I got renegade raider skin I'm glad I'm might sell my account soon
dropzzkappa (17 days ago)
they should add back season store
HotDogDogDogSong (17 days ago)
Oh i didnt know regenade raider was rare i have it ....
Monday Blues (19 days ago)
I think the ghoul trooper is better than the skull trooper
Preston Blum (19 days ago)
We're are my season 2 people?
_Mlg Gamer_ (19 days ago)
tbh 10k
John Kennedy (20 days ago)
2018... anyone...?????
Gamer pro (20 days ago)
Sometimes I think I could go back to this time and wish I didn't did the mistake of not buying these skins😭😭😭
Atxmic (20 days ago)
i have both so im happy :) but i would trade skull trooper for ghoul trooper
Jersey (20 days ago)
I got 50 dollars on Christmas and used it on gta. Rip
Tripp Turner (20 days ago)
Can I buy ur account lol
Evin Miles (20 days ago)
I prefer merry marrauder over skull trooper and ghoul trooper :p
TrueLegend935 (20 days ago)
i'd probably pay $22 for renegade raider, or any old skin. I miss the halloween days of fortnite. I started to play fortnite a week or 2 before the halloween.
MDK KDM (20 days ago)
i only bought the renegade raider and the reaper pickaxe but i didnt buy the Halloween skins becuase i thought pickaxes were cooler
Tiger (20 days ago)
I regret not buying skull trooper
Inflarius (20 days ago)
15% have skull trooper.
Tyrick Wheeler (20 days ago)
We all know the Christmas set was the best.
Evolution Fusionzz (20 days ago)
I think this Halloween they should make a male ghoul trooper and a female skull trooper
EMURDER23 (20 days ago)
I have skull trooper any one down to trade for black knight
VMX Slayer (20 days ago)
I have the skull trooper, arial assault trooper and the season 2 battle pass
MrSwagTurtle (21 days ago)
That wasn’t even that long ago
George Halvatsiotis (21 days ago)
i would pay 50 v bucks
I have most of these skins and Christmas skin and all that I don't even play the game anymore lol
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
yo can I have your account?
Dark Wolf (21 days ago)
I've used the skull trooper once, such an ugly skin, regret buying it lol
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
lol I’ll trade and take it off your hands if you want
Jake Bromage (21 days ago)
I have a skull trooper, scythe, black and red knight and funk ops account with a few more skins if your interested add my on snapchat and I’ll answer any questions you may have :) snap = jake_bromage Also account has all 3 refund tokens, open to offers !! :)
The6Thayer Playerz (21 days ago)
I have crackshot and up to sparkle on the battle pass from then.
BallLikeMatt2k (21 days ago)
i got the Renegade Raider, dont believe me? i got yt vids on it. Comment your best offers
The Gaming Elephants (5 days ago)
How bout like 30-40 bucks?
Fifa King99 (21 days ago)
i’ve been playing since october and all i want is aerial assault trooper
xd Hyper (22 days ago)
I would pay 10,000 V-Bucks for Renegade Raider.
FiTE Endy (22 days ago)
I hate skull trooper I have it and... it sucks for real like I wish I could refund it and get my dam v-bucks back
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
FiTE Endy lol I’ll trade and take it off your hands if you want
Tazim Ali (22 days ago)
Still regret not buying skull trooper
blastYT (22 days ago)
So glad i got the skins
blastYT (21 days ago)
Leave a message on my last vid i posted i will pm u
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
blastYT all season 3&4 skins, raven, vertex and more
blastYT (21 days ago)
What you got
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
blastYT can I trade?
Ikey (22 days ago)
I didn’t enjoy fortnite much in september and october so I didn’t buy anything but is it just me or did no-one massivly care about buying these skins?
LordXShadow (20 days ago)
Yeah back then if you had a skin okay all it did was show that you spent some money on the game
Herizon n (22 days ago)
Sub-zero 6 (22 days ago)
If any one wants a skull trooper account snap chat me, kevin_len
Dankie scoping YT (18 days ago)
Candy axe from Christmas *
Dankie scoping YT (18 days ago)
I have 38 skins wanna trade also cany axe
Javier Alvarez (21 days ago)
does it also have the reaper pick?
KingFiresGrowthSpurt (21 days ago)
Maxstrpure 2 (22 days ago)
Yeah I agree... I wish I got the skull trooper used to think it was a complete waste of money but when the Christmas update hit I bought a lot of the skins like the gingerbread man and the crackshot
Grinicide (22 days ago)
3000 for renegade raider
Dead Boi (22 days ago)
I vid about him talking about his skins
Silly Geese And Ducks (22 days ago)
I have the renegade raider but not the skull trooper
Carlos torrec (22 days ago)
i dont know if it is rare buit was in the store once i think and it is the Liteshow female version i think he name of her is Nitelite
Sean 'sweet' Johnson (22 days ago)
The music back then was too good I guess
ronaldo emmanuel (22 days ago)
Omg why did i not buy them
Vibez Ben Dover (22 days ago)
The Renegade Raider at 6:41 is probably like “aww man this guy has the tier 70 skin how lucky!!” And now she’s like “I’m so lucky that I bought this skin when it came out.”
Zeth (3 days ago)
Vibez Ben Dover trueeeeee
Bandicoot Bros (22 days ago)
Your bids are the best you deserve 1 million subs
Sushi Natura (22 days ago)
Is it just me who doesn’t like the skins? I have the skull trooper and 11k vbucks but I think fortnite is now dead and the skins are awful ... I’m selling me account £100 Xbox one gamertag : MrNatura
Bandicoot Bros (22 days ago)
When u used to hold the revolver with 1 hand looked so savagw5
Batone Mods (22 days ago)
i regret not buying chrismas skins :(

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