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Obi Wan & Darth Maul Face Off In BEAT SABER VR

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Check out Beat Saber on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/620980/Beat_Saber/ For business inquiries email [email protected] You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms
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Text Comments (307)
Preston Anderson (23 hours ago)
0:47 Holy Crap, Niko!
Rico Sanchez (2 days ago)
is this a custom level?
Kiwi Wilson (2 days ago)
I wonder if D really did learn how to use a bo staff. This video is amazing I have watched it twice now XD
JaronDenneyGaming (2 days ago)
This deserves to be #1 on trending
Cj Lewis (2 days ago)
Nova (4 days ago)
I always forget that Niko plays the drums until I watch one of these videos
Master Tanker (4 days ago)
D is Darth maul confirmed?
Pyrochase (4 days ago)
D's Intro was great. I know the intro song wasn't that complex as the later songs but it's cool to see how well he manages dual remote "Light Sabers"
Justin Dortch (4 days ago)
Now Niko and D. With this under your belts we've seen your skills. I wholeheartedly expect an entry into this years LCC.
drake rikers (4 days ago)
D why do you have to be so freaking cool at EVERYTHING!
Brandon Kwon (4 days ago)
Q7Nator (5 days ago)
Would you guys agree that it feels like the notes come a bit too early? I’ve felt that way since beta and I wish there was an option to offset them in z space
lisbiology (5 days ago)
That was cool. I wish the camera was mounted a bit further back and a touch more centrally then the viewer can see all the moves and not have the spiky bombs coming right into/blocking the field of vision.
Piano Man (5 days ago)
I've never heard such little vocal sound from a NODE production that was actually quite annoying at the same time. I would have prefered D's silence tbh
yog- slothcloth (6 days ago)
This is a gem.
kyle hoffmann (6 days ago)
I wish there were more clips of D
Tokuyi (6 days ago)
What microphone did you guys use for the Vive? It sounds amazing!
fdsafdsafdsa (6 days ago)
still looks nerdy, but now it's just awesome-nerdy :P
Jeffrey Friedman (7 days ago)
the music was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
mrtyman (7 days ago)
Holy shit you guys got good!
Jerome Ciarkowski (7 days ago)
I see y’all finally enabled the dot-only mode for Darth Maul. Nice! Also, I appreciate the switch of formatting; it’s a breath of fresh air.
Name of the Rose (7 days ago)
YES! I LOVE GREEN SCREEN! Please do green screen for everything!
lol lol (7 days ago)
Demonetized reason- used copyrighted music
Bugman657Studios (7 days ago)
Where can I download the version that D is playing?
The Predator (7 days ago)
D seems like if you gave him a bostaff he will rekt you
Kingstad (7 days ago)
I really dont often like a video, but you guys blew it out of the water here..
Curdle Sanders (7 days ago)
Just like the film D doesn't say a word and just looks BA
Conrad1013 (7 days ago)
The only Beat Saber video worth watching.
Ginger Soda (7 days ago)
They actually made a light saber controller, not sure if it works oh the HTC Vive, but it might work, a guy does beat saber vids and he has one, despite him using an oculus
Logan Rogers (7 days ago)
I normally don't really enjoy watching VR content, but this kind of thing is amazing
Mr. White (7 days ago)
Jesus, duel of the fates remix on expert+ well done
Samus Aran CZ (7 days ago)
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3cDxHp-haU
Ickym The Insane (8 days ago)
This video was just an absolute stream of YES. The next step is to play one in front of the other, with one camera facing one from behind, and the other from the front, stich the two together and it should look like if you two were fighting.
Micah Greenleaf (8 days ago)
These immersive camera VR videos are incredible. More please!!
FoxDragon (8 days ago)
This is the coolest sh*t ever but looks very hard. It also looks like your being a conductor
EthalaRide (8 days ago)
That was *DOPE!*
Harrison Tay (8 days ago)
D is so goddamn badass. And Niko too, equally badass
Johnny Joseph (8 days ago)
Mad Jim Jaspers (8 days ago)
This shits corny.... If u are gonna give us light sabers give us a star wars game. A triple title. I justtttt played skyrim VR which while flawed still shows you can do this.....stop rushing for cash........so im tired of these HD tech demos..... made for cornballs.... a light sabet beat game. 😐... this is like a puzzle fighter.... cute but (?)
TheSlickTurtle Man (8 days ago)
Darthzilla 1987 (8 days ago)
A week or two (Maybe even more than that) and they've finally figured it out.
jens coopman (8 days ago)
Waaaaat dude that is some good content!
Star Saber (8 days ago)
The Beat is strong with this one.
If you put this in 1.25 or higher its amazing
id4hack3r (8 days ago)
That no fail mode tho.. lol xD still cool af
Dylan Duong (8 days ago)
I wanna see freddiew play
The Hundredth Monkey (8 days ago)
are you fucking serious?!...... this is *Incredible!* Amazing work by everyone involved, this has to be one of Nodes best / most ambitious works yet! beat saber isnt my fav to watch, its basically DDR imo, but I appreciate the hell out of this! 100 likes if I could
ragestgamer (8 days ago)
Darth Maul is the best sith ever. Like this post if u agree
ragestgamer (8 days ago)
Wow, beautiful video. D looked bad ass with the doubble sided controllers and the darth maul suit. Looks like u guys been practicing
Albert Wu (8 days ago)
D would be playing as villain xD
Matt Fish (8 days ago)
Good execution on mixed reality.
elijah sastrillo (8 days ago)
Awesome af, I am speechless for these 2 of their skills.
Derek Hannemann (8 days ago)
that's pretty damn awesome how long did you guys practice that
Bryan Morris (8 days ago)
Guys, this was seriously. Augmented virtual reality is so much fun to watch
Zack Brown (8 days ago)
I rescind my comment on a previous beatsaber video of Node's. this took time and practice. i dont think D has ever looked more badass. 5/7 boys <3
Steeven Gaulin (8 days ago)
Ryan Yates (8 days ago)
wait there is customs songs now 0_o
BEN10 fanboy13 (8 days ago)
Matthew Ahn (8 days ago)
As usual, D with his badassness graces us for a mixed reality video. Should do more mixed reality in the future!
Madnessfoxgames (8 days ago)
Can you guys do a vid showing how u trained for that
plagues90 (8 days ago)
where do you get more songs?
Cabe Buffalo (8 days ago)
Hello There
Seattle's Finest (8 days ago)
d's setup was amazing im surprised he did so well he must have had a lot of practice
wol5fe (8 days ago)
Sith D looks badass! Corridor Digital needs to do a full fledge lightsaber fight short film
StrikerX1360 (8 days ago)
Love the implementation of Mixed Reality
bergonius (8 days ago)
This is actualy amazing.
Kennedy Dunn (8 days ago)
Wen will you guys play d and d
Mr. cookie (8 days ago)
Do more Airsoft ttt
thejanusproject32 (8 days ago)
They did damn well. But this mix of the song is frickin awful
Lead Delta (8 days ago)
The force is strong with you Niko.
Foosmar Kyo (8 days ago)
Love the video! D with doublesaber action looks Amazing!
BlarghMan (8 days ago)
D always does cool things
Hot Donut (8 days ago)
Hello there
James Lofton (8 days ago)
D is so into it
Elijah Vivio (8 days ago)
Why does D always play the bad guys
Niko calm down
That Internet Show (8 days ago)
That was cool.
Vincent Siano (8 days ago)
I've died and seen heaven that was awesome you guys did great
IFUCKBOOBIES (8 days ago)
No words. So good. Node gods. Will you be sharing some behind the scenes for this? Holy jeez guys, this was astounding
Zeke770 (8 days ago)
Now that’s Beat Saber!
timtrm (8 days ago)
Sengoku8999 (8 days ago)
You can definitely tell Niko and D took the time to practice beat saber just to make this video. But what really impress me the most is D with the blue / red lightsaber staff.
Nova (4 days ago)
Niko plays the drums so he’s been pretty good from the start. D is just a badass
Matija Novak (8 days ago)
wtf , this is some good shit boi!
Tolg TheTenacious (8 days ago)
This gives me hope. If they can learn it in a few weeks time, then so can I.
Daniel Trinh (8 days ago)
Tolg TheTenacious then again it’s D and Niko lol. They play VR way more than an average person
spiketoy10 (8 days ago)
fuck that was so cool!!!
Tibuwi (8 days ago)
Obi wan got much more screentime than Darth Maul. That kinda made me sad :( Gud Vid tho. GG
WingMaster562 (8 days ago)
Its kinda better if you split the screen, i kinda wanted to see both at all times. Granted ill replay it. Other than that, thag was hard but damn it you guys are good. D has got some sick tricks
Waqas Rafiq (8 days ago)
Great vid D destroyed it
feha92 (8 days ago)
Not a fan of the video-editing, with how it was cut etc. Particularly how it kept getting cut into nikos red fields even though D seemingly had a clear view at that time. Also, was there a reason for the discrepancy in screen-time between niko and D? D had near none, and even when we had it felt like the audio was niko's.
The Scouts (7 hours ago)
xXSaborLaborXx nice badge, scout, you have my respect!
xXSaborLaborXx (8 hours ago)
ive seen on one song, the song they were playing i do think, that the song starts of at a different point on a lower difficulty
The Scouts (4 days ago)
feha92 if you played guitar hero you would know that the lower the difficulty the less on beat the songs notes are, like paint it black, you don't even do the 8 note combo at the beggining lest it's on hard mode, so those may be the only on time ones that they could find
Christian Rolla (6 days ago)
feha92 because Nikos increased difficulty Niko had the show, and perhaps it was even Nikos idea or he put more time into it, but I guess we won’t really know
feha92 (7 days ago)
For asking what he means? I know this is youtube comment-field, but please don't flame-bait.
Aiden Furry (8 days ago)
you realize you can do single saber or all of one specific color
Incoming Badass (8 days ago)
One of my favorite videos of Node. And thats saying a lot because you guys have a lot of great videos! :D
De_K¡ng (8 days ago)
ragesaq has competition
GiroFuse (8 days ago)
This video would have become viral without nikos comments
yungdestructor 915 (8 days ago)
D tho rocking up with the dual holy shit
Luke Brown (8 days ago)
Solo doki dating sims
James Eden (8 days ago)
Who got the higher score? Mixed VR is the best guys, please keep doing more. Cutting edge content.
Lamlotas Aurubadin (8 days ago)
That was awesome
Leonard Bester (8 days ago)
D and Niko looked super sick!
Conrado Paderes (8 days ago)
Dat intro by D doe...man that was sickkkkk

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