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Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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Text Comments (62916)
Juho Kivi (24 minutes ago)
But Scott sayed that the robotik sound was a design chose. Right?
Erin Mahrer (33 minutes ago)
Mikes name in the log book is crossed out, this could indicate that he is unsure of his name.
Vivien Uhde (34 minutes ago)
But mat here’s the remember when you said later that night look up it said car black!And also how does mike get in to golden Freddy and what about the withered golden Freddy sinse he’s different?
TeTo ElEssawy (50 minutes ago)
I did not understand anything Mat said.
Rose Gold (2 hours ago)
This is not for this video but mat I heard the subtitles of the new fanfic game and they kept taking about the one you should not have killed does that mean something
Sylv4n0 (2 hours ago)
What i dont understand is this... the child is in the first freddy fazbears.... but sister location is destroyed... but they are both mike.....
Evan Clothier (2 hours ago)
I missed a bunch of theories but i can't stop thinking that Henry is Fredbear because William wanted things to stay secret or whatever so Henry put him in the Fredbear suit but before he did Henry left Mike messages so he could fix William's mistakes. After Henry is in the suit he begins to change and soon wants Mike to be like William (bad). Mike was not killed by the bite but rather put into a coma. That's why Henry wonders if Mike remembers stuff. He wants to know if Mike remembers what his dad did so he can Mike bad. Another reason why i think Henry is Phone Guy/Fredbear is that in Pizzeria Sim. there is the audio file HRY which is kind of like Phone Guy giving you info that William doesn't want Mike to know. But hey, (i'm not going to the game theorist thing) that's just my thoughts. Also i'm 12.
derzeplon (3 hours ago)
you HAVE to watch dawkos video about the logbook
AlexToxYT 07 (3 hours ago)
I Think Coincidences Happened!!!
Windex (3 hours ago)
Why would afton try to scare his son into not going to Freddy's for safety purposes, by making killer animatronics?
derzeplon (3 hours ago)
hey i dont know if this can help but in the last video youve got the "Name" glfius from the logbook and i thaught if glfius mabe means "golden freddy is under us" i hope it helps
Lets hope theres a seventh game
Meteor Man (3 hours ago)
Vampire Rules (3 hours ago)
OMG! I just realized that Lefty HAS to be a springlock suit. If he wasn't a springlock suit, there would be no possible way for the puppet to fit inside of him after Lefty captured him. Lefty also has five fingers, and only the springlock suits have five fingers. So Lefty must have been created before the bite of '83 because after the bite of '83, the springlock suits were discontinued and the creation of them was abolished. Lefty might have something to do with Mikeal's or more so, the crying child's gear of the shadows, as shadows in real life are a blackish/greyish colour just like Lefty's exoskeleton. Lefty may have something to do with the crying child's fear of the shadows that the animatronics cast on the wall. Lefty may play a larger role in this series than just capturing the puppet. Well that's what I think, anyway. But Hey, that's just a theory, a (probably incorrect and useless) game theory. Thanks for reading.
Sandy 23 (3 hours ago)
Mat pat jeremy and Fritz are not only namens on graves they are also the night guards (fnaf 2). What if the missing Name on the grave is Mike or Michael
Akay Cömert (3 hours ago)
9:18 Shiny Diance Dave is William Afton
Ink Bendy and Freddy (3 hours ago)
1:45 Freddy:Because I did >:) MUA HA HA HA
Long Phan (4 hours ago)
And later scott confirm the little fan game someone make for jacksepticeye, you know the one where he got dragged in the computer to find his fans and a way out and met alot of his favourite game characters, is canon
Toriwolfy And Cipher (4 hours ago)
Despite of the title of the video, you are not actually covering ultimate custom night. your covering the book and other games. I JUST ROBOT SPAGHETTI PUKED ON YOUR THEORIES!!!
Lewi Hartland (5 hours ago)
Matpat wares the next fnaf theory
Can you atleast wait?
Creative Colors (5 hours ago)
*Is jump scared* ...You son of a bitch. *is clinging to the ceiling*
Poop Butt (5 hours ago)
What if Matts the purple guy... But remember thats just a theory. A GAME THEORY Love this channel man.
Skylabber (5 hours ago)
Hey matpat I noticed something. If you are in ultimate custom night, look at the name it gives molten springtrap.... Afton. Now I know you already know that springtrap is William Afton but I still think it is cool how Scott Cawthon confirmed it. BTW I think you are awesome. Keep up the cool story.
Here's my theory. Michael, born Cassidy Afton, (the name Cassidy comes from the Survival Logbook) died in the hospital in the aftermath of the Bite of '83. Cassidy's soul goes on to possess Golden Freddy. We can infer this from UCN. William re-build his son, but he wasn't the same. Cassidy's soul was no longer in him. Perhaps someone named Michael was one of the people that William robbed of remnant to re-create his son. Cassidy saw him killing children, and began to loathe his father. But in any case, Cassidy Afton is no longer alive at this point. This might even explain why William is so angry whenever Michael does something he doesn't like. Because Michael isn't technically his son, he has no emotional attachment to him. William keeps killing children in an attempt to practice his child-reviving skills, not knowing that Cassidy's soul is bound to Golden Freddy, until he dies in FNaF 6. It is then that Cassidy uses whatever power he has to trap William in purgatory until Cassidy rests his soul with Old Man Consequences.
Aubs Art Abomination (6 hours ago)
Mat... I was watching a markiplier scare complation for fnaf 2 and in the bottom right-ish of the static shown after a jumpscare I noticed what seemed to be 2 eyes then I saw another one in the left-middle-ish idk if it's just me but maybe trying to lower the static might lead to a better picture... then again it might just be me but I feel like it might be something...
jerry valdivia (6 hours ago)
I know this may sound a little weird but if left e was meant to take the puppet and stuff it inside then what if it was already present in a past game. In Fnaf 2 there are the shadow characters,Freddy and Bonnie. I don’t quite know who bonnie could be but what if shadow Freddy was left e this whole time and had been following the puppet ever since and it’s a shadow so it won’t be seen by the puppet or something like that
Doc Lefty (6 hours ago)
Did the cryptograph from the survival guide ever get cracked?
Hey on page 39 of the survival logbook on the bottom corner is a head stone that says my name so maybe the cutscene in fnaf 6 with the grave stones the one all the way on the right is mikes real name
Channel Foot Lettuce (6 hours ago)
@MatPat, Listen to Mr.Hippo's stories. In one he asks how he got stuck in the airducts. You know, in the ucn. And he says maybe this is some sort of afterlife or nightmare. The ucn is Canon maybe?
Ruby Durrani (6 hours ago)
remember when you said the Afton dad is in a lair underground I don't know if you figured this out but in Sister Location I believe you play as the Afton dad Watching The kid in fnaf 4 because there is a map lay out in sister location of fnaf 4 you are Dad Afton watching the kid because in the secret room there is a keypad next to those broken TVs and you imagine the 123 456 789 and type in 1993 but the numbers aren't there SO THE UNDERGROUND PLACE YOU HIDE IN IS SISTER LOCATION and I think the Afton dad makes the animatronics and puts them in the house to toture the crying child
Supersonic Gaming (7 hours ago)
reply if the jumpscare at the end of the vid got you XD
Blix11 (7 hours ago)
This book was deciphered by some other youtuber. Inconceivable!
Stupids (7 hours ago)
But I have 1 question. Who is the crying child's brother? And also, if u didn't notice (which I think u do, I just think u don't know it yet) the springtrap in fnaf 6/Pizzeria simulator. We know that the victim from the fnaf 6 springlock is a member of the Afton family. But sometimes in the middle of the night, he says, "You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, its still me." What does that mean? Does the nightguard have anything related with the salvaged springtrap? But also, I was thinking about mike Afton. If u go back to the final cutscenes of sister location, before the end of the cutscene, he says, "I'm going to come find you", in some kind of demonic voice. That makes us think he is a victim of the springlock failure. But he couldn't be the springtrap from fnaf 3 cuz William Afton is the springtrap in fnaf 3. Could that mean that the salvaged springtrap from fnaf 6 is Mike?! But also leads to the question, who is the nightguard from fnaf 6? Since salvaged springtrap asks if he remembers him, the nightguard should also have something in common with the salvaged springtrap. And the only person I could think of being the nightguard from fnaf 6 is Mike's/The crying child's brother. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was just something I was thinking about. Maybe this can help u in a different theory. And if not, welp...... I tried to become a theorist. Hope u can find what you are looking for.
Isabella Cardona (7 hours ago)
Hey MatPat I saw your last episode and I noticed that the coupons have numbers on them with money value and how you have to go to page six with the 5+4 and 3 maybe you should do something with the money value numbers on the coupons just a suggestion
Awesome Z0MBI (7 hours ago)
Well, it's a children's logbook, so give it to a smart FNaF lover child. See what the child finds out.
LOL gamer (7 hours ago)
why are they trying to kill Mike even do they kill William already
Brooklyn Dennis (7 hours ago)
Matpat i got one for the vigenere cipher mabe Scotts hided golden Freddys real name in his name don don donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
JDash15 (8 hours ago)
1) Love these Theories! Keep it up, MatPat! And 2) There's another book... The Freddy Files by Scott C. And there may be people commenting about this book too, but it has some questions and some revealing things about FNAF4. Now I know it's crazy but I HIGHLY recommend You, MatPat or whoever reading, to read since it may have some answers. But it's mainly how to get through and beat every game "correctly", say the "True ending" in Sister Location. Also there's some cool recipes like making Eggs Benedict, from FNAF:SL, and a "Twisted" Pizza! Crazy, right? So, that's all I have to say. Maybe take a look at The Freddy Files!
Taco Girl (8 hours ago)
* Video intro starts* Me: you ok Matt?
FinLin Animation (8 hours ago)
Also what if the FNAF 4 mini game with the girl with the plastic toys is one of the toy animatronic - like chica because of the log book said " do you miss them" she was at mikes party.
FinLin Animation (8 hours ago)
Mat pat- not sure if it matters but on some of the pages of the log book there is pizza with 3 pepperoni slices...
forgotten 888 (8 hours ago)
Scott screwed up, if he relesed the games with a much larger time span than a few months, say for intisnce he relesed th 2nd game 4 months later instead he would have built up more hype therfore it would get more popularity same with the 3rd and 4th instalment and then if he did that he could have added more secrets, because if he did that than fnaf wouldnt have become a game that young kids play as an introduction to the horror genre but none the less i still love the series and its still in my top 3 favorite games, and matpat i dont recall you ever goin to far indept with nightmare, i mean you talked about him in the past but only to a very small extent and one last thing, 1 @lw4y$ 3m0c [email protected]
spacytime 4 (8 hours ago)
The book doesn't know all familiar toys because it's around 25 percent of mikes soul
Dianne Herring (8 hours ago)
I just got the logbook the same day while watching this and my mind was blown I KNEW A THEORY WAS BEING MADE DROM THE TALLY MARKS AND THE DOODLES
spacytime 4 (8 hours ago)
The book knows what toys mike was familiar with because it was mike once
spacytime 4 (8 hours ago)
Some of mike went into golden Freddy, the rest went into his new robot body.
Didn’t Scott say “Sister Location” isn’t related to FNAF? Yet when you get the game it’s called “Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location” I get so confused every time. Lol
Lol I thought the purple car was his head XD
Jake335 (9 hours ago)
there is a new book so get your theory brain thinking for the next one
ThePlushChannel (9 hours ago)
Xavier Guinea (9 hours ago)
Did you know that rockstar freddy knows when the heat goes up.
Aiden Smith (9 hours ago)
In ultimate custom night nightmare fredbear says he isn't an illusion, so he is a real animatronic. So since he is real Mike can see him, which debunks this theory.
Radio Cloud (9 hours ago)
do more fnaf theorists
Maricela Pinon (10 hours ago)
Whatif theres two springtraps. What if Michael. Is the springtrap from tazbears fright and his father is the othuer spring trap from fnaf 6 and that Michael was just waking up in the end clip coinsidence I think so mat...
WolfSpiritDemon (10 hours ago)
THEORY NUMBER 1 Michael being alive actually makes sense cus the phone guy said (in either fnaf 1 or 2, I can’t remember!) “it’s amazing how a human can live without a frontal lobe” if that’s Michael’s bite incident then that means he is still alive, and you said in a previous theory that the frontal lobe is roughly the area that makes people feel fear. If Michael lived and no longer felt fear, he probably sought out to right his fathers wrongs as a way to get revenge for what happened to him, his sister, and the other children. It’s probably why there was an I.V. drip next to the bed in fnaf 4 it’s there cus he survived the bite and is recovering from it, another reason for the cameras around the house, for William to make sure Michael doesn’t do anything to hurt himself during recovery. THEORY NUMBER 2 “I will put you back together” What if William actually built an exact animatronic copy of Michael after his death and somehow used remnant to put his consciousness into the body (like what the puppet does with the spirits of the dead children), maybe this appeared to Michael in the form of Golden Freddie, and Golden Freddie. It also makes more sense cus Michael is the only one to know who Golden Freddie is and what he looks like, so if Michael isn’t the guard from fnaf 1 then how can they see Golden Freddie, kinda like how only he knows the nightmare animatronics cus they were from his nightmares? Actually, what if the connection to remnant at all is the reason the spirits are able to posses the animatronics in the first place?
Kayleigh Holden (10 hours ago)
I’ve been re-playing EVERY FNAF game and re-watching every theory cuz I thought it would be a “fun idea” and now my brain hurts again... I didn’t miss this feeling the first time...
Star Dragon 27 (10 hours ago)
Just realized William Afton’s badge looks like toast! 😂🤣
keejplays2009 thao (11 hours ago)
Dawko found out something about him. Golden Freddy (hint: death coin)
Elissa Lopez (11 hours ago)
Sabin Caragea (11 hours ago)
MatPat, in fnaf custom night I got a wierd different monologue from mr hippo and I think you should check that out
Riley Heffner (11 hours ago)
1:05 when you brightened up the screen, i could see human like eyes inside of the puppet
kingfire 32 (11 hours ago)
Anyone see dabbing chica mobe her eyes at 1:30
nitekat Games (11 hours ago)
I have a theory, all fnaf games are at the same time
DarrenSharkey96 (11 hours ago)
what about this, Mike is the fnaf 4 main player but not the one who get's bitten , if he saw the bite of 83 happen then he would also be having nightmares as he is only about 12/13 when it happens. no doubt i'm wrong but worth a comment
Gaia Spaziani (12 hours ago)
Hi, maybe you know me. I have some questions about the final fnaf theory... I think me and my boyfriend definitely solved the fnaf story. I just want to talk with you in private if it’s possible (maybe instagram?). I hope you’ll read this comment, it’s very important. Thank you :)
Pablo Prieto (12 hours ago)
I need spanish subtitles pls!!
Luivibe (12 hours ago)
Make a new timeline! And a vid of who all the characters on
Abdurrahman Syed (12 hours ago)
I have a theory that maybe William wasn't alive even before he got springlocked. Notice how he's purple, just like Michael was in the ennard cutscene. To me it points to William being a rotting corpse as well. The only problem is that he was purple in the SAVE HIM minigame but not in the midnight motorist minigame. It might have been retconned though, seeing as how the "HIM" the voice was telling Freddy to save turned out be be a girl. Anyone have any input? Think it might be related to why purple guy is a killer?
AnAnnoyingKid 2 (12 hours ago)
I dont believe that Michael is the crying child because of ultimate custom night maybe you just play the fnaf 4 game as Micheal having nightmares about the incident of the bite of 83 and he would have obviously been traumatized also in every game you play as him and also in ultimate custom night there is a theory that you play as Micheal and when some of the animatronics voice lines metion the " person you shouldn't have killed " he's referring to his brother that he didn't mean to kill
Badger_Gaming118 (12 hours ago)
Wait but isn’t the crying child golden Freddy and if he is how did he get out and start being what we know now is the real purple guy who we thought was Micheal
SmolGengar (11 hours ago)
Treesicle's video on "Ultimate custom night golden Freddy" theory explains it better as well
Abbie Mars (12 hours ago)
But what about the brother? Does Henry have multiple kids then? I just have more questions now 😓
Jess A (12 hours ago)
Did anyone else hear him say bite of 83?
Devin 656 (12 hours ago)
Remember the days we did not know purple guys name
Pancake King (12 hours ago)
Many Months later...
Squid Mc chippy (12 hours ago)
The code isn't the key to the name of golden freddy. Golden groceries name is cassidy, found by putting the two numbers from every page into the word search, and conveniently is the name of a leaked character in the new book. You looked too deep into finding his name.
Ninja Mac33 (12 hours ago)
You said fonts are important right? Then why is it in the fruity maze mini game will talks in both yellow and blue?
specialhead305 (12 hours ago)
Cassidy Use the word search That’s the name of golden freddy
Jan Raymar Lazarte (13 hours ago)
New source code on Scottgames.com "What is paragraph 4?"
Son Goku (13 hours ago)
4:42 “I KNOW!!!!” I’m ded
MatthiMFS MFS (13 hours ago)
I spilled orange juice on it and it revealed a code
BOLTUN 77 (14 hours ago)
Hope this helps https://youtu.be/DjUZrNNx-tE
Robinator 101 (14 hours ago)
What if golden freddy is Mike, think about it. William Afton the Funtime animatronics to lure and capture kids in order to save Mike or crying child. He finally finds out about remnant after the Baby incindent and which allows him to save his son and put his remnant into a human-like anamatronic but what if its not the whole remnant and some of it is in Golden Freddy. That would explain his ghostley behavior and why the text "ITS ME" appears. Its not brother coforting brother but one half of a soul conforting another half. Its not just me speculating either. Someone put together a few things on reddit user u/MichaelO2000 put together that in the word search we see What is your name? and after deciphering notes together he found that the secret code said "I SHOW U" Ishow u? show me what? My name. It makes since if one half of his soul is gone then so is half is memoies including his name, that's why he keeps it written down in SL he's having trouble remembering. That's also why in SL custom night bonus cutscene we see him say "father its me michael" by then he's taken care of all the other remnant of the other animatronics including his other half. He's finally at peace. Also in the Survival Logbook we see "The Birthday Party was for you" and a response of "It was for me" then its non-animatronic Mike trying to help G-Freddy remember. Maybe after GL's spirit got released it went into the book that would explain a lot. Like "Was your favorite toy a phone" or "Was your favorite ride the carisoul" its the two halves of Mike trying to figure out what was the whole Michael. What do you think about this plz let me know. Thank u.
SnowDUHdragon (14 hours ago)
Oh gosh how many more fnaf episodes to watch before the 10 game someday comes out and there like 50 more fnaf episodes
Kabe McClenny (14 hours ago)
When's the next fnaf theories
Noreen Barr (14 hours ago)
Ummmm I saw paper pal in the pile in fnaf 3 in the office Was paper pal in all the games or just fnaf 6
VideoRenegade (14 hours ago)
Ok. My brother kind of off-hand threw out a comment about something said in Ultimate Custom Night. Something clicked when i thought about it. William Afton may have repurposed Michael. If he was rebuilt as an android what if there was a sort of drive, or influence from the aforementioned Mind control disk, that was driving Michael to fix his father's mistakes? What if William was using his rebuilt son to set free the souls of those he'd killed? Or to add to that, what if Michael never truly existed at all? What if he was an android from the beginning, maybe a beta test or something? Which would help add some sense to the statement of being put back together. As that's strange to hear being said about a human, but makes perfect sense about a robot.
eXpl0ding C0Lt0n derham (14 hours ago)
the name is cassidy
Jessica Burdick (14 hours ago)
Golden Freddy's name is Cassdy
Jessica Burdick (14 hours ago)
Kendall (14 hours ago)
You know, all of this makes me wonder if Scott just threw a bunch of games together with easter eggs and common characters or if he is a genius story telling mastermind who planned all of this.
Ender DJ 26 (14 hours ago)
Nick Alvarez (14 hours ago)
But I thought Michael Afton was spring-trap after the whole clip so how is purple guy spring-trap
Kendall (14 hours ago)
MatPat, when you do another theory, make sure to look into ALL the lines that the animatronics say in UCN. There's lore everywhere. Including several characters mentioning you not being able to escape, that they can torment you forever. They also mention "The one you shouldn't have killed. It's fascinating.
Hailey XD gamer (14 hours ago)
When will the next theory come out i can't remember if you used this in a previous theory but if you look up fnaf movie there are some ideas that you can get out of it and find some info in the games to back it up idk if this Is any real to what the series is but when i watched it i found somethings that could connect but you are the pros so if this can help please use it i hope this helps you
TheGirlyPizza Channel (14 hours ago)
The story begins with fnaf 4 and ends with fnaf 3
Sammy109 (14 hours ago)
Well NVM, I'm was going to say that there is a video on YouTube where the guy that gets scooped in sister location didn't get scooped because the scoop I don't know misses? Idk, but then he finishes his shift and at the end he walks away very scared and then it just says the end but it's all glichy
Sammy109 (14 hours ago)
Does matpat even read comments?
Sara Mattila (15 hours ago)
Me: yeah yea got it (the end of the video) I'm sorry what did you say again? (・∀・)
Damien Horton (15 hours ago)
Matthew, calm down.

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