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Reunited with Aculite as we run wild on the battlegrounds once again! Also, check out our shiny new hoodies! :D ▶ Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOt5hVyS2-nbcJ3_FP41Ajg?sub_confirmation=1 Playing with: www.youtube.com/user/AculiteGaming ▼ Connect with me: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tomographic Twitter https://twitter.com/itstomographic ▶ NEW Steam Group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Tomographic ­__________________________________________________ ★ My PC Specs: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tomographic/saved/pJHQzy ♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound HOODLUMS - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS w/ Aculite
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Tomographic (9 months ago)
Hope you enjoy the new video guys! I decided to throw some more cinematics into the mix with this one as your feedback on my last video was simply awesome!! Unfortunately the frame rate of some of the cinematics towards the end of the video look a little choppy as it appears there was an issue with the render, but I'll look into it if the problem persists in the future. - Thank you for the support as always and for helping me reach 25k!!! You guys are the best and I'm so glad you're enjoying the content! :D
Frase (9 months ago)
Epic as ever keep at it pal
Deviant Azer (9 months ago)
Keep it up man! This is some good stuff!
cdbriggs (9 months ago)
Those edits looked great!
Bob Allen (9 months ago)
Love this style of video, know it's harder work. Keep it up Tom!
Benjamin Clarke (9 months ago)
Tomo, you beast, solid work mate.
토하는테드찡 (2 months ago)
I love white
moed al garny (3 months ago)
your voice is like aka art voice.. wow
Dede Datuamas (3 months ago)
You not cary .. But you the best suport for aculite..
BlutRatte (5 months ago)
17.20 whatttddd
Melon Patrol (6 months ago)
You had me laughing in this one when you said "what the fuck are you shooting at now?" I have a friend who plays with the same enthusiasm as Aculite. Nothing gives me more anxiety than when we are in mid-conversation then he peels off 25 shots without mentioning what or where he's shooting lol.
Azamyth (6 months ago)
these edits are beautiful
gilang permana putra (7 months ago)
I can chicken dinner it's
KHR 202 (7 months ago)
Skwrl Fuzz (7 months ago)
acu-cam. omg.
El Barto (7 months ago)
Things are getting too spicy for the pepper!! 🌶 Francine Smith '12
B4TTLEF4ILED (8 months ago)
anyone know which song from EpidemicSound is used in the final 30 second of the vid ?
Brad Chellingworth (8 months ago)
I love the production quality of your videos, love the various angles and stuff! makes it so much nice to watch!
omg the ting with music and you flying around and it sounded so peace full omg i love it
angrydrummergirl (9 months ago)
ymer234 (9 months ago)
Those flawless editing skills. Good work
Don Kairewich (9 months ago)
great vid Tom, thanks for sharing
Hammerang (9 months ago)
Slip and slide with Aculite hahah
Joey Kallial (9 months ago)
just subscribed man, you, aculite, and stone, are awesome to watch play
Dirk Dwipple (9 months ago)
I watch both your replays. You both bring it.
Benjamin Kallestein (9 months ago)
Great edits!
Donald Simpson (9 months ago)
Tom the cinematic cuts are amazing, AFAIK no one else is doing them, keep it up
Father Frank (9 months ago)
sexy fucking voice
Joe Nace (9 months ago)
Damn good run Tom!
Lethal (9 months ago)
Why do you get out...... damn, you doit everytime....
Lethal (9 months ago)
Are you really thatbad, you think you got shot from somewhere else, when the bullet flash came from the hut... you are so baaaad.
Lethal (9 months ago)
And then you go all bullshitter as excuse for doing it.... just own your mistakes, and people respect it.
Nicholas Brooker (9 months ago)
Instead of random cuts to other locations, try adding a transition or establishing shot. That said I am really liking the recent changes to content! looking forward to more.
Niiice (9 months ago)
Lol, how long are you going to need to loot the m24? :-D
Things You Might Like (9 months ago)
Between the British accent and the cinematic, this just became the first classy PUBG channel.
TheFirstNobody (9 months ago)
>not liking the sks because they don't know how to use it OMEGALUL
Benjamin Smith (9 months ago)
ArchieDon1 (9 months ago)
Great video dude thx for all the entertainment over the past few months 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎😎😎
Metalicrock (9 months ago)
yo tom i watch you all the time on aculite's channel but i came over here because i was feeling a lack of tom and im just blown away by how well done this video is man. you are doing some great work man.
Tomographic (9 months ago)
Metalicrock Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words! If you enjoyed this then I recommend that you check out the video before this one (LONE WOLF) I spent such a long time doing some of those cinematics!! xD
Marco (9 months ago)
such good video! i wish you could post more :D
Daniel (9 months ago)
tks for the work of edit...excelent
EliteBeastNation (9 months ago)
RIP price, $1500 to $200
Aizen (9 months ago)
Man I have 700 hours but the worst k/d, probably gonna uninstall this game soon this I suck ass at it..
Karel Klok (9 months ago)
You sir, just got yourself a new subscriber! Keep it up!
Kaeja Bradford (9 months ago)
These are great!!!!
Irrelaphant 100 (9 months ago)
B gon T H O T
Bradley (9 months ago)
Hi Tom just wanted to let you know your content is great! One recommendation from me is to increase your fov. It seems that it's on standard. Keep up the great work. :D
bimalkausar (9 months ago)
Conversation goals 😁😁
lawltrolls (9 months ago)
Andrew Jang (9 months ago)
Maximilian Bondi (9 months ago)
found you over the Aculite vids. Insta-Sub
Potato Salad (9 months ago)
Love you guys, most relaxing but still fun PUBG games to watch
alexanderbilbo (9 months ago)
ii NoxiioUs ii (9 months ago)
The cinematic editing is awesome!! never seen such effort put into a video, new sub!
Ludus_ (9 months ago)
You and Connor should do the glock only challenge
Navid Fotovaty (9 months ago)
Awesome video man, keep it up.
Uchiha Itachi (9 months ago)
This video was very meme🤔
tagazokes (9 months ago)
Yes you indeed put yourself in bad positions for loots quite few times, (let's not forget abou the : "i'm gonna pick the awm" in the middle of nowhere :p) anyway nice play though. gg
Tomographic (9 months ago)
I take pride in putting myself in bad positions. It makes for good content! xD
Equalizer (9 months ago)
really nice Content, but still cant see u looting so slow. Its Pain in the ass. Keep up the good work
littlecarp04 (9 months ago)
Cheers Tom! I LOVE the videos you make with Aculite! Hoping to see more content from you.
JesusGOD1001 (9 months ago)
Love the video's man keep it up
Reckless Roges (9 months ago)
Love the "Acu-cam" edit. 11:30 "We are idiots" maybe, but at least you are both well dressed. #snazzy
Gam3zilla (9 months ago)
Another great video Tom. Loving these cinematic's, keep them coming please and keep up the great work
Pablo Rodríguez (9 months ago)
The new mix with the replays is fucking awesome. You are doing an excellent job with your videos, and you and Acu do a perfect team. Hope to see you soon in another video. Keep doing this, you will become big!
general mom (9 months ago)
New subscriber, love the cimenatics! also love when you and aculite play pubg. the chemistry between you two is astounding. :)
C Tripp (9 months ago)
awesome vid edgelord. love the content as always keep it up. nice shots.
Celoli Tan (9 months ago)
another clean shoot.. beautifull
budforu (9 months ago)
I would watch this show every week! Well done Tom!
zhonghe zheng (9 months ago)
best cinematic editing among all the battleground youtubers
zhonghe zheng (9 months ago)
you need to up ur frame rate, looks dizzy
roflex2 (9 months ago)
Awesome cinematics. One of the best on youtube for pubg.
Cidriel (9 months ago)
jt klingenmeier (9 months ago)
connor always has to be right
Pete Miller (9 months ago)
I hope you make more $$$ on that crappy 5 minute long ad I just watched for you
apocshadow (9 months ago)
get youtube red.
Vkay (9 months ago)
altair has been spotted 0:15
Confringo (9 months ago)
What is your in game graphics settings?
S T (9 months ago)
Streamer's privilege? WTG you lucky funners!
3k2p6 (9 months ago)
I'm sure you bought them in the comunity market, so low probability to get that stuff twice. But great video as always, your edition is perfect.
Rito910 on psn (9 months ago)
I love you Tom!
SophisticatedPanda (9 months ago)
One of you is all in black, slow and takes time, the other - fast, goes hard and is all in white. Just like Yin and Yang you, boys, are the perfect match for each other. The ideal duo. :D P.S. Tom, really good editing. The cinematics look good and Acu-cam is great addition!
sanguedidrago94 (9 months ago)
SophisticatedPanda what's a poet 👌
Eli Stoned (9 months ago)
Hey Tom, The ammount of effort and heart you put into your videos is imense! Even more condering that you're working a full-time job, besides making videos!! And even though you don't have a massive sub-count or rapidly growing sub numbers, I'm pretty sure you have the most loyal viewers! Hopefully you will soon be able to do this as your job (if you want do do this full, ofcourse :D) and I'm pretty dang sure you will nail it! Just letting you know we really appreciate and freaking love you and your content! <3 <3 Stay as cool, calm and collected as you are!! Just the best for you and your loved ones! Thats a lot of exclamation marks
Tomographic (9 months ago)
Thank you Eli. I really appreciate the kind words and your support means a lot! It's definitely proving to be a challenge but who knows.. maybe one day soon I'll be able to make this a full time thing. Until then I'm just enjoying the ride! Thanks again! :D
Wormlax (9 months ago)
Tom: "what the fuck is twin peaks you just call everything twin peaks" Aculite "to be fair we called wooden tree" Tom: "we??" I'm fucking dying here
Michael Krämer (9 months ago)
Not really irony, he obviously intended that as a joke ;)
Reckless Roges (9 months ago)
22:51 #irony
romanletters (9 months ago)
This is the quality content I subbed for!
Ray Clemenes (9 months ago)
Tom and Aculite cutest couple on Youtube
akee (9 months ago)
Super glad I turned noti's on for ya Tommy boy. Loving the edits and vids! Good stuff!!
Paul Egan (9 months ago)
With your editing I think that from now on I'll not bother watching Aculite's pov as it's so much more satisfying to watch yours when you include his highlights!
MrPiuPui (9 months ago)
Amazing, again. :)
BigWillyMiles (9 months ago)
Tom carries at the end! Great vid thanks Tom.
Shannon Wilson (9 months ago)
Always like watching you two, you guys are my fave players to watch
Anders Swendsrud (9 months ago)
That was great editing. Love how you put in some Acu-cam to give us a full view of the battles. And awesome finish for the dinner.
Jamppa (9 months ago)
Oh you got them from the crates! :O I thought you were crazy enough to spend 1000$ on them the day they dropped. Damn.
Brien Rooney (9 months ago)
new cinematics were great and you guys are god damn hilarious.
ScubaShneve (9 months ago)
Tom carries.
CrownDJester (9 months ago)
really like the cinematic Tom!
BorkBork Operator (9 months ago)
Good job man! Loving the videos
Vivitow (9 months ago)
Was that a template ‘hold on’ 😂
Tomographic (9 months ago)
Vivitow Nope. He really did say it that many times! xD
Hgk 90 (9 months ago)
GG man ! Nice editing aswell. You earn a cookie 🍪.
philip whalen (9 months ago)
simply the best combo..........new cinematics are great..........only regret is that the video is not longer
Ian Thomson (9 months ago)
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!
TheBluenoser76 (9 months ago)
That hill jump though...lol
seasloth800 (9 months ago)
The Thot patrol
florian LEBORGNE (9 months ago)
Hell yeah! Nice one tom
Justin evenson (9 months ago)
Not fishy at all that it's a .32 percent chance of getting those and u both get one, thinking someone at pubg gave a helping hand
Boba Fett (9 months ago)
Excellent video as always dude! keep up the good work! greetings from Sweden!
Janyl Dela Cierra (9 months ago)
Atlast New Toms Video. More Uoload please ;)
MunxFPS (9 months ago)
quality as usual, big love! - Munx
RISHAV BARDHAN (9 months ago)
Another victory by the PUBG Power Couple!!
Kn Mrt (9 months ago)
Awesome duo as always keep up the good work !

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