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"Dynamic Range" audio settings: tested and demonstrated - Rainbow Six Siege

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I have had a lot of requests to cover the best settings options for Rainbow Six Siege so let's kick things off with the audio settings. The most confusing option here is the Dynamic Range. The in-game description explains nothing, so in this video I will be testing out the different settings to see exactly how different types of sounds are affected at different ranges. Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD
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Text Comments (668)
Donger (1 day ago)
I used Night Mode, but when once i had a situation where someone blew up a hole in the wall next to me, and I died because I did not hear it, i've changed it back to hi-fi
Electric Droyer (2 days ago)
On Hi-Fi, the sound of barricades smashing, or breach charges being used can be tracked down. On TV it's possible but harder. On Night Mode, you can faintly hear them but can't know from where as its too low
Stone Muzza (5 days ago)
you sound like the guy from how its built. Great vid thanks
Uncle Jo (7 days ago)
what editing software do you use?
Rogue-9 (7 days ago)
Magix Vegas
cARTman (8 days ago)
Does Bass boost improve the sound of footsteps?
Astro a50??
/- CzerZ (10 days ago)
I’m late but I had to change the comments there is 666
what is better of this 3?
Jay smoker420 (11 days ago)
Night mode
ZezacleB (12 days ago)
Its stealth time. Enter..... *_Night Mode_*
YouOnly LiveOnce (13 days ago)
Very helpfull thank you!
Matheus Lacerda (13 days ago)
On HiFi, you can tell more easily where the sounds are coming from. On Night Mode, they are more "2D"ish
░KenLinx░ (14 days ago)
How does this demonstrate that Night is the best mode? It will really mess with you if someone is right next to you and you think they are further away. The inconsistency with the closer and further sounds in Night mode is the reason most pros choose TV.
omgwtfrofltomato (19 days ago)
like the aspect ratio video, you've once again, set up tests that dont resemble actual in game scenarios. this information isnt practical. theyre not bad results, just obvious? and more importantly do not test for the average in game scenario. i wouldve liked to seen tests of you in a different room, on a different floor. in a room, same floor, but 2 rooms away. below an enemy with and without a hole in the roof. all the tests you did represented a scenario where the enemy is in front of you. at that point u dont rely on sound you just kill em. please adjust your tests to produce results that resemble common fighting scenarios.
P ierrot (21 days ago)
Daniel C (21 days ago)
Its actually harder to tell where sound is coming from if you use tv or night mode
Rune_ P (22 days ago)
are you german...?
Thelemonenergy (24 days ago)
I think the test that would have mattered would have been enemy footsteps while you are shooting. Thats the reason why i play night mode.
Shaye (25 days ago)
Alabamas X (26 days ago)
What will u use??
Jura (1 month ago)
i will go with night mode now definatly
aj_FaZe crew (1 month ago)
Night mode is the best setting And it's way more nicer that the dylog setting's are fix you need to put that settings down to zero Btw who has a ps4 because I need a good team Peace out nerds 😎😎😎😎
Minh-Hieu Le (1 month ago)
Nah gotta play hi-fi and max volume for ultimate realism. Teamate shoots new aa12 shotty next to u. Becomes dead
Rivenor Black (1 month ago)
Night mode compresses the dynamic range. Now it will depend on your output speakers, quality of drivers, and what extra software filter/eq settings are applied. You cant just assume it sounds all the same. Your sound card also makes a difference. Here merely all that was was tested was left and right channels and loudness. However pay attention to the audio tapers, and clarity. There IS a difference. However most cant tell, their ears are too lazy to tell. This usually matters more to audiophiles. P.s. also remember is game there are ALOT of sounds at once. Dynamic makes a difference here too. But compression also changes if you switch it to say night mode so they become part of a closer frequency which may in fact muddle them together.
omgwtfrofltomato (19 days ago)
Rivenor Black thank you. anywhere i can read up on more detail?
Simon Verhoeven (1 month ago)
Would it work to download a compressor tool en crank it, so that the dynamic range gets even smaller?
Marcel89 (1 month ago)
so basically with night mode you can still hear quieter sounds while loud sounds are played?
KillaKami (27 days ago)
Marcel89 loud sounds are quieter, and quiet sounds are unaffected.
Laslagos (1 month ago)
On a related note, i dont know if that has happened to you but....(and a big stinky one at that) i sometimes have the problem that sounds from upstairs sound like they are comming from downstairs and vice versa. Any idea what that is, and why that happens?
Cody Renshaw (1 month ago)
Thank you have save my ear drums i sound whore to hear foot steps and it works great but when i fire my gun it feels like someone is firing a 22 repeatedly right beside me with out earplugs
nazmul haq nion (1 month ago)
wow !!
montagne 760 (2 months ago)
the health 200 😂
Fırat Çapar (2 months ago)
200 HP ? :D
Jack OSRS (2 months ago)
07:15 for gun 07:27 for walk
Jazz (2 months ago)
You sound like the narrator in Stanley Parable
Robert H (2 months ago)
I've been using Night Mode for a while because it does make those loud sounds quieter. I don't want to deafen myself trying to hear quiet sounds over loud sounds, anyway. I do think I have lost positional accuracy, however.
PandaGaming565 (2 months ago)
I thought you were sir or something, your voice is sooo cool!!
Johnny Faler (2 months ago)
You should do a video on muzzle attachments to see how they affect different fire rates
B V (2 months ago)
the enemy is 10 meters away, ubisoft muffles the sound LOL
Loxory (2 months ago)
Night mode for sure. I always get ran out on and I mostly blame it on how loud my gun is whilst they’re running out. I main Lion/Jackal and their guns are pretty fucking loud, especially Lions.
TightEYEZ 23 (2 months ago)
Only Night mode. Broooo. With an beyerdynamic dt990 pro 🖤
git gud (2 months ago)
Now i know why i always fuck up
mintz (2 months ago)
when you put up a reinforcement and cant hear discord until it's over
MoonMan (2 months ago)
We need people like u in the siege community
Mr. LunchBox (3 months ago)
I've known about this for a year now, I believe serenity explained how sound work and said something about using nightmode as his dynamic range
Juan R (3 months ago)
+Rogue-9 Hello, since you configured Night mode, did you take advantage and improve your gaming?? Thnkss
Revierie (3 months ago)
I use tv to get a nice blend of the two. All information is important, so when I use tv it seems to equal them out a bit imo. Just my opinion though.
Xerxes IV (3 months ago)
I’ve been using Hi-Fi for ages and it only worsened my gameplay as it makes some noises extremely loud like the bullets your shoot and rustling sounds you hear when people move. it’s kind of pointless because High Elo players are able to counter that. on the other hand, Night-Mode is alternatively better due to the fact that it lessens the excessive sounds such as your bullets, and makes footsteps louder when they’re close to you. You’ll notice that when you’re roaming or tracking, you’ll hear more footsteps often which is crucial. Overall, Night-Mode is significantly better due to the fact that you can increase your ingame volume and not be disturbed by the excessive sounds you hear from Hi-Fi
I actually play on night mode before this video and it’s nice to know that it’s the best
TJM99 (3 months ago)
It drives me mad when I can't even tell where the sounds are coming from because it sounds like its straight ahead but it's actually under me, or just some other crap, this is with a headset too.
dustyhermit (3 months ago)
Interesting video, Rogue. Just wondering if Hi-Fi could make it easier to track enemies through walls, though.
_Technophyle (3 months ago)
so which is the best or what do u guys use
J M (3 months ago)
4:18 I was full screen and was like wtf I didnt start a recording
Alex Capi (3 months ago)
Solid video, I always thought there was something off with the audio. I appreciate this video, thank you.
Don Cineaste (3 months ago)
also I tried night mode day one becaUse I played it at night and it just sounds Vetter for anyone to creep up on me... who knew that was an advantage until present
Don Cineaste (3 months ago)
Do playing siege without HUD on. practically pro league play. I tried the red pill and I never went back after that. Check out my videos of that experience guys for tips and tricks and team coordination. add the players I play with if you want. thanks guys. also subscribe and leave a comment in some of the vids for your chance to win a $50 psn reward card. Have a nice day ya grigzzly bastards :D
Lord Chanka (3 months ago)
I've been using night mode since... awhile
Bishi894 (3 months ago)
Always wondered about this but never really researched it. Glad I came across your video! Thanks!!
eiriseven (3 months ago)
Thank you for explaining what the heck this setting does! Definitely going for nightmode, the skins and charms already destroyed any inmersion I could had 😂
deadbelcher (3 months ago)
Why is your health at 200?
Jordan (3 months ago)
Please reply, which is the best one for hearing dokkaebi’s phones she’s hacked
lili (3 months ago)
I actually did hear a difference between hifi and night with footsteps, but tv was a nice mix between the two
Tom Robertson (3 months ago)
Will be using Night Mode, It's the best option to choose, that I think.
THE NINJAS OF EMPIRE (3 months ago)
So Tv or Hi-fi?
Reidy Plays (3 months ago)
So what do you recommend to use?
Sean_is _useless (3 months ago)
I think tv is the best setting
Daniel 786 (3 months ago)
Your voice sounds like pure gold.
Zero (3 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback bro. Now my ears won't be bleeding anymore. ^^
Finian Blackett (3 months ago)
Night mode for sure.
GamerGriffin (4 months ago)
Does anyone else not hear the difference? Because I can't...
the Game (4 months ago)
Great info but i believe u didnt test the most important thing....DEFUSING the bomb sound hits
Gurung pasang (4 months ago)
The only sound I prefer is Rogue-9's voice
Tristan van Zyl (4 months ago)
This guys voice SO SATISFYING
🅱️ig 🅱️oner (1 month ago)
wtf no
NightFalcon 617 (4 months ago)
sorry if I wanted to be immersed into a game I'm going to play fallout or skyrim.
Artix TM (4 months ago)
200 hp?
TheBerserkHealer (4 months ago)
the difference here is negligible, bad job ubi
James Kelly (4 months ago)
I have always played in night mode because it sounded cool
Doom2508 (4 months ago)
Audio Engineer here! What its basicly doing (like you already found out) is it makes loud stuff quieter while leaving the already quiet sounds alone, this lets you turn up the over all volume so you're essentially making the quiet things louder while making the loud things a more reasonable level. What you are sacrificing however is being able to hear more accurately how far away your enemy is. This doesn't seem like a massive issue in this game but in CSGO the footstep sounds are extremely accurate with a good pair of open backed headphones, honestly it feels like wall hacking at times because the sound of just one footstep can tell you exactly where they are. Turning down the dynamic range on CS:GO would completely remove that because they sound the same whether they are 5 or 10 meters away.
Blobfish (4 months ago)
With night mode you can turn up your sound higher to better hear footsteps because the load isn't as loud.
Xaviera Kakadu (4 months ago)
sippin tea in yo hood (4 months ago)
you just earned a new sub
rene saldana (4 months ago)
Hello I just recently purchased the A50 wireless head set? i know its far fetch question but do you know the best setting on the headset for siege?
Riccardo Bazzoni (4 months ago)
You have music volume at 60..but with music on, i hear the annoying pumping sound when the time is running out at the end of a match. Does it not bother you?
Naz95K (4 months ago)
i usualy listen to music in the back ground... so i dont use the ingame sound lmao hearing your enemy is over rated in my opinion unless you are playing ranked
Zero Skill Boii (4 months ago)
Officially playing in night mode hoping for improvement in awareness since I "sound whore" so much and as a console controller player I'm now trying out a ridiculously high sensitivity cause when I play mouse and keyboard on my friends pc I notice controlling recoil is easy with a high dpi so in theory it should be similar with a controller and I hope to see results as I begin testing it right now in casual
Moritz Paul (4 months ago)
Im pretty shure that the nightmode cuts the sub frequencies and the extreme low end, since those frequencies penetrate your houses walls the most, and you can hear them the furthest
G5U5 (4 months ago)
Sound of running section was appalling, but otherwise good Dynamic Range -setting breakdown.
VitoMolas (4 months ago)
When I enabled night mode I couldn't hear the defuser planting/disabling sound next room and almost all the sounds generated outside of your own room.
KEITH_APE (4 months ago)
why do you have 200 health??
Alex Green (4 months ago)
KEITH_APE custom game.
zombie king (4 months ago)
That voice boi
TK2KILLER64 (4 months ago)
Knight mode
DarkShadow OfWars (4 months ago)
when you said "loud sounds don't give important information" that's a lie, i'm pretty sure u can hear gun shots from further than the steps (even sprinting) so and enemy might be in a place and shot, you wouldn't hear him. Better have the one that makes sounds higher imo, only downside would be if u are being surrounded by guns and explosions (you wouldn't hear the steps)
BraveBear (4 months ago)
TV is the most stabilaized
Eric Rudd (4 months ago)
Hi Rogue-9....I think it's great that you took this experiment on. Nice job. I listened to your tests and it seems you came to an accurate conclusion....switching from HI thru TV to Night seems to decrease dynamic range. As a point of background...I worked as a recording engineer for over 25 years. I would like to point out a slight wrinkle in your science. Most people misuse the term "db." The term decibel is meaningless without mentioning a "reference." And the science is a little complicated. I'll try to give a couple of examples. Almost all digital meters....like the one used in your editing software...display decibels as "dbFS." "Full-scale" is the reference in this case. What that means is....when the meter has reached "zero" (0), there is no amount of digital 1's and 0's that will make the sound any louder. The sound will just become distorted because once the sound reaches "zero" the waveform will just be cut off....it simply clips. Our ears are tricky things. When we determine that a sound is "loud", our ears actually are responding to the AVERAGE level of the sound, not the peaks. And your digital meters reflect this phenomenon. For example, you can set the input on your digital recorder to a certain level, then tap your pencil on the side of your desk next to the mic. Your meter might "peak" at zero or above, but to your ears, the sound is not "loud." It's because the average level of your pencil hitting the desk is not that high...the peak is, however. Back a few years ago...many pieces of audio gear at meters with needles on them instead of light segments. This meter is called a VU meter, and measured decibels(db) referenced to a certain amount of electricity that passed through them (another type of reference). This was indicated by "dbv." (volts) But more importantly, these meters were designed to be "weighted." In other words...they responded less to peaks and more to the AVERAGE level of sound....thus, they more closely matched how our ears work and are a better indication of how loud something actually is. What does this all mean for your tests? Well, it DID sound like the peak levels of gunfire and explosions were reduced when switching to night mode. And this was reflected by your numeric measurements. And you were also correct in deciding that...by lowering the peaks... you are effectively REDUCING the dynamic range of the sound of the game overall. You are bringing the soft sounds and peak sounds closer together. Or thinking of it another way....when playing "at night" there might be less extraneous sounds going on while you play.....your little brother is asleep and not screaming at your sister, for example. So you might not need as much of a "HIFI" experience to overcome the outside sounds. "TV" mode, I would guess, would be optimized to overcome your TV's "poorer" ability to reproduce sounds as compared to your stereo or expensive headset. I'm assuming this is all clear as mud. It's a complicated subject, but I hope helps to shed some light on this idea of "loudness."
Patrick Bateman (4 months ago)
HDR is not so much about how loud or silent single sounds are, but more about how a whole landscape of loud and silent noises sound like. How do footsteps sound like if a grenade blows up right beside you? That's what HDR can effect differently. Hi-Fi probably makes the grenade sound very loud and the footstep in the distance very silent, while night-mode equalizes all those volumes much closer together. You don't have to turn up your volume very much to hear everything in night mode. In HiFi you have to turn the volume way up to still hear the silent sounds.
adidas8287 (4 months ago)
Thanks for doing this video I enjoyed it because I defiantly have the problem of not being able to hear over my own gun lol or other (teammates) firing their guns around me plus chat lol even though I have a “good” pair of gaming headphones
Infant Motorist (4 months ago)
I actually did notice that for footsteps, I could hear the full, booming footstep with the equipment on the operator shaking and everything at a slightly further range.
imsato (4 months ago)
Subscribed Because of the fuckin GOD VOICE !
Pedestrian (4 months ago)
0:20 what better way to start a video than a nice glitch
gamer_ OO7 (4 months ago)
And ladies and gentlemen, the GOD OF RAINBOW PHYSICS HERE!! ***applause*** 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
CT Spoder (4 months ago)
Hi-fi is obviously the best
Rogue-9 (4 months ago)
y tho?
LeekCRF (4 months ago)
What the best?

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