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Michael Savage on Weak White Kids with Baggy Pants and Airplane Stories - October 30, 2009

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The Savage Nation. (10-30-09).
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Craig Lovejoy (21 days ago)
I think if women told these guys to pull up their pants and then laugh at them, it would go a long way to solving this problem.
Savagelxgic (2 months ago)
Damn i live in marin county but used to live in tha hood
NPC Spectre (3 months ago)
Jews ruin everything...
VF1100rider (4 months ago)
screeming babies on planes is why I stopped traveling. Now you can't even go out to eat with out a damn crying baby!
K Foster (4 months ago)
Exactly, control your child in public and control your dog at the dog park
Paige Leigh (5 months ago)
I'm absolutely howling! Hahahaha
luna singer (6 months ago)
Michael you speak the truth. And you do it so hilariously!
gierer (8 months ago)
the thing with me is i wear huge ass crap, it feels so good but i would never sag
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
G C (1 year ago)
y'all niggas funny. talk bout my saggin true religion jeans u goin get hit wit my pocket rocket
Why not let women wear saggy shirts with there tits hanging out.
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
Mickey Maus (2 years ago)
Savage is a bad person.
Max Brandt (2 years ago)
Savage says what we're all thinking! Good on him!
Rena Kimenker (2 years ago)
micheal savege is a close minded pice of shit
zdrux (2 years ago)
Good thing you posted an argument as to why.. oh wait, you didn't. Just name calling, that's your own weapon.
last first (2 years ago)
What a racist piece of shit.
Majestic Sound (2 years ago)
I'm a black man and I agree with Michael Savage 100%. I see way too many white kids swagging their pants and calling each other "niggas." What's going on White America. Sagging is low class and pure disgusting. Whether it is black kids or white kids, parents please talk to your kids.
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
there's tons of Hip Hop out there that is great for raising consciousness and raising real men but it doesnt see the light of day because of the WHITE music industry.
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
bigger problems in the world than some pants. The same people bitching about it got condemned by their parents for how they dressed too... This fool probably had on some big ugly bell bottoms in the 60's. He needs to be more worried about how bitter he is at society and work on his own self happiness
dbltrplx (2 years ago)
VLAD (2 years ago)
it should be indecent expose to have saggy pants
Renee Fle (2 years ago)
How ironic he speaks of his mother, and believe she gave something great to the world.
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
both cant be?
storeeteller1 (2 years ago)
+storeeteller1 So savage is arrogant and stupid, but none of these racist, sexist, gang-banging ghetto-garbage "rappers" are???
storeeteller1 (2 years ago)
+Renee Fle I think HIS mother gave something better to the world than YOURS did! The TRUTH isn't supposed to make you FEEL better...It's supposed to make you BE better!!
Renee Fle (2 years ago)
@ Bazrot Azort, (so wrong) on all levels of my childhood & children's childhood. It's people like you, who are raised by small mind's. That makes my point. #Small minds think a like, and continue a population of arrogant stupidity.
Devilz DandruFF (2 years ago)
I love Savage for stories like this.. awesome!
Pathetic douche white clowns with severe, sub-moronic twunt syndrome. Fuck these asswipes!
corey francis (2 years ago)
go doo your self you b**ch
gamingwithrej (3 years ago)
ted is that you?
Hekula Borax (3 years ago)
The sagging of pants under the buttocks comes from Chinese prisons. Its a sign to other inmates that you are available for anal sex. Takes this from a gay man... They need to pull up their pants unless they are making themselves available for gay anal sex...lol
storeeteller1 (2 years ago)
+Hekula Borax Maybe they think getting Butt-banged will make them TOUGH!
PSdissenter (3 years ago)
+Hekula Borax I don't think that's true, this is something that's intentionally disseminated to stigmatize sagging pants culture. Why? Because white kids are emulating it.
GG Allin99 (3 years ago)
+Hekula Borax Bruh u got problems
Ragimund VonWallat (3 years ago)
american city boys are so weak now,they are 5'6'' 115 lbs and wear xxxl clothing walk like they are in terminal phase cancer...what make it appear even worse is that american city girls whorettes already weigth 265 at 15 trying to wear legging and such,they really can beat the fuck up of theyre weaky boyfriend,its like the liberal feminist marxist dream have come true
Ragimund VonWallat (2 years ago)
+takethepowerback83 thank you honorable sir
takethepowerback83 (2 years ago)
there was a head on that nail, and you hit it.
Zombie Killer (3 years ago)
Fuck you baggy clothes
crypter27 (3 years ago)
Wigger's are morons!
michael fields (3 years ago)
John Gotti, Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel those guys were gangsters and always wore suits and ties and looked sharp, of course they could probably spell correctly too. Gangsta obviously implies something completely different like the need for further education, instruction on how to properly hold a handgun (not sideways) and some windex to clean your mirror so you can see how far away from a true gangster you really appear.
ESPINOZA316 (3 years ago)
Savage need to get laid. Too angry over stupid shit.
gdub454 (3 years ago)
+James Reese Boy you really think you're pretty slick and also think you're cool n clever and that you know a thing or...Well  let me start by exposing you as the Internet Jackass Guy that you are..was a legit reason I asked YOU specifically about the black guy friend...cause you glommed off a conversation THAT YOU WERENT INVOLVED IN....jesus..what a total jackass dick you are...no wonder I was asking you WTF YOU were talkin about....and frikn hilarious how you made the word supercilious.sound likes its part of your everyday vernacular ..jesus you get more dooshy the further down your comment I go...and lastly...happy to disappoint you...but I'm normal hetero dude that's practically married...and I love to eat and plow vagina so...again..you know nothing about anything (is that better I.J.Guy?)..now..will there be anything else?..I'm kinda thinkin there shouldn't be...but you're I.J.Guy...so who knows...
James Reese (3 years ago)
@gdub454 you're really not very smart are you? You said I'm not a racist one of my best buds is black that's where I got it idiot. I'm sorry if you're too stupid to understand why brought up ties to point out the way people dress is completely arbitrary and only little pussies like Michael Savage judge people based on it. You think supercilious is a fancy word? That's dip shit dunderhead dunce talk. Damn you really have a lot of homosexuality on the brain calling me Mr. Ball sack and talking about my "coo-low". Stop projecting your subconscious homoerotic desires on other people. Nobodies judging. Live your life the way you want but just because you like to wear panties and bend over doesn't mean everyone else does.
gdub454 (3 years ago)
+James Reese dude..WHO the fuck was talking to you?..and you know nothing about nothing wasn't meant to be taken in such a literal sense there Mr Ballsack...so STFU with your hypercritical double negative nonsense...and WTF are you talking about w/ I have a black friend and how sweet that is?..the only thing I can think of is you see "gdub" and your puny lil brain tells you ...ehh..nevermind..and whats with the rant about ties?...oh and look at you thinkin you're smart w/ the big fancy word supercilious...lollol...you're wrong...you are an overbearing prick w/ no life and no one that cares about you...so stick that in your pipe and then shove it in your coo-low..there Richard...and you're dismissed bitch @ the end was weak...like you
gdub454 (3 years ago)
+ESPINOZA316 I'm not a racist you dope..I used the n word to describe a look that is all..one of my best buds is a black guy..so once again...you know nothing about nothing..you've probably got 2 brain cells and they're fighting..you're in bad shape is how I see it...and your game is over....now beat it moron...
ESPINOZA316 (3 years ago)
+gdub454 The fact you used racist words shows your true character. Good luck obsessing over stupid shit we can do nothing about. Im done with you. Good day j.r
bass reemer (4 years ago)
this snagger ONE TOOTH jew bastard Michael WEINER...AKA Savage...what a phoney...
Robert Martyr (4 years ago)
Dear People - Who-Ever!!! Doc. Savage just Described Wut the Fritz(A former Liberal ScumBag I Know), a LIBERAL IS!!!! so. OK!!! I'm NOT ONE!!! I DO BELIEVE dat Doc. Sacage was GUTLESS in the Jet bcuz Savage [ SHOULD ] have  said, {In a MODERATE but FIRM VOICE] "I DON'T WANT to HEAR your LIFE STORY!" However, Savage DID Confront the ScumBag, Personally!!!  OK!!! I'm NOT a LIBERAL & since I've been called a Racist, Hate-Mpnger & Facist PIG, 100'rds of Times in my LIFE, I Guess I'm NOT a LIBERAL!!!!  However: WUT is Savage's POINT about MOMS???? I was born to a Birth Bitch Myself!!! Still, I am very Supportive of Women [ IF they Ain't Like my very OWN Birth Bitch & I Pledged my Life to Virginity bcuz of Birth Bitch dat I had.]! ARE THERE ANY INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS OUT THERE????? I BELIEVE in Intelligent LIFE FORMS in Outter Space, bcuz this Human Race is sooooooooooo Putrid, that it NEEDS to be Replaced with a BETTER RACE!!!! Octo. 12, 2014. Shalom, Robert Martyr, 2600 Center street, ScamCity Salem, ORG.
Misanthrope Cutler (4 years ago)
Saw this on the train recently; their asses were hanging out over their baggy jeans and they were stooped over like apes. If I had a gum I would have shot them straight in their pathetic faces
Primordial Vengeance (10 months ago)
Pussy, baggy pants is what all people should be proud to wear. Shows rebellion and attitude
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
ya, and they're the ones with the problem?? Clearly you're a miserable old fuck with no substance in your own life. P.S. "Gum" wouldn't do much to stop them. Moron
Misanthrope Cutler (4 years ago)
LOL shut up you imbecile
whiff1962 (4 years ago)
+deborah cutler You are no lady, to be speaking of killing others for their sartorial bad taste. 
Misanthrope Cutler (4 years ago)
I might find out one day
lharris2able (4 years ago)
Maybe Savage will get a smack in the head when he insults some white Kid with clothes Savage does not like.. Oh goody. Hope it happens.
[CB] Hemptastic (3 years ago)
I know Savage aint got the balls to do jack shit. Imagine if you dropped him off in the Ghetto and left him there... He would be dead
Adrian Bishop (4 years ago)
Sir,, your time is UP !! The privileged White Man in Amerikkka your time is up!!  In 50 more years, this nation will be hard to recognize IN REGARD to its color palette.   Mr. Savage is the last of the Town Crier's.  He is afraid, therefore he resorts to the narrative of fear and separation. The more BLACK Pussy them young white boyz get, the  further they are removed from being recruited in to a ARMY of White desperation.  White BECKY is already gone and wont return because of the BLACK WOOD she loves..... Crying ass WHITE MEN wishing for the "GOOD OLE DAYS" when niggas knew there place.....   The BLACK< BROWN< RED and YELLOW man are taking over Amerikkka.... not even sure why they want this raggedy MOFO in the first place.  MMG -back to AFRICA for me..... All that FINE ass Beautiful BLACK pussy over there, ya'll can keep this place.... Long Live NatTurner,  Jean Jacques Dessalines, Nanny, Ho Chi Minh...... none of my HEROES appear on a STAMP!!
XMADDMARSX (3 years ago)
+Adrian Bishop hahahaha.. keep dreaming you dirty ape..lol...
omegaman63 (3 years ago)
Fuck off you communist socialist twat!!!!! America doesn't need people like you.
skankhunt42 (3 years ago)
What will you do when there is no more welfare?
Ragimund VonWallat (3 years ago)
+Hydro Teddy chinese hate americans,in fact every country in the world are united in only one thing,hating the usa(beside maybe your owner israel)...just stop to feed the nigs and in 3 months the problem is gone,no other action needed
Valeron (4 years ago)
 Black diseased pussy from the hood...and by all means...we know america is dead...we're just gonna move to china and leave you bastards to kill eachother off...
журналист (4 years ago)
"In China they're teaching the kids to eat chickens while they're still alive." I lol'd.
spiderknight89 (4 years ago)
It would be funny if a self respectful male had a sign like bruce Willis on a die hard movie but takes place in a clean neighborhood full of white kids wishing they were hood and sign on his body is saying I hate wiggers but most those kids don't know the term
LikeWiseLikeYou (4 years ago)
This is probably my favorite Michael Savage clip.
I unfortunately live a black area.  The truth on how sagging pants below the ass came about was from Prison.  Black twinks would wear their pants below their asses to advertise to other inmates that they were available for rape or sodomy.  Obviously someone can't fight or flight with their pants hanging that low.  I remember at work I would see some of these black boys bend over with their underwear showing as if they wanted someone to rape them.  It made me sick to my stomach!  Even in the ghetto these stupid punks don't know what it means when they wear their pants like that.  Most of them wear it because Lil' Gayne or 50 Shits wore their pants like that and so they copy their hiphop gods.  Most of them remain oblivious to the fact that many of their rap idols are also closet homo-thugs.   There's a lot of retards in the ghetto who do down low shit anyway, so I guess that's why.  Caucasian youths should really not copy that trend, or any other youths for that matter.  
ardvarkkkkk1 (4 years ago)
"Get your hair cut". "Take off those damn blue jeans and wear something respectable". "Get a shave. Beards are for losers". "That damn rock music will rot your brain. It's the music of the devil". All things that you would hear from my parents generation. BTW, I'm 53. Get it?
Joseph Natoli (4 years ago)
Evilkittyof doom (2 years ago)
+Joseph Natoli Amen...
vortexstar (4 years ago)
The Curse of White America, for the oppression of Blacks, and Now they want to be black. How Sad. If only people treated each other with respect, and this white America only started off its established "without slavery" America would not be where it is today. Poor White America : We Feel Sorry 4U!
petereuk52 (4 years ago)
You have been trained to mimic the lowest common denominator on intelligence. Why hate everyone. This guy is the worst of the USA and why they should NEVER be allowed to lead the world. The land of the Free? What a joke 
handsomecat1 (4 years ago)
I don't know but in the 80's we wore shorts above the knees showing our legs but now they are wearing shorts that look like high waters showing their ass, which style was better?
handsomecat1 (4 years ago)
+Mr Mister LOL no comment 
Rick Harding (4 years ago)
+handsomecat1 That's my type of gal
The most we had in the 80s was high water jeans where you cuff up the jeans at your ankle so you look like Marty McFly from Back to the Future.  I think it started from Michael Jackson and how he wore high water pants that showed his white socks.  But still that was just merely just joking around, but this whole modern day pants hanging below the ass trend is just flat out queer.  
handsomecat1 (4 years ago)
+fluff125 Hello Fuff125 thank you for the great response!
handsomecat1 (4 years ago)
+Mr Mister where they show they ass? Wow want women in the right mind would walk the street with a guy that is showing his ass? I'll tell you what kind of women that likes that kind of look, she must be a sick dyke minded perverted  gay herself and want to see these kind of guys doing it to each other 
KirkSH52 (4 years ago)
They look like dumb people, it is so embarrassing to look at. I would not allow my son, if I had one to dress with the baggy pants hanging down under his ass. What message are they trying to send me. I think they look like idiots. I would never hire anyone that came to my place of business looking like a Class A "DUMB ASS". Its really true, the masses are DUMB ASSES. I say pull up your pants and stop your idiotic behavior!!!! They think they are gangsters, but they are in fact morons. 
Rick Harding (4 years ago)
Watch yourself
8ty6ed (4 years ago)
If you were to dress like that on a military base, they'd kick your ass out before you could say "can i borrow a belt". Nobody wants to see your under wear. Its a stupid trashy trend. It screams I don't give a fuck about my self respect.
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
fuck a military base. Bunch of brainwashed idiots risking their lives and taking others for no good reason. Ya, some real stand up people there.
JAMES HULL (4 years ago)
he said white kids, but the picture here shows blacks kids.  one I don't know ?  but you can see the black hand on the other.
Martin Joyce (4 years ago)
Right...I'm just telling it like it is, afterall...thanks.
JAMES HULL (4 years ago)
don't worry,  everything is politically correct today. the news media wont say it so we  will have to be the honest ones.
Martin Joyce (4 years ago)
Sorry for the tangents...and if some of my comments generalize kids nowadays...a lot of it is probably not as bad as it seems...and yet some of it is...I caught myself saying white kids into rap: they are stupid too (referring to black kids)...I don't mean all as such...and yet to some extent what I say is true if not politically correct per se...but I think anyone reading it knows what I mean.
Martin Joyce (4 years ago)
I don't know why there's a line through part of that comment...maybe I hit a wrong button when rewriting part of it
Martin Joyce (4 years ago)
I agree...unfortunately...as long as Obama turns a blind eye to gangsta rap glorification, while doing nothing to promote safe neighborhoods, education and job opportunities in the ghettos (raise the minimum wage?...what a joke...create some real jobs...give the middle class tax cuts to create jobs...and take on the corporate and bankster bandits--but he won't do that...he's powerless over them and doesn't know what to do or he's blackmailed by them or on their side--?)...sorry...I get off on tangents...the world is so screwed up right now...and Congress won't work for the people...we've been robbed of the American Dream right in front of our eyes...Obama: no guts to stop black on black crime or black kids who play knock out games on innocent old white people... 
Even Brown (4 years ago)
If whites who fought for racial equality knew what would happen to usa later they would have shot themselves
Even Brown (4 years ago)
brandnuperson (4 years ago)
Control your children....at all times   55 year old mom aka fed up Sista People don't practice manners...hell don't know any...can't even read a book..aboout manners.  Go Savage!
brandnuperson (4 years ago)
Yep  say it please  cause I say it to young men that come around me...I don't want to see anybodys underwear.
Timmy Smith (4 years ago)
This is racist talk.
PrankSmith (4 years ago)
This is hateful and discriminatory. I can't believe people think like this.
Malcolm Brady (4 years ago)
+Big Tom How am I a moron Tom? I'm right and you know it. I don't agree with everything Savage says in general on his show but he's right about a lot of stuff and his vitriol represents the way a lot of people feel--people who just want basic American values to be respected--as opposed to Generation Stupid and their sewer values.  
PrankSmith (4 years ago)
+Malcolm Brady Well I can't say that I like people that are like that in general and they usually aren't very productive to society but he is no better than them when he just sits and hates on every little thing that he disagrees with. He can't actually have an intelligent debate with people he just rips on them for things and uses stereotypes too often and acts like everyone who does a certain thing falls into a stereotype. I just find most the things he says very offensive and he isn't very open minded on anything. +Big Tom if you are going to call anyone a moron please at the very least try to use correct grammar.
Malcolm Brady (4 years ago)
What's really hateful and discriminatory are the white kids who imitate the black ghetto motif of pants hanging down their ass and listening to hateful rap music with power bass that is noise pollution to the people around them who are minding their own business...people who call each other the n word are reverse racist hypocrites with no self pride...when a whole subculture emerges--black and white--embracing black ghetto criminal values, it becomes a philosophy of hate toward hard-working people, and embraces self-pity, laziness, drug abuse, disrespect, and is generally lacking in spiritual values...Savage is just venting his anger at all that and those who live up to the stereotypes--it's not a hateful or discriminatory stereotype if it's true. period. 
Mike Watts (4 years ago)
He's low key throwing shots at the black community. Michael Savage judging people based off how low their pants are? So that leads you to believe they have no fathers? Right. This is America though, praising ignorance.
Malcolm Brady (4 years ago)
Savage just wants us to think...the pants down below the ass is a symbol of being a racially profiled jailbird (which is absurd for a white kid to imitate)...and there are certain stereotypes that need to be called out if they're true and detrimental to American society as a whole...America praises ignorance?--I'm American and I don't--why are you labeling ME...or the millions like me who want liberty and justice for all... And why should we turn a blind eye to the pants hanging down subculture that glorifies criminal behavior and mocks traditional American values? (And oftentimes those kids don't have dads, whether black or white.) I know a lot of black people who work hard and go to school...the kids nowadays--black or white--who listen to hateful rap music littered with the "N" word with power bass that disturbs the peace of the people around them...who the hell are you? Have you ever heard of working hard, studying, trusting in God for guidance?...those are American values that will help you get ahead...if you have to break away from the gangsta minded people to do that, then do it--like so many other black people who have done the right thing...instead of getting hand-outs from the gov't and selling drugs and talking about bitches and hos...that crap is old man, people need to break away from that...and Rap "music"...gimme a break...lazy, self-pity bullshit if you ask me...remember Jimi Hendrix? Billy Preston? Sly and the Family Stone? How 'bout Seal? or Sade? or Coltrane or Miles? or Marley? that's black music to me not hateful Rap which lacks true creativity or musicianship as far as I can see.  Rappers need to get a real job...stop blaming white America...and don't be fooled by Obama's phony leftist agenda that's going to turn us into an over-taxed, corrupt, uneducated commie nation...Obama said we'd get out of Afghanistan--we're still there...why? Or that he'd close Guantanamo--it's still holding prisoners in violation of their Constitutional or Geneva convention rights...Obama is part of the same fascist plan as Bush...I just hope Savage doesn't sell out to the far right...as he stands now he's against the Iraq and Afghan wars and the corruption of the military industries...we need a happy medium in this country...stay out of war...less gov't, less taxes...that makes the economy grow and creates the jobs that aren't out there right now!
Valentin Lance (4 years ago)
Boys who should be acting like young men but are instead jerking off and don't know how to wear their pants typically either don't know their fathers or their fathers don't show them fatherly love which believe it or not includes chastisement for being disorderly and wrong. walking like a toddler is for toddlers not young men.
Blissifi3d (4 years ago)
its a free country you dumb fucking hick. Lowest common denom? So ur a hick kkk racist too? You know i thought you were smart until you started QQing about how someone wants to wear their close WHO GIVES A FUCK... IM WHITE BTW AND DONT SAG MY PANTS.
Kadeem Jr (5 years ago)
Joe Mama (5 years ago)
Any person with those saggy pants should just be shot in the face.Pants are to cover your ass if your not going to use your pants to cover your ass just don't wear pants.
J Idowu (1 year ago)
Shoot people in the face because they are sagging their pants? Ok. . . . . Uh, yea, you are much worse than the people you disdain. . .
P.O. M.E (1 year ago)
so people should all conform to "white" standards of dress? You sound like an insecure Islamic extremist bitching about a womans ankles showing. I assume every time you wear a shirt with a hood on it, you keep it over your head? Or when you wear a baseball hat you're going to play baseball??
ptong226 (5 years ago)
at least he wears a belt and doesn't sag his pants. sagging = fagging
ptong226 (5 years ago)
sagging = fagging
TexasRushing (5 years ago)
I never understood why anyone would want to wear their pants like this. It started in prisions where the gays would wear their pants this way to show they where gay. Why would people think they look good imitating a gay prisioner? Having your pants falling down all the time can't be comfortable, ever seen how they have to walk when wearing them this way? Thankfully some towns, including mine, have passed laws making this a crime. Underwear means under your pants, not half of them showing.
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
Lol... With a name like Roman Warrior, I expected someone with a gruff attitude, somewhat callous in their expression. Here I have you, though, a sensitive, caring individual who has made it their mission to "teach" me about the universal bylaws and standards of what "should" be. Thanks, Roman, but no thanks. Personally, I couldn't care less what you think, (no offense intended). I generally am very polite, and your case is no exception. I would add "gullible" to your repertoire, though. Toodles
jessxxy (5 years ago)
Who asked your opinion let alone what on earth your going on about?!
chantu mantu (5 years ago)
He's right. If a mom can buy 200 dollar "kicks" for her lovely child then she can buy him a freaking belt.
jessxxy (5 years ago)
Mr Savage is a gutless hate monger that picks on poor one parent familys and Children.. what a guy! And this schmuck is a Role Model for his own kids?! Pathetic excuse of a man.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
-of his videos are rap and hip hop videos anyways, so clearly i would just think he's a regular guy who was trying to defend himself maybe. But I am still arguing with him on the saggy pants thing. But enough about him, it was really nice knowing you and I hope my words helped you and you of course helped me alot. But I think I will be going to another room about arguing against big shorts in another room, so good luck and I hope you have a good life. But thank you so much bye.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
-think that would make sense. He also said that you need some help mentally because when I told him what you said to me, he laughed it out and said to tell you that he respects you and that he just disagrees with some attitudes on how you argue you with him but he doesn't anything about the two other buddies except his one messenger. I'm sorry but that's just what he told me but I think it makes more sense. I also don't think any Muslim would defend sagging pants just like Rocko did and most
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
-friends are muslim or islamic extremists or terrorists sympathizers, and I saw with proof that they had to look up islamic terrorist videos to study about them and to know what it is like to be in their shoes for a group project in school, even though they got a D. Also Rocko informed me that he just sent a messenger to constructively criticize how you were arguing based on these comments section and that it was only for one day. I'm not picking any sides between the two of you but I would
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
Well, I appreciate I learned from you you learned from me and that is fine no body is perfect, but I used the comments of what you read as an example at first to try to correct your mistakes (I am also talking to Rocko to inform him on his mistakes as well in private email) to try and help you next time which would lead to the general information to you in general is what I was trying to do. And don't worry about Rocko and his friends, I spoke with him and he proved to me that he nor his
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
*unbeknownst, lol. See, even I make a mistake once in a while!
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
Ah, but you DID base your comments on what you read, which was unvbeknownst to you misinformed. That's okay, though, as I myself have a tendency to do the same, lol. I appreciate good advice, even when it's not entirely accurate. While I am enthusiastic about banter in general, I pose this query to you: In the grand scheme of things, is it truly the meek that shall inherit the earth, or rather those that venture forth and claim it? Not everyone will agree with your sensittive/nobility argument.
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
Thanks for the reply, Roman. Again. I am aware that you said your father was a speech instructor. Logic dictates that a speech instructor should be fluent in a given language they are using, which requires a working knowledge of context, grammar, and spelling. Based on this fundamental requisite, I naturally assumed someone who grew up with a speech instructor would have had some of these qualities "rub off" on them, as logic would dictate.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
in reply to your other comments, I never said I was good at spelling. My father was a speech instructor not an English instructor. All I was doing was offering a suggestion I was not forcing it, but you seemed to be pretty well with spelling and grammar and so I give you that. I said my father was a Speech instructor I never said I was, I am actually just a man who works at the medical field it's just that I know a few concepts from my dad that's all.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
well, again it's not about who you've talked to. I am just educating people in general. I am just stating a general suggestion and not basing my opinions on any specific events or comments that you have had with somebody. And I understand that there may be some contexts or circumstances in which you may reply to a particular degree; however, I am only just stating how to speak with somebody in general that is all i am saying, you don't have to take my advice I am just offering it.
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
It's sheep not sheep's. By the way.... the apostrophe implies ownership. Pull your pants up, Carlos. You look like the penguins in Mary Poppins.
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
As I was wont to do not only because I could, but also because I should. On the lighter side, thanks for the chewing out, Mother, but I don't really care what your opinion is. Your emotional sensitivity isn't foremost in my thoughts, as I am a rational thinker, whereby I negate your emotions because they shouldn't come into play. If you're ruled by your emotions, then you are weak. By the way friend, being that your father is a speech (not speach) instructor, why are you a poor speller yourself?
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
Again, thanks for the reply. Based on what you've read, I agree with your estimation of events. However, you aren't completely informed on the transpiring of events, and therefore cannot make correct estimations of actions based only upon what you see. I had close to twenty messages every day from that kid's friends, all of which were rude, snide and hurtful. They have perfected the art of subterfuge, whereby making the person replying seem rude and/or abusive. I replied with enthusiasm,
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
because even though you make think you are trying to be constructive and polite, you are actually insulting their intelligence and emotional sensitivity. So instead of saying ".You can't spell for sjit." Be more emotionally sensitive and say "I think you struggle in spelling, no disrespect to you, but you should probably trying working on that in my opinion." I am just giving out suggestions the next time you reply to someone online. I know because my father is a Speach Instructor at college.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
well thanks for replying to me nicely but I really don't care who you were talking to or who Rocko is, but based on you arguing I would suggest to you that if you want to debate or argue with somebody then just focus on the topic and what you are standing for. If you think the opposing side is making grammatical mistakes or is not making any sense, than you should not become angry or use common cussing words; especially the word "waste of time" especially if you have initiated the debate.
spugsautorepair (5 years ago)
Thanks for the reply, Roman, but I really don't think being in college classifies one as a kid anymore. Rocko was in college at the time of this argument. You may also be interested that he is also a member of a Muslim sect that abdicates terrorism. I checked out his page, along with the pages of three of his buddies that contacted me as well.
Roman Warrior (5 years ago)
Hey pal I really agree with you that sagging is ignorant, but I think the way you were talking to this kid (Rocko) was not fair he was being really nice and you were a bit harsh on him.
Chris Lemon (5 years ago)
Carlos, stop being a jackass pull your pance up.
A V B Ferreira (5 years ago)
why do you african americans always use the word nigga, my Nigerian friend would beat the shit out of your ass for saying that
Marvin Garcia (5 years ago)
These loud people are the reason I never go into town without a music player and headphones.
conesconesallday (5 years ago)
Were you on crack when you wrote this comment?
amskeels (5 years ago)
There are clowns, and there are ghetto clowns. The only difference is clowns are responsible citizens who make a living being a clown. Ghetto clowns are the opposite.
amskeels (5 years ago)
Your intelligence cannot be judged for there isn't any!
amskeels (5 years ago)
I think he was trying to communicate on your level. As far as grammar goes, you shouldn't call people out for the very thing you are guilty of.
amskeels (5 years ago)
Your profile picture is bullshit. We know who you really are and where you live; you are a ganstas in the ghetto, like monkeys in the jungle. We see your sorry ass type every where we go. Keep your BS out of the civilized world.
amskeels (5 years ago)
You are screaming for a mounting by your homies. Nobody is looking at your bum area except your uneducated friends. Something that stupid is very noticeable and disgusting. I can't count how many times I've seen you fools running from the cops holding your pants in one hand and trying to balance yourself with the other then falling flat on your face. You probably had no father in your life showing you the proper way to dress and be respectable.
amskeels (5 years ago)
No broken laws. Have some civility! It's also not against the law to eat like a pig in a restaurant. Just because it doesn't break any laws doesn't make it right.
amskeels (5 years ago)
That would require some math skills that they do not have. Beggars can't be choosers so they steal something from the rack at Macy's not caring what size it is so they can show all their homies there gansta skills not caring one bit that they look like baboons with diapers. If they want to show off their crack then they can go to walmart where that kind of thing is popular. Every time I see these low hung pants it looks like they are holding a big wad of shit in them.
amskeels (5 years ago)
What country are you from? Don't they speak english there? You must be from the country of Detroit.
amskeels (5 years ago)
I think jail will be your fate. Anyone who talks this way fits in well with the prison environment. You've earned it!
PD1966ify (5 years ago)
Speak english, please. You sound retarded.
TOM JACKSON (5 years ago)
Because we have children that we want to be well brought up. What chance do we have when brainless weirdos cant even wear their pants properly? Fashion? Bullshit! Take a look at yourself, You can buy pants that FIT you know?
PD1966ify (5 years ago)
He' married. loser anchor baby
conesconesallday (5 years ago)
If what guy didnt show his ass? Ive never seen one person walking around with their anus crack exposed? Why dont you tell me what they stand for and who they are paying tribute to? because that sounds like the most weirdest thing i ever heard in a long time when it comes to clothing. And what prison chum? They are on the streets not in prison, why are you thinking about kids getting raped in prison? You are the one looking at peoples bum area when they are trying to walk the street or the mall
Charles Bruner (5 years ago)
Perhaps it would not be a problem if the guy wore a belt and did not show his ass. Do you have any clue what they stand for or who they are paying tribute to? Wear them lower so some prision chum can mount you...you dumb ass!
NWA362 (5 years ago)
nah u really dont worth my time bye bitch
NWA362 (5 years ago)
nah u really dont worth my time bye bitch
NWA362 (5 years ago)
bye bitch
conesconesallday (5 years ago)
how can you call yourself a person when you judge people by the size of their pants? and the word is sense not sence, dumb ass, looks like tight pants dont make you better.

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