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PUBG BOX OPENING (SO GOOD everyone thinks it's rigged)

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The latest creation from the same people that brought you OPSkins. Free 0.75 to play with!: http://pubgboxes.com/promo/sparkles Snapchat: SparklesYT Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT Hosting?: http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles Want to be featured in a clip? (Only CRAZY footage, I do not take 4k's) If so, click here to submit them!: http://sparkles.ninja/sparkles/
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Text Comments (677)
박준우 (2 months ago)
I've heard of this kind of root box system but i screwed up my mind when heard rigged>:
REDxMARKx (3 months ago)
i tried to go to the site and steam flaged it
Cooper The Engineer (4 months ago)
More like so bad ive opened my 200th bp crate i get the best crate in the game the unkown crate? i dont know so i open it and its says its delayed and i dont have anymore instead the biker crate and i open to get school shoes FUCKING KILL ME Also this is a fake site you cant redeem them
Robyn (4 months ago)
ofc its rigged, they want u kids to throw away your money on the site
BluGamingOP CF5BLU (5 months ago)
Sup guys, if you read this message, just pay attention to the number of times he says "massive amount of profit" or something related. In psychology class, you learn that a repetitive positive feedback will slowly make a person fall for any kind of lie. I hope nobody falls for this and goes gamble hard earned money for things like this. Sites like this exist to make money like any other business. We saw this on the past, pretty much the same case here, don't loose your money to a gable site, just a friendly advice for everyone :P.
Max Gaming (7 months ago)
Even if you do win the site is trash you have to deposit 5$ first cause i just upgrade at 3 cent item to 6 and i wanna get it on my account now but no i have to pay 5 dollars for 6 cent item.
Max Gaming (7 months ago)
You never actually get the skins though i converts it to straight cash
Max Gaming (7 months ago)
oh or maybe thats just the free daily
Max Gaming (7 months ago)
oof more dislikes idk
jonne 96 (7 months ago)
lol i got 6 dollar skin from that free money
Sean Wardrop (8 months ago)
sorry this might be retarded but is this actual money? like a set of clothes worth so much :o
Marlon 213 (8 months ago)
If you would have shown your won Items ingame, there would be a lot more people, who would believe you!
JaxAttack (8 months ago)
fuck that site u have to put money in before you can even get the free skins
Stefan Müller (8 months ago)
Hurentochter in der Cam!!!!! 11:18
Stefan Müller (8 months ago)
Rigged Fucking guy shit of you!
Jebetzu (8 months ago)
i bet there 26.69 dollar i dosent get anything
Shantnu Singh (9 months ago)
And also if it,s real thx for your affiliate i made 17$ of it but now i need to deposit 5$
Shantnu Singh (9 months ago)
I don,t want to get scammed
Shantnu Singh (9 months ago)
Sparkles should i deposite 5$ for withdraw
DarkAlex (9 months ago)
i got $0.12 from your "0.75" code D:
Bros Boyzz (10 months ago)
VADemon (10 months ago)
The box opening doesn't even work anymore. It's not even been a month.
Le Jansson (10 months ago)
u won't get the skins for free, even if u log in and just open ur like 2 free cases u need to deposit 5 dollar before u can take something out
無敵小孩 (10 months ago)
it more like fake
Ryde (11 months ago)
I started off with a small donation of THREE FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS.
catch code @Babic for dropgun.me. easy way to your lucky drop ahaha XD hurry up to use it today. get extra $10 for your hobby, bro
Gh0s7 (11 months ago)
lmao we got same shirt
dp Amok (11 months ago)
Simple question, rigged or not, can it hacks your own steam inventory ?
dp Amok (11 months ago)
Is it safe to connect our steam account to this site ?
DeadlyDerp (11 months ago)
better give away all this shit sparky
Diego Carreras (11 months ago)
Opened a 3 dollar case, got 4 cent skin.
Official Kattokruunu (11 months ago)
Am i only one who won 10$ without depositting then lost it all
Roman Sablotny (11 months ago)
It is rigged! A german youtuber opened cases for 500€ and he got just bullshit.
Ilona A. (11 months ago)
can I apply code @Babic on dropgun.me? Does it give not only better drops but also extra money? or only one of these variants?? thanks for help!
Karl Åström (11 months ago)
Nice tip spark, I won and I can't even withdraw been trying since you released the video. :(
Christopher Chen (11 months ago)
Rabie Alkurba (11 months ago)
DEFINITELY not rigged
EriK Mao (11 months ago)
it always starts slow when you get good shit tho
XFabioXD (11 months ago)
First Case Opened, and found Protective Glasses ($17.06 and I had 0.76$) and today it's my birthday lol
J R Kratzer (11 months ago)
when you put in 15 dollars and open 45 cases and you loss all. "opens 45 cases, total earnings, 3.82"
Javier Cejas (11 months ago)
Advice: Create other chanel for PUBG players. 🙌🏻👍🏻
Robin (11 months ago)
Leewis (11 months ago)
even if you have no knowledge of this being rigged, they are not gonna let you advertise a gambling site and have you lose profit, and therefore they rig it for you. Pretty obvious that this is rigged xd
BigDragon (11 months ago)
Well you need to deposit 5$ to withdraw your items, but i won a cap at 12$ so i don't think this is rigged haha i just get 7$ profit
Guyuhih (11 months ago)
DNZ jiotjiot (11 months ago)
Stop disliking hes making content to make people happy not making people dislike and hate,,,! If u dobt enjoy just leave then dont hate and dislike,,,!!!!! LY sparkles
Salim Mah (11 months ago)
guys i swear it legit they just have a problem with the restock
Hydra Gaming (11 months ago)
100% Rigged!!!!
Funny Moments (11 months ago)
Стример приобретенная шлюха...не веруйте его выйгрышам
Kim DaHyun (11 months ago)
Well rip for the site owner, sparklez got a lot of profit 😂
Lucas Nicolas Roldan (11 months ago)
now opening item box for PUBG is a thing? f*ck sake..
linkinmetalica (11 months ago)
You know with what I'm starting to see of what's becoming of the gaming industry its just disgusting. Even EA started doing this and this just has to stop. Gambling is a very easy addiction for most ppl, and games that are meant for enjoyment shouldn't be paying for the valued items by experience of gambling. I remember when Sparkles used to say, "I only promote the sites that provide for the viewers" yet this is just another sponsored video of you just encouraging ppl to spend money. Saying its not rigged is really over the top, at least just mention that this is sponsored content and nothing extra even in the title. Also, there are kids that play these games. I'm 26 I work, play games when I get home, and eat premade meals. I just can't imagine how messed up these kids will be growing up if this continued. You shouldn't be supporting this either even if you are being paid for it, focus on ur merch.
sadboy (11 months ago)
theres actually no way this isnt rigged or something
Kinetic Gaming (11 months ago)
spent 30$ on the site opened around 15-20 cases all different price ranges lost on all cases except one where i won 2$ bullshit video
Floyo CS:GO (11 months ago)
PepeNoName (11 months ago)
I have opened a box and cased an ivory set which is fucking awesome, but i cant withdraw as it isn't in stock.
Humchei Peb (11 months ago)
Come here because people are saying it's rigged? Looks totally normal to me, if yall sparkles fan been here for a very long time than I would say it's legit because of all the websites he spent his money on. I know he got sponsored and some sites offered him money but he still be wasting on cases AmIRite? So there's my theory, leave a theory or a comment of disagreement or agreement of my theory? HAVE YOU GOOD DAYYYYY!
Snipergy (11 months ago)
guys im sorry, do not use this website, yes you may get alot of money by getting a tench coat and blah blah blah but you have to deposit $10 before you can withdraw so im soryy but its stupid that if u win something u cant withdraw them :( im really disappointed as i got a $3 skin and cant withdraw
Snipergy (11 months ago)
so technically it is rigged because if you use the free 0.75 and get a large amount of money in a skin you still have to pay $10 dollars, i mean you may have that money to throw at a website but i dont, i think imma stick to giveaways for now
StarBoy 03 (11 months ago)
It's rigged by the owner and I have the prove. Add me if you want to know
ItsCizzоrz (11 months ago)
Do more pleeaseeee
メリオダス (11 months ago)
I am i the only one that was screaming *SCROLL THE FUCK UP*
Fabian s (11 months ago)
RiP dislike/like count
Hasan Cihat (11 months ago)
Hey! Sparkles I love you <3 :D :D thx
HowtogetShrekt™ (11 months ago)
It is rigged.
craycray kasp (11 months ago)
Tried it, didn't get shit
ZbenG (11 months ago)
Dude its rigged maybe they didnt tell you that they gave you more chance...
Ocarina DeluXe (11 months ago)
gz sparkles :) long time ago you got so much luck on gambling sites :) you deserved this and ignore the haters :)
Renan Silva (11 months ago)
Gambling is bad, no matter if it's rigged or not. Also, there could be children watching you promote this.
h_kub / unflooded (11 months ago)
i got a trench coat out of the trench case :3
youwant2suck (11 months ago)
its definitely rigged. There arent even that many Set Boxes and PU Sets avaliable but for this video they sold some of the steam market. Expect to get 10 cent skins
TheJoeyPlays CZ (11 months ago)
rigged af >.>
Jacklack (11 months ago)
Its so rigged see on the channel Dadosch
Jensen Jianxi (11 months ago)
2k like 2k dislike sad
Midday (11 months ago)
you have to put in $10 to withdraw anything on the site... garbo site
Major Force (11 months ago)
You look at the recently opened items at the top their are only a hand full of bots that bet on the site full time. JackFrost, Jared, SGDmoremoneythanbaht, Flowerboy, KYS, Darwin, GermGG, and NisseTM. I watched it for a good 15mins. Then check again after an hour and the same people where still betting.
Major Force (11 months ago)
100% Site is rigging for youtubers.
Alexandru Coman (11 months ago)
zek (11 months ago)
like=dislike :thinking:
James Moss (11 months ago)
Yea! More predatory practices by game companies!
Moritz (11 months ago)
MrHerrFreundlich (11 months ago)
Watch german ytbers "Dadosch" Video, he put 600$ on site and got 130$ back..
Dannix (11 months ago)
opened the 145$ case 3 times, got 4.95 2 times and one time 37 cents....
MrHerrFreundlich (11 months ago)
Pls watch the video of german Youtuber "Dadosch" he tested the site with 600 $ IT'S TOTALLY RIGGED
xXV3R4Xx (11 months ago)
Bro tbh: NO case opening site would give so much win rate, they would be broke after a single day with those ods. How buyable are u? Gosh
Matti Kraut (11 months ago)
Glp Fan no1 (11 months ago)
It is rigged!!! Dadosh (ger) youtuber opened for 600$ and just got out of the 150$ case 2(?!!!)$ NOT RIGGED?????!!!!!! U fucking dont need the money so hard
MrRevolutionHD (11 months ago)
Morris (11 months ago)
this Shit is rigged
freako272 (11 months ago)
rigged af
Hitsukora (11 months ago)
Oh yeah, getting 1800$ from a 40$ case more than once doesn't look rigged at all. You're absolutely right, probably just luck and skill.
kerem isik (11 months ago)
LSproX (11 months ago)
I think it is Legit  Just a joke kappa
Andreas Hansen (11 months ago)
Its so rigged! If you dont believe that watch Dadosch's video! There you can see it...
bartosz. (11 months ago)
2 Million Sub‘s, 80k Views. Seems Legit.
Moritz (11 months ago)
after 24 hours i didnt got my item and the support is not answering since 22 hours thats sad bro
FettarmeMilch (11 months ago)
"Not rigged" sure
Tunecraft (11 months ago)
lmao rigged watch dadosch's vid
Keven (11 months ago)
nice rigged site
Julian Pichler (11 months ago)
RIGGED !!!!!
Da kam Land mit (11 months ago)
"NOT rigged"...dude I rlly like you...but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT :D
Rextek (11 months ago)
everyone dont think, it is rigged, everyone who has a brain KNOW that it is rigged

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