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British steam trains at full speed! 2013 - 2015
So as the steam season here in the Southwest comes to yet another close, I've decided to change the format and instead give you a compilation of all my best shots of British Steam locomotives at full speed across the UK network, as collected over the past 3 years between 2013 and 2015. We've got all manner of classes in all manner of locations, including climbing and descending Shap Bank in Cumbria, racing across the flats of the South Devon Mainline, and negotiating the turns of the magnificent Sea Wall between Dawlish and Teignmouth. Classes range from a myriad of engines, including LMS Jubilee 45699 'Galatea', BR Standard 7 70000 'Britannia', LNER A4 Pacific's 60009 'Union of South Africa' and 4464 'Bittern', GWR Castle 5029 'Nunney Castle', and my personal favoruite, rebuilt LNER A1 Pacific 60163 'Tornado'! Power from all of the former pre-nationalisation companies, as well as the regions of British Railways are turned out and perform what they do best, going and speed! Apologies for some of the inconsistent sound and video quality in some shots, I changed camera's during this period. Enjoy!
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The Best of British Steam Compilation 2014
Well it's that time of year again, and after a year of non-stop steam locomotive action the various operators are gradually putting away their magnificent railway machines for winter overhaul. So with that in mind we look back at what has been a cracker of a year for steam on Britain's Railways! Many thought that the collapse of the Sea Wall in February 2014 would have ruined everything, but thanks to the stellar efforts of the Network Rail team the wall was back up and running in 64 days and thus the steam season in the South West was truly spectacular, being host to a myriad of specials with power from 5029 'Nunney Castle', 34067 'Tangmere', and making the début steam tour after reopening of the route and her first ever visit to the South Devon Mainline, 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley'. But shots also come from other parts of the network, including the cold climbs of the North West and the bustling commuter network of Central London. The year has also included some astounding locomotive combinations, with pairings of engines such as 34046 'Braunton' and 5029 'Nunney Castle' and 61624 and 45407 'The Lancashire Fusilier.' Apart from that it's the usual onslaught of steam, smoke, whistles, wheel-slips, breakneck speed, hissing safety valves, raw power and pollution, snarling pistons, flying driving rods and general fun for the whole family! So let's get underway! Enjoy!
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Masters Of The Mainline - U.K Steam Train Review - 2016
STOP PRESS !! MAINLINE 2O17 REVIEW NOW AVAILABLE BELOW ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMLotbSayFQ The mammoth operation of British mainline steam in 2016, will go down as an improvement on it's previous year which was probably one of the most turbulent years on the mainline. This year would see some big name locos return to the mainline scene, although loco availability would see still plague tour operators and the southern half of England, as many tours were being cancelled. With eyes still on West Coast Railways, who are treading carefully after their suspensions, the rail operator are now looking to be heading in the right direction, which is paramount as this video would not be possible without the successful running of their operation ! This year's compilation covers my favourite highlights throughout the year, which features 70 scenes involving 16 locomotives. This compilation features what I deem to be my best clips of the year and the scenes are edited to provide you constant action, while still providing a build up of anticipation. There is a brief on screen intro to each scene, though I'm happy to answer any questions you have ! I hope you enjoy the video. Locomotives featured (in order of appearance) 46100 'Royal Scot' 45699 'Galatea' 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' 45690 'Leander' 60163 'Tornado' 5043 'Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe' 45407 'Lancashire Fusilier 44871 'Black Five' 60103 'Flying Scotsman' 46233 'Duchess Of Sutherland' 34052 'Lord Dowding' 46115 'Scots Guardsman 9466 Hawksworth Pannier' 34067 'Tangmere' 4965 'Rood Ashton Hall' 9600 'Pannier Tank' All footage included in this video, are copyright of Liam Marsh, unless otherwise stated. All video media featured here cannot be used elsewhere, without prior permission from the relevant author or copyright owner. © Marsh Steam Videos 2017 ©
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Steam Trains at Speed
Steam trains at speed, you gotta love 'em. Whether they be roaring through a busy station, or pounding through the open countryside. This video showcases most of the clips I have taken over the past three and a half years, of steam dashing across England and a little bit of Wales too. Locomotives featured in this video include the likes of: - 60163 'Tornado' - 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' - 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' - 34067 'Tangmere' - 4464 'Bittern' - 6024 'King Edward I' - 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' - 70000 'Britannia' - 35028 'Clan Line' - 44871 - 45407 'The Lancashire Fusilier' - 4965 'Rood Ashton Hall' - 60009 'Union of South Africa' - 9466 - 5029 'Nunney Castle' - 34046 'Braunton' - 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' Please feel free to leave a like, comment and favourite; and if you liked this video and want to see more, then why not subscribe? Enjoy!
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Monarchs Of The Mainline - U.K Steam Train Review 2017
My mainline review for 2017 features my favourite shots taken across England and as usual a decent selection of locos and locations all feature in this video. As always a big thanks to all the operators and volunteers for their relentless effort which without wouldn't make this video possible ! All locos and locations are captioned on screen. A big thanks to all my subscribers and viewers for your comments and support throughout the year, I am struggling to respond to comments at the moment due to my new work commitments and unfortunately this will impact on next year's outings, though there will still be videos throughout next year albeit on a smaller scale. I hope you enjoy the video. Video Highlights * Flying Scotsman reopening the S&C * Double Headed Panniers * An A4 Class over Sapperton (60009) * 46115 'Scots Gaurdsman' final run before overhaul * 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' returns to the mainline * 45690 'Leander' awakens Miles Platting Locomotives featured 45690 'Leander' GWR Pannier Tank 9600 GWR Hawksworth Pannier Tank 9466 5043 'Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe' 34052 'Lord Dowding' 46100 'Royal Scot' 60009 'Union Of South Africa' 60163 'Tornado' 46233 'Duchess Of Sutherland' 46115 'Scots Guardsman' 45699 'Galatea' 60103 'Flying Scotsman' 35028 'Clan Line' 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' B.R STD 4 '76084'
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Enjoy this beautifully presented whistle-stop tour around Britain to see some of the most remarkably preserved steam railways and engines. Filmed at various locations over the past decade, this DVD is an absolute must for the steam train enthusiast both old and new as we visit galas, festivals and special days at some of Britains best known railways and get up close and personal with some titans of steam. The Santa Special on the West Somerset Railway, the Bluebell Railway Branch Line Gala, a glimpse of the famous Hogwarts Express and an open day at the Crewe Works are just a few of the stops we make along the way. Other highlights include visits to the Welsh Highland Railway, the Midsomer Norton Station project, East Lancashire Railway, Llangollen Railway and a very special day at the Ffestiniog Railway. Available to buy from: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Steam-Trains-Great-Britain-DVD/dp/B002M8XVFY/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1290094664&sr=1-1
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Kempton Park  Big Triple Steam Engine Starting
The Kempton Park Steam Engines (also known as the Kempton Great Engines) are two large triple-expansion steam engines, dating from 1926--1929, at the Kempton Park waterworks, Middlesex, London. The were manufactured by Worthington-Simpson. Each engine is of a similar size to that used in RMS Titanic and rated at about 1008 hp. They each pumped 19 million gallons of water a day, to supply north London with drinking water taken from the River Thames. These are the largest triple expansion engines still running in the world! They were the last working survivors when they were finally retired from service in 1980. Here is one of the engineers engaging the barring engine, into the fly wheel in order to line the pistons of the main engine in the correct position for the admission of steam, to start. A truly remarkable sight, showing the years of dedicated restoration work to get the engine running again. Well worth a visit, check their web site for live steaming weekends.
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The Best of British Steam Compilation 2012
Finally, 2012 draws to a close and now it's time to recollect on the best moments of the British Railway Steam scene, including tours, private charters, overnight land cruises, empty stock workings and light engine movements from all corners of the UK: 1. 17/11: Stanier built Princess Royal Class, 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' is seen running the steam leg of the 'Cumbrian Mountaineer' from Tyseley to Carlisle through Oxenholme. 2. 15/09: BR Standard Class 7 flagship number 70000 'Britannia' and LNER A4 Pacific 4464 'Bittern' are seen blasting southbound through Teignmouth with the 'Mayflower' tour from London Euston to Plymouth. 3. 07/10: LMS Princess Coronation Class 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' is seen screaming through the night with the southbound leg of the 'Caledonian Railtour' from Stirling to Wolverhampton. 4. 04/02: On the second run of the 'Cumbrian Mountain Express', LMS Stanier Class 5 45305 is seen departing Preston for Carlisle running via Blackburn and the Settle and Carlisle route 5. On the way back from Plymouth, 70000 'Britannia' and 4464 'Bittern' are seen racing north through Teignmouth with the returning 'Mayflower' tour to London Paddington 6. 12/08: BR Standard Class 7 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' is seen gliding through Totnes with the southbound 'Royal Duchy' from Bristol Temple Meads to Par 7. 19/08: On her first run on the 'Torbay Express' for 2012, 4464 'Bittern' is seen racing through Teignmouth with the southbound leg to Kingswear 8. 05/08: unique BR Standard Class 8 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' is seen blasting south through Teignmouth on the 'Torbay Express' from Bristol Temple Meads to Kingswear 9. 02/09: 4464 'Bittern' is once again seen on the 'Torbay Express', this time speeding south through Dawlish Warren 10. 17/11: Returning from Carlisle on the 'Cumbrian Mountaineer', 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' is seen powering down the Settle and Carlisle at Armathwaite bound for Tyseley 11. 21/04: LMS Royal Scot Class 46115 'Scots Guardsman' is seen reversing out of Carnforth steam town before steaming northbound up the WCML towards Carlisle in preparation to haul its part of the Great Britain tour 12. 29/07: 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' is seen gliding through Teignmouth bound for Par 13. 27/04: former Southern Railway built Bullied Light Pacific 34067 'Tangmere' of the Battle of Britain fleet is seen trundling through Preston with a light engine working from Carnforth to Bristol Barton Hill 14. 10/03: Running the 'Shap, Settle and Carlisle' tour from Wolverhampton to Carlisle, GWR Castle Class 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' and 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' are seen accelerating away from the yards at Carnforth 15. 27/04: 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' is seen climbing away from Preston through Leyland with the 'Great Britain' tour from Preston to Bristol Temple Meads 16. 15/07: 70000 'Britannia' is seen with its safety valves blowing off loudly as it rumbles slowly along the Sea Wall at Teignmouth with the 'Torbay Express' 17. 18/03: LMS Stanier 8F 48151 is seen departing Preston in classic form with the 'Roses Express' from Preston to York 18. 15/12: After arriving from Bristol Temple Meads with the 'Christmas Devonian', 34067 'Tangmere' is seen departing for Exeter Riverside with the empty stock for that tour 19. 19/08: On its first run on the 'Torbay Express', 4464 'Bittern' is seen climbing out of Torre with the return working to Bristol Temple Meads 20. 09/03: After a quick water stop, 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' and 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' are seen departing from Preston with a light engine working to Carnforth 21. 22/07: 70000 'Britannia' bursts out of Parson's Tunnel near Teignmouth with the 'Torbay Express' bound for Kingswear 22. 05/08: 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' is seen racing out from under Shaldon Bridge at Teignmouth with the return leg of the 'Torbay Express' 23. 26/04: Arriving with the 'Great Britain' tour, 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' is seen arriving at Preston from Glasgow Central 24. 15/04: GWR Manor Class 7827 'Lydham Manor' is seen climbing from Goodrington Sands bound for Kingswear 25. 05/08: 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' passes Teignmouth with the 'Royal Duchy' bound for Par 26. 01/12: 60009 'Union of South Africa' runs the 'Christmas White Rose' north past Ryther bound for York 27. 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' is seen rumbling through Bamber Bridge with the returning 'Shap, Settle and Carlisle' tour bound for Wolverhampton 28. 70000 'Britannia' blasts north through Teignmouth with the 'Torbay Express' for Bristol 29. 28/07: 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' and 60163 'Tornado' are seen running through Teignmouth with the 'Tamar Devonian' 30. 27/04: 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' is seen passing Leyland light engine bound for Crewe 31. 22/07: 70000 'Britannia' once again blasts past Teignmouth with the 'Torbay Express' to Bristol 32. 02/09: 4464 'Bittern' races through Teignmouth for Bristol with the 'Torbay Express Enjoy (I certainly did!) :D
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Train Simulator 2018 - Classic British Locomotives (RACE!)
Welcome back to another race and today it's all about Classic British Locomotives who will win??? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaZeRJEToliver --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lazerjetoliver --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/lazerjetoliver --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAN MAIL ----------------------------------------------- BAJ LAZERJET PO BOX 742 WINCHESTER SO23 3QB
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Old Abandoned Rusty Trains In UK. Abandoned Train Cars On The Barry Scrapyard. Ghost Train
Old Abandoned Rusty Trains In UK. Abandoned Train Cars On The Barry Scrapyard. Ghost Train Abandoned old rusty trains in Barry Scrapyard. Old abandoned locomotive. Rusty vehicles graveyards. Steam locomotives. Music: Silent Partner - Remembering Her Face Thanks for watching ;-) My partner - http://bcd-urbex.com - Best exploring abandoned places
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Steam Trains - Jobs in the British Railways 1946 - "The Railwaymen"
An educational movie about jobs available within the railways of Great Britain during the mid/late 1940's. Covers some of the less glamourous jobs withing the railways including cleaning locomotives, station work and other behind the scenes activities which were the starting point of your career in those days . PoathTV - Australian Trains, Railways & Railroads #Trains #Railways #Railroads #RailTransport #Transport
Steamtrain (s) in the Netherlands and Germany. Spectaculaire smoke and steam chasing.
Stoom in Holland en Duitsland. dampflok steam locomotive steam locomotives steam engine steam engines stoom stoomtrein spoorwegen treinen trein tren vapor vapeur chemin de fer allemagne west deutschland germany german remagen bahnstrecke bahnlinie line bahnen sommer video bahnvideo TREN VAPOR eisenbahnvideo bahnfilm film movie eisenbahnfilm historisch bahnhistorisch geschichte history train spotter trainspotting railfan train railfanning engine loc barking chuffing chugging working playday dampflokomotive TRENES A VAPOR tren bluebell Railway Fairy Queen
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An A4 at 126 mph
A simulation of Mallard's 126 mph record, featuring shots of 60009 Union Of South Africa on the West Coast Mainline, running in reality at between 72 and 75 mph. Whilst the WCML down Shap and across the Fylde plain is a 125mph piece of railway, I'm not sure that the A4s could tilt like Pendo's, so some imagination is required with the shots on curves! As ever, all cameras were in legal positions behind the fence.
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On the footplate of 71000 Duke of Gloucester
Drive Kirk explains what he is doing as he drives 71000 Duke of Gloucester from Winchfield to Eastleigh. This is taken from our DVD 'Duke of Gloucester the Record Breaker'. http://www.mainlinesteam.net/Duke_Record_Breaker.htm
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British Steam Locomotive Whistles 1
Here is a some engine whistles hope you like it
The Best of British Steam Compilation 2013
It's hard to believe that another year has simply rolled by, but in that time it's been a fantastic ride in terms of steam tours. 2013 has seen the return of many a great locomotive, such as the return of 34046 'Braunton' to the mainline, and the return of 45699 'Galatea' to steam altogether! So here I give you my collection of some of the finest examples of steam to grace the British Rail network, seen in locations that vary from the peaceful preserved lines of Devon and Cornwall, to the snow covered slopes of the Cumbrian Lake District, to the sunny seaside resorts of the Teignmouth Sea Wall. This video features all kinds of steam engines from all of the great operators of yesteryear, including 5029 'Nunney Castle', 34067 'Tangmere', 7827 'Lydham Manor', 70000 'Britannia' and her sister 70013 'Oliver Cromwell', 60009 'Union of South Africa', 35028 'Clan Line', 46115 'Scots Guardsman', 61994 'The Great Marquess' and many many more! In the next 45 minutes there's going to be steam, smoke, whistles, wheel-slips, breakneck speed, hissing safety valves, raw power and pollution, snarling pistons, flying driving rods and general fun for the whole family! So, let's get cracking! Enjoy!
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The nationalised British Railways inherited a substantial stock of steam locomotives from its constituent companies. However, it was still necessary to replace many worn-out and obsolete machines before the change-over to diesel could take place. To this end a range of “standard” locomotives was produced, and the first of these, number 70000 “Britannia” appeared in 1951. Members of this class were used on the famous named Express trains of their day, including the “Golden Arrow” of the Southern Region. The ultimate Express passenger locomotive design in Great Britain was the solitary British Railways Class 8P71000 “Duke of Gloucester”, and both these engines survive today and are featured extensively in this programme, together with archive footage of them at work in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Other British Railways classes appeared on Express trains although not strictly Express engines, especially the last steam locomotives of all “Evening Star” which, although a freight engine, worked on trains such as the “pines Express”. This collection of VHS shows Express steam locomotives in action, using rare archive footage from the 1950’s and 1960’s together with contemporary material of today.
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The Great Britain X: Days 2 to 6 in Glasgow | Steam Compilation | May 2017
Compilation of steam traction back in business around Glasgow in early May 2017 for The Railway Touring Company's "Great Britain X" Railtour of the UK. Some fine locos in fine weather!
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Trains At High Speed: Steam Engines (UK Locos) Compared To Modern Traction
If you like speed this is for you. These steam locos can still move it! You may also like... High Speed Steam Compilation: 90 mph/150 kph ...(Bittern: hi speed runs) http://youtu.be/eKOrz8pR13o The USA Acela, French TGV, German ICE and Chinese High Speed Trains just glide along at very high speed. Perhaps that's the fascination with steam...you can see all the moving parts and hear the engine 'talk'....La Bete Humaine! Even non rail fans will enjoy the great power of fast steam locomotives on the mainline railroad.... also for kids who love railway videos like Thomas The Tank Engine! If you like railroad videos, a super fast steam engine on a high speed train - even if not now the worlds fastest train, or you are a railway preservation society enthusiast who loves heritage railways, old steam trains or you just love mainline steam or railroad videos ... I really hope you enjoy it! A list of all the clips quoted from and the channel of the people that posted the clips is given below. Please visit them and give them more hits. 0.00--0.05 Front Screen 0.05--0.15 Clip01 - Steam Train At Speed #128 willhayfield 0.15--0.22 Clip02 - 60163 'Tornado' at full pelt letmadnessbegin 0.22--0.31 Clip03 - 5043 Edgcumbe thrashes Wigan trainspotterize 0.31--0.41 Clip04 - Amtrak Acela Express In 150mph zone cchan006 0.41--0.51 Clip05 - Great Britain V - 34067"Tangmere' & 70013 jakeyboygen 0.51--1.57 Clip06 - TGV en Seine et Marne ErebosSan 0.57--1.03 Clip07 - A1 60163 Tornado on Cathedrals Explorer Helpston david69082 1.03--1.11 Clip08 - The Devonian 22-10-2011 hd GJDobbzy 1.11--1.21 Clip09 - ICE 1 - German high speed train in action Suedharzeisenbahnfan 1.21--1.34 Clip10 - 71000 at Shifnal wilbur6402 1.34--1.45 Clip12 - The Duke at Leighton Buzzard TheDevonian2011 1.45--1.56 Clip11 - China railway CRH3C, Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed train makmak0424 1.56--2.07 Clip13 - 12-04-12 The Cathedrals Express 70000 Bristol NwsNoaaChaser 2.07--2.13 End Screen Notes To Complete Later: There's something special about steam trains at high speed! It's surprising how many people find them fascinating - from kids to preservation society members. For some people, they start out as children captivated by Thomas The Tank Engine - perhaps it's the Hogwarts Express for the Harry Potter fans! For others, they enjoy live steam! Steam on the main line or steam on heritage / preserved railways. The UK is the capital of preserved main line steam. New Zealand, Germany and Poland have quite a bit. US not as much as expected. Australia, Japan and South Africa some. A1 Tornado is an amazing project. In the UK there are great heritage railways like, The Bluebell Railway, The Mid Hants Railway, The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, The West Somerset Railway, The East Lanchashire Railway, The Great Central Railway, The Keighly And Worth Valley Railway, The Kent & East Sussex Railway, The North Norfolk Railway, The Severn Valley Railway, The South Devon Railway, The Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway and of course narrow gauge like The Welsh HIghland Railway, Tallyllyn Railway. West Coast Railways. In the US - Cumbres And Toltec, Durango And Silverton etc. Also steam features in Great Railway Journeys of the world by the BBC.
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Four Seasons Of Steam : 61 Steam Locos In Action!
Featuring over 60 steam locomotives in action! Filmed along nine preserved railways, plus the mainline, and taking one full year in the making, this video is edited to give you 38 minutes of continuous steam action. This is 'Four Seasons Of Steam'. In most cases, the scenes in this film are taken from my other videos covering single events which I have already uploaded. A list of links to these videos follows : NVR Haakon & Slask : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfoxd3qHvWE GCR Winter Gala : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dzso6D_1IiQ KWVR Winter Gala : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPnnjHKop8c GCR 1960s : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taPdxdQnNBU NVR Mixed Traction : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p0rjrRF_Pg GCR Great Escape : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlWvkubMiPo LWR Easter Gala : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuaYoH1bcnU GCR Golden Oldies : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EAqcZSZUfs GCR Wartime Weekend : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtpXJHyqE4E NNR Grand Steam Gala : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVdUm-pvpAM GCR Autumn Dala (Day 1) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veae2WoBvc8 KWVR Autumn Gala : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIwzbBDFKac GCR Autumn Gala (Day 3) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35mPYSIE0vE The following list details the time of each locomotives appearance in the film, so you can skip to a specific loco. Links to further information about each loco are provided : (1) 0:10 King Haakon 7 : http://tinyurl.com/7mmzwsf (2) 0:51 Polish 0-8-0T : http://tinyurl.com/6t96tu3 (3) 1:20 2-8-0 No.3850 : http://tinyurl.com/6wvbae8 (4) 1:40 GWR 4575 Class No.5526 : http://tinyurl.com/7ddsl6o (5) 1:54 GWR 1450 : http://tinyurl.com/79ftet9 (6) 2:22 LNER K4 The Great Marquess : http://tinyurl.com/72tr6ub (7) 2:54 Stanier Class 5 45305: http://tinyurl.com/72an7la (8) 3:12 King Arthur Class Sir Lamiel : http://tinyurl.com/7e85h3q (9) 3:26 GWR 4953, Pitchford Hall : http://tinyurl.com/6lnwa6e (10) 4:09 GWR No.3717 City Of Truro : http://tinyurl.com/75kxzdh (11) 4:42 Black Five 44871 : http://tinyurl.com/6nu8kk5 (12) 6:11 44767 George Stephenson : http://tinyurl.com/6psqkrc (13) 6:37 3F 47279 'Jinty' : http://tinyurl.com/7wtb7m4 (14) 6:58 L&W Class 25 'Ironclad' : http://tinyurl.com/7fwdqjx (15) 7:15 WD 90733 : http://tinyurl.com/7w3n258 (16) 7:41 LMS 8642 : http://tinyurl.com/6wvnklb (17) 8:19 8F 45160 : http://tinyurl.com/75xr9u2 (18) 8:51 City Of Peterborough 73050 : http://tinyurl.com/8xfrh58 (19) 9:21 Hunslet Austerity No.22 : http://tinyurl.com/73l9kkx (20) 10:00 4F 44422 : http://tinyurl.com/79ytka4 (21) 10:32 GWR 2807 : http://tinyurl.com/6o6qln6 (22) 10:57 GWR Prairie 5542 : http://tinyurl.com/787ncov (23) 11:19 LMS 8F : http://tinyurl.com/7kk6n5v (25) 11:47 Bellerophon : http://tinyurl.com/7vmc9gf (25) 12:26 Pecket No.1749 : http://tinyurl.com/83wpgp3 and No.1438 : http://tinyurl.com/78zlfcv (26) 12:56 Princess Elizabeth 6201 : http://tinyurl.com/82t2k8b (27) 13:29 Furness No.20 : http://tinyurl.com/8864teb (28) 14:29 No.662 Martello : http://tinyurl.com/6wvcmzn (29) 15:03 Planet (replica) : http://tinyurl.com/87nxcty (30) 15:31 Rocket (replica) : http://tinyurl.com/6fv5lw (31) 16:12 60019 Bittern : http://tinyurl.com/85sx35v (32) 16:49 King Edward II : http://tinyurl.com/7y8uncv (33) 17:49 GNR N2 : http://tinyurl.com/86tukul (34) 18:29 Peckett R4 : http://tinyurl.com/7ke43ck (35) 19:12 9F Black Prince : http://tinyurl.com/77vn4dr (36) 20:11 70013 Oliver Cromwell : http://tinyurl.com/mlaeas (37) 21:02 60163 Tornado : http://tinyurl.com/nm3grv (38) 21:30 GWR Pannier 9466 : http://tinyurl.com/7p3bsnf (39) 22:20 Austerity 0-6-0 No.3777 : http://tinyurl.com/77nh7pq (40) 23:19 Y14 No.65462 : http://tinyurl.com/7xfq48k and GWR 5619 : http://tinyurl.com/6r4mg6v (41) 23:55 Ivatt 4MT : http://tinyurl.com/7s2v7qb (42) 24:43 GWR No.7715 : http://tinyurl.com/7fus9g7 (43) 25:19 GWR 4900 Kinlett Hall : http://tinyurl.com/7kuae3s (44) 26:07 Class 8 Duke Of Gloucester : http://tinyurl.com/4zwlshg (45) 26:53 Hunslet Austerity Norman : http://tinyurl.com/7fzucka (46) 27:34 S15 No.38024 : http://tinyurl.com/7jvyex8 (47) 27:54 LNER Q6 : http://tinyurl.com/8xfb3hq (48) 29:00 45428 Eric Treacy : http://tinyurl.com/88dvxqq (49) 30:03 34007 Wdebridge : http://tinyurl.com/7z5xppw (50) 31:21 S&DJR No.88 : http://tinyurl.com/846mf8h (51) 32:09 Hudswell Clarke Nunlow : http://tinyurl.com/7qla8lj (52) 33:02 Black 5 No.45212 : http://tinyurl.com/6vm9wgs (53) 33:48 4F No.43924 : http://tinyurl.com/7rol9wo (54) 34:56 BR Standard 2 No.78019 : http://tinyurl.com/7zmq2lg (55) 35:21 GCR 8K No.63601 : http://tinyurl.com/7sny47a (56) 35:43 LMS 3F 47406 : http://tinyurl.com/7wtb7m4 (57) 36:07 GWR Pannier No.9600 : http://tinyurl.com/7t39qdp and No.7752 : http://tinyurl.com/82p7soz (58) 36.32 GWR 4965 Rood Ashton Hall : http://tinyurl.com/ccere2v
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Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie - S02E04: Trains - The Steam Pioneers (5.1 DPL II, HD)
Grab your anoraks and climb onboard the 1820s, one of the most revolutionary decades in history. In just ten years transportation evolved from foot and horse to the first passenger railway, forever changing British society. Chris follows this breakthrough, heading down a mine to witness rail's beginnings and taking a spin on the Trevithick Puffing Devil - the world's first high-pressure steam engine. Finally, our intrepid presenter climbs on to the footplate of some of the earliest and most famous trains in the world. TV icon and vintage machine enthusiast, Chris Barrie, serves up a big dose of nostalgia in this exclusive series celebrating British design. 5.1 surround, encoded using Dolby Pro Logic II.
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In The Reign Of Steam - 1950s Amateur Colour Cine Film - British Railways -Trains - Home Movie - UK
This footage was filmed by model engineer and steam enthusiast Gilbert Kilburn in glorious cine colour. The scene starts in 1957 with 70021 Morning Star as she pulls the Cornish Riviera Express back up to London Paddington from Penzance. After a brief visit to the delights of the Vale of Rheinol we return to the mainline with shot after shot of rarities including an unrebuilt 445519 Lady Godiva. We see a Coronation belting up Shap, followed by an English Electric Class 40. Later we see a DMU crossing the Kent estuary. To Scotland and we hop on and off trains and admire views of the scenery and our two Black Fives pulling us around the viaduct. Back down South and an A3 thunders past us on The Master Cutler. Back home to Folkstone Harbour and the Golden Arrow is looking glorious headed by 70004 William Shakespeare. From the white cliffs we see The Brighton Belle amongst others, not to mention the rare sight of two unrebuilt Bulleid Pacifics. The amateur cine footage was filmed in the late 50s. The film was later transferred to VHS, presumably in the 1980s and a commentary added. The quality of the VHS was poor in places, but I have tried not to go overboard with cleaning it and spoil its charm. As such I have sharpened it a little, lightened and re-coloured slightly and smoothed out only the most jarring edits. I hope you enjoy it and please have a look at some of my other uploaded films. https://youtu.be/he3jMIemvUY On Twitter @shedtv https://twitter.com/ShedTV www.shedtv.net Please note that I am not aware of any copyright infringement on my channel. If you own any of the material please contact me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.
Views: 44624 ShedTV
Memories Of The Mainline - U.K Steam Train Review - 2015
2017 Review Now Available ! Click Link Below ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMLotbSayFQ This year's review once again features an extensive look back at my favourite scenes from the world of mainline steam. 2015, will go down as an extremely testing time, for all who are involved in the mammoth operation of mainline running, and with an uncertain future, we all hope for a positive return in 2016, with a wrath of big name locos scheduled for return. Regardless of the ongoing issues surrounding the operation of mainline steam, 2015 still provided us with many highlights & excellent loco performances across the mainline network, which I was lucky to witness. Once again, I would like to thank all my subscribers & returning viewers for there comments & support throughout the year. I hope you enjoy the compilation. Locos featured (in order of appearances) (LMS) 46233 'Duchess Of Sutherland' (B.R) 70000 'Britannia' (LNER) 61306 'Mayflower' (GWR) 4965 'Rood Ashton Hall' (GWR) 5043 'Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe' (S.R) 34067 'Tangmere' (S.R) 35028 'Clan Line' (LMS) 45407 'Lancashire Fusilier' (LMS) 45690 'Leander' (LNER) 60163 'Tornado' (LMS) 45699 'Galatea' All footage included in this video, are copyright of Liam Marsh, unless otherwise stated. All video media featured here cannot be used elsewhere, without prior permission from the relevant author or copyright owner. © Marsh Steam Videos 2016 ©
Views: 81047 Marsh Steam Videos™
Steam Trains Speeding Along (1947)
Unissued / unused material. Various shots steam trains (passenger and goods) speeding along railway lines somewhere rural in UK. The trains pass through small station and pass signals. Some good natural sound of trains. Date on original dope sheet is 17/10/1947. FILM ID:2198.1 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. http://www.britishpathe.tv/ FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT http://www.britishpathe.com/ British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 120,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1979. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website. https://www.britishpathe.com/
Views: 40075 British Pathé
Steam Rollers
Only in the past century and a half have we enjoyed the luxury of a well-maintained, surfaced network of roads which would not have been possible without the humble steam roller. It is only thanks to the present day custodians who had the foresight to protect and conserve these historic engines for future generations to enjoy that the interesting noises and smells remain tangible. In doing so, steam roller owners have successfully prevented a wonderful part of Great Britain's industrial engineering heritage from vanishing.Filmed at the annual Fairford Steam Rally and the Great Dorset Steam Fair, this Steam Rollers programme features a host of the finest steam rollers in preservation in the UK today.
Speed Machines - Record Breaking Steam Trains (Engineering Documentary) | Spark
In the 1930's, Britain had a railway network that was envied around the world. The East and West Coast railway companies fought to transport passengers from London to Scotland in the shortest time possible. Originally broadcast in 2003. Content licensed by DRG Distributions. Any queries, contact us at [email protected] Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science, tech and engineering videos - https://goo.gl/LIrlur
Views: 373913 Spark
Masters Of The Mainline - U.K Steam Train Review - 2013
2015 MAINLINE COMPILATION NOW AVAILABLE !! CLICK LINK BELOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mB1UFf3IMM Masters Of The Mainline 2013, features my favourite shots of year, which have been carefully selected and put together to show Mainline Steam at it's very best. If your after engines working hard, or engines at speed and engines climbing steep inclines coupled with lots of whistles, you have come to the right video. Our video has compiled over 40 scenes of steam on the mainline, while the footage captures 32 steam tours, incorporating 14 steam locomotives with 12 different classes of engines, taking on the British Railway Network in a elegant, but powerful fashion. This video is dedicated to all the volunteers and tour operators & engineers who spend countless hours keeping Mainline Steam at the forefront of modern day British rail travel, while facing the ever daunting prospect of steam slipping from the mainline for good. Hope you enjoy the compilation, and if you enjoyed the video don't forget to subscribe. Engines Featured GWR 5043 (Earl Of Mount Edgecumbe) GWR 4965 (Rood Ashton Hall) GWR 7752 (Pannier Tank) GWR 9600 (Pannier Tank) LMS 44871 (Black Five) LMS 45407 (Black Five) LMS 45699 (Galatea) LMS 46115 (Scots Guardsmen) LMS 46233 (Duchess Of Sutherland) LMS 48151 (8F) LNER A1 60163 (Tornado) LNER A4 60009 (Union Of South Africa) Our locomotive of the year LNER A4 4664 (Bittern) BR 70013 (Oliver Cromwell) BR 70000 (Britannia) SR 34067 (Tangmere) © Marsh Steam Videos 2014 ©
Views: 225204 Marsh Steam Videos™
Flying Scotsman, British India Line & Double Headed Jubilees - The Great Britain XI
The 'Great Britain XI' the pinnacle of U.K steam tours has once again come around and in this video we cover the first two days of it's mammoth tour. Day two would see no less than four locomotives on show, with day one being hauled throughout by the famous Flying Scotsman. Day two would also see the newly returned Merchant Navy 35018 'British India Line, take her first run over the Settle & Carlisle Railway. Day two would also see the long anticipated pairing of double headed Jubilee's over Beattock and towards Edinburgh. A truly great two opening days for passengers and linesiders as we were all treated to some early summer conditions and some fine locos on show ! The video starts in Cambridgeshire and finishes in Scotland. All locos and locations are featured in the video. I hope you enjoy the video.
Views: 7442 Marsh Steam Videos™
West Coast Railways Steam At Speed
Hello & Welcome to this special tribute video. This is a tribute program in memory of 1 of West Coast Railway's finest drivers of the past Albert Seymour known as Uncle Albert to his friends & colleagues who sadly passed away on the early May Bank Holiday Monday. He was a kind hearted & charming gentleman which I had the privilege of talking to him on a number of occasions when ever I see him at the regulator of some of the finest mainline steam locomotives. He will be sadly missed my thoughts & condolences goes out to his beloved family & friends at this very difficult time. R.I.P Albert Seymour may The West Coast Steam Special take you to heaven & join many of the great railway pioneers who did so much for the steam movement. I decided to put together a special collection of video clips of the steam locomotives owned by West Coast Railways & locos that are associated with the Train Operator showing them at speed during their finest hours when running on the national network. Something Uncle Albert would be proud of. These video clips shows as early as 2013 right up to the 1st 4 months of 2018. 48151 The Fellsman in July 2017 The Salopian Steam Express February 2018 5972 Olton Hall Light engine move from Tyseley to Carnforth WCRC July 2014 45690 Leander Loaded Test Run October 2014 The Salopian Steam Express March 2015 The Dalesman May 2015 Light Engine Move Barrowhill Round House to Carnforth WCRC September 2015 Day 9 of The Great Britain 9 May 2016 ECS Move Carnforth WCRC to Manchester Victoria June 2016 North Wales Coast Express July 2016 Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express January 2017 The Coast to Coast Express June 2017 The Fellsman August 2017 The Cumbrian Coast Express March 2018 45699 Galatea The Lune Rivers Trust Special September 2013 Light Engine Move Crewe to Carnforth WCRC February 2014 Light Engine Move Crewe to Carnforth WCRC September 2014 The Pendle Dalesman March 2015 The Ill fated North Wales Coast Express July 2015 Dalesman duties in July & August of 2015 The Pendle Dalesman February 2016 Light Engine move Southall WCRC to Carnforth WCRC August 2016 Day 7 The Great Britain 10 May 2017 Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express duties in February 2018 46115 Scots Guardsman Loaded Test Run February 2014 Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express Duties Februay & March 2014 The Ill fated Day 4 The Lakes Express September 2015 The Welsh Mountaineer July 2016 Cumbrian Coast Express duties in August & September 2016 North Wales Coast Express September 2016 The Midday Scot March 2017 The Welsh Boarders Special March 2017 The Welsh Mountaineer July 2017 The Fellsman August 2017 (Penultimate run before withdrawal for Overhaul) 35018 British India Line Loaded Test Runs in July & August Loaded Test Run March 2018 The Salopian Steam Special I March 2018 Day 7 The Great Britain 11 April 2018 Thanks for reading enjoy the tribute video
Views: 2981 Richard Harnetty
British Steam and Freight Trains
freight trains from fox field railway Tanfield railway Great Central Railway Barrow Hill
Views: 4045 hayden mccullagh
Narrow Gauge Railways of Great Britain The Lynton & Barnstaple Steam Railway July 2016
SO SORRY for the spelling mistake on the title,it should read .... BARNSTAPLE........................................................................................... Saturday saw us tackle the very twisty and bendy roads to the Lynton & Barnstaple railway.The sun came out but the wind was very cold,this is summer isn't it? This a lovely little railway,we keep hearing about track extensions but nothing seems to get done. We enjoyed our stay, then we headed off to the Bideford Railway museum. All the video is shot hand held sorry if it's a little shaky.
Views: 4948 wooltman
The famous named Expresses were the most prestigious trains run by the railway companies, none more famous than the “Cornish Riviera Express” who could fail to be impressed by the magnificent “King” class locomotives that headed the Express. Many of these have been lovingly restored today and still work steam express trains. This collection of VHS shows Express steam locomotives in action, using rare archive footage from the 1950’s and 1960’s together with contemporary material of today. ------------ EXPRESS STEAM LOCOMOTIVES OF THE LONDON NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY: https://youtu.be/E7GmOjjoTps ------------ VHS captured with a brand new VCR: PANASONIC NV-VP30.
Views: 25166 Manu Guinarte
Mainline Steam At Speed
A compilation of shots filmed over the last seven years showing steam trains at speed on the mainline.
Views: 43001 acw71000
British Steam Whistle Compilation
A good selection of some great whistles from the past 12 months. From Steam Locomotives to Steamships Enjoy.
Views: 23535 04clemea
Steam Trains (1950-1959)
Pinewood Stock Can material. Shot along railway tracks as steam train approaches camera from the distance. Nice shot as locomotive and carriages pass the camera. Different location - steam train comes round bend and past camera - carriages are in British Railways livery. VS of different loco hauling train into station. High angle shot of large area of points just outside station - trains move back and forth. MS train leaving station platform. More shots of steam engines and trains. VS of shunter moving along track. VS of trains in loco yard - all kinds of engines including the A4 Pacific 'Miles Beevor' 60026. Nice shots of this streamlined locomotive moving off. FILM ID:3420.05 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. http://www.britishpathe.tv/ FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT http://www.britishpathe.com/ British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 120,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1979. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website. https://www.britishpathe.com/
Views: 68810 British Pathé
Steam Locomotives At Speed !!
STOP PRESS ! Steam Locomotives At Speed #3 Now Available To Watch ! Click link Below To View ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyv_Ujl42iQ A compilation of British steam locomotives at speeds of 60mph and over. Scenes featured, are taken in the last three years, across the mainline network. Hope you enjoy the video. Fancy something different ? Try watching 'Steam Locomotives In The Countryside' Available below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTf79x6BaKo Fancy something diffferent ? Try watching my steam lcoomotives in the countryside video. Click link below to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTf79x6BaKo Locos Featured GWR 5043 - Earl of Mount Edgecumbe GWR 4965 - Rood Ashton Hall LNER 60163 - Tornado LNER 4464 - Bittern LNER 60009 - Union Of South Africa SR 34047 - Tangmere SR 34046 - Braunton LMS 46233 - Duchess of Sutherland LMS 46115 - Scots Guardsman LMS 44932 - Black Five LMS 44871 - Black Five LMS 45407 - Black Five LMS 45699 - Galatea B.R 70013 - Oliver Cromwell B.R 70000 - Britannia
Views: 413211 Marsh Steam Videos™
Steam challenge.Double heading with USA v UK at Merehead 2008
Spectacular steam display as UK 9f and USA class S160 haul stone hoppers up Merehead Quarrys incline with Switcher on rear. Turn up the volume
Views: 9642 Mike Wilcock
Fred Dibnah's Made In Britain S01 E09 - Engines At Work
Engines at Work Fred Dibnah's Made in Britain Episode 9 of 12 Fred meets up with a few old friends at the North Staffs and Cheshire Traction Engine Club. All the engines are in steam so Fred is in his element, chatting to his mates and enjoying a pint or two. The next day Fred goes to see Len Crane at Bratch Pumping Station, where Len has spent the last six years restoring a great triple expansion engine that was used to pump the water. They call in at the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgenorth for a chat about the locos and a tour round the workshops. Unfortunately Fred does so much chatting he misses his chance to have a ride on the footplate. Moving on from Bridgenorth Fred, Alf and Jimmy visit the Black Country Living Museum to learn about the rich mining history of the area.
Views: 11571 Haddy75
Classic British Steam Engines - Princess Margaret Rose
Watch now on Amazon: https://goo.gl/MRvJXx Included with Prime Watch Now More Purchase Options Add to Watchlist This show records the history of Sir William Stanier's first production Pacific train locomotive for the LMS railway. After just over a quarter of a century's front line service, "Princess Margaret Rose" was bout by Sir Billy Butlin as a children's amusement in a holiday camp. This is her story - from Pwellhi to Paddington.
Top 10 Extinct British Steam Locomotives
This is my first Top 10, after watching Christopher Kovacs's Top 15 Extinct American Steam Locomotives i decided to do my own version, but with British steam locomotives instead and with 5 less just because Britain is smaller. Enjoy the video, it took a day to record my voice and edit it. :)
Views: 112176 Pendennis Castle
Fast Steam Train in a Snow Storm.
UK operator SouthWest Trains have cancelled their normal services because of the snow, so no train has used this line for 8 hours - but Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 no 35028 Clan Line spectacularly thunders through the snow hauling the first steam powered special excursion of 2013. This is the British Pullman.
Views: 127767 MrKnowwun
Heralds of Steam | British Mainline Steam 2017
Another year down and another fine year for Mainline Steam in Britain. As well as producing some fine performances, the year marked events such as the 50th anniversary since the end of steam on the Southern Network. I made a go of getting as many steam charters as possible on the mainline which resulted in over 50 separate runs. This video takes a look back at the highlights of the year. Highlights of the year include; 5043 in fine form as ever, 60163 becomes the first steam loco to hit 100mph since the 1960's, 45699 taking the Welsh Borders by storm, 35028 and 34052 appropriately marking the End of Southern Steam, The return of 60009 for one final stint on the Mainline before retirement. 35018 returns to the mainline following a resurrection from scrapyard condition, And much more! This year promises to be an exciting one - so feel free to like, comment and subscribe, and tune in for 2018! www.youtube.com/AuthenticAspects www.facebook.com/AuthenticAspects
Views: 2066 Authentic Aspects
UK - Clan Line mixes with London Suburban Trains, 16/2/2018
Getting a couple of decent shots of Clan Line on the Belmond British Pullman service proved to be a combination of fighting with the London traffic noise and praying there'd be a gap between the suburban services running in and out of London's busiest station, Victoria. Nevertheless, I think I managed the best I could under the circumstances, and using my pocket camcorder hand held, during a few days visit to the capital with the family. The Southern Railway pacific Merchant Navy Class, number 35028 "Clan Line" looked resplendent in the winter sunshine and I managed to find a couple of quite nice locations, both just outside Victoria Station. The first shows the train crossing the River Thames at Chelsea Bridge and the second features a nice S-bend on the final approach to Victoria. The listed building of Battersea Power Station is prominent in the background, as the pacific waited for permission to enter the station right in front of our position on Ebury Bridge.
Great British Steam Engines- 1 - The Black 5s Part 1
The first in a series of videos highlighting some of the most well-known classes of steam locomotive in Great Britain. "The Black 5's are arguably one of the most powerful and advanced steam locomotives built in Britain. They were known as mixed traffic locomotives, a do-anything and go-anywhere engine". This video looks at the Black 5's designed by Sir William Stanier in the 1930's to overcome a great need in newer, more powerful locomotives. I originally made this video under rushed conditions at age 14 in December 2010, so please excuse the extremely dodgy camerawork in this video. (and no, I was not trying to do the military two-step whilst filming). A remake of this video with better footage and script is currently under production, and will be uploaded soon... DISCLAIMER: All copyrighted content used in this video is courtesy of its respective owners. No money has been made in this production.
Views: 6572 60007Gresley
SS Great Britain steam engine
SS Great Britain steam engine simulation
Views: 121 aris1234
Miniature Railways of Great Britain    Strathaven Miniature Railway     June 2017
A lovely picturesque town park,very well kept,also it has a miniature railway what more could the town want! We visited with my brother in law Alex and had a great time. A very friendly bunch of guys,they showed us around and gave us a cup of tea also we had a trip around the track behind a Sweet William.
Views: 5660 wooltman
British Steam Train Derailment !! Great Central Railway
The title say's it all really and unfortunately today just after 10 am at Quorn & Woodhouse Great Central Railways Ivatt Class 46521 was involved in a derailment while shunting the traveling post office stock down to Loughborough in preparation for it's mail drop !! And what looks like a joint or points failure has sent the Ivatt class off the rails causing the engine to completely dismount the rails. Fortunately this happened in the sidings and didn't cause to much disruption though services were delayed for a period of time and a trains did continue to run though not to the full timetable which was published. Don't forget to subscribe rate and comment for British steam locomotives. Locomotive damage report click link below http://www.gcrailway.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Weekly-Newsletter-2013-05-01-17.pdf
Views: 144258 Marsh Steam Videos™
UK Steam Locomotives
This video brings together a collection of clips taken at a number of preserved railways in the UK as well as some main line action. The clips were predominately taken during 2016, with a couple taken on an earlier UK trip in 2011. For those reading our travel blog, you will see some extra videos that didn't make it into our monthly summaries as well as extended cuts of clips you have already seen. 00:12 - Didcot Railway Centre, including visit of 'Tornado' 03:10 - Great Central Railway 11:59 - Mid Hants Railway 15:03 - Bluebell Railway 16:58 - Nene Valley Railway 20:37 - Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 22:24 - Isle of Wight Steam Railway 24:22 - North Yorkshire Moors Railway 27:27 - Ffestiniog Railway 29:13 - Welsh Highland Railway 31:14 - Talyllyn Railway 32:52 - Severn Valley Railway 37:26 - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway 40:47 - West Somerset Railway 47:06 - Mainline Steam, including Flying Scotsman Thanks to all the preserved railways in particular for providing such amazing places to visit. If you are in the UK pay these railways a visit and consider supporting some of the great projects underway such as the bridge over the main line on the Great Central, the Bridgnorth redevelopment on the Severn Valley or the push to Broadway on the GWSR. The following music was taken from OCRemix (http://ocremix.org): Chrono Trigger 'Tears for a Girl' by Freemind and GrayLightning Plok 'Title Jam' by Mazedude Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 'Animal Village Greenwich Village' by BenCousins Jurassic Park 'Before Time' by Danny Baranowsky and Ryan Probst Ninja Gaiden 'Emulated' by Jose Acosta Zelda II 'Hyrule Housing Inc.' by F4T4L_3RR0R Super Mario 64 'Wings to the Sky' by halc Super Thunder Black 'Blue Chopper' by Joe Redifer Sonic CD 'Running to the Beat by Arceace Sonic the Hedgehog 'Marble Dash' by Joshua Morse Additional music from the Youtube Audio Library.

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