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New Bionicle Game: Glatorian Arena
The games pretty cool but the rpg (inika) one was the best i played.
Views: 185607 KingdomSlayah
Bionicle: Glatorian Arena 1
this game sucks, you should play it. CODES: Tarix - 74R1XR malum - M41UMZ strakk - 57R4KK vorox - V0R0XR skrall - 5KR411 wanna see me play more bionicle / lego games on the channel? if you do, make sure to leave a like to show you enjoy this kinda stuff *WINK* music used when playing Spikeball: Rising sun - CarboHydroM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDtchZLOZfo&list=LLPLlLQ7M8vWmsSpXsfd3ZjA&index=29
Views: 797 Lornn137
Fighting Game Failures: Stream 1 Bionicle Glatorian Arena
This game...is absolute garbage.
Views: 192 Ham5andw1ch
BIONICLE: Glatorian Arena 3 Gameplay
I wanted to do this for a while now, but was never able to get s recording software that didn't record video and audio out of sinc.
Views: 1054 Dakota Conn
Glatorian Arena 3 Episode 1: Malum
Welcome to the Championship of a lifetime! today we choose Malum as our Gladarian to take us to Victory! Check back next time when we choose another Glatorian to play as! play the game - http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/games/
Views: 326 Dungeoner Harold
Bionicle 4 the glatorian arena trailer
otra version tan epiko por ke kuando se lo mostre a plumajaller se kedo con la boca de este guiño de messenger :o la ultima version aqui: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItjALHAM4To
Views: 68544 tijera1234
Glatorian arena game!(first gameplay)
Title says all.... Bio Codes:(The codes are from Krystalwipple's/Fredomhawk, thnx to him) Stronius= 57RN1 Kiina= B(L/1)UK11 Mata Nui= M74NU1 Vastus= V457U5 Gelu=73G3LU Ackar=4CK4RG Skrall=5KR411 Malum/Gresh= M41UMZ Vorox= V0(zero)R0(zero)XR Strakk= 57R4KK Tarix= 74R1XR Agori: Zesk= 73HZ5K Atakus= 474KU5 Metus= M310U5 Berix= B3RX0R Tarduk= 74DKZR Raanu= R4ZN0(zeroz) Tuma= CLUBFUN or (D4TUM4, it may not work, sry!)
Views: 21489 ToaOrkahm
Bionicle Glatorian Arena GamePlay Pictures.
Watch In High Quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6lxt6bz--A&fmt=18 Here are Nine Pictures of GamePlay from The Demo Of The Soon to be Released Bionicle Glatorian Arena Game(Out NOW!). These ScreenShots were From Andrew, The BZPower News Managers (Apple) Mac. He Got This Demo From This Years Toy Fairs Goodie Bag witch contained a USB Flash Drive (With An Awesome Glatorian Arena logo on it) Witch Contains The Bionicle: Legend Reborn Trailer and Other Trailers and The Demo Of the Glatorian Arena game, To Read MORE On His Review on the Demo Click this Link: http://www.bzpower.com/story.php?ID=4078 Play the Game: http://bionicle.lego.com/en-gb/games/glatorianarena.aspx Please Remember to Comment, Rate and even ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ If you want. ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Honours for this Video: #68 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation #65 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation
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Bionicle Glatorian 2009 Arena Fight
Bionicle Glatorians fight in the Arena.
Views: 533219 Advance Copenhagen
Bionicle Glatorian Arena 3 :Mostrando el juego + Link de descarga
-Aqui os traigo un video de un juego un tanto especial... es bastante simple pero te lo puedes pasar bien- Este es el link del juego(lo encontre ^-^):http://www.mediafire.com/download/yni2wh3dt3m/Bionicle_PC.exe Espero que se vea a 720p pero si no bueno lo he intentado- MI PC: CPU(procesador):Intel Core 2 quad 2.5ghz GRAFICA(GPU):Nvidia Geforce GT610 con 1gb RAM:3gb de memoria externa y 4gb de memoria virtual PLACA BASE:p5kpl-am EPU DISCO SURO: no se mucho pero creo que es un barracuda de 1tb y otro auxiliar de 40gb SISTEMA OPERATIVO:Windows 7 (32bit) ¬¬ -Denle a like y subscribanse si les gusto el video-
Views: 1040 ZEPHYR BR
Bionicle Glatorian Arena
Views: 243 Olivergreg5
BIONICLES glatorian arena
it works in glatorian arena in 1 and 2
Views: 337 rafael642662
Bionicle Glatorian 'Vehicle Battles' Game
A game that should be on Bionicle.com but isn't. I always wanted a Glatorian fighting game featuring the Battle Vehicles, so I made one! I picked Auto Battle because I didn't have the Baranus V7, only Sahmad. It featured Player 1 as the Cendox V1, Crotesius. The others were Skopio XV-1 (Telluris), Kaxium V3 (Kibraz and Scodonius), and Thornatus V9 (Perditus). It is like a Super Smash Bros. game and 'Glatorian Arena' combined. At the end, Sahmad comes out and kills everyone because they were allowed to battle and he wasn't! Enjoy!
Views: 11554 awakeningspirit20
Glatorian Arena Trailer
Views: 6167 BricksOfSteel
Glatorian Arena 2 Gameplay
Gameplay of Glatorian Arena 2.
Views: 257 Dakota Conn
I am horrible at Glatorian Arena 2
Man, I am so bad... XD Want a music video made? Request one in the comments or ask me by email: [email protected]!
Views: 93 Leena Valtapaz
Bionicle Glatorian Arena
Just a short vid about the new bionicle glatorian arena game from the lego website. Sorry about the bad quality and my hypercam cut out a few bits. Enjoy while you can! Here's a link to some cheats for the game: http://bringvictory.com
Views: 19039 Foofjay88
Glatorian Arena Guide to Easy Wins- RPKNova
Note: this guide will probably benefit players who are veteran league+. Malum is a real killer if you use this technique!
Views: 160 RPKNova13
Glatorian Arena Malum VS Gresh
Me playing vs Gresh
Views: 17609 vortec56
ROBOT GLADIATOR | Bionicle: Glatorian Arena 3 | #CUS
Wanna be alerted of new videos? Press that subscribe button and like if you enjoyed the video. See you next video! http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/games/
Views: 178 ATAG Chozo
glatorian arena 3 game play: gresh part 1
skrall is cheap
Views: 1437 Sam Barnett
Cryoshell - Bye Bye Babylon (Glatorian Arena 2 Instrumental)
Possible Demo Instrumental
Views: 1037 Joaquin Fargo
Glatorian Arena Teaser
Here It is, Coming To Bionicle.com In Feb Is The new Glatorian Arena Game, Whick Seems Great. It Also Might Release Some Story Info, That They Have Rooms To Enter The Arneas. Anyway, Enjoy! This is Only The Teaser!
Views: 3538 chaosasgardian475
Glatorian Arena Advertisement... Movie... Opening... Thing.
Yeah. I like it if I say so myself, so I hope YOU like it too. :D
Views: 10218 Jac
Glatorian Arena 3: Ackar
Welcome back to the Arena! today we battle through as Ackar, Glatorian legend, and veteran of years of arena matches. How will we square up against the new breed of challengers? download the game- http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/games/ Opening squence music - "Fission" by Approaching Nirvana
Views: 51 Dungeoner Harold
Glatorian Arena Teaser HQ
Teaser for LEGO's upcoming online game on Bionicle.com, coming in February. Looks like the best free online game by them yet.
Views: 17063 Schattenu
glatorian arena 3 game play: gelu
hope the copyright doesn't happen this time
Views: 380 Sam Barnett
Bionicle Glatorian Arena 2 Walktrhogh Parte 1
Nós fizemos bem hoje, apesar de que os Agori não nos responderam algumas questões...
Views: 235 The Mystics Gaming
glatorian arena 3 game play: malum
only 2 more to go
Views: 270 Sam Barnett
Glatorian Arena (V1) Walkthrough Part 1
Glatorian Arena walkthrough part 1.
Views: 6118 shadowbanana546
Glatorian Arena (V1) Walkthrough Part 15
Glatorian Arena walkthrough part 15.
Views: 1676 shadowbanana546
Glatorian Arena 3: VOROX
Welcome back to the Arena! Today we play as the elusive and agile Vorox! But is speed and toughness the path to victory? find out...
Views: 90 Dungeoner Harold
Glatorian Arena (V1) Walkthrough Part 2
Glatorian Arena walkthrough part 2.
Views: 4886 shadowbanana546
glatorian arena 2!!!
its out!
Views: 71 brickmations
glatorian arena 3 gameplay: ackar
another gameplay, still no sound
Views: 274 Sam Barnett
glatorian arena 3 gameplay: mata nui
it is done
Views: 177 Sam Barnett
обзор игры бионикл арена 3 (glatorian arena 3)
что-то я на биониклах зациклился...
Glatorian Arena (V1) Walkthrough Part 7
Glatorian Arena walkthrough part 7.
Views: 700 shadowbanana546
Lego Bionicle Glatorian arena
Tarix is done with fighting on the floor.
Views: 212 Roark's Productions
Glatorian Arena 3
This is a song I wrote about a game called Glatorian Arena 3 from Bionicle.
Views: 228 Takruta
Bionicle Glatorian - Bionicle The Game Trailer(music)
I made it from the LEGO's Russian Glatorian commercial and music from trailer "Bionicle the Game". Enjoy!
Views: 4347 Exolewa
Glatorian Arena 3: KIINA
Welcome back to Glatorian Arena 3! Today we choose Kiina as our champion! watch as we battle our way to the top!
Views: 36 Dungeoner Harold
Glatorian Arena 3: Stronius
Welcome back to the Arena! Can strength alone conquer all? Watch as we tank our way through each opponent. *sorry about the lack of commentary/intro. - download the game - http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/games/ - intro music - "fission" by Approaching Nirvana
Views: 39 Dungeoner Harold
Glatorian Arena 3: GRESH
Welcome back to the arena! Today we fight our way to victory with Gresh! How will we fair against the brutal line-up? - download the game - http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/games/ - intro music - "Fission" by Approaching Nirvana
Views: 58 Dungeoner Harold
glatorian arena v2
A preveiw of glatorian arena v2 most awsome game ever ,fight the arena magna or the vulcanus arena
Views: 858 toabensonis
Glatorian Arena (V1) Walkthrough Part 3
Glatorian Arena walkthrough part 3.
Views: 5997 shadowbanana546
glatorian arena 3 gameplay: tarix
Views: 519 Sam Barnett

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