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This is probably my biggest fail in bedwars ever!! I was so frustrated lol.
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BACK TO BACK PAINTED ENDO'S??!!!! (21 Turbo Crate Opening)
Today we open 21 turbo crates!! We have such EPIC pulls from these crates and I can't believe it!! Be sure to stick around until the very end!! EPIC SHIT!! The Rocket League Gods have blessed me so hard tonight. Enjoy!
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Today we're playing Rocket League with our new pink painted Endo! I'm going to make this series "Road to Gold!" for Season 4!! I know Gold is nothing special but I'm not very good so if we make it then we will continue on! Enjoy!!!
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THE WAR OF ALL BEDS!!! (Minecraft Bedwards)
Today were taking on some bedwars on hypixel!! I hope you guys enjoy it! I havent played as much Minecraft lately but I would like to bring it back some more!!
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INSANE 40 TURBO CRATE OPENING!!! (Painted itmes! New giveaway!)
Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy this turbo crate opening!! An item in here will be given away for my 200 subs achievement!! YOU CHOOSE!! Watch to the end to find out which you choose from! Enjoy! Subscribe for more videos and giveaways! Giveaway link: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/crimson-roulette-giveaway/
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Thank you all for all of your support!! I hope you win this Tora mystery decal! Link below for the give away! One day left! I'm hyped for more Rocket League!! Giveaway Link: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/100-subs-tora-giveaway/
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I hope you all enjoy and good luck with the give away!!!! http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/crimson-roulette-giveaway/
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Hey guys and gals! So today I opened up some more turbo crates and since we are so close to 100 subs I decided to give away the last crate we open today!! I suggest subscribing if you would like to enter the give away! The give away link shows what psn and xbox winners will recieve. Giveaway Link: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/100-subs-tora-giveaway/
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Minecraft Factions wtih GregsEggsLegs!!! Ep. 03  "Base Protecting Timelapse"
Hey everyone!! Hope you guys enjoy this timelapse of me protected the roof of our base!! Let me know what videos I should do in the future!!!! Krys Talk - Fly Away (JPB Remix) Vanze feat Brenton - Forever (Instrumental) DEAF KEV - Invincible Jim Yosef - Lights Unison - RealityKrys Talk - Fly Away (JPB Remix) Vanze feat Brenton - Forever (Instrumental) DEAF KEV - Invincible Jim Yosef - Lights Unison - Reality IP: play.cosmicpvp.me
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CONGRATS ANDRE!! (Tora giveaway winner!)
Again guys! Another giveaway is coming soon for 200 subs!! Have a great day! I gotta go to work and be an adult now D=
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Minecraft Cosmic Factions!! "December Cosmic Crate Opening!"
Hey guys! I want to do this opening every month! Let me know what you think! Have a great day! My january crate video is public! play.cosmicpvp.me
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Minecraft Factions with GregsEggsLegs!!! Ep. 01  "GKIT OPENING"
Hello everyone!! In this new episode today we open 4 gkits!!! Hope you guys are pumped for some factions!!!!!!!!!!!!! Intro song from NoCopyrightSounds: Deaf Kev - Invincible {NCS Release} Cosmic PVP IP: play.cosmicpvp.me
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WTF IS MY LUCK?!?!? (40 Turbo Crate Opening)
Holy crap guys and gals.. My luck is insane on these turbo crate openings. I hope you all enjoy and tune in for more Rocket League!!
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Minecraft Lucky Block Hunger Games!! Ep.02 "SO CLOSE!"
Hey, hope you guys enjoyed!!! Thanks to Yostar for the new intro!! Link below to him, show him some love!! Yostar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6D5fBJerya9QE5dnKx8rw IP: hub.vikkcraft.com
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Same thumbnail as last vid because I'm lazy today ;] Today we open some more turbo crates, because I'm addicted. And then we play a game of ones ranked and I play horrendously. I hope you all enjoy! No MC vid today guys =[ im sorry
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Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs! "Flint and Steel Massacre"
Today I'm uploading my first ever video!!!! I hope you enjoy this hunger games on the Nexus, IP is below!!! Please leave comments on how I can improve my content! Have a great day!! ps. Im a big nub Nexus IP: hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Hunger Games Ep. 21 "WE'RE BACK!!"
WE ARE BACK!!!! I explain why I havent posted videos in this one!! Thank you to everyone who stuck around! hub.thenexusmc.com
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DUNKIN ON THESE #%&'S!! (Rocket League Hoops Gameplay)
Hey guys! Today I play some Rocket League Hoops with my buddy Duck! I hope you guys enjoy and I have an insane video coming out soon!
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SlitherIo!! w/ GregsEggsLegs!! Ep.01
This game is so frustrating
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep. 30  " 1 KILL!!"
too tired for desc
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CONGRATS MAN!!! I hope you enjoy them! I'm going to try and get some actual gameplay for you all soon! I know i pretty much only do rocket league crate openings but I need to actually play the game haha. Stick around for more give aways every 100 subs!
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep 23 "Frustration"
Hope you all enjoy this quick little hunger games! Have a great day! hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Solo Skywars!! Ep. 04 "SHES A HACKER!!"
Hope you guys enjoy!!! We could atleast get one win out of it so I'm happy. Have a great day!
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Minecraft Flower Power UHC Ep. 01 (Ultra Hard Core)
Hey guys and gals!! Hope you enjoy this new series that I'm going to be doing every now and then!! Let me know if you'd like to see more!! IP: UHC.ZONE Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
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Minecraft Sky Wars!!!! Ep. 05 "JUKESSSS"
*Punch sound* play.arkhamnetwork.org
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Lucky Block Hunger Games!!!! Ep.03 "HACKER FAIL"
Hope you guys enjoy, the fail is at the very end of the video!!
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep. 25 "1 V 3 DEATHMATCH!"
Look for more to come later today!! hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs and chickennugglets!!! Ep.09 "MOSH PIT"
Hey everyone! Hope you guys and gals enjoy this chickeneggs hunger games!! More to come!!! Possible UHC in the next few days aswell!!! Had to make some random cuts for background noise, sorry! hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Hunger Games w/ GregsEggsLegs!! Ep. 17 "The Cat Distraction!!"
Hey guys, hope you enjoy this semi strange hunger games!! I'm playing with worse internet than im used to and different desk so its hard for me to play and do well. It will be back to normal soon!!! Sorry for the random cuts towards the end! Had to block out the skype.
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep. 29 "IM HACKING?!?!"
" I lost so you must hack" yeaaaaaaaa
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Minecreaft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!! Ep. 07  "MATCHING OUR BEST KILLSTREAK"
Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this super quick hunger games where I jusdt go HAM and murder everyone... untilllll....... This episode would have been our best killstreak if one person didnt die to fire tick :[ Hub.thenexusmc.com
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Vikkcraft hacker?????
Let me know what you guys think!!! Notch hits the diamond guy while eating an apple, if you think the first guy was hit by the other character. The other character was using a knock back 2 chicken and he didn't get.. well... knocked back. The second clip kind of explains itself, this is 20% the speed and there isnt a single frame that is between him facing one direction and the other.
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Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!! Ep. 08  "EPIC PITFALL KILL"
Hey everyone!! Hope you all enjoy this EPIC Hunger Games on The Nexus!! It's filled with some pretty intense fight and a hilarious trap!!!! hub.thenexusmc.com Outro song from NoCopyrightSounds: Deaf Kev - Invincible {NCS Release}
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Minecraft Factions w/ GregsEggsLegs & chickennugglets!!!! "GKIT PVP 1V1"
Hey guys!! were here on play.cosmicpvp.me and were openning GKIT's on jungle and giving them a run or their money!!!!! Hope you all enjoy!! Leave support below!!! music is - Invincible by deaf kev -
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Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!! Ep. 05 "First Win??!!"
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this video! I'm so sorry about the commentary!!!! hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Skywars!!! Ep. 06 "RAGE QUIT"
Fuck it mc.hypixel.net
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Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs! "TO THE D!!!!!"
There is a traitor is our midst! This hunger games is super intense with a big twist before the D!! The Nexus IP: hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep. 26 "WALKING ON WATER??!"
He was def hacking, but this is such an intense game!!!
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!! Ep. 22 "DENY THE CLEAN UP!!"
Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this hunger games with a super intense D!!!! hub.thenexusmc.com Different Heaven - Nekozilla [NCS Release]
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Probably not the maddest, but the clickbait... Today were playing rocket league!! Thank you all for watching and have a great day!
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Minecraft Cosmic Factions!! "INSANE COSMIC CRATE OPENING" (January Cosmic Crate)
I just dont even know. I hope you guys enjoy this insane crate opening. play.cosmicpvp.me
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Minecraft Flower Power UHC!! Ep. 02 "ALL THE KILLS!!!!"
This game was insane. The end.
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Micecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!!! Ep. 14  "SUSPICIOUS!!?"
Hey everyone!! Hope you all enjoy this hunger games on the nexus!!! Sorry for my coughing and i notcied some slight feedback on my mic and I will try to fix that in the future! Have a great day!! IP: hub.thenexusmc.com
Views: 25 GregsEggsLegs
Micecraft Cosmic Factions!! Ep. 04 "WORST BOOK OPENING"
No words, this sucked lol. Although we had a crazy book apply that I didnt even record. qq all my tears
Views: 52 GregsEggsLegs
Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!! Ep.10 "MOOMOOTATE"
Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the lapse in videos, I've been super busy as of late. I hope you guys enjoy this Hunger Games on the Nexus!! Have some pretty close calls in this one and some mutations go in BIG!!
Views: 19 GregsEggsLegs
Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!!! Ep. 03  "Noooo!!!!!"
Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this hunger games on wonderhelm!! Another super intense match! I plan to get a wider variety of videos out soon!!! Leave support or suggestions to improve my content!!
Views: 25 GregsEggsLegs
Minecraft Hunger Games w/ chickennugglets!! Ep. 16! "1v1!!"
Hey everyone!! Hope you enjoy this episode of hunger games with my friend chickennugglets!! You win some, you lose some. Cheers!
Views: 27 GregsEggsLegs
Minecraft Hunger Games with GregsEggsLegs!! Ep. 06 "Death, Death, Death"
Hey guys! hope you enjoy this 3 parter!!! The last match is the best and super intense!! hope you enjoy!!! hub.thenexusmc.com
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Minecraft Hunger Games!!!! Ep. 28 "TNT WIN!!"
Hope you all enjoy!! Sorry for the break in videos, life is a little crazy right now.
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