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Let's Play 'Snowboard Kids' - Part #12: Bonus Episode 1 - All special tricks in Snowboard Kids
A = A button 360° = A clockwise rotation of the control stick -N- = Your control stick back to neutral position ============================================= SLASH KAMEI (スラッシュ カメイ) ============================================= Slash Spin A ← → Release A Slash Dynamite A → ←→← Release A Slash Banzai A ↑ ↓ ↑ Release A Kamei Rocket A ← -N- ↑ -N- → Release A ============================================= NANCY NEIL (ナンシー ネイル) ============================================= Nancys Spinning Star A ← → Release A The Nancy Grab A ← → ← → Release A The Nancy Groove A ← → ↑ ↓ Release A Nancys Best A ↓ ↑ ← Release A Nancys Twister A ← ↑ → ↓ Release A The Nancy Cross A ↖ -N- ↗ Release A ============================================= JAM KUEHNEMUND ( ジャム クエネムンド) ============================================= Jams Spinning Moon A ← → Release A The Jam Jam A ← → ← → Release A The Strawberry Jam A ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ Release A The Blueberry Jam A ↓ ↑ ← Release A The Boysenberry Jam A ↓ 360° x2 ↓ Release A ============================================= LINDA MALTINIE (リンダ マルティーニ) ============================================= Lindas Whirlagig A ← → Release A Linda Luxury A ← → -N- ↓ ↑ Release A Linda Bourgeoisie A ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ -N- ← Release A Gorgeous Linda A ↓ ↑ -N- ← → -N- ↓ ↑ Release A ============================================= TOMMY PARSY (トミー パーシー) ============================================= Twirling Tommy A → ← → Release A The Tommy Shake A ← → ← → Release A The Tommy Tumble A ↑ 360° ↑ Release A ============================================= S(H)INOBIN ( シノビン) ============================================= Sinobins 1080° A → ← → Release A Hyper Sinobin A ← -N- ↑-N- → -N- ↓ Release A Sinobins Quick Draw A → 360° x2 → Release A Sinobin Backspin A ↑ 360° x2 ↑ Release A
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #7: Bakura - Bombs!
Lightsaber, Blaster, Bombs? You want it? it's yours my friend, as long as you have enough credits!
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Let's Play 'One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1' - Part #1: The Treasure Beneath the Waves
Welcome everyone to the let's play of One Piece, unlimited cruise! Theres 3 games in this series, one only released in America and Japan, the other released in only Japan and Europe. Hooo boy, we started recording this waaay early in the year of 2010, so what you're hearing is my voice from when I only was let's playing for about 2 months! This project has taken me alot of time and effort, it's not even finished yet as I speak, in fact, we're just about up to PART 25 with recording commentary, I have pretty much finished recording all the game footage, only the final boss really remains, but I plan to show everything off; aint I nice? This ofcourse means there will be a second playthrough, which involves new outfits, a higher diffuclty and teh SEKRETS; other than that I hope you stick with us! Both Nick and me are very proud to give you this LP; quality for the first episode will suffer due to my old rendering scheme. Other than that, I should warn you that this LP will involve the discussion of One Piece and other manga and that heavy spoilers might be lurking about. If you don't wish to be spoiled, naturally... I'd tell you not to watch it... Or maybe you should watch / read One Piece first, and then come back. There has been one person who got an early airing of this LP; Kirby1917, I think it's almost been more than 6-9 months since I showed him Part 1, so this is nothing new for him; because of that, when I get home I shall instantly provide you with Part 2! Enjoy! www.youtube.com/ASDFsan Also Matt's new channel www.youtube.com/TheGamingCabana Ryan's channel: www.youtube.com/Kirby1917 Check them all out and spread the word! This is the Youtubu JIDAI NANO DESSSS! (a fucking Sengoku Jidai reference, now you've made me ruin the joke!) 全速全身!!!!
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.6] - Part #57: The Calling
We get a phone call... from ourselves...
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.6] - Part #56: It's nothing else but fantasy
It's make belief, make belief. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6oNE2lT8R4)
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.6] - Part #59: Friend or Foe - Meeting Shogun
It's time to get our sister back from this twisted fuck. - I also feel like I should change back to my old mic; it's really not that good; in fact, I really hate buying a mic built into a headset; they take a cheap headset + cheap mic and add them together for 100$ more than they're worth. I had no other choice though; it was a gift since my old one died. (headset that is)
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.7] - Part #69:  お待たせしました
The title means 'Thank you for waiting'' in Japanese.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.7] - Part #64: Delusions in the classroom
Something is quite fucked up with this dude. More to come tomorrow!
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.6] - Part #55: Guro Freaks
No guro is in this video; I would like to clarify that, so dont be afraid, you wont get some gruesome shit up in your face. Except for maybe that occasional guy who was staked into the wall. Max Payne will return; I'm just having a bad cold which is complicating voice commentary alot more than you might think; hence why the audio in these 3 parts (56 coming up) is a bit iffy; I've cut out all the coughs, and they were plentiful.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch. 1] - Part #10: J E S U S C H R I S T
I always wondered what would happen if your dad re-married and your step-sister was actually really hot and you totally wanted to shag her, but she wasn't interested in you, and late at night you'd sneak into her room and tell her your true feelings, she'd hit you with her bare and dirty feet in your face, then slowly massaging your Dr. Willy with her filthy soles while calling you disgusting names, meanwhile your tip running against your pants would burn so much you were forced to take off your pants. As you take off your pants your sister calls you a pervert, you actually enjoy her talking to you like this, your eyes adjust to the darkness and you notice she's in her undies, her flat loli-type body totally gets you aroused, I forgot to mention you're 17 and your sister is 14. She has no experience in love and you don't either. This doesn't stop you from nearly going insane with lust for your unrelated sister. Soon you find yourself trying to grope her as she screams no. And then you wake up, and you wish it had actually happened. - Don't call me a fucking creep, I know I am, but in the end she's just another girl with no relation to you, soon you become a voyeur and try to snatch pictures of your sister late at night- one day she finds out and she wants to tell her dad, unless you become her slave in every way. I fucking would become her slave, masochism rules. Soon you'd buy her all kinds of stockings and eventually really tight leather boots, that transition of the stockings onto her thighs is unbearable as a small roll of fat tops over from the end of the stocking showing how much the stocking is infact clamping to her legs. ... God that is so sexy, - after a long year of being her slave you'd finally snap and rape her on the spot while she yells "I love you- I LOVE YOU!"- holy fucking shit, that really is fucking crazy, well- you gotta be out of your mind, to want a guy like me, you've gotta be out of your mind, CRAYZAY! I'm going to bed now, jesus christ that was way too fucking awesome. JESUS CHRIST J.C.! This description was sponsored by /v/ and /jp/
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Let's Play: Moviebattles 2 - Part #1: A total conversion mod for Jedi Academy
Action starts around the 10th minute! www.moviebattles.org - Get it! You need Jedi Academy to play it, available on steam! Installing instructions are provided in the readme of the mod. You play as a grand total of 11 classes: on Imperials: Soldier, Elite, Sith, Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian, SBD & Droideka On Rebs: Soldier, Elite, Jedi, Hero, Wookiee, Clone & Arc Trooper Why 11 you ask? Because both Soldier & Elite + Sith / jedi are kind of the same, except for a few minor differences. I also noticed that guy changed names during editing. Also, all you faggots can fuck off calling me a wallhacker now, much love. GET ON MAH LEVEL!!
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Let's Play 'Pokémon Colosseum' - Episode #45: Aaaaaa yo momma faite
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xKtZrME3MA this is the reference I'm making to Freddie I got my 15+ back!
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Let's Play 'Pokémon Colosseum" - Episode #63: This is my SWEATSTINY!
When the fuck will youtube let me upload this! Daymne. Also, seriously, with everything being called episode or part, I have lost my fucking focus, I'll just change everything to what I've used most, SHIT!
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.9] - Part #86: Bang Bang Bang, on the rooftop
As foretold by the child earlier.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.8] - Part #75: Black
We're still in the hospital and horrible music references get made at every turn of a corner. Will Takumi find his way back to another let's player, or is he doomed in the hands of Flokker for all eternity. Find out on the next episode of Chaos;Head Z
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.7] - Part #68: It's finally here
After nearly a year of waiting, almost the day I left for Japan.
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Let's Play 'Pokémon Colosseum' - Episode #44: From the kingdom shall arise a new ashes!
Now in full glory! Re-upload, I know, I just wanted it for completeness sake for people tuning in during the latter part of 2012 and beyond. Currently rendering ep 45 on the 21st of January 2012 at 0:32AM, kirby is a turd and Nick just got his new floptop. Uploading of episode 45 will be complete around 12:30 PM GMT+1 Brussels. Look at the timezone schedule to see when that is in your timezone, in google we trust (because yahoo is defunct).
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.8] - Part #74: Delusion of Lingerie
It's some good shit bros. Purple black laced. We take those.
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Pif - Paff breaks Porkin's back on Moviebatles 2
Never seen this before except for after death with a kata. nearly 10 years of Moviebattles 2 and literally the first time I've seen this, almost as hilarious as sniping yourself with ruptor in 2003-2004.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch. 1] - Part #2: スクール水着て最高
Oh man, the quality for episode 2 & 3 will be alot lower, but anything said by the main character will be readable, and I've pretty much read the rest. Also, in case you were wondering, the title means "School swimsuits are the best!"
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.9] - Part #85: Rimi's plan
And she makes a phone call to someone... Important
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Let's Play 'Snowboard Kids' - Part #13: Bonus Episode 2 - Shooting Game & Shenanigans
People mentioned: www.youtube.com/xDarkLonerXx www.youtube.com/Zegjita ============================================ The final episode guys. After 5 months. Unbel33vable. Hope you've had fun with this. I was too lazy to add in the watermark; so feel free to use this video as your own source, I'd like a reference though if you do use it.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.7] - Part #66: I have a mouth but I will not speak
Because why speak when you can talk through brainwaves.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch. 1] - Part #7: 妄想トリガーGREEN!
Mousou trigger, a system where delusions come into play, you get to pick the delusion... erotic... sexy.. hilarious... sad... disgusting... gory... pick a card- just hope it's the right one.
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Battlefront 2 (2017) Dark Side Arcade: Scenario 6: Hope Cannot Save Them
Onslaught at the great temple, Yavin 4. How do these Rebels dare call themselves soldiers when they are confronted by Iden Versio, one of the Emperor's most loyal elite troopers? Teach these arrogant fools the futility of their struggle.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch. 2 into Ch. 3] - Part #27: 【将軍】 - Feet... mmmm...
Remember that one description about feet and trampling I wrote about long ago, involving non-blood related sisters... by god the developers must be my brothers in arms.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.7] - Part #61: Camera Confusion
Some cool shit goes down yo.
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch. 3 into Ch.4] - Part #35: 【Di-Sword】
We finally get to chapter 4 after what seems an eternity of chapter 3.
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Let's Play 'Snowboard Kids' - Part #9: Ninja land - Fail Land
This part contains epic fail. You have been warned. Watch at own risk Possible results of watching this episode may be: gouging out your own eyes. Sticking a remote controller up your ass. Have your body flip inside out. Facial explosions due to unexplainable fail. Legs and arms flying off because of the sharp knife we refer to as fail. Being decapitated by self enstrangulation with a car seatbelt or possibly one of your computer cords. Electrocutating yourself due to biting the not so stable monitor cord. Dying due to the wii's uncontrolable infra-red sensor bar. Smashing your own skull in with a nintendo 64 or a cornflakes box. Drinking gasoline and running danger of it being enflamed and/or furtherly being enfueled by your anger for this video. With that being said please enjoy and see you in death. PS: If you laughed at this. You're a bad person.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #12: Hoth (C)
Welcome guys, we're back for more ass-woopin'
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Let's Play 'ChäoS;HEAd' - [Ch.8] - Part #78: Beyond level of god.
I make a sick call. Also, some very good BGM shows up! I'm sure i've listened to it before, but I had to do it again!
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Flokkerdude updates anno 2017
Guess who's back.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #3: Training Grounds
Nothing much goes down other than a droid deciding to bleed blood instead of oil.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #13: Nar Kreeta - Darn This Mission
I thought luke did something useful to that thing in episode VI
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #36: Korriban (A) - Lost
This is why you should always practice run games before LPing.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #8: Blenjeel - Scary Stuff
I'm telling you, imagine one of these crawling up your ass and coming out through your mouth. You'll know where my fear came from. MMM
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #32: - Byss
First episode in 50 FPS, let me tell what ya think of it! you cold blooded bastad! I'll tell you what I think of it, I'll live to see you eat that contrac,t but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I'm going to ram it into your stomach and break your god damn spine! DAARFGH
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #24: Vjun (D)
Gastank goes boom.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #15: Zonju V - Lagway Chasm
Sorry about the frames per second lag guys. The map constantly renders vegitation and other things. So while recording at a high resolution on the best graphics with AA8X it tends to start lagging like this. Dont let it bother you, only 1 video more has this problem and it's on coruscant. But thats only for like 10 seconds.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #28: I blaaaargh Won
We continue chandrila. Did I win?
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Jedi Academy' - Part #18: Coruscant - The Return Of The Lag
This should be the last level to give us some frame lag! Watch closely as hilarity ensues by decapitating certain enemies! As always thank you for watching.
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Let's Play 'Star Wars Republic Commando' - Part #2: Woohoo!
Sorry about that Black screen. I was too lazy to re-record the whole ep for continuity
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

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