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FL Studio 12 Tutorial: How to recover lost projects after crashes via Backup folder
UPDATED TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ0myoVuQuE This FL Studio 12 tutorial teaches you how to recover your recent projects and lost beats after unexpected crashes, or when FL Studio is not responding after opening a file. In no time, you will learn how to recover your work and lost changes or lost sessions by retrieving auto-saved information in FL Studio 12's Backup folder. This works in previous FL Studio versions as well. It's my first FL Studio 12 tutorial, so I'll try to teach you more and improve a lot as time goes by. For the full steps and more information on how to enable the Backup folder and configure your Autosave settings, read my blog: https://isaacasante.com/5/fl-studio-12-tutorial-recovering-lost-projects-using-backups-after-crashes/ The background music is my own song called "Dance in the Club" or "Good Life", which you can buy here on AudioJungle: http://audiojungle.net/item/dance-in-the-club/5909744 Or listen here on SoundCloud with top quality: https://soundcloud.com/isaacasante/good-life-uplifting-trance If you have any questions, comments or remarks to make, feel free to post them politely and I'll try to revert. Please subscribe! To understand the Autosave settings, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH3c45HwTmo
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FL Studio 12 CPU Optimization: Audio Settings for Performance
This FL Studio 12 tutorial shows you how to manipulate your Audio settings to improve performance by reducing CPU usage. We'll cover audio drivers (FL Studio ASIO), buffer length, as well as multithreaded generator processing, multithreaded mixer processing, the Smart Disable feature and more. The audio settings in this tutorial should work for both FL Studio 20, FL Studio 12, and previous versions as well.
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FL Studio 20 installation: Migrating FL Studio 12 settings and paths
This FL Studio 20 beginner tutorial shows you how to migrate your custom search paths and file settings from the FL Studio 12 full version. In the video, we are working with the FL Studio 20 demo.
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FL Studio 12 export settings: Best quality for WAVE files
This FL Studio tutorial shows you how to set the best export settings for the WAVE files (.wav) to get the best audio rendering quality, without burdening your computer with performance issues or heavy pressure on the CPU.
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How to create a grid layout - CSS Grid Tutorial #1
In this CSS Grid layout tutorial, I show you how to create a basic website layout that is flexible. I then make use of four important grid properties – namely grid-column-start, grid-column-end, grid-row-start, and grid-row-end – to manipulate the order of grid items and realign them on the grid. To find similar HTML and CSS code that you can reuse in your own web project, go here: https://cssgridguide.com/layout-examples/sample-code-creating-a-flexible-website-structure/ If you liked this beginner CSS Grid layout tutorial video, please Like it, Share it and Subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section what else you’d like to learn about the Grid!
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Tal & Dry Cover - Maintenant ou Jamais Piano Intro - FL Studio Beginner Tutorial (FL Keys)
This cover video shows you how to perfectly recreate the piano intro of TAL & DRY's Maintenant ou Jamais song in FL Studio 11, by using the VST plugin FL Keys. Below are the details for you to configure FL Keys, so as to obtain a piano sound that is very similar to the one used in Tal & Dry's music. French translation / En français : Cette vidéo vous montre comment reproduire dans FL Studio 11 l’intro de la chanson Maintenant ou Jamais, de Tal & Dry. C’est super amusant ! J’ai aussi copié ci-dessous les détails nécessaires pour configurer FL Keys, afin que vous obteniez un son de piano très similaire à celui utilisé dans la chanson de Tal & Dry. See FL Keys values below. Paste the values below to the corresponding knobs in FL Keys: Decay = 1 Release = 0.800003051757813 Pan = 0.5 Stereo = 1 Overdrive = 0 LFO Rate = 0.8203125 Treble = 0.581497192382813 Stretch = 0 Velocity to Muffle = 0.251007080078125 Muffle = 0.610000610351563 Velocity to Hardness = 0 Hardness = 0.574996948242188 Tune = 0.5 Detune = 0.246002197265625 Sensitivity = 0.5 If you like this tutorial on how to recreate Tal ft. Dry's Maintenant ou Jamais song, don't forget to LIKE and share this video.
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FL Studio 12 full version: Uninstalling VST plugins
This FL Studio 12 tutorial shows you how to remove or uninstall any VST plugin in your digital audio workstation. The first step consists of deleting your VST file from the plugin database. The second step requires you to uncheck the relevant search path in the Manage Plugins section, then perform a scan. Note that the steps to uninstall VSTs in this video may only work on the full version of FL Studio 12, and not necessarily in the Demo.
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Grid Layout: Auto positioning of items - CSS Grid Tutorial #12
In this CSS Grid layout tutorial video, I'm showing you how to use the grid-auto-flow property to control the flow of grid items on rows or columns that are not explicitly defined in the grid. We look at three keywords that affect how grid items are positioned and aligned in a grid layout: row, column and dense. Watch the full CSS Grid tutorial series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get this video's HTML and CSS layout code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/XVxMPY Please subscribe, like this video and comment!
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Grid Areas Explained (with Examples) - CSS Grid Tutorial #4
People often ask "what is a grid area?" or "how to use grid areas?" Grid areas are important for CSS Grid layouts, because they help us create structures fast, and with a lot of flexibility. The key is to assign area names to your different grid items, then use these custom names to define your grid's structure. You can easily reorder or position elements that way, and obtain amazing layouts in no time! In tutorials, we look at two grid properties: grid-area and grid-template areas. Watch the full CSS Grid Tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get this video's code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/VybbLb
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Layout with grid-auto-rows property - CSS Grid Tutorial #10
How to use the grid-auto-rows CSS Grid property? How can I assign fixed, minimum or maximum sizes of the rows in my grid layout? These are important questions you need to have the answers to, and in this CSS Grid tutorial, I'll be showing you how the grid-auto-rows property can be used to control the sizes of implicitly-created grid row tracks. For more grid tutorials, make sure to check the full series on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 For this video's HTML and CSS code from CodePen, click here: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/BJmZgM
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FL Studio 12: Memory optimization for audio files
This FL Studio 12 tutorial shows you how you can reduce your memory usage when loading audio files into your projects. The trick is simple: there is a feature in FL Studio for audio files that lets you leave the application to stream the audio files directly from the hard disk. By using the "keep on disk" feature, you can actually optimize your FL Studio 12 memory usage (RAM) and boost your audio quality by avoiding underruns. This is useful when you are using a lot of samples of content from external libraries. For more FL Studio 12 tutorials, watch this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba2frxPqH3GnK10t59VUGuIk
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FL Studio 12: Sylenth1 installation - How to add VST plugins
This FL Studio 12 tutorial shows you how to install Sylenth1. The steps shown in this video demonstrate how you can add virtually any VST plugin in FL Studio, whether it is an external premium plugin or a free one. To make things easy, I am showing you everything, from the Sylenth1 download process, to the installation, all the way to the plugin's path addition in FL Studio.
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Responsive layout with minmax() function - CSS Grid Tutorial #8
What is the minmax() function in CSS? How to use the minmax() function in responsive grid layouts? In this beginner tutorial, we look at how to pass the minimum value and maximum value parameters to control the sizes of your grid tracks based on the grid container size or, better yet, the device viewport size. We also look at how to use pixels and percentage values, and also combine the minmax() function with the repeat() function for efficient styling and better mobile responsiveness. Watch the full CSS Grid tutorial series for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get the code from this video on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/ppwxmz
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FL Studio 20: How to recover projects using backup files after a crash
This FL Studio 20 tutorial shows you how to recover your lost projects by accessing your Backup folder after a crash, or after FL Studio stops responding. With FL Studio 20, the Backup folder is located in the user's Documents folder, as opposed to the Program Files folder (in previous versions).
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Grid Line Names Explained (with Examples) - CSS Grid Tutorial #3
This third CSS Grid tutorial dives into the concept of grid lines. What are grid lines? How to use grid line names? The information I share here is vital for any beginner looking to design website grid layouts rapidly, without running into the common challenges that arise when one has to deal with too many row grid lines or column grid lines. In this video, we'll also be looking at the use of multiple line names for single grid lines. Get the code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/MrexXN
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Layout with grid-template property - CSS Grid Tutorial #11
In this CSS Grid tutorial, I'm demonstrating how to use the grid-template shorthand property to define your rows, columns and grid areas at once in your layout. I also cover the different types of values that you can use along with this property, and I attempt to simplify the property's syntax for you through multiple examples. Find this tutorial's code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/gooYor Watch the full CSS Grid tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4
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FL Studio 20 and Splice desktop app: Settings for project sync
Splice comes with a free desktop application that enables music producers to access online resources, and more importantly, synchronize their projects (e.g. FL Studio 20 project files) and back them up. In this video, we look at how to set up the Splice folder in the app, as well as other settings for optimal music project sync.
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FL Studio 12 tutorial: Autosave settings to recover projects via backups
More on my blog: https://isaacasante.com/5/fl-studio-12-tutorial-recovering-lost-projects-using-backups-after-crashes/ When FL Studio 12 crashes, stops responding or closes unexpectedly, or even when you make an unintentional change, you are likely to lose your project. At least, your project's recent changes may be gone. However, this FL Studio 12 tutorial shows you how to use the Autosave feature and what the various Autosave options mean. Below is an explanation for FL Studio 12 beginners: 1) The option "Frequently (every 5min & before risky operations)" is the safest way to ensure you're able to recover your project with updated backups. 2) The option “Regularly (every 5min)” creates a new backup of your project every 5min. As you keep working, new backups overwrite old ones. 3) The option “Occasionally (every 10min)” creates a new backup of your project every 10min. Unless you make changes slowly, it is not recommended. 4) The option “Rarely (every 15min)” creates a new backup of your project every 15min. It is not recommended as you risk losing a lot of changes. 5) The option “Never (just remind every 10min)” is not recommended. You will lose all unsaved changes if FL Studio crashes or closes unexpectedly. If you want learn more about how to recover FL Studio 12 projects via backups, watch my tutorial here: a) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWBwhLk7Czc b) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_HHyFUdnXc&feature=youtu.be Thank you for watching! Make sure you save your project often (Ctrl + S on Windows, or go to File then click on Save), in addition to enabling FL Studio 12's Autosave feature. And please LIKE this video + SUBSCRIBE for more!
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Responsive layout with minmax() function & min-content keyword - CSS Grid Tutorial #9
What does the min-content keyword do in CSS? How to use the min-content keyword with the minmax() function in CSS Grid to create responsive grid layouts? This beginner tutorial shows you how to control the size of your grid columns and determine how they should stretch or reduce based on their content, be it text content or images. Watch my full CSS Grid tutorial series for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get this video's code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/NXvvRr
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FL Studio 20 Fix: This version has expired, please check the latest version
This video shows the solution to fix the problem that FL Studio 20 producers may encounter, which throws an error message when they try to open a project file. The error message reads: "This version has expired, please check the latest version" For more FL Studio 20 tutorials, please subscribe to this channel.
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Grid Gaps for rows and columns explained (with examples) - CSS Grid Tutorial #7
What is a grid gap in a CSS layout? How to use grid gaps on rows and columns? In this CSS Grid tutorial for beginners, I'm showing you how you can do away with solid borders and tricky margins by applying the shorthand property known as grid-gap. Full beginner tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get this video's code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/rpwOXd
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How to sync FL Studio 20 projects online using Splice app
When you download the Splice application for desktop, you can instantly sync all your FL Studio 20 projects by having copies of them automatically uploaded to your online Splice account. Any changes you make afterward reflects on both ends, and you never lose your changes. This also serves as a good way to backup your FL Studio project files.
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Layout with grid-column & grid-row properties - CSS Grid Tutorial #2
This CSS Grid layout tutorial shows you how to position and order grid items in seconds, to create a flexible website template. If you've ever asked yourself the following web design questions, then this CSS Grid beginner tutorial is for you: - How to use the grid-column property in CSS Grid? - How to use the grid-row property in CSS Grid? Get the code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/VyvXqq
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FL Studio 20 full version: Understanding Image Line's EULA - Part 1
Using FL Studio 20's full version as a music producer means that you're agreeing to all of Image Line's terms listed in their End User License Agreement. A lot of users unfortunately refuse to go through the clauses in their contract with Image Line due to the length of the agreement. In this FL Studio 20 video, I've compiled some of the important terms that you need to understand if you wish to continue using the DAW, especially the full version. By the way, this video also targets FL Studio 20 Demo users. Please subscribe for more FL Studio 20 tutorials.
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Repeat() CSS Function Explained (with Examples) - CSS Grid Tutorial #6
What is the repeat() function in CSS? How to use the repeat() function with CSS Grid properties? In this video, we go through common uses of the repeat() CSS function, as we apply it on a 9-column grid to make our enhance our stylesheet. Watch my full CSS Grid tutorial series for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get this video's code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/OzmqqM
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Live It Up Remix - World Cup 2018 (Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi & Will Smith)
This is my original remix of the FIFA World Cup 2018 'Live It Up' song by Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi & Will Smith. I produced it in FL Studio 20. Please like, subscribe and share it if you enjoy it!
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FL Studio 20 release date: When is it coming out?
A lot of people have been asking, "when is FL Studio 20 coming out?" Although Image-Line have not mentioned a release date on their website yet, I'm making a valid prediction in this video. If you want to try out FL Studio 20, make sure you head over to the Image-Line forum to download the beta versions of FL Studio 12.9, which itself serves as a disguise for FL Studio 20 beta releases. Announcement: Please make sure you subscribe to my channel for free FL Studio giveaways in the coming weeks. You don't want to miss them.
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FL Studio 20: Unlocking full version with regkey
This tutorial shows how to unlock the FL Studio 20 full version using your regkey, also known as regcode. This tutorial is targeted at users who have already purchased an FL Studio license, and wish to have extended functionalities outside the default Demo state. It is not meant to offer solutions or tricks to crack FL Studio 20.
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FL Studio 20 Box on Amazon: Where to Buy & Prices (full version)
The FL Studio 20 Box (full version) on Amazon can be found through the following links: Fruity Edition: https://amzn.to/2NhWZbs Producer Edition: https://amzn.to/2upSJ2A Signature Edition: https://amzn.to/2zFIb4A This FL Studio 20 tutorial shows you where to find the authentic box version for the software's full version on Amazon. The prices are the same as those on the Image-Line website. Once purchased, the corresponding FL Studio 20 serial code from the box needs to be registered on the user's IL account for access to free lifetime updates.
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Adding empty grid cells in your layout - CSS Grid Tutorial #5
This tutorial continues from where we left off in the previous video, and here I'm talking about empty grid cells. Have you ever wondered how to add empty grid cells in your grid layout without actually having to change your HTML structure? The trick here is to use the full stop character (.), or a dot symbol if you prefer to call it that way, like I do. Note that I'm adding empty cells in the website layout through the grid-template-areas and grid-area CSS properties. Watch the full CSS Grid Tutorial series for beginners on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba1Ivrq5aW2kCmhL2Z38rIk4 Get the code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/isaacasante/pen/KZmyKV
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FL Studio 12 Free FLP: Ambient Piano Track
This emotional piano track which is now a free FLP (FL Studio project file) has been on my computer for quite a while, so I decided to finish it up and share it with you guys. Feel free to modify it, remix it or master it one more time and do absolutely whatever you want with it. If you come up with something cool though, just let me have a listen as well, and I might feature you on my channel. Download this free FL Studio 12 FLP here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dasyjqlsv70n6t/Emotion.flp?dl=0 If you like this free FL Studio 12 FLP, please subscribe, comment and like this video.
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FL Studio 12 - Real Madrid Music Video
This song, which I made myself in FL Studio, goes to all Real Madrid fans and their team, who beat Atletico Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final (4-1) to win La Decima in Lisbon. This is video is not about video highlights of goals. It is just to present you my music track, which serves as a celebration for Real Madrid's 2014 Champions League final victory. It contains photos of Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo (penalty) at their moment of scoring; as well as pictures of Real Madrid partying with the Champions League trophy. Get this track here: http://audiojungle.net/item/electro-motivation/7239557 Subscribe me on YouTube and follow me on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/isaacasante Be my fan on AudioJungle: http://audiojungle.net/user/IsaacA/portfolio?ref=IsaacA
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FL Studio 20: Locating Backup project folder with Windows Shell Menu
Here's another FL Studio 20 tutorial that serves as a follow-up to my previous Backup and Project Recovery video. Here, I demonstrate how you can use the Windows Shell Menu to locate your Backup file and manipulate your auto-recovered project files directly. Watch the first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ0myoVuQuE
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How to unlock FL Studio 12 full version with regkey
This FL Studio 12 tutorial video shows you how to unlock the full version of the DAW in two ways: one method of unlocking consists of entering your Image-Line account details in the application, and the other method requires you to download your registry file aka regkey (FLRegkey.reg) and adding it to your Windows Registry. This video however does not support piracy by teaching you how to install FL Studio 12 cracks or showing you where to find free registry files. On the contrary, this tutorial is targeted at license holders, who have paid (purchased) a valid edition of FL Studio. If you want to use FL Studio 12 but cannot afford it, please use the Demo.
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How to update FL Studio 12 and enjoy free lifetime updates
Hi guys! It's been a while. Here's my first video with audio narration. In this mini FL Studio tutorial, I show you how to upgrade FL Studio or keep your DAW updated with the latest version as you keep enjoying free lifetime updates. I'm using FL Studio 12, in case you're wondering. This video is for all those asking: - How to update FL Studio 12? - How to upgrade FL Studio 12?
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How to unlock FL Studio 12 box version with your serial number
This tutorial shows you how to unlock the boxed version of FL Studio 12 using your serial number. I explain where you can find your serial number, how to use it, the risks involved, and the steps to register it online. Note: This FL Studio 12 tutorial is for those who have legally purchased the box version. Get the full FL Studio 12 box version here: http://amzn.to/2DTbnDu Please like this video and subscribe for more!
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How to unlock FL Studio 20 (full version) with Image-Line account
You can easily unlock FL Studio 20 using the Image-Line account that is connected to your FL Studio license. I need to state that this FL Studio 20 tutorial is targeted at producers who have legally purchased an edition, be it the Fruity, Producer, Signature or All Plugins Bundle edition. Note that if you purchased the box version, you will need to register your serial number as you unlock FL Studio 20. To learn how to unlock FL Studio 20 using your regkey, watch my previous tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqIkQ2fs-yo
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FL Studio 12 tutorial: Where are my backup project files?
More on my blog: https://isaacasante.com/5/fl-studio-12-tutorial-recovering-lost-projects-using-backups-after-crashes/ This quick FL Studio 12 tutorial shows how to find your Backup project files after crashes or unexpected loss of changes. I hope you enjoy it! ............................................................. This is video is in response to my earlier FL Studio tutorial made 3 years ago, in which I explained how to recover project files via the Backup folder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWBwhLk7Czc It however seemed many users were unable to find their FL Studio Backup folder due to some settings in Windows Explorer. This quick video seeks to provide an easier way to access revision files via the Backup menu in FL Studio 12. ............................................................. To learn more about FL Studio 12 Autosave and how to reduce risks of losing your project's changes, watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH3c45HwTmo Please like this video and subscribe for more!
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How to change download region in Steam to fix/speed up game downloads
This video is meant to teach you how to fix issues in Steam where PC game downloads just stop. Usually, you'll get alert messages (or notifications) that your download has stopped, or that the download file is corrupted. Whenever this happens, your game downloads and updates are unable to finish and install properly. One solution to fix that issue is to change the Download Region in your Steam settings. So how do I change my Steam download region? Steam normally auto-selects the nearest download server location, but you have the option to overwrite it, which you need to do if you are experiencing download issues. Here is how to do it: http://isaacasante.com/95/how-to-change-download-region-in-steam-to-fix-game-downloads/
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FL Studio 20 plugins, samples & remixes: Getting started with Splice
If you're an FL Studio 20 producer and you're after free and premium VST plugins, high quality beat samples, project files for remixes and song sharing, then Splice might be what you really want. In this video, we get an overview of how Splice's online platform and desktop application can help FL Studio 20 producers optimize their tracks' quality and boost their music production workflow.
Views: 69 Isaac Asante
Live It Up  - Nicky Jam Remix in FL Studio 20
This FL Studio 20 video briefly shows how I made my electro remix for Live It Up, the 2018 World Cup song by Nicky Jam ft. Era Istrefi and Will Smith. I also made minor updates to the beat, following some very useful feedback I got in the Image-Line forum.
Views: 1918 Isaac Asante
FL Studio full version FAQ: Free unlocking and more
This video addresses questions often raised by producers, such as how to unlock FL Studio's full version for free. It aims at educating FL Studio users on making the right choice before purchasing one of the product's edition, as well discovering the prices and options they have when it comes to features and VST plugins. How to unlock FL Studio 12 with a paid license: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XUmnPEVLUs How to unlock the box version using your serial number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7P6ERHPT2M
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World Cup Song (My Theme)
Initially dedicated to the 2014 Brazil World Cup, this custom theme song can now be used for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. I hope you enjoy it. Note: I composed this World Cup theme song myself in FL Studio.
Views: 63764 Isaac Asante
Anthony Martial 2016 Skills | Manchester United Highlights
Best goals and skills from Anthony Martial in the 2015-2016 season so far for Manchester United in the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Music in this video were taken from my own album "Let's Go", available on... Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/11012582 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lets-go-ep/id1029421008 Highlights from this compilation were extracted from the following YouTube videos and worked on: Martial against Liverpool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX4TbwCix88 Martial against PSV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atg4xqZWgG4 Martial against Southampton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrElk2j6jDg Martial against Ipswich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUGokE6MOIw Martial against Sunderland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9QETD9ZfQY Martial against Wolfsburg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1KT-BaoOsU Martial against CSKA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdDJGl-hsLU Enjoy and subscribe! If you like the tracks, be my fan and like my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/IAtunes
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Happy New Year Song 2014 (Royalty Free Music)
Happy New Year 2014 everyone! This is a song dedicated to good success in the year 2014, which I composed myself. To purchase this new year song, go here: http://audiojungle.net/item/new-year-of-success/6337186
Views: 1818 Isaac Asante
NEW Electro Dance 2016 Mix - Best Tracks
The best mix of Electro Dance tracks to brighten your 2016 super year. Enjoy the tracks and feel the motivation! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsaacAsanteOff/
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FL Studio 12: Fast Electro beat and Techno sounds with Sytrus | Making the song
Hey everyone, this is a brief teaser of a new Electro track I'm making in FL Studio 12. This amazing track is still in its early stages, so there's still much work needed on new sounds, mixing, and mastering as well. It'll be released on my next Electro-Techno album. Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IAtunes Be my fan on Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/artist/8688386 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/isaac-asante/id1029421009
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FL Studio 12 beat with drums and bass | Electro | Making the song
Hey Fruity Loops fans, here's a teaser of a new Electro track I'm working on in FL Studio 12. It has a cool beat and powerful bass sounds, with catchy drums. Some patterns are muted because they still need to be worked on. There's also a lot left regarding the mixing, and the mastering is not done yet. But I hope you enjoy it all the same! Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IAtunes Be my fan on Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/artist/8688386 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/isaac-asante/id1029421009 And more importantly, subscribe to my YouTube channel!
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How to restore deleted FL Studio projects using Splice app
This FL Studio tutorial demonstrates how you can restore your deleted FL Studio projects (FLPs) via the Splice desktop app, provided you backed them up to your online account. This video, which shows the steps to restore your projects and recover your changes was done using FL Studio 20. It is part of a series on FL Studio and Splice, aimed at music producers wishing to boost their workflow. Full series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVPMjn5YKba0vui7uzV2DZixg-wXARbYx ---------------------------------------------------- To get the full version of FL Studio 20, go here: Fruity Edition: https://amzn.to/2NhWZbs Producer Edition: https://amzn.to/2upSJ2A Signature Edition: https://amzn.to/2zFIb4A
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New Beginning | FL Studio 12 | Electro Music by Isaac Asante | 2016 Release
This video shows you guys how the patterns of my Electro track 'New Beginning' look like in FL Studio 12. If you have any questions regarding the VST plugins I used -- or anything at all that you have in mind -- leave a comment and I'll help you out. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsaacAsanteOff Twitter: https://twitter.com/IsaacAsante Bandpage: https://www.bandpage.com/isaacasante
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

For example in Pubg, the gameplay is sort of slow in comparison to its two concurrents, therefore if the looting process is adaptive he needs to be also slow to be prosperous. A game like PUBG ought to be handled with care. With esports like League of Legends, you will not ever miss an essential play by your favourite player. For competitive play its important to draw players in with more than simply bragging rights. Therefore, merely a mid-range smartphone that players may have the game perfectly. Finding matches Its so simple to obtain a match. What a very good match resembles A fantastic match is dependent on your definition of good. Losing a match in the very first couple minutes isnt so bad once youre in a position to rapidly hop into another. Ultimately, both teams can be happy with the trade. My team and I can truly feel the growth to initiate a new battle immediately. You will end up dying frequently early on, but nevertheless, it is sometimes a rewarding and entertaining experience when the curve is overcome. Being one is a rather strange experience. You quit running and attempt to catch some breath. Breath of the Wilds wide-open concept provides the player a true sense of embarking on their very own adventure. There are several mixed feeling on the idea due to numerous bugs and problems in the game itself. You might encounter trouble early on and need to hunker down, or so the game becomes a rescue mission. Over all it is nothing but a lousy situation for those developers, players, and viewers. Yes, it is an ideal evolution for the collection. The games concept is quite straightforward, choose where to drop on earth, locate a weapon, attempt to survive for as long as possible, and in the long run youre going to be greeted by means of a Winner winner, Chicken Dinner! Nearly each aspect of gameplay was tweaked. Getting the Best Pubg Best Guns

New Ideas Into Pubg Android Version Never Before Revealed PUBG mobile version isnt a surprise. In any event, its tricky to observe how a mobile model of PUBG wont be a huge moneymaker for everybody involved. Apparently a cell version was just a great bonus thrown into that offer. Furthermore, a cell variant of the game is in development. The English version also includes the extra advantage of linking your FB account with the game The Ideal Approach for Pubg Android Version The Android version looks like slightly more generous in that respect. Contact Us The present version doesnt represent the last quality of the game, as well keep optimizing existing content and adding new capabilities.
Android was constructed from the ground-up to allow developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full benefit of the specs a handset has to offer you. PUBG Android demonstrates that the release will shortly be available in all markets in the marketplace. Even though a smartphone may not lend itself to a control scheme with pinpoint precision, the port still ought to give you an opportunity to become involved in the action. PUBG Mobile has an exceptional approach to bypassing the should collect money. Before youre able to learn ways to get PUBG Mobile on Android, theres a couple of things you will need to know more about the games soft launch first. PUBG Mobile is as challenging and a little bit more frustrating than the PC version because of the controls, but its immensely addictive and difficult to put down. Utilize PUBG Mobile cheat to acquire in-app purchases and obtain freebies in the total game without having to spend any Money. Unlike the desktop version, PUBG mobile is totally free to download, thus theres no barrier to entry if you wish to give it a try. Anyway, what you ought to know is that mobile PUBG is very fantastic. To start with, youre likely to want to understand how to download PUBG mobile, wherever youre in the world. The perfect way to take pleasure in the game is if youre a fan of Battle Royale movie or The Hunger Games. It contains numerous updates and a significant amount of skins, which means that you will be addicted in a matter of hours. It is basically a full port of the PC version of the game, which means that it does come with most of the PC versions features. The very first game which is comparable to PUBG is Rule of Survival. You dont need to fret anymore since there are a great deal of games that have similar mechanics. The game contains multiple unique stories and each story is broken up into different Ultimate Utility for PUBG. It is not unusual for new games to be published in Canada first, employing a more compact subset of the North American market for a test bed.
If you would like to take your game to another level and boost your odds for winning, you have to use free of charge now our amazing PUBG Mobile Hack on-line Cheat Tool. The game consists of a ranking system which means that its competitive. There are two PUBG games can be found play shop.