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Child of Light Theme ukulele
Beware the Night, o' Child of light... Cover rearranged for ukulele by me.
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The Last of Us, and Goodnight on Ukulele
This one is for a special someone. The Last of Us' theme, with Goodnight, Baby-Girl included to close it. I do not own the rights to this song, that's Naughty Dog's business. I did learn this by ear, and no tabs exist. Yet. Enjoy! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SOMEONE!
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An End, Once and for All Ukulele
Mass Effect 3's somber theme, copywrite to BioWare, but the arrangement was made for ukulele by me, by ear. Again.
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Bolero of Fire ukulele
The Legend of Zelda's Bolero of Gire by Koji Kondo arranged for ukulele by me. It's getting hot in AZ. So this song is up now because of it. Enjoy!
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Lord of The Rings theme on ukulele
Just threw together a little something mixing the LotR theme and Concerning Hobbits together. Originally composed by Howard Shore, written for ukulele by mw.
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Aurora's Theme Ukulele
Child of Light's red haired Heroine has her time in the ukulele spotlight. Cover written for ukulele by me, by ear. All original work belongs to Ubisoft!
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Elder Scrolls Skyrim theme ukulele
I mixed both the main theme and Beware The Dragonborn into one medley. Original song by composer Jeremy Soule. Written for ukulele by me!
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Bravely Default You are My Hope (Kimi wa Boku no Kibou)
Tiz's theme on ukulele featured in the new Square Enix game coming out Feb. 7th to all U.S. stores. This is my Arrangement of their song. All by ear, as is the usual with my work. No tabs exist yet.
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Aloha De Chocobo Ukulele
-KWEH- Got the idea for my version from Ukulele Hunt, there's had many mistakes though. This is a revised version. Although original credit goes to Nobuo Uematsu. Based on the song from FF IX
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Rose of May/ Loss of Me FFIX ukulele
Again learned by ear. It's my Favorite song from FFIX. Xomposed by Nobuo Uematsu, rewritten by me.
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Elder Scrolls Online Ukulele
Elder Scrolls Online theme arranged for ukulele. Congrats Zenimax on going gold! This one is to you!
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Hikari on Ukulele
The Kingdom Hearts theme Hikari (Simple and Clean if you want the j-pop version) performed by me on the ukulele. There is no tab, as I have learned this, as well as all my other songs by ear. Sorry! This one took some time. It was fun though! Hope you enjoy! And check out my other stuff! Thanks!
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The Dornishman's Wife ukulele
Holy shit. I'm singing. Didnt think this would ever happen. Enjoy the Game of Thrones/ASoIaF cover of this. Originally written by GRRM. The cover is based on the interpretation by Christocakes' video. Thanks for listening! Subscribe for more video game and other awesome covers!
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To Zanarkand Ukulele
FFX To Zanarkand cover composed by me, by ear, again. Original score by Nobuo Uematsu.
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The Road To Cerulean from Mt Moon Ukulele
One of the better Route melodies in Pokemon, in my opinion. Composed by ear for ukulele. Game Freak owns all rights blah blah blah.
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Pokemon Red / Blue ukulele Medley
2nd video today! This was all figured out by ear! Completely composed by me. Songs include, in order: Pokemon Title theme Pallet Town ROUTE 1 Pokemon Center Pokemon Heal Lavender Town
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Pokemon  Amie (sexual harassment)
So you can fingerbang Pokemon in the new "Amie" feature. The look on her face is absolutely hilarious.
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Tifa's theme on Ukulele
Tifa's theme from FFVII played in the original key on ukulele. Composed completely by me. Originally Scored by Nobuo Uematsu.
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Castle Crashers Main Menu  Ukelele
It's been a LONG time coming. I have wanted to learn this forever. And then I played a chord, and then another. Then it was this. Enjoy, this is an amazing game!
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Bloodborne gets too scary.
This made me quit for today Bloodborne™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00900_00
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Zelda A Link Between Worlds Overworld ukulele
The prologue version of the Overworld theme that you hear for the start of the game when you first take control of Link in this amazing little game. Composer: Koji Kondo (probably) and reworked by me
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Great Fairy Fountain
I'm kinda back. Been busy with school, but I've learned some new songs. Here's a Zelda classic!
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Morrowind Theme, ukulele
I know it's similar to the Skyrim theme, but it's a little higher and quite a bit slower. Once again, rearranged for ukulele by me, orginally writtwn by Jeremy Soule Hope you enjoy!
Views: 596 DaVeganZombie
Pokemon Center Ukulele with Tabs!
Just reuploading a separate version of the song outside of the medley I did, and in an appropriate key. This is remastered for the ukulele, a capo on the 2nd fret, the tab is written by me as well. Link to tab, hosted by Ukulele-tabs.com: http://www.ukulele-tabs.com/uke-songs/pokemon/pokemon-center-theme-uke-tab-36627.html
Views: 1327 DaVeganZombie
Game of Thrones Theme Ukulele
My finger picked version of the Game of Thrones theme, composed for ukulele by me. My new christmas present is friggin awesome! Thanks for the Ukulele mom!
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There She Is... (Portal 2)
The background music when you first find GLaDOS sleeping in her chamber... On ukulele.
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Game of Thrones Theme, Ukulele Rock
2nd version of the GoT theme for ukulele, all strummed, more of a mellow feel. Composed for ukulele by me. In my head.
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The Rains of Castamere
Original composition by me based off The National's version.
Views: 48 DaVeganZombie
Aeris' Theme Ukulele
My own composition of Aeris' Theme, originally written by Nobuo Uematsu
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Zelda's Lullaby on ukulele
Ukulele cover of Zelda's Lullaby done right. Too many people posting bad covers, or spotty covers and tutorials of this song. This is how it's done boys and girls! I'll re record this sooner or later on a better cam, I just wanted this up.
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Pallet Town theme Ukulele
Another separate recording of Pallet Town's theme on ukulele.
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Rains Of Castamere
I decided to pick up a guitar for the first time in two years last night, and here's the result.
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Song of Storms
Transcribed my version of song of storms to thr guitar. Enjoy!
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Kakariko Village ukulele
Playing one of my favorite laid back tracks from Zelda. The trademark Kakariko Village. Sorry for the breaks, this is a really demanding strumming pattern.
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Lost Woods/ Saria's Song Ukulele
My own little spin on the Lost Woods theme for ukulele. Composed by ear. Nintendo owns the original rights etc. Stay awesome Koji Kondo! Without you I couldnt ever have heard this song!
Views: 391 DaVeganZombie
Game of Thrones Theme
Main theme played my way.
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Aerith's Theme
I tried my best on this one, and I am really proud of the result. Here's aerith's theme on guitar.
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Whistle Stop Preview
Whistle Stop, the Robin Hood intro song on ukulele
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Kakariko Villiage (Zelda) on guitar
My rendition of a laid back Kakariko Villiage theme.
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The Last of Us/ Goodnight Theme
Rewritten for guitsr, this is my own tab of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, and when Joel tucks Sarah in.
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Zelda, Majora's Mask
Found Majora's Mask in A Link Between Worlds.... and then I merged onto the wall. I woke up like 3 days later, with no memory of anything.
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Ballad of the Windfish
Symphony of the Goddess on 4/20 in Phoenix AZ plays Ballad of the Windfish
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Timber ASL
My terrible recreation that will hopefully score well enough to pass for my ASL class
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On/Off relationships
MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA07713_00
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Doggo Mango
Views: 4 DaVeganZombie
Ocarina Of Time
Symphony of the Goddess, Zelda's 25th anniversary performance in Phoenix on 4/20
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Geralt is a beastly Witcher
Killing like a boss. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00527_00
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Gum Story Part 1
Sorry my mom started hollering for me, and the recording was smooth enough that instead of start all over, I just made a second part.
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Tracer "Ughhh"
Dammit napalm.
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Great Fairy Fountain
Symphony of the Goddess, 4/20 in Phoenix, AZ. This was amazing.
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