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Best Trey Songz Impersonation Ever!!!!!!
Caught RED HANDED!!! Phill at it again with the best damn Trey Songz Impression I have seen this side of the delta.
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Rick Ross Rev. Rozay B.M.F. Gospel Remix
www.PhillWade.com These 2 damn fools dont never cease to amaze. I thought this was so damn funny so I had to share it. I hope you get a good laugh out of it as well. Follow Us on Twitter: @PhillWade_ @Dkendrick1 @MrSpb2 www.SpB2.com
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www.PhillWade.com I forgot to upload this so you all could enjoy. @phillwade_ @mrSpB2 www.SpB2.com
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Wedding "Wobble"
I'm so glad Marquita & Jerry chose me as there photographer for there wedding. They could have sold tickets for that wedding cause it was a blast. I think everyone including my self will agree that they are meant for each other.
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Phill Wade Rev. Roscoe "No Hands" Gospel Remix
LMAO This fool never cease to amaze. im just glad i was able to catch it on tape. LOL. www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 11 (PV Girls)
Prairie View A&M University Homecoming 2010 10th-17th Its going down. PV girls will be in full effect. If you never been to PV then you just dont know. I know Eric Roberson talked about Howard Girls, But PV Girls are like nothing on this planet. Dont believe me enroll and go to school there. www.PhillWade.com www.SpB2.com Follow Us on Twitter @PhillWade_ @MrSpB2 @The_Dero @RaShardTheCITY @_TheCITY
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Phill Wade FREESTYLE 1
*** FREE D O W N L O A D*** http://www.mediafire.com/file/5kundhywljhu52a/Phill%20Wade%20Freestyle%202.mp3 www.PhillWade.com Phill Wade , giving you a piece of what he can do lyrically In the Studio on one of the best beats out there, Outkast Liberation. I personally didn't think he was gonna go in for 7mins. Everyone keeps emailing me about placing the mp3 for Download, so here it it people. Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1
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Phill Wade Good Morning Prank
www.PhillWade.com All I can Say is dont be the 1st person sleep or the last person awake messing with us, cause you will get got. Dont Laugh to hard.
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Get P A R T Y L I N E ON iTUNES TODAY!!!!! Here a song that we have been working on. I can attest for myself and my team that everyone loves a dance song. So here is ours. We trust that you will fall in love with it. Do it at your party, wedding, school, or maybe even in the middle of the street when there are no cars going by. LOL j/k. Please give us your feedback as I know you will. Download it and spread the work. Thank You to all our subscribers for tuning in and all of our PVAMU Family. SET YO Homecoming Out..... Set it OUT!!! set it OUT!!! set it OUT!!! Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1 @J_Rhodes (The Producer) @The_Dero @RaShardTheCITY @_TheCITY
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Phill Wade & Friends Jam Session 14
Get on iTunes Now Support Good Music http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/talk-to-me-feat-enjolee/id423842599?i=423842666&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Phill Wade and the Homie Enjolee I dont usually make a long drawn out description on the jam session so I will stick to tradition and let you just enjoy. Yall asked for this song over and over. So i had to make sure they got in the studio to get it in. www.PhillWade.com Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @Enjolee @Dkendrick1
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Dormtainment ft. Phill Wade Power Of Song
http://www.dormtainment.com http://www.twitter.com/dormtainment http://www.dormtainment.tumblr.com http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Dormtainment
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How to Make a Tie a Bow Tie - Phill Wade
@MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 www.PhillWade.com Learn to tie a Bowtie cause Bowties are cool.
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 1
www.PhillWade.com Sheeeed we just be clowin around in the studio having fun. Maybe you like it maybe you dont but you have to watch it to see if you do and we thank you. Phiil Freestyle while Decon Brotha DJ pounds on the bones, can ya dig it. Follow us on Twitter @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1 @MrSpB2 @King_D @3000kgold @LuxeSalute
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Phill Wade & Friends - DJ's Impersonations
Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @Dkendrick1 @TyREALvLp So we was just chillin in the studio trying to go over beats for the New album and here goes DJ doing all kinds of impersonations. Here we go again. Jay-z, Busta Rhymes, Cleveland, The Nutty Professor, and that guy that does all the Movie voices, i dont know his name. But any who he had us rollin so I had to post it.
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Pool Prank
For licensing/usage please contact licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom It can be a costly mistake sleeping by the pool side, especially when Phill and DJ are around to catch Steve slippin. ."Tell em why you mad son?" S/O to Gavin Luckett for participating in the prank... Follow us on Twitter: @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @DKendrick1 @G_Luck
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Phill Wade & Trey Songz LIVE on the Radio
Get P A R T Y L I N E today on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/party-line/id406111879?i=406111883 Today was a moment in time that could have only been scripted by a Higher Power...(Wanna take a long guess on who that could have been)..lol...Today was the day that Phill Wade, the Trey Songz Impressionist, got the opportunity to meet the person who made him and everything he has done go VIRAL...TREY SONGZ...(duh..lol)...What was supposed to be a normal meet and greet at the radion station turned into an extraordinary event where he met Trey and sung a on the radio with him...We had the opportunity to tell him THANK YOU for his valued support and let the Houston community know who Phill Wade is....So to Trey Songz and Management...we appreciate the small things that you have done to place us in the position that we are in today...all of the sudden i feel like singin..."WHICH ONE OF YYAAAALLL...WANNA COME HOME WITH PHILL OR "STEVE" (not steel)..HUHHHH???!!!!....LOL...SPB2STUDIOS/PHILL&FRIENDS...4.8 MILLION VIEWS in 3 months....and counting.......
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Phill Wade & Reggie Jamz - Chuuuch Vol. 1
Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @ReggieJamz @MrSpB2 So we at the Gas Station and .... well just watch the video.
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Phill Wade "Honey Moon"
Just one of the tracks off the upcoming Phill Wade & Friends The Mixtape. Make sure you get that DEC 7th. Phill Wade & Friends Mixtape Dec 7th 2010 you can get it on: www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @IvyShades @dkendrick1 @The_Dero
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 13 "Lips"
Its just something about when Dero is playing that guitar that makes songs just pop out of Phills head. This man freestyle game is a fool. I was sitting there in aww. We gonna keep-um coming www.PhillWade.com Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @Dkendrick1 @The_Dero
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Phill Wade Poetry "My Mommas Biscuits"
Get Your #FLEXontheDEVIL vNecks www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter: @MrPhillWade @DKendrick1 @MrSpB2.com Just some Poetry for you.
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 9
LMAO is all i can say. This fool is singing about food. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA www.PhillWade.com Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 7
The SUper talented Dero (Guitarist) came over to the crib and shed some of his shine down on us. LOL Classic. Enjoy. www.PhillWade.com Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1 @The_Dero
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Phill Wade - Eat-Food-(Cee-Lo-Forget-you-parody)
Follow us on twitter: MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1 Feels good to collab with fellow students at PV. I was asked to be apart of this Cee-low Parody and of course i couldn't turn down a laugh. Eat Food credits: Writers: Ronald mitchell Carl Jones Elexia Robinson-White Jasmine Wilson Wesley Vinson Harrison Blair Mr. Davis Vocals recored by: Robert Jordan III Video Shot and Edited by: Robert Jordan III for Third Vision Media
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L.E.S.  & Big Krit Grippin Grain
Hip Hop Artist LES and Big Krit getting work done in Houston as well as a live performance at the House of blues. I look fwd to hearing from these cats in the future. Follow them on Twitter @settle4Les @BIGKRIT
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Phill & Bill Prank Calls - Walmart Nail Shop Complaint
Classic Comedy, Phill Wade and Comedian Billy Sorrels Make a Prank Call to Walmart Nail Shop. Follow Us On Twitter: @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @BillySorrells www.Phill Wade.com www.BillySorrells.com For Booking [email protected] [email protected]
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Phill & Bill Prank Call -Real World Audition
Classic Comedy, Phill Wade and Comedian Billy Sorrells Make a Prank Call a aspiring model for a reality TV show the REAL WORLD. Some people will do anything for fame. So why not have a Laugh. Follow Us On Twitter: @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @BillySorrells @dkendrick1 @oCarmenSandiego
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Jam Session 5  Phill Wade & Friends with David Harris
www.PhillWade.com I didnt know Phill could play the piano. Well not really but he better than me. Stevie Wonder...... That is all I have to say about that. I thought it was funny so here it go. "SUPERSTITION"!!! LOL
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Happy Anniversary from Phill Wade
www.PhillWade.com The name of this song is "Just Because" and yes it is an original song of mine that I wrote last night for a friend of mine. This was a special request from Kendon Green to his wife Davetta Green. THE SONG IS COPYWRITTEN BTW!!...The real version will be available very soon!!! None the less Happy Anniversary to you. I hope you enjoy the many years to come together. PSA this footage was shot useing: Olympus SP-800UZ 14 MP Digital Camera (Silver
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Phill Wade & Friends Jam Session 16
You know we have to give you a new Jam Session ever so often. This one was so good I may have to put it on my Album. Plus I had to give yall a little Trey Songz at the End. Enjoy and as always thank you for tuning in. www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter: @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @iAmDAVIDHARRIS @Dkendrick1
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Phill Wade & Trey Songz at it Again
@MrPhillWade @TreySongz @MrSpB2 @Dkendrick1 Any time Trey Songz Comes to Houston you know we have to show our support. Funny thing is he didnt even know Phill Wade and the gang was gonna be there at his Meet and Greet for 97.9 The Box as he tours around the country promoting his new album Chapter V. Make sure you go and and get that 8.21.12
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One Last Cry - X Factor Audition - TyRone
www.PhillWade.com @DKendrick1 @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 When your friends have dreams that they are passionate about you as a friend have to show your support. But real friends will let you know if you need to pick another career path. In this case DJ wants to try out for Next seasons X-Factor. The funny thing is we actually let him do it. Can anyone say #DEAD on the floor Laughing. "DJ stick to working in corporate America."
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Jam Session 6  Phill & Friends with David Harris
www.PhillWade.com Well we at it again. Had to have a mini Jam Session with my man Mr. David Harris. you know we rep that PVAMU. People don't realize that the TV themes use to go really hard back in the day. What better to pay homage then to sing them live. Its real funny when that fool Phill Wade gets on them. Enjoy. I think we need to put out a album together or something. Follow us on Twitter @Phill Wade_ @MrSpB2 @iAmDAVIDHARRIS @dKendrick1 www.SpB2.com
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Shit Black Grandmas Say - Phill Wade
@MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 How many of yall got that one granny on yo mama side that says everything to make her get on your last nerve even though you love her so much?? Well here is the perfect compilation of all of your favorite quotes that you hate to hear but now love to mock...Introducing Delores "Hattie Mae" Wade. Emjoy!!
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Phill Wade Burger King Commercial
Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @MrPhillWade @Dkendrick1 Had to stop and get me a Whopper Value meal since I was hungry and they were open late.
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Phill Wade & Reggie Jamz - Jam Session 18
Follow us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @ReggieJamz @MrSpB2 Jam Sessions are like good clean fun practice that can potentially turn into hits. So heres one that we may or may not expand on in the future. Only time will tell. Thank you for watching and make sure you visit : www. PhillWade.com & www.ReggieJamz.com www.SpB2.com
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Phill Wade FREESTYLE JUNE 27th
@MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 www.FLEXontheDEVIL.com Gotta show luv to DJ Screw, Big Pokey, Hawk, Big Moe, Big Steve, and all the fallen H-Town Soldiers. RIP
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Happy Birthday Song " Phill Wade Version "
Get P A R T Y L I N E today on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/party-line/id406111879?i=406111883 www.PhillWade.com If you ever heard the real Happy Birthday song that everyone usually sings you will know that it is one of the most depressing songs on earth. So with saying that here a Phill Wade rendition for you. This video is sure to get a laugh out of your friends on their Birthday. Send it to them on twitter or post it to there FaceBook, you can even send a old fashion Email. Follow us on Twitter @MrSpB2 @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1 @LuxeSalute
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Phill Wade The Knockout
www.PhillWade.com @MrPhillWade @Dkendrick1 A Day at the Gym Phill and DJ plan to train and spar with each other. DJ really thinks he is training for the fight of his life. Phill is his usual self until he feels that DJ is actually taking the whole SPARING thing to far. So he had to go Ali on his ass.
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Phill Wade "Billie Jean" LIVE w/  Mariachi Band
So we went out in celebration of our main man Ced Graduation from Barber School. Congrats Ced. and I tell you what .... It never fails, we alway have a good time. The Band members of the mariachi band at the mexican restaurant recognized Phill and request him to join and do a song. LOL So we said let do Billie Jean... Well when you mix Drinking+ Friends+ and Phill you get this. LOL Enjoy. THE TRAILER IS BACK!!!! www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1 @KngHenryIV @The_Dero
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Trey Songz Impersonating Phill Wade
Get P A R T Y L I N E today on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/party-line/id406111879?i=406111883 www.PhillWadeonline.com Many Artist in the industry would have been on my BS if they saw someone acting like them or impersonating them, but i have to give it to Trey for being a good sport and overall laughing at the situation like everyone else. Shout out to all the people that watched the video and all that will in the future. When something is funny its just funny and you have to sit back and get a good laugh in. Follow us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @Dkendrick1 @MrSpB2 TREY SONGZ New ALBUM IN STORES 9/14 Make sure you go and get that.
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Phill Wade Ray Charles Impersonation
Hey...what can I say about this nut named Phill. He's an absolute character. A jack of many trades. But i wouldnt say all because his pancakes taste horrible...haha...but he sure can sang like Ray Charles. YES, Jamie Foxx was his inspiration but I believe that Phill took this to another level of pure comedy. He insist that he is not a great impersonator but this display of improv with an in tune charismatic presentation of Ray Charles is DEAD ON!!! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!!! Follow Us on Twitter @PhillWade_ @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1 @KngHenryIV @The_Dero
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Phill & Friend Jam Session 3
www.PhillWade.com I thought this was Hilarious you be the judge Follow us on Twitter @phillWade_ @Dkendrick1 @MrSpB2 @King_D @3000kgold @LuxeSalute
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Phill Wade PARTY LINE - Making the Song
Get P A R T Y L I N E today on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/party-line/id406111879?i=406111883 So as we do what we do. and be who we be. the PARTY LINE Emerges from the depths of our playful nature. Its very essence resinate throw the speakers. Naw we just playin...... Anywho, Dj was beating on the piano and Hank was there helping him feel his way thru the situation. Then he realized he couldn't play like he though, so he had to call in reinforcements. Its always a blessing to know real musicians who are willing to put in their 2 cents to make it work. Walk with us as we create PARTY LINE www.PhillWade.com Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @dkendrick1 @The_Dero @KngHenryIV
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Phill Wade FREESTYLE 2
www.PhillWade.com **Album AUG 2nd** @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 There really isnt anything to say for a description. Just watch and enjoy. Make comment too, that will be nice. s/o to Swizz Beatz for that Track
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Phill Wade & Friends DJ's "Busta Rhymes Impersonation"
Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @Dkendrick1 @TyREALvLp I really think DJ has a problem. now he doing Busta, save us oh lord
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 12 (BlackBerry)
This Free-styling is super funny. Personal im amazed at how these three characters can just vibe together like this. I wish yall couse see my face. @MrPhillWade
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Phill & Friends Jam Session 10 (Phill BDAY Edition)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILL !!!! As we all gather together to celebrate my main man Phill's Birthday it wouldn't be classic crew if we didn't bless you with a lil Jam Session. I was glad all my people came out to the Downtown crib for drinks pizza nachos etc. S/O to all my PVAMU Family that came out and showed love. 9thWonder on the beat. I cant help it i love that sound www.PhillWade.com www.SpB2.com Follow us on twitter: @PhillWade_ @djkendrick1 @MrSpB2 @The_Dero @King_D @RaShardTheCITY @ChristoffWriter @reggiejamz
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Phill Wade & Friends DJ's "Jay-Z Impersonation"
Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @Dkendrick1 @TyREALvLp I really think DJ has a problem. Where he gets this from IDK. im glad I was rolling cam.
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Phill Wade Trust Issues Country Remix
Follow us on twitter: @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 www.PhillWade.com Being that we live in the great state of Texas, its only right that we head out yonder and do a lil horse back riding. You must trust your horse and your horse will trust you back. This fool Phill Wade make fun and takes advantage of every situation.
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Ty REAL vs Quick Sticks Drum Battle
Had to get a lil Battle in before Rehearsal. Ty REAL thought he had a lil something before Dre aka QUICKSTICKS sat down at the Set. LOL Enjoy. Follow Us on Twitter @MrPhillWade @MrSpB2 @TyRealVLP Follow the C.I.T.Y on Twitter @_TheCITY @RaShardTheCITY @The_DERO @DeMunnie @@quick_sticks
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