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Cascadia Subduction Zone ALERT!!!
Yet ANOTHER observation of the unreported seismic events that are and have been occurring in Cascades (Bremerton Washington) Although this MAY be only an ETS (exetended tremor and slip) as this observable movement has been documented by not only me BUT by the USGS...only NOT reported as actual earhquakes. But as you can CLEARLY see, there is enough movement to be swaying the ENTIRE two story home I am currently residing in. I am NOT trying to cause panic or unduly alarm anyone..simply trying to get this information out to folks living in or around the Pacific Northwest, that there is and has BEEN a great deal of seismic activity occurring in the Puget Sound area that is NOT being made known to the general public. PLEASE like, share and subscribe if you'd like these reports to keep coming. I have yet to monetize these videos, yet it has been suggested I do so, if only for YOUTUBE to keep from dropping them to the very lowest coverage/exposure as they are not making money either. My ONLY goal is to try and reach as many folks as possible to give EVERYONE a fair and honest chance to evaluate the evidence themselves so they can thereby have an HONEST chance to make the decision to reside in an area that is very seismically unstable. Yes, that is just my personal opinion, but based on a GREAT deal of research over the last two years that I have been aware that pressure is building at an alarming rate in an area ALREADY known to be past the breaking point.If you don't already watch "dutchsinse" and his earthquake forecast here on Youtube, I suggest you do so. MY REPORT is NOT, I repeat NOT as a result of his giving an alert, although I DO believe if he were made aware of the REAL situation that is NOT being reported( which He is very aware DOES Not Always give an accurate account of the seismicity, an therefore CANNOT give us as accurate forecasting in this region) I've tried in the past to get His attention but understand that the awesome work he does keeps Him very busy. BUT, if enough folks get word to him about this info...maybe that can change. I can be reached 24/7 at [email protected] Thank you all for your support!!! Godbless each and everyone of you out there..and as " Dutch Say's.. "HAVE A PLAN"!!! StaySafe~NotSorry
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Debunk THIS!!! Unreported seismic activity in Cascadia!!!
Yet another observation of the almost continual seismic movement here in Washington State. I'm only about 50 miles from the Pacific Coast, which is as you are aware, right on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. If anyone cares to research this further..I don't have the link, but Google recent ETS activity and see for yourself that this region is VERY ACTIVE. I've NEVER once heard the "Authority's" mention this little phenomena....is it because they don't understand it themselves? Please share, like and subscribe? I'm doing my best to get this information out to SOMEBODY who can give a reasonable answer as to why this amount of movement goes completely unreported to the public. Please help the cause and forward this to any other "Earthquake enthusiasts" you might know? Thanks for your support. Godbless you all and... StaySafe~NotSorry🙏😀 👍😬
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URGENT!!! PROOF of unreported seismic activity in Cascadia!!!
Warning!!!Yet another observation video of seismicity happening here in Bremerton, Washington, which is across the Puget Sound from Seattle(about 20miles) In this particular video I've attached a laser pointer to the 2liter water bottle that is suspended by a foot of heavy chain with a super duty MasterLock attached, just to further illustrate the amount of weight that is being moved. Thank you for your time and for supporting this channel. My goal is simply to inform folks that there IS MORE GOING on here in the Cascadia Subduction Zone area and that MIGHT be of some concern to folks living in or around the Great Pacific Northwest. This should be about my last video here as I am moving up to Bellingham, Washington on Sunday for personal reasons AND the fact that the elevation there is substantially higher and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains are at LEAST close enough to run to, in the event of a full rupture of the fault. I fully plan on continuing these observations on arrival, as I know it to be FACT that this isn't just a local phenomenon. Again thanks, Please like, SHARE and subscribe. Comments are invited and I try to respond to all and especially to helpful suggestions as how to better illustrate this motion for you guy's. Godbless and remember... StaySafe~NotSorry👍😀
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Slo-Slip "Tremor"/earthquake event Cascadia!!!
My first observation video in several months, not from lack of movement, but simply needed a break. Now that this has caught the attention of a fellow YouTuber that I greatly admire ( Dutchsinse) and for the purpose of furthering the research on Slo-Slip events and earthquakes in general, I've decided to resume my observations and to start posting then regularly again. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more information and or chat about this...Or I would gladly Skype this live to prove that this is no hoax or anything other than honest observation information.In my earlier videos, you will see many different methods I've used to try to further illistrate this phenomenon. Please like share and subscribe if you'd like to see more or have any idea as to improve these videos.
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Cascadia Earthquake live!!! Warning, unreported seismicity event!!!
In light of todays substantial earthquake swarm in Canada, which is not far from here, I filmed yet another observation of the seismicity here in Cascadia. My accual location is Bremerton Washington, which is on the West side of the Puget Sound, right next to the Naval shipyards and across the water from Seattle. Please like, share and subscribe as well as feel free to comment and offer constructive criticism or if you'd like more information about theses events, please email me at [email protected] and I will send my cell # if you want to chat or txt. Please get the word out to anybody living in the area if possible. Folks deserve the right to know what's REALLY happening here. ps. Hope nobody was started by my pellet rifle..I keep it and my "bug out bags" by the back door 24/7 Suggest you do the same. Planning on doing a video on.... "WHAT'S IN THE BAG?!?" thanks for your support Godbless and StaySafe~NotSorry
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Slow Slip Observations: Cascadia Subduction zone July 24 2018
Latest observations for the 3 week in July 2018. Haven't been posting for sometime, yet diligently recording observations throughout. Finally posting because if I didn't say something...what kind of person would I be? All I can do is be true to myself, my God and my fellows. So that's that. If interested in any of the observations I've collected over the last two years, contact me at [email protected] Not seeking notoriety, but will verify everything, and am Willing to interview. StaySafe NotSorry Folks Godbless everyone☺️🙏
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Live! Bonus observation from S. Seattle
It's here too! So long folks, be safe!
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URGENT NEWS, Visible ground deformation
As improbable and ridiculous as it sounds, it is unfortunately 100% true. Whatever the cause is cannot say with anything but speculation and theory. But what you see here, is what you get, very simply, the ground itself is in motion enough to have an effect on just about everthing in the environment. Not trying to cause fear, only the awareness that seismically, we are vulnerable in certain areas. I will continue posting these observations as they occur as well as sharing the progression these events from as far back as Nov. 2014. Godbless and Prayers to all
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objects in clouds??? 11..28/2016
You tell me? Obvious illuminated objects as well as black solid structures of some kind in the late afternoon sky, facing West in Bremerton Washington. Thoughts? Comments? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!
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UNDENIABLE!!! Visible ground deformation/movement,
Building pressure in the Cascadia subduction zone has been steadily increasing and is now possible to detect these low frequency seismic waves, as they show visible effects on objects of all types.
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Visible Slow-Slip/tremor observations!!!
Slow-Slip earthquakes are finally getting the attention they deserve.This is a re-posting of last week's events..With a BRAND NEW, never before heard Original soundtrack, which I created primarily to use on m videos, so I don't need permission or have to pay to use music on my videos. I have a huge volume of work and will start uploading asap. Thanks for the attention and Support..Please share, like and subscribe!!! Also welcome anyone interested in more information about my work... Email me at [email protected] And I'll gladly give my phone # 😁🙏Love n Prayers to ALL!!!
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SloSlip Earthquake footage, Cascadia Subduction zone
Today's observation of visible motion shaking a candle around.... troubling thing is...this goes on ALL day long, and it's getting worse Every day. I doubt if I can even post this.. But I've got to be able to tell myself I did what I could and put it out there if someone wants to look for answers as to why EVERYTHING is shaking and rolling and shifting.. But hey...??? What do I know? It could go on for months or years more. Sure doesn't feel like it though. STAYSAFE and Much Love to all and GodblessEveryone
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Latest Slo-Slip event Observation!!!
Just the latest in the series of Observation videos, made over the last almost two years now. I'm HOPING TO FINALLY GET SOME HELP IN GETTING THE ATTENTION OF "DUTCHSINSE" here in the "tube" so I can get his opinion on this phenomenon, as He is probably the ONLY person who just might be able to make some sense as to this whole thing. I'm just trying to do my bit and share these Observations with folks who either live in or have loved ones living in the Puget Sound region of Washington state, and the rest of the Great Pacific Northwest in general. Because...when this puppy finally does let go...it's not gonna be a whole lot of fun for anybody, much less for folks Who've got zero idea that it may very well be not far off. Anyways, thanks everyone!!! Please like, share and subscribe if you'd like to see more. Ps. Yes, another original track I wrote and recorded just to keep these videos from being too boring....lol?
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Unreported Earthquake in Olympia Washington 4/16/18!!!
This is the result of last night's SloSlippin. Yep. Just trying to do right by Folks and present these observations for consideration....and it'll be an amazing after the fact record to study for years to come I hope. Well,thanks and if anyone knows how to reach DUTCH since on YouTube... I think He'd really get something out of this data. GodblessEveryone Stay safe🙏☺️
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Live Slow-Slip earthquake!!!
Visible movement of objects swinging from the ceiling...THIS one, today at the Local Starbucks, in Olympia, capital city of Washington state. Most folks cannot or choose not to notice these tremors...I happen to be rather sensitive to motion and am slightly "Seismiphobic" after enduring the 2001 Nisqually earthquake which was a respectable M6.8 quake that did damage to many bridges and other infrastructure, up to a distance of over 100 miles. ME however, I was less than a mile from the epicenter..The single most terrifying 4 minutes of my life. So that's why I'm trying to help anyone interested in seismicity, to better understand and prepare for the inevitable next BIG ONE. Stay-safe~Not-Sorry!!! Ps. I finally was able to some of my original soundtracks I created on an App with my phone...Plan on publishing it here on YouTube for anyone interested. Music by "JoshuazApocalypse" Made on "MusicMaker" app on the Google play store
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Unreported Earthquakes in Olympia Washington 4/14/18
More obs. More coming. Be ready for anything folks...is getting real quick.
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URGENT!!! Unreported Seismic Activity in CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE!!!
Again yet MORE unreported movement in the Pacific Northwest. This is an illustration of the movement that is and has been occurring almost daily, and is GROWING STRONGER!!! Please like, share and subscribe and leave comments. This is but the latest example in a series of video documentaries I've been posting here on this channel. I apologize for the crude production value, but as of now, I am forced to use the limited resources available on my phone. Aside from which, this is my first video with the ads enabled. This is solely for the purpose of my hopes to acquire better equipment in which to continue my work, which is as follows...I simply want to provide an HONEST REAL-TIME set of data to inform the general public who is interested in the safety of themselves and their families, the FACT that they are NOT getting the whole story from the agencies tasked with reporting seismic activity. I am NOT trying to alarm anybody, this is NOT "fear porn", I only want to help folks have a choice in the matter concerning their safety and welfare. My next project is to illustrate what an "earthquake plan" might look like. ( mine is simply having a bag packed with essential supply's..like 3days worth of food, water, clothes, etc. at the door of my home that I can grab on my way out the door, WHEN, NOT IF a quake strikes. Godbless everybody and StaySafe~NotSorry
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More Unreported seismic activity in Olympia Washington,4/14/18
Yet more HD video observations of the immense seismic "event" shot live in Olympia Washington, Our states capital. I do suppose this COULD go on for months...but I promise you...folks are starting to find it so strong that it'd hard to pretend you don't notice the ground is shaking and heaving round the clock. Will post more obs soon if possible. Thank and God bless everyone 👃👀
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Watch another HD short observation of VISIBLE ground movement even bends concrete, asphalt and fencelines of Brick! No joke folks. Here in Olympia Washington I've put together a voluminous body of work including video,stills and meta data from 4seperate accelerometer's all convincingly depicting an ever increasing amount of lower frequently seismic waves that CAN be felt and not only seen, but documented and published right here. Some as far back as Nov2014. I do apologize for the substandard production value aside from raw footage. I am challenged being without a residence, so this truly is a "Boots on around" investigation. With your support and my Faith let's share this and just maybe save some lives. Not about fear, only knowledge. And the fact is that by what ever means...the very ground under me bum is being perturbed. Soon even if a single Mega-event is delayed, catastrophic damage is inevitable to the many unreinforced masonry buildings already vulnerable to earthquakes. I would also Love to get the USGS opinion on this...Ya, right. Like might as well count on NASA to admit our Suns little brow dwarf twin and it's associated system of Planets is in the process of manifesting a celestial traffic snarl with poor little earth getting tossed on its ass when the magnetic force drags us into a near hip check pole-shift? That's my theory at least. At least were Getting SOME kind of warning, how much longer, who knows, but at the rate folks are WAKING UP.. ?? Godbless, Love and Prayers to All
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4th of July 2017 Earthquake Olympia Wa.
Reasonable shaker damages ornate bridge arm rails, splits up the bottom along entire block. Didn't really feel that bad when it hit, I was under a different old bridge awaiting the Local fireworks display..I did actually see the slow moving river being agitated for a minute or so...but as soon as I walked up the old unreinforced bridge ramp and sidewalk, I imidiatly noted the recent damage. I just happen to photo that exact rail while doing some shots of the surrounding empty and long abandoned Olympia Brewery , that still sits empty, and below runs the Dechutes river and the scenic Tumwater Falls and fish ladder. Seismic activity is getting pretty spooky... Daily tremors and small micro-quakes. I happen to think the whole Cascadia Subduction Zone is ready to go.... Begone pesky humans and their infruestructure so badly needed to survive. Be safe~Not sorry Oh ya, Another Original solo music track by "JoshuazApocalypse" Produced with the "MusicMakerApp" Titled "Seismiphobe" Like share, subscribe and let me know if you want more videos and if the music isn't too overwhelming...but that's how I like it sometimes.
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Ongoing seismic event!!!
Not trying to be melodramatic or propogate "fear-porn", simply trying to show video documentation of a seismic " phenomena "that has been occurring in the Pacific Northwest for at least the last 18months. It depicts as does my other video, objects suspended from the ceiling, swinging slightly back,forth, up and down due to ground motion that is VERY hard to find references to along the usual channels. I only found by listening to two geologists in British Columbia expressing their " Gratitude " that the ETS they'd been having had moved South AGAIN toward the South Puget Sound area( my home!!!) Will post more ASAP, thanks
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Aain...STILL...tonights worse than usual even!!! Share, like subscibe? Just trying to help folks get the REAL seismic situation here in Cascadia!!!
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Am hoping to catch the attention of anyone living in the Pacific Northwest who is concerned about the recent unreported seismicity occurring here. I am currently in Bremerton, Washington but have been filming these observations all over the State of Washington for 2 yrs now. I apologize again for the relatively poor production value of these videos, I am working exclusively on a cell phone but am trying to gain the basic skills of video production on a friends laptop, but for now, I believe the info here is to urgent to wait. Please feel free to share, like and subscribe. My goal is to simply inform and validate any folks that may also be feeling these tremors and the fact that they aren't getting reported by the USGS is disconcerting. StaySafe~NotSorry😀
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Planet X? Nibiru? Godzilla?...
Compilation of various skybound anomalies I've capture since researching. "Leaked Godzilla sighting" is BONUS FOOTAGE!!!
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Celestial anomalies!!!
Don't shoot the messenger, only trying to share with those in the know,and maybe enlighten SOMEBODY sitting on the proverbial fence. These stills and a short slow motion video where all taken in Downtown Olympia Wa. at sunset,or should I maybe say...sun AND other various other objects,celestial or otherwise,setting W/the sun? I DO want to apologize for the tiny size of the screen,All I have is a must mobile with a free Google play editor. Will update soon....if any of this is still here...
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Unreported Olympia Quakes!!!
Don't watch if you don't want to see the truth. Almost daily seismic activity, completely ignored OR suppressed to avoid awareness of the ongoing changes the planet is undergoing. I do understand the benifit of avoiding a mass panick, but shouldn't folks get the facts...so they can make up their own minds whether to attempt relocating? At LEAST the poor folks ON THE COAST??? My deceased Brother's wife still live within several hundred yards of the shores of the Pacific Ocean...who if it wasn't coming from Me, might be enough??? Oh well,I'm trying to do something anyway. Be Safe~Not Sorry~ Godbless and Prayers to all, and especially those still lost, may the Awesom Love from Jesus fill all hearts. So that none shall weep when this last episode fufills itself. (Hint, read the book...spoiler alert.."We Win!!!!"
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URGENT!!!Ongoing Unreported seismic event.
Yet more data showing visible movement from Olympia Washington. All going Unreported. Right in the Heart of Cascadia Subduction Zone's vulnerable Washington State Capital.
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First take, sneak peek Godzilla short film
Even though I just posted a much improved and stylish version of this just now...Youl should really take a second and enjoy this fan made, short film...Gojira's got a Lady friend and He's obviously In Love, so better watch out, because nothing is more dangerous, than a lovesick Lizard. This is a "Live -Animation" short film, featuring an original track by JoshuazApocalypse Titled Gojira's in Love Please, like,share and Subscribe And share... Just ask premission before using music or video content for any other purpose. Thanks again and enjoy!!!
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Real time Slow Slip observations July 31 2018
Just trying to make this information available to anyone interested. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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Very FIRST seismic observation video!!!
An E.T.S (Extended Tremor and Slip) has been occurring in Olympia Washington for over 6weeks now. Very little official data available so I've had to DYS,this is a 2lb lead weight swinging from ceiling
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"Leaked"teaser trailer for Epic-Mockumentary-Webisodes-short film(s). Live action,forced perspe tive production
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URGENT NEWS, Visible ground deformation
As improbable and ridiculous as it sounds, it is unfortunately 100% true. Whatever the cause is cannot say with anything but speculation and theory. But what you see here, is what you get, very simply, the ground itself is in motion enough to have an effect on just about everthing in the environment. Not trying to cause fear, only the awareness that seismically, we are vulnerable in certain areas. I will continue posting these observations as they occur as well as sharing the progression these events from as far back as Nov. 2014. Godbless and Prayers to all
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New Godzilla short film!!! Teaser trailer!!!
New and much improved version of the trailer for the brand new Godzilla series currently in production. Filmed using a unique and innovative filming technique I call, " Live animation", which really amounts to simply using forced perspective while manipulating an articulated model by hand, instead of stop- motion or CGI. These first few trailers are virtually unedited, and future trailers and episodes will be appropriately edited and will include special effects,both practical and CGI, and will also will feature full voice overs for the characters, as well as subtitles. Thanks for your support and I hope to be posting more improved content and soon as possible, I plan on launching the series the moment I'm able to access the equipment nessasary to do a quality job for you all, and one that should be as fun to watch as it is making them. Stay tuned, Like share and Subscribe if you enjoy this little short film, which, obviously is on the mushy side, UNLIKE the upcoming series, which will be mostly a comedy/action/satire in nature. Again, thanks you all😎👌
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John Wick 3 Hilarious Satire!!!
"Don Wick 3" is a hilarious and funny montage with an original soundtrack by yours truly "JoshuazApocalypse" Hope you enjoy.. Subscribe, Share and Like if you do...and let me know if you'd like to see more of this kind of videos...aside from my usual documentary style factual content ( Which for my own safety and security I've had to suspend posting...even though I've got LOTS of new material.... comment and I'll replying interested)
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URGENT!!! Slow-Slip​ visibly moving objects!!!
More observations of the Cascadia Subduction Zone area in a "Slow-Slip" event. Now with original soundtrack by JoshuazApocalypse, song title Aberdeen (Liquid Sunshine) A grungy Homage to Curt Cobain, formerly from Aberdeen Wa. Where I spent a fair amount of time up to my neck in Liquid Sunshine..Lol!!! Like share and subscribe More to come
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More celestial/sky anomalies!!!
Just another example of incredible observations captured to illustrate the fact that we are now seeing an exponential increase in the effects caused by this celestial traffic jam. This particular clip depicts an indisputable incongruity, as in what could possibly account for these "cloud" formations...that more resemble an H.R. Geiger sketchbook..? This piece of the puzzle I believe is that they can now manipulate the particulate substances they've been spraying "ie..chemtrails" and using anti-grav technology, project and or conceal anything at anytime. It's all so far above my paygrade, and rather than blabbing opinions, I let you decide and would value comments or questions. Should definitely check out "visible ground deformation" right here on YouTube. Sorry, no music..trying to get you the facts that just may help save some lives. Godbless and Prayers
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Unreported seismic activity!!!
Huge sign post swaying as if in a breeze, but it's not...Part of a boots on ground investigation I've been compiling for over 24months . 100% legit, just trying to get the info out to other folks, especially here in the heart of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The across the board denial is more than tragic, it will cost many more lives than it would if my fellow Northwesters we're actually aware how serious this really is. And this is NOT to cause fear... Knowledge is power, Not a weakness. Godbless n stay connected safe.
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Sneak peek; Gozilla the series.
Sneak peek at a NEW upcoming YouTube series! Using an original technique I've dubbed "Live Animation" Mind you, this is completely UNEDITED, shot w/cell phone camera. The final edited episodes will be Coming Aug 2016!!!
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Urgent!!! Cascadia seismic unrest!!!
Probably my last installment for a bit, I'm taking my own safety into consideration and leaving my beloved home of 49yrs to move North and East towards the border and into the foothills of the Cascade range in order to gain some much desired elevation. If possible I release the entire body of work I've been compiling for over 24months, documenting as simple video observations of visible seismic ground deformation. I hope that even just one person with the correct data, might choose to consider relocation, or at least firmly putting into place a viable egress route to higher elevation. Please share, debate, repost, don't care, not doing this for money. Just want to be able to sleep at night knowing I did the right thing by honestly and with all integrity, reported the facts as best as I was able. Beyond that, hopefully my work will someday be a valuable tool in analyzing pre-event seismicity. God bless you all, be safe
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Watch the seismic activity that's not being reporters on
Real time, uncut documentation of visible ground movement, which is building pressure for the main event, which I believe to be imminent, and of a magnitude that will be like stomping on ripe fruit. The entire Puget Sound basin liquefied and pummeled. But what do I know? Hey folks, if ya didn't notice the ground moving yet, hang on , you will shortly. From the Heart of the Cascadia Subduction zone, simple observations of ground movement. Be safe not scared Ps. Will broadcast live feed if anyone wants raw footage of this ongoing event. Leave a comment, share ,subscribe?
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Strange cloud formations
Shockingly bold appearance of part of the "False Flag" INVASION FORCE does a flyby over Olympia Washington. Have 100's of stills and lot's more footage taken TODAY 9/11/2016. THEY REALLY are here, but part of a world wide deception, you decide.
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Gozilla, the real story. Sneak peek teaser trailer
. Sneak peek at a NEW upcoming YouTube series! Using an original technique I've dubbed "Live Animation" Mind you, this is completely UNEDITED, shot w/cell phone camera. The final edited episodes will be Coming Aug 2016!!!
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BREAKING,URGENT!!! Unreported seismic activity!!!
Here in the Heart of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, another example of ground movement observations illustrated by a 1ft section of heavy chain W/ a super heavy duty, hardened Master lock suspended on it, screwed into a ceiling joist, showing obvious motion. As you can observe, not simply a pendulum motion, but vertical as well. This most recent documentation is in my new home of Bremerton Washington. In my earlier videos I have been documenting similar and/ or more extreme examples from as far away as Seattle, Bellingham and primarily Olympia, where I until recently resided. Please share, comment... I'm making no attempt to monetize these videos, simply want to help get the truth of the seismic activity that is NOT being reported by those who's stated goal is to help the public to be Safe and Prepared. Godbless and remember... BeSafe~NotSorry ;?)
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Bizarre sky anomalies!!!
Zoom and slow motion these photos and leave a comment on your thoughts. Sorry for no music,will update asap
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Cascadia Subduction Zone Alert!!!
Another observation of unreported seismic activity here in Cascadia/Bremerton, Washington. This observation is an illustration showing what "appears"to be the moon wobbling up an down, side to side, JUST like the objects in my earlier videos shown swinging from the ceiling. Now, wr KNOW the moon is not wobbling, but rather the ground upon which I filmed this IS MOVING, so much so that it makes it appear as though the illuminated objects are moving. Thanks for your support, like share and subscribe.👍😀
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More Unreported seismic activity in Olympia Washington July 31 2018
More examples of the bizarre seismic activity that's happening, and just trying to make real time data available to anyone interested.
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Possibility of PlanetX incoming?!?
Short but awesome set of pix I took myself this week. Wasn't a believer until I saw with my own eyes. This is the end of an age,an age of greed,covetness,hate,ect,ect. I for one can't wait for the coming of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. God bless,be safe!
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Moon wobble? NOPE, more unreported seismicity!!!
Having been researching this ongoing phenomenon as a "boots on ground" documentation leading up to and including the "event" itself, I do believe we are very close to having the very ground we stand upon being ripped apart like old fruit at a Gallagher show. Here is but another example of the seriousness and intensity of this ongoing seismic event really is. And for those simply looking for the next mega-disaster, look no further. It's coming and I'll be here filming it. Even if just for posterity.
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"HaveSomeFaith" by Joshuazapocalypse
A music video made for a my new Lady friend.
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New Ideas Into Pubg Android Version Never Before Revealed PUBG mobile version isnt a surprise. In any event, its tricky to observe how a mobile model of PUBG wont be a huge moneymaker for everybody involved. Apparently a cell version was just a great bonus thrown into that offer. Furthermore, a cell variant of the game is in development. The English version also includes the extra advantage of linking your FB account with the game The Ideal Approach for Pubg Android Version The Android version looks like slightly more generous in that respect. Contact Us The present version doesnt represent the last quality of the game, as well keep optimizing existing content and adding new capabilities.
Android was constructed from the ground-up to allow developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full benefit of the specs a handset has to offer you. PUBG Android demonstrates that the release will shortly be available in all markets in the marketplace. Even though a smartphone may not lend itself to a control scheme with pinpoint precision, the port still ought to give you an opportunity to become involved in the action. PUBG Mobile has an exceptional approach to bypassing the should collect money. Before youre able to learn ways to get PUBG Mobile on Android, theres a couple of things you will need to know more about the games soft launch first. PUBG Mobile is as challenging and a little bit more frustrating than the PC version because of the controls, but its immensely addictive and difficult to put down. Utilize PUBG Mobile cheat to acquire in-app purchases and obtain freebies in the total game without having to spend any Money. Unlike the desktop version, PUBG mobile is totally free to download, thus theres no barrier to entry if you wish to give it a try. Anyway, what you ought to know is that mobile PUBG is very fantastic. To start with, youre likely to want to understand how to download PUBG mobile, wherever youre in the world. The perfect way to take pleasure in the game is if youre a fan of Battle Royale movie or The Hunger Games. It contains numerous updates and a significant amount of skins, which means that you will be addicted in a matter of hours. It is basically a full port of the PC version of the game, which means that it does come with most of the PC versions features. The very first game which is comparable to PUBG is Rule of Survival. You dont need to fret anymore since there are a great deal of games that have similar mechanics. The game contains multiple unique stories and each story is broken up into different Ultimate Utility for PUBG. It is not unusual for new games to be published in Canada first, employing a more compact subset of the North American market for a test bed.
If you would like to take your game to another level and boost your odds for winning, you have to use free of charge now our amazing PUBG Mobile Hack on-line Cheat Tool. The game consists of a ranking system which means that its competitive. There are two PUBG games can be found play shop.