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Top 40 Jugglers of 2010 Results
Sorry for the delay, I was far busier in January than expected. Hope you enjoy this silly little video! Contains childishly gratuitous swearing. Full lyrics (spoilers!): Up, down, in or out, Who gives a shit? Juggling is juggling, no matter who is doing it. But at this time of every year You cast your votes to make it clear. So then I have to count them up And then count down the list right here. Okay? Here's goes. Three balls are easy, You're kidding no one Falco You juggled at a normal rate then Speeded up the video. Cigar boxes? Circus school? If you try it you're a fool. Except if you're Eric Bates Then, OMG, you're fucking cool. Three balls are easy, Mr Yuri, can't you see? Forget this shower behind you head. And pick up two more balls just for me. To juggle is to catch To juggle is to throw Well done riky, this looks tricky But you need to let go. Five balls are easy. And while Chris has the knack. The lazy fucker won't stand up And juggles on his back. We're all in bed. Someone stays up late instead Juggle siteswaps in the dark. Steve is a Go Head. Everyone is equal but we All know guys can juggle best. Joelle is the only girl to break into this sausage fest. The IJA loves Ivan Pecel Easy tricks, drops as well. Still gets third place, what the hell? Up, down, in or out, Who gives a shit? Juggling is juggling, so let's get back to it. Bouncing is easy Marco's kidding no one Pick up your 12 pieces And put your shirt back on Step forward, Walker, Toby or not Toby That is the question Toby answer it for me. 11 balls is hard, you know But there's one guy who'll prove us wrong Alex Barron, he keeps up Eleven balls for way too long And still with his project Is Sean Gandini Keeping jugglers in work Since 1993 Diabolo is easy Unless you're doing four. Purple clock, white props Pick your jaw up off the floor. Tangled string diabolo That's the other way to go Eljas and Joona Got the same number of votes, you know. Diabolo, diabolo, Another damn diabolist A young kid called Etienne The highest one upon this list. Asking "Am I cool yet?" Thom has style, I must be fair, Forget the props, Forget the tricks, We only like you for your hair. Up, down, in or out, Who gives a shit? Juggling is juggling, is juggling is juggling. Five clubs are easy Hey Jon Brady You're back on the chart this year At number 23 Ori Roth is bonkers Have you seen his Happy Ori Friends? Stop taking trippy drugs. We all know how this story ends. Three clubs are easy If you don't try to throw them Four clubs are easy This trick has really caught on. Seven clubs are... Ah... Well... Seven clubs aren't easy. Five balls are easy Unless they're tied up with some string Back again is Gilligan Jay will juggle anything Down 9 places is Komei Aoki He makes it look fucking cool But 1 ball is easy. Rocking out in Berlin Up from last year's 32 Christof Buch is fucking crazy There is nothing he can't do. Patrik Elmnert, no ck, A juggler from Sweden, Nobody would care except He juggles with Wes Peden Up down, in or out, Who gives a shit? Okay then, I admit, I do care a little bit. Five clubs are easy Don't you know it, Noah? Unless you do a pirouette And juggle singles lower. Nobody can spell his name Alexander Koblikov When he juggles 10 on stage Gravity can go fuck off. One ball is easy Unless you do it old school Kyle Johnson style contact Techy body rolls rule. Froyo eating juggling guy Can't stand up to his attacks. Jason Garfield, back on form A One man stand against the hacks. One ball is easy, When there's four hands especially. But add a dance, and Stefan Sing and Cristiana show us beauty. Hey, who's this? Luke is awesome. Luke is awesome. Luke is awesome. Luke is awesome. Luke is awesome. Everything he does is awesome. Seven balls are easy David makes this clear The highest new entry on the chart this year. Down three from last time, In oh six he was number 1. Now that he is 28 Thomas is still having fun Up down in or out. I care care a fucking lot. For the fourth year in a row can Peden take the top spot? 6 clubs are easy For Vova Galchenko Down three from last year He's never been this low. Also down from last year Gatto slips in this race lackies from his forum cannot push him higher than fifth place. When, next year, you vote for Pavel Why not look up how to spell? It's EVSUKEVICH, okay? Six balls are easy Five clubs are easy? How the hell did Doug climb Seven up to number three? Spin spin spin spin Spin some more, spin again Spinny spinny spin spin Spin Benjaminsen Wes Peden, he's back, One more year at number one. I know you're good, I know you're great Why not take next year off? For fuck's sack, give someone else chance. Up down in or out, Who gives a shit? Why bother voting if Wes always wins it?
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How to Avoid Hugs
Alex shares techniques from his workshop at the European Juggling Convention 2017. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected]
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Take Me To Zanzibar - International Juggler 2011
News: Added lyrics below. Full details here: http://www.lukeburrage.com/juggler2011.html Here's a video I play during my stage show, and I play along with piano and sing too. It's the best footage I've got of me juggling around the world from February 2009 to January 2011. Lyrics (old lyrics, I think they've changed a bit since the last time I read them): In my home town of Berlin I'm know as quite the traveler I juggle everywhere I go I've sailed around Cape Horn I've jumped over the equator I juggle everywhere I go. By the lights of New York City On an island paradise On cliffs of Santorini In a bar that's made of ice These places sure look great, but just wait, there's one place I want to be so take me. Take me to Zanzibar But first I'll ride this elephant in India See the midnight sun in Norway See the burning hill in Turkey Bazars in Oman Bridges in Italy And ride this boat round volcanoes in Papa New Guinea I went up the Arctic And I saw the icecaps melting and in Spitzbergen I saw no polar bears And yet down in Dubai they're building pointless pointy buildings things like ski slopes in the desert, why build ski slopes in the desert? If you want to slide down ice Why not try a mountain, like this glacier in Argentina where I lost my clubs that day. If you want a grand adventure Climb this hill in Montenegro! Why not climb this dune in France? Why not climb these rocks in Spain? Take me to Zanzibar But first I'll freeze my hands off in Antarctica You know that Greenland's pretty icy And Iceland's pretty green. But the Faroe Islands are the greenest place I've ever been They even put grass on the roof of their parliament building Take me to Zanzibar. But first I'll take the scenic route round Africa I'll see the Suez Canal in Egypt The Mosque in Casablanca The caves in Tanzania And Fort Jesus in Kenya Then trek across the sand dunes in the desserts of Namibia. I think I've got to go a bit faster or else this list will take forever No one cares about places like Belgium No one's ever been to Malta I'm kidding, of course, Liechtenstein is important for tax reasons And we fought a war over the Falklands Columbus is buried in the Dominican Republic And some pretty good movies are set in Scotland The people who live there probably care about Estonia And this one place in Denmark is kind of pretty Corsica? Napoleon. Austria? Hitler. Poland? The Last Pope. Albania? No idea. But I know that in Uruguay they really care about football. And horses. Take me to Zanzibar but first I'll take a trip round the Americas. I'll go to Acapulco Mexico The Panama Canal Swing by Costa Rica And Bogota, Colombia And Caribbean island after Caribbean island after Caribbean island after Caribbean island. Take me to Zanzibar but first I'll juggle for kangaroos in Australia I've juggled in the smallest and the largest countries on the earth. I've juggled in the lowest place I can for what it's worth And of course, I've juggled in England That's the country of my birth Won't you take me back to Zanzibar.
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EJC 2015 Bruneck Fight Night Combat - Till Rautert vs Luke Burrage
Luke Burrage and Till Rautert battle in the round of eight (quarter-finals) at the EJC 2015 Bruneck Fight Night Combat tournament. First to 5 points wins.
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NJF 2016 Fight Night Combat - Rob vs Luke
Rob van Heijst, the third highest ranked Dutch combateer, met Luke Burrage, the current number one ranked player and NJF defending champion, in the semi-finals of the Netherlands Juggling Festival 2016 Fight Night. The crowd was fully behind the local, and the battle became an instant classic. Thanks to Nick Webster for the great camera work.
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Top 40 Jugglers of 2016 - T40J16 E.P.
As voted by YOU!!! Vote counting, music, lyrics, editing: Luke Burrage. Full list of jugglers can be found here: http://juggle.wikia.com/wiki/Top_40_Jugglers#2016 Find lyrics on my blog: http://www.lukeburrage.com/blog/archives/2423
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Top 40 Jugglers of 2014 - Part 2 - Sounds and Pictures
All the jugglers, their video sounds, and their juggling. Soundtrack and edit by Luke Burrage. For those without YouTube annotations turned on: 40 Eric Longequel 39 Erik Aberg 38 Cinthia Buitrón 37 Lauge Benjaminsen 36 Kathrin Pancakes 35 Eric Bates 34 Svetlana Zueva 33 Kouta Oohashi 32 Mees Jager 31 kyle johnson 30 Gustaf Rosell 29 Bar Mualem 28 Dan Wood 27 Arttu Lahtinen 26 Ori Roth 25 Thomas Dietz 24 Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse 23 David Leahy 22 Thom Wall 21 Anthony Gatto 20 Doug Sayers 19 Neta Oren 18 Nathan Biggs-Penton 17 Christian Hauschild 16 Iver Tronstad 15 Onni Toivonen 14 Etienne Chauzy 13 Robin Spinelli 12 Jacob Sharpe 11 Jay Gilligan 10 Ofek Snir 9 Łukasz Uczkiewicz 8 Luke Burrage 7 Kellin Quinn 6 Emil Dahl 5 Lewis Kennedy 4 Patrik Elmnert 3 Tony Pezzo 2 Haavard Hvidsten 1 Wes Peden
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Wes Peden vs Andreas Braun at the EJC 2017 Lublin Fight Night
An exciting clash of styles in the Fight Night Combat tournament at the European Juggling Convention 2017.
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Where the hell is Pola? - EJC2008
Pola hosted the Tuesday night Open Stage Show at the EJC 2008. We wanted to make an exciting start to the show so we made this video. Starting at about 1pm (which is why a lot of the site looks a bit empty) we filmed for an hour and a half, I edited for an hour and a half... just in time to begin organizing the show! Thanks to WhereTheHellIsMatt.com for the idea and inspiration. I made a new version, including some footage of Pola actually appearing on stage. Yes, the lens could have been cleaner, but I was trying to do three or four things at once. The Marco Paoletti Workshop shot was totally unplanned. All we wanted was a shot of the small gym, and as Pola began juggling a mass of jugglers stormed past. Marco is crazy!
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Top 40 Jugglers of 2015 Voting Video - VOTING IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2015!
List your top 10 favourite jugglers of 2015 in a comment. A direct comment on this video, not a reply to another comment. One name per line. No other formatting! No other comments or text! Make a second comment if you have more to say. Please try to use correct spelling. For example: Luke Burrage Lewis Kennedy Luke Burrage Lewis Kennedy Luke Burrage Lewis Kennedy Luke Burrage Lewis Kennedy Luke Burrage Lewis Kennedy If you vote for more than 10 jugglers, the first 10 on your list will be counted and the rest discarded. If you vote more than once, your second voting comment will be used and the first comment discarded. Voting closes December 27th. Results will be posted in the new year in this channel, so subscribe to catch it. Have fun!
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International Juggler 2009 - Luke Burrage
Short story: This is the video I made showing most of the countries I visited in 2009. Long story: http://www.lukeburrage.com/juggler2009.html Thanks to: http://www.calljuggler.com Please do not re-upload this video to your own youtube account or elsewhere, just link directly to this version.
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Top 40 of 2012 - Part 7 - In a world...
Final video in the Top 40 of 2012!
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Israel 2015 Fight Night Combat - Wes Peden vs Everyone Else
As part of Wes Peden's wildcard entry into the Israel 2015 Fight Night he played each of the top eight qualifiers, one after the other, first to score a single point, to see if he could "win" against the field.
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Luke reacts to the Top 40 Jugglers of 2017
You voted. Here are the results.
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EJC 2016 Almere - Till vs Jochen Quarterfinal
Eight time champion Jochen Pfeiffer meets Till Rautert in the quarterfinal of the biggest ever combat tournament.
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That's Not Juggling, That's Dropping With Style
A bounce juggling routine I made that can work on floor surfaces that are terrible for bouncing. That means: - Only three balls. - Mostly force bounces, or very high lift bounces. - The same soundtrack at different speeds depending on the firmness of the floor. - A spare bounce ball kept in the back of my trouser waistband in case of drops. This video is edited from two performances (the opening and closing of one show, and the juggling of a second show) on the Koningsdam cruise ship in September 2017. Music: Bounce 136 by Luke Burrage
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my top 10 of 2016
Luke talks about the Jugglers' Calendar 2017 and then talks about who he's going to be voting for in the Top 40 Jugglers of 2016 poll. Download the Jugglers' Calendar 2017 here: http://www.lukeburrage.com/blog/archives/2405 Vote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYLrntJhZd0
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Anthony Gatto is better than you could ever imagine
Luke shares some of the video highlights of Anthony Gatto practicing at the British Juggling Convention 2000, talks about how insanely good at juggling Gatto is/was and how he got so good. Luke also talks about being inspired to perform and break world records, sharing videos on the internet 17 years ago, and invites you to watch the unedited video of the entire practice session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtsaTMdKVTM Read an essay on Anthony and Nick Gatto practicing: http://www.juggling.org/help/essays/gatto.html
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a real person reviews the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
Luke uses his new MacBook Pro to review his new MacBook Pro. Juggling videos will resume shortly.
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Juggling on Ice 2015 Fight Night Final - Tony Pezzo vs Luke Burrage
With 26 jugglers entering qualification, Juggling On Ice 2015 upgraded to a 250 point tournament from last year's 125 points level. Tony Pezzo and Luke Burrage were seeded first and second, and met in the final. Tony beat Luke in qualification, but could he repeat it when playing to seven points and with the pressure of being in his first FNC final? Luke had gone unbeaten in his previous eight matches, but could he continue his streak to nine matches and three 250 level tournament titles? See all the results and details on the FNC website: http://fightnightcombat.com/tournament-Juggling-On-Ice-2015.html
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Pancake variations and kickups.
A response to some things I read recently on the internet. One person asked about "helicopter pancakes" so here is a quick how to on pancake variations. Also, as I dropped, I decided to respond to Michael Karas's blog post where he outlines unnecessary modifications to juggling rings so he doesn't have to bend down to pick up. Does anyone else take a ball, ring and club with them whenever they go shopping for new shoes?
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BJC 2014 Fight Night
All the action from the two semi-finals, the third place match and the final. Featuring Brook Roberts, Luke Burrage, Iver Tronstad and Dave Leahy. Rule clarification: to avoid danger to the audience, a player stepping on the surrounding mats was classed as a drop.
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Jochen and Luke's Craziest Point of 2015 - Hamburg 2015 Fight Night Combat Final
The number 1 vs the number 2 ranked combat players meet in their fourth final match of the year.
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3 ball and video 2009 - no introduction
"luke burrage jungler amazing" is my most seen youtube video, even though someone else uploaded it. Here's me performing the same routine four years later. I still drop now and then. The music is a bit low in this recording. Coming soon: the same routine performed later the same night, but with a four minute spoken introduction.
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Ball Juggling 2001 to 2003 - Luke Burrage's Thing on the Net Archive
Between 2001 and 2003 I released about a hundred videos on my old website, Luke Burrage's Thing on The Net. I had to get creative to deal with the bandwidth drains of these videos, as there would typically be about 300-400 downloads per day, which is probably more than the combined views my videos get on YouTube. That's what happens where you are early to the internet video game. All these videos are still hosted on my website archive, but I thought I'd make the viewing far easier by editing the videos together into a few packages. This one is the ball trick video. Enjoy!
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EJC 2018 Azores day 3
Steak dinner, workshops, and an accidental open stage show soundtrack replacement experiment.
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Juggling in over 100 countries - International Juggler 2015
My favorite clips from most of the countries I've visited from 2009 until 2015. Countries are from this list: http://travelerscenturyclub.org/countries-and-territories Music: Scared Straight by The Long Winters.
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EJC 2013 Fight Night Final - Luke vs Jochen
First to 5 points wins.
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Best Of Luke Burrage Club Classroom 2017
All the clips from the last year of tricks I've had stuck in my head and had to get them out by videoing and sharing.
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Multiprop Squeeze Catches
Sharing some research from late night juggling sessions.
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Art of Juggling - street show version, September 2009
Pola and I are still rocking out with the Art of Juggling show, and here is our street show festival version. There is a long setup, but it's more of a character thing with some juggling (a cool balance trick) and a lot of hype to set up the grand finale of the entire show. This video shows the unique part of our show that the audience loves. Ok, the "passing clubs around small children" is in no way unique, as I lifted it as a whole from Haggis and Charlie's show (or, to put it another way, when I replaced Haggis in the show for a festival, Charlie taught me the salient parts) but it fits really nicely here. And yes, I do perform 5 club backcrosses and 6 clubs in the show. Too hard, I know! In the theater version of the act we do a lot less talking, and the final trick is an awesome colour change trick with 5 rings that we've performed for 3 years now and never got round to filming. One last note: my camera is broken, and every few minutes it starts zooming in by itself! Our volunteer cameraman worked out what was happening, but it still looks a bit weird.
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Too Much Juggling Equipment
Double Ended Club Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqXcEqo_UY4 Play One Piece Clubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3sYK8Sed_0 Stab Joy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N0asGE_Wx8 20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vEmakEqwyA 12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQykWdqs2l4 40 Rings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc0LHcZQVaw Making Colour Changing Rings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRvXzbKkAfI
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Top 40 Jugglers of 2013 with director's commentary
All the clips in order with side-by-side comparison to the originals.
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House of Intrika Fashion Show time lapse - EJC 2012
One photo every half second makes for an interesting view of the House of Intrika Fashion Show. Music: Night Shift - ediT
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Things I Can't Do On Stage (Or Can I?) - 7 clubs, 10 balls, etc.
In 2005 I was invited to do a long show at the Elsmere Port Juggling Convention, and as the last juggling segment of my show I decided to push my limits.
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EJC 2018 Azores day 1 and 2 - Parade and Games
Luke is vlogging the European Juggling Convention 2018 the Azores. This video covers day 1 and 2, arriving on site, the parade, the games, and training in the main hall. Don't expect a new video every day!
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Ring Routine 2010
My current ring juggling routine, with lots of colour changes, pancake throws, classic tricks, and some new twists. It starts slow, as this routine is specifically designed for non-juggling audiences. I make one fumbled catch in the three ring section, and I catch one ring the wrong way round in the four ring part, otherwise the one drop is intentional.
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Top 40 of 2012 - Part 3 - two votes cast
Full lyrics: If everyday he's juggling 10 ball without struggling 7 club backcrosses yes he can I almost voted for Dave Ferman Stalls and balances might look super But that's not enough to vote for de Cuyper haha Crazy tricks with balls again not enough to vote for Toivonenenen to make my top ten you must have as many 3 ball tricks as Gustaf haha Jason Garfield just has one Constant spinning is not that fun. For Emil Dahl, let's take a while a one club style that makes me smile saw him perform in the EJC show I'm voting for him, eight more votes to go In kansas city I met Nick Laffey So he's in my top ten that much is clear I've got a thing for Stefan Sing But I'll not vote for him yet again this year Just like Jay Gilligan doesn't need my vote again He's been on every chart every year, all ten In a hundred days Tom shared 100 tricks But it's like he threw them at the wall, just to see what sticks And Alexander, still a sailor still telling gravity where to go And Jack Denger, looking good there, but you've still got a long way to go
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Top 40 Jugglers of 2008 - Part 2
Jugglers 19 through 1. Thanks for watching.
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Views: 1379 Luke Burrage
Leprosy (Yesterday)
About a decade ago I got these alternative lyrics to Yesterday stuck in my head. I finally got round to sharing them with an audience. Fun fact: Leprosy doesn't, in fact, cause body parts to fall off. Fun fact 2: I'm not going to let the first fun fact get in the way of a good joke.
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Vanilla Siteswap Assumptions
Vanilla Siteswaps Part 1 of 2: how we use assumptions and generalisations about siteswap to make communication between jugglers easier.
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EJC 2014 Fight Night - Final - Iver Roar Tronstad vs Jochen Pfeiffer
Here's the final match with Iver, the top seed, vs Jochen, the current number 1 player. Both players were undefeated going into the match; Iver with 9 tournament match wins in a row and Jochen with 15 match wins in a row (since January 2013)! It was the perfect match-up for the final battle, and it proved to be a classic. See all the results and details from the tournament here: http://www.lukeburrage.com/combat/tournament%20EJC%202014%20Millstreet.html Thanks to everyone who took part! This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: http://www.newsflare.com/video/21974/other/ejc-2014-fight-night-final-iver-roar-tronstad-vs-jochen-pfeiffer or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191
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Juggling Seven Knives
Luke juggles seven knives badly and painfully. After a few years, the aluminium blades of the Mister Babache juggling knives weaken and start breaking, so it's time for new ones! And time for trying new stupid shit!
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Play One Piece Clubs 20080704
as explained in the video... new props, new tricks possible! Or older tricks easier. These clubs are designed for new jugglers, so I'm not about to swap from my PX3 clubs... but they sure are fun.
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Head and Mouth Pedestals - Modular Spinning Prototypes How To
Ingredients: Juggle Dream Cyclone 'Classic' Triple Bearing Diabolo http://www.oddballs.co.uk/juggle-dream-cyclone-classic-triple-bearing-diabolo-p-3204.html Ikea "CHOSIGT" Funnel 2 pack http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70153179/ Handle from a broken Babache juggling knife, but any plastic club handle wrap should work. Also: Worm Drive Air Tube Clamp Fasteners Extra 6mm nut Small coins and other pieces for weight in head pedestal base White Electrical Tape Silver Duck Tape Blu-Tac (which will be replaced with glue on final version of the mouth pedestal) Important step missing from the video: fill in the groove of the diabolo hub with tape before inserting it into the handle. This stops the handle from deforming when tightening the clamp around it. Any questions? Comment below!
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Workshopping the Room Show with Luke and Declan
I'm not going to work more on this show any time soon, and I haven't for a long time, so why not share some of the "video notes" from the sessions with Declan? The room rotates to create illusions with gravity, but it is static in all these clips.
Views: 1565 Luke Burrage
Top 40 Jugglers of 2012 Voting Video!
Please don't mark other people's comments as spam just because you don't like their choices. That's a dick move! Don't be a dick!!! List your top 10 jugglers of the year, in any order. Please don't use any punctuation or include any other comments. Just 10 names on 10 lines please! (Luke is awesome)
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tennis ball and can routine
Random video
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luke burrage classroom #1: club squeeze catches
Yesterday I played volleyclub. I like to play with two club tricks between points and games, as that is the natural thing for a juggler holding two clubs to do. I decided to see how many two club squeeze catches I could do in a row between points, and I got a bit obsessed with this routine. After the tournament (and a swim in the sea and a shower) I got even more obsessed, and actually thought I could string 9 different squeeze catches together in one sequence. Turns out, with practice, anything is possible. Each one of the tricks is possible after a few minutes of practice, but getting them solid enough to link together in a routine takes more time. Ive done all these tricks before, so after an hour of practice I did the routine without a drop. I bailed on the fire show, and took another 15 goes at the routine before I managed it again. What you get to see (and try for yourself): - flat throw squeeze catch - single spin squeeze catch - double spin squeeze catch - flat front half spin squeeze catch - flat front single spin squeeze catch - flat front double spin squeeze catch - flat front single spin to reverse-grip squeeze catch - flat front flat throw bulb to bulb squeeze catch - as yet unnamed throw and squeeze catch Thanks to Wes Peden for the name of the video.
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