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FNAF greek gameplay (in night 4)
Και ήρθε το πιο αστείο gameplay της night 4
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Fnaf 3 night 2
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(Important Info In Description) Abyss WatchFox [SPEEDPAINT]
Hello lads and lasses. So here's some important info you should know. I'm changing my channels name to "Abyss WatchFox" (Did you got the joke? "Watchdog" WatchFox"? anyway and I'll start working on my AU story x3 So yeah there will be an AU story which I'll name "Space without Time" and I'll spoil noore now. Song Used: 7 nations army(White Stripes)
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How to wake up early on the morning.
WOOOOO SECOND ANIMATION : D Watch this before you go to sleep and think: Do i wanna wake up by JB songs? F*CK NO! Songs used:Attack On Titan [First Intro] (i don't believe i type this)Baby (Justin Bieber)
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TEAM DEATHMATCH(animation with Friends Charakters)
Wow my first norma size animation :3 Well i kinda mess it up at some spots with my vocabulary and with Lacking Sparkle's Face(im sorry lacking :' / ) when she says "Team Deathmatch" (her face is supposed to have this expression ^ω^ ) so here's my friends channels GO AND CHECK EM OUT :3 1)Piemation's Springtrap:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjJDwWoe0SgonQa2CeUKKw 2)Lacking Sparkle:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmNrMp9y07EFDqMbawifQg 3)Vegeta 101:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnh17urI8sp0tEAeSmxQKsA That's all. Note that i don't own the sfx in this video, It belongs to PurpleEyesWTF who made the original joke and parody of the anime Code Geass :3
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FNAF SL (mobile) gameplay :3
nothing to talk about. why you paused the video to read the description? SHAME ON YOU XD
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Diana is a sexy fish (sexy fish meme[remix]) {reupload}
I dont have anything to say xP
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Mah Puppy
His name is Renos so here have a puppy covered in pillows x3
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FNA-Candy's? #part 1
Scarier than the first game of FNAF's but not scarier than the other games.... 1 JUMPSCARE AND I PEE MY PANT'S!
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[speedpaint]A masked nightmare
im so sorry for the long time i havent posted but heres some improvemen in my art style aaaaand. Im open in requests again ^^ one at a time pls so ill take one for now and ill let you know when ill finish it
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[Speedpaint] New OC
Had to reupload cause copyrights .-. well any ideas for names? Songs used: Left Behind (DA games) Hide Behind The Mask (SlyphStorm & TIFWhi)
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In one body
Not much to say about it. Just Golden Foxy and his dream eater version together. Songs used: Nightmare (Set It Off) 7 nations army (The white stripes)
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[Speedpaint] Requested by I'm Dead To Be Here (Princess Cherry)
Well I got a request after all x3 I hope you like it :3 Song used: HELLO-OMFG
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FNAF world BB teaser image!!!
well didn't expect less since mangle suicide ; ) here's a link: http://fnafworld.com/ Also if you told me about my gramair mistakes it's because im tiping fast with the keyboard of my laptop so yeah here's an explanasion!
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English 4 ever Fnaf3 4 now
Shortest fnaf 3 video ever and from now on only english!
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Legend Of The Cow King
Ok guys i have been in coma for like 2 weeks but i feel better so i can do a vid without caoughing alll the time... Also it's expiring a the day of the upload ignore what i say in the vid... Hope you will enjoy it and if you do why not like and subscribe?
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[FNAF]Plushtrap (fail though){speedpaint)
It started good but the bucket kinda erased the sutures.... I'm gonna make another one in the future. Five Nights At Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon Song used: Plushtrap song(GroundBreaking)
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(Request) For Diazi Koix
She asked me to do it in Google+ and like i have said guys i take requests : 3 (I kinda mess up the head analogies sorry : / ) Now just go and check her channel : 3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmnW8I7_OMp9RKSvm85rNKg Song Used: Monster [dupstep remix](Meg&Dia) My next vid will be a short animation :3
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Outlast part 2#yeahGHOST
OH boy who's that ghost? Sry for the delaying of my uploads but it's hard to record games with no microphone! XD
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Dream Eater Golden Foxy
I'm dead for too long. People sorry I was inactive but I needed a brake and now imma focus on the collab I'm working on : / Song used in the video: HAHAHA song (SMF)
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[Shotout]Gift For Arctic Shadow
Like i said in the video don't forget to check her channel guys here's a link and pounch right away the subscribe button: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWnAidoxyvO_aCWNQJNsiPw/featured Got it? Btw this charakter of course belongs to Arctic. For once more sorry for my recording goof :' ( SOng used in the Video:Kingdom Hearts final mix Dearly Beloved. Five Nights At Freddy's beongs to scot Cawthon. The charakter in the video belongs to Arctic Shadow.
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Well it's still a wish from me to you and for once more sorry for holding and having a wooman test her lungs for your abuse :3
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My first time playing outlast.... Tell me if you want me to keep playing it....
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(READ DESCR)Lavender Town Part 3 (MAP for Arctic Shadow)
This is jsut a part of a video which is going to be uploaded in Arctic Shadow Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWnAidoxyvO_aCWNQJNsiPw/featured be sure to check the hole video when it's uploaded guys (btw if you remove some secs it fits perfectly with the music i jsut add em to make your montage easier Arctic)
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[FnaF speedpaint]Broken Inside (and my new style)
Well I finally learn how to use phone as well to paint. Also if Golden Foxy is green and not yellow im sorry but I have colorblind problems Song Used: Noticed (Mandopony)
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(Request)For DeathpuppyX[speedpaint]
Here's the speedpaint too :3 I hope you like it, let me know : ) (btw i know i said people that i said next one is an animation but you don't really know what that animaton will be so propably ill have it in the weekend : 3 ) Btw why is your shirt says noob? Now all you got to do guys it's to subscribe to her channel GO GO GO :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNkGf3rcZHMMje9WwOlZCgQ Song Used: Stressed Out (twenty one pilots)
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Message to everyone!
Link for GoldGuy0710: https://www.youtube.com/user/Goldguy0710 Link for The song: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/wky6vnu4n9383c5/A_FNAFY_Halloween_Spooky_Scary_Skeletons_%5BGoldguy0710%5D.mp3 Sorry for my dictation errors but that wa a poor work from my laptop with Movie Maker but ok!The other videos will be with Sony Vegas PRO 13. I hope you can be patient people!
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Gift For Lacking Sparkle{speedpaint}
Well it tok me long cause Lacking's OC is really hard to draw : x But i enjoyed it and i hope you like it Lacking Sparkle :3 Now GO SUBSCROBE HER PEOPLE :3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOmNrMp9y07EFDqMbawifQg Song Used: Just Gold(Mando Pony)
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my best 1 for all ever! And the evidence im'not noob at LoL
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Dying Light:THE BOZAK HORDE fail guide
Sorry for the bad qouality of the video and my webcam's low fps but im afraid this will be theqouality of the videos untill the en of this march! After that i have VDSL conection so no problem.
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[Creepy Pasta OC] Toothmasked Mike (speedpaint)
This is a painting i did for Creepy Past community on google+ (lore below) Song used: Let's Kill Tonight (Panic!At The Disco) His real name was Michael Fitzgerald. A student of senior high school. He was being constantly bullied by some of his classmates but one night it got out of control. They grabbed him, tied his eyes up, dress him in the outfit below and muzzle his mouth with the mask you can see. Eventually they let him run off but on his panic he entered the slendermans forest where he encountered first Jeff The killer who attempted to kill him but luckily for Michael it happened that at the shame time he encountered Slenderman so he manage to run off cause both murderers where busy with each other. However later trying to find his way out he run again on Jeff where he wounded him by pouting his knife in the masks mouth but for some reason he didn't finish Michael and he let him rot with a grievous wound in the mouth which have made him lost the ability to talk..... He hided in the forest for the rest of his life and in an abandoned building he found a kukri knife.... He knew what he should do with it.. He found his way out of the forest and he killed his bullies by cutting off their ears and slashing through their eyes. When they died he took off their heads by pouting the kukri in their mouth and rotating it in a full turn.... He lost his eye to a wolf where he killed and he took all of his teeth and implanted them on his mask. Ever since he attempts to hunt down Jeff The Killer without running onto slenderman and kills anything which stands in his way..
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TF2 Randomizer, x10, Medieval Wars
What? You thought ill let it get away? HELL NO!
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Rainbow6Siege: Jäger Speedpain (with finger)
Guess who the fuck is back in this memehole youtube xP ~songused~ -yourepostedinthewrongneighberhood[FULLVERSION]
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[speedpaint]For Kreepy Kupkakes (REQUEST)
So Kreepy Kupkakes asked me one too and i know i told that my next vid would be a short but you can see the content of this one :3 Now all you gotta do is to go check her Channel :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMpHKTuSSf44psd-mxNF8yw Song Used: Dollhouse(Melanie Martinez)
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[FNAF]Drawkill Golden Foxy {speedpaing}
Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it ; D This is a drawkill version of Golden Foxy (For those who don't know drawkills were meant to be some characters in a fnaf fan game which was cancelled sadly :' / ) Stay on my good side : X Song Used: Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix (TheLivingTombstone)
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LOL Graves is BUFFED!
Well graves is really buffed... AND I LOVE HIM! (if you ignore the ks moment's ; )
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FNAF almost Mike title
In case with my previous videos you are about to love this
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[FNAF short]Fuck this shit im out
I used for the first time macromedia flash 8 proffesional and of course i goofed and i made my frames last not as long as wanted so i played the animation twice LOOOOOL! If someone wants to do it just give credit to the song and mine :3 Song Used:Fuck This Shit I'm Out (The Theme Song)
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FALLOUT 4 starting in a modded destroyed world x3
Just me livestreaming a game XD RULES: 1)I will not tolerate any negative behavior. 2)Verbal abuse and harrasment will get permanently banned from the livestream 3)Do not ask me specific games to play 4)Dont tell me to draw cause i aint have drawing tablet 5)Be positive and dont start a drama (otherwise small punishment with a 10 min. ban) **STAY IF YOU ENJOY IT**
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One Punch The Hate (Short Animation)
BEWARE EARRAPE AFTER THE PUNCH. Okay i had this idea just today cause one punch season 2 was announced but don't expect it soon though. And i also bet whatever you guys want that we all wanna do this to our haters XD Song Used: One(One punch man Opening)
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[sketch meme] WAKE ME UP meme 1.4 k sub's special ^^
well besides that its hillarius to see Mike with a female voice I like this meme ^^ People thank you so much for 1.4k sub's QwQ Thank you all and I know this is not the best I can offer buty drawing tablet have broke and I'll resupply one at my birthday (soon)
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Re rolling is satan !!!!!!
Well because of that result i believe that there's satan somewhere hidden even though i am godless.... WHY UNIVERSE DID YOU SENT ME THIS SKIN! WHYYYY!
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Dark Souls 3 The r3kting dr4gon t4m3r
I was planning to make a gameplay at new game+ but i found this secret area called Arch Rekters peak. Hope you will enjoy it people!
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[FNAF short]Spooky Eyeblinq
Just trying for once more Macromedia but i got a good pen for my phone so from now on i will animate and speedpaint from my smartphone as well :3 Guest Start:The First wendigo from Untill Dawn
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RE ROLL IS EVIL(League Of Legends)
Hey guys... This video is an evidence that you must not always re roll your skins is LoL. AND IT JUST HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!!!!
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Saints Row 4 #part 2 Back on the Grind
Well sorry for my massive delay on uploading videos guys but i get kinda lazy cause i fix my PC i make it better and i try to take all my games to the saves and checkpoints and i lost all the Dying Light cause i don't know how to enable cloud save games in STEAM XD If anyone knows pls tell me how cause i lost My JC3 too witch i was planning to make gameplay
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For Piemation's Springtrap [speedpaint]
Piemation's Springtrap is a friend of mine and a damn good YouTuber : D GO SUBSCRIBE HIM IF YOU DON'T KNOW HIM :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjJDwWoe0SgonQa2CeUKKw Song used: LA Devotee (Panic!At The Disco)
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Dark Souls 3 DonLazyShit in new game+
First of all, sorry for sounding nerdy. Second,can't do anything with the resolution cause it's from the game Third, about the deleted part which shows you how to make the farm easier, ill make a sort video which will tell you the items which boost the souls farming. DonLazyShit is the name of my ashen one XD
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Maybe as it is not a FPS, but a MOBA.

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